20 Ways Kelly Ripa Runs A Strict Household

Nobody wants to have an obsessive-compulsive disorder as it can cause problems in everyday life. Imagine obsessing over small things and needing to fix it. But some people do things continuously because of OCD.

Kelly Ripa has talked about weird stuff in interviews, and it makes us wonder about her OCD tendencies. Kelly claims she can't stand certain sounds which include chewing and swallowing. It bothers her so much that she can get angry. Ripa also has an intense work out regime and sticks to it every day. She does four routines every week and is obsessed with spinning exercise. Kelly also has a strict diet, but she struggles to stop eating cheese and other snacks.

Kelly's other habits include sleeping the same hours every night. Typically people can have an unregular sleep cycle and don't go to sleep the same time every night. But Ripa also has the same routine every morning and doesn't stray from it. During everyday life, people tend to change routine, and we don't need to follow an exact plan. Not, Kelly: she loves her coffee and has precisely two kinds she drinks every morning. Here are 20 things Kelly Ripa has done which show us how OCD she is with daily routines and specific situations.

20 Chewing Sounds Freak Her Out

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In 2011, Kelly told the world about something that gets to her. It's called Misophonia, and it's described as a "hatred of sound." Certain eating sounds that won't bother the majority of us can affect some people. It can get so bad that they can have an outburst.

Ripa said in an interview that chewing and swallowing sounds annoy her significantly.

Listening to her husband and children eat is a struggle. Kelly also can't stand the sound of chewing gum, as she says, "It can really enrage me. I feel like I can turn into the Hulk.” Ripa said it had bothered her for a long time.

19 Restless Nights

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Usually, people have a regular sleep pattern or fall asleep at different times at night. But Kelly heads to bed at one am nearly every night and only gets about five hours of sleep, a decidedly irregular "regular" routine. According to Cheat Sheet, the strange thing is that Ripa will wake up at 3:30 am due to restlessness. She'll get up and check on her children. It disturbs her husband, Mark Consuelos, and he questions it. According to Kelly, she doesn't know why she's restless. She also emails her friend regularly, and they communicate when they can't sleep. Ripa will also watch a repetitive TV commercial to help lure her to sleep.

18 Two Types Of Coffee

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Even though Kelly is on a strict diet, she will never give up coffee as she loves caffeine too much. The obsessive part, though, is that Ripa has precisely two types each morning.

Kelly will never have a different kind of coffee as she likes having the same every day.

When she wakes up, her husband Mark will make, "a beautiful cappuccino with half-and-half." At work, while filming Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ripa has a coffee on the desk as well, and it's always the same kind. "I'll have a triple shot skim latte." She even drinks the two at the same time.

17 Control Over Her Daughter's Wardrobe

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Ripa always looks fantastic when she's on Live. It's thanks to a team of people who choose what she wears. At home, though Kelly has a more casual style. According to She Knows, Ripa mainly wears jeans and a sweatshirt because of her busy schedule. Kelly says she only dresses up for work and when there's an event.

She also likes to have control of her daughter Lola's wardrobe.

Her sons can choose whatever they want to wear, but Kelly likes to have a say in what Lola wears. "I've learned to give her limited options: ‘You can wear this or this.' That's what works best."

16 Strict Social Media Rules

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Nowadays technology is one of the essential things in a teenagers world. Most can't live without their phones and are on nearly every single social media site. Kelly has two teenagers in the house, daughter Lola and son Joaquin. Her oldest son, Michael is away at college. Kelly has specific social media rules they need to follow, for instance, they can't have any privacy. They have to add her to their accounts so that she can read all their posts. And that's not all. Kelly also takes Lola's phone away for "study time," and sometimes she's not even allowed to have the phone in her room.

15 Regular Morning Routine


During the day, most people have a routine they stick to, but the timing can vary a bit. Some people don't usually eat the same breakfast every day or get up at that specific time every morning. Kelly has the same routine every day of the week and even has the same plan every Sunday. During the week, Ripa gets up at 6:30 am, never earlier or later. After coffee, she'll make her children breakfast. Every Sunday, Kelly makes a full hot breakfast which includes scrambled eggs, cream, and cheese. The family will all eat it and can't have anything else.

14 Kelly's Strange Rule About The Cupboards


When couples live together, there's either a separate closet space or they share the same area without being fazed if it's messy. But Ripa likes to have the closet space a certain way.

During an interview, Mark shared one thing that annoys him: shared closet space.

"We do share a closet now, we just moved into a new place." Beforehand, it appears the couple couldn't even share cupboard space. Now that they do, Ripa still has rules. "There is like a demilitarized zone in the closet, my side, and her side." It must take a while to separate their clothing and to keep each space clean.

13 Very Strict About The Television


In today's world, everyone loves to binge watch the latest shows on Netflix. Not Kelly's children as they can only watch TV for one hour every weekend.

Ripa doesn't even have a set of rules for television viewing during the week because they're not allowed to watch TV at all.

She wants them to read, study, and instead focus on school during the week rather than watch TV. It sounds intense and leaves hardly any time for relaxing! An hour is not enough time, as a show typically runs for that length of time. Wow, it seems Kelly sets some strict rules for her children!

12 Eats Breakfast At A Certain Time


Kelly makes her children's breakfast every morning but doesn't make anything for herself. She likes to eat at a particular time every day, which is after 10 am. "I never eat breakfast until after the show. I can't seem to focus my mind if my stomach is digesting." Ripa says she doesn't want tummy noise to mess with the sound of the show. It's a weird thought, but that's how she feels. Kelly eats the same thing as she likes to keep it healthy. "I usually have my yogurt and granola after the show." Ripa only has a treat during Sunday breakfast.

11 Daily Workout Routine


Life can get in the way of exercising and sometimes we don't have time to do it on a regular basis. Not, Kelly, she works out every day and has four different routines. Ripa has been doing constant exercise with a fitness expert for the last ten years. The workouts include dance, cardio, strength, and a power boot camp workout. Kelly will swap around the content of each exercise every two weeks, but she sticks to these four.

Ripa doesn't miss a session and does them every day of every week.

It's incredible how she finds the time with work and family life.

10 It's All About The Vegetables


Kelly eats healthy all the time through breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She doesn't like to stray from the dinner plans. According to Good Housekeeping, dinner meals, every night consist of vegetables. "At dinner, I eat a ton of vegetables — and a salad, soup, or a light piece of fish. I try not to have too much cheese or too many high-fat foods, even though I love them."

Ripa admits her husband and children must also eat what she eats, especially her children.

Kelly has a few items which she always keeps in her fridge: broccoli, blueberries, and spinach. Another thing she can't do without is leeks.

9 Sticking To A Calendar Is Very Important To Kelly


Planning and events are essential with families as everyone knows who's doing what. Parents can also keep track of their children's schedule. Kelly likes to keep track of events on an actual calendar at home. Ripa admits she prefers it to scheduling programs on the phone.

"It's so old-fashioned, and people think I'm kidding. We hang a paper calendar in the house, and it has everybody's activities."

Kelly admits a visual aid is better than having it saved on your phone as she believes it's easier to forget without the calendar planner. Having detailed plans is ideal, and Kelly makes sure she doesn't overlook crucial scheduling criteria.

8 A Specific Snack Drawer For Candy


As mentioned before, Kelly does like her snacks, but she tries to maintain a healthy diet. Ripa also likes to make sure her family doesn't overeat junk food, but surprisingly, she has a drawer specifically for candy. Ripa even called it "The Andy Cohen" after her friend.

Kelly says she does eat from the junk food drawer occasionally.

"For the most part, when I'm not busy dipping into the drawer, I eat a very clean diet." Ripa makes sure she eats a lot of protein and vegetables so that she doesn't feel so guilty. We wonder what candy Kelly has in the candy cupboard. It kind of sounds like a good idea!

7 Afternoon Workout On The Dot


After waking up and doing her morning routine, Ripa goes to work at 8 am. After going live, she finishes work at about 11 am. The busy mom has some free time before she has to fetch her children from school. But Kelly doesn't laze around and instead does more exercises, including the ones with her fitness trainer. Ripa does like to keep fit and doesn't just do the one activity; she does heaps more. “We do what I would call cardio ballet and power yoga. I take spinning classes at SoulCycle, which I love, and I run." She blames her exercise ambitions on boredom.

6 Alkaline Cleanse Cured "Strange Illnesses"


Kelly doesn't keep anything back during interviews. In 2015 she shared her cleansing benefit story on Live. Kelly spoke about things that she refers to as 'strange injuries.' In 2010, Ripa said she had a stress fracture, and in 2012 she injured her neck. The weird thing is Kelly says her pain-free state is due to an alkaline cleanse. "It's an antacid like high-alkaline cleanse, and it has changed my life. And I swear, I think it’s responsible for me not being in pain." Ripa also says it helped her think differently about food. She really does have an obsession with healthy eating.

5 Kelly's SoulCycle Obsession


When Ripa's not working and spending time with the family, she's exercising and doing various workout techniques. Her number one workout obsession is SoulCycle. She loves it so much and calls it her favorite place.

 “It’s the only place I feel really comfortable and where I have sort of found my ‘tribe’ to coin a phrase.”

It sounds tough as you work your abs on a bike. Ripa loves it so much that she even has back to back sessions. Kelly gets her son to run with her and Lola is also interested in spinning. It seems she got her kids to follow her lead with exercise.

4 Changes Hairstyle Every Time She Goes On Holiday

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Typically, Kelly has a similar style, either long or short and it's always a shade of blonde. Ripa's bob style will generally be straight or wavy, and the same goes for her longer length. Kelly only changes her hair color for vacations.

"Every time I get ready to go on vacation, I dye my hair a different color.

Usually, it washes out and this will wash out, I just haven't washed my hair yet."  This habit turned into a regular holiday occurrence. "But it's part of my tradition. I like to have fun hair for two weeks." Luckily, Kelly shares it with her fans on Instagram.

3 Kelly Is Strict With Herself

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Even though Kelly prefers yogurt to unhealthy snacks, that doesn't stop her from eating them. Ripa isn't even afraid to say how addicted she is to a particular kind. She loves Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers and admits snacking is her vice, but she tries to give up junk.

If Kelly gets urges she looks for healthier snacks and even keeps them in her dressing room.

The snacks span sugar-free to high-protein products. "I don't know if they're any good for me. But I like the taste of them." It seems Ripa can't resist snacks in between meals, but at least she's conscientious about what she's eating.

2 She Crosses The Line

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Kelly isn't afraid to admit her strange habits and obsessions. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she shared a story that sounds odd. Ripa seems to admire celebs like us as she said she likes to stalk celebrities during after parties and events, like the Oscars. It's not normal behavior, though.

“I will come up and take selfies with them. People really avoid me at all costs.”

Kelly made Madonna uncomfortable once, “I gave her a full hug, and then I like, inhaled her hair, like a weirdo, and she smelled like gardenias.” Wow, it's a wonder what made her do that.

1 Ripa And Micheal Drama Saga

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The two talk show hosts were a team for quite a well before he decided to leave. According to ET Online, Ripa's true colors came out when Michael said he was leaving for a new position at Good Morning America.

Kelly was distraught and “threatened to not come back until Michael leaves.”

The production team was worried because they didn't know when she would return to work. Kelly and her co-host weren't getting along as well as we thought. “She is actually miserable with the show, has been for a while now. They have not been getting along that well recently, but this takes the cake.”

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