20 Ways Amal Alamuddin Runs The Clooney Household

Few lawyers have stirred as much interest and curiosity among the public as Amal Clooney. Incredibly private and reserved, Amal might not have known exactly what she was entering into when she became engaged to movie star George Clooney in 2014.

Since wedding the A-lister and giving birth to twins Ella and Alexander in 2017, Amal has become one of the most talked-about women in the world. Though she’s risen to prominence through her relationship with her husband, it must be acknowledged that she’s also achieved monumental success in her professional life as a human rights and international law barrister at Doughty Street Chambers.

Born Amal Alamuddin in Beirut, Lebanon, the mother of two grew up in the United Kingdom and was educated at St. Hugh’s College, Oxford, and New York University School of Law. Her clients include political leaders, Nobel Prize winners, and high-profile journalists. Amal is also an activist, a style icon and a university lecturer.

While there’s no doubt that she’s incredibly intelligent and successful, many details of Amal’s life remain unknown to fans. Keep reading to find out how the working mom balances being a lawyer in the public eye with spending time with her family, and how she runs her busy household.

20 Amal And George Nurture Their Relationship

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The Clooneys are the definition of an A-list couple, but it takes work to maintain that coveted position. Their relationship is incredibly important to them, and even though they have children to look after and jobs to work on, they always make it a priority to nurture the bond between them.

“Our only adjustments are figuring out our schedules,” George revealed to News. “Our deal is that we can’t be more than a week apart. So far that’s worked out pretty well.” By scheduling in time with each other every week, they make sure that their relationship is as strong as possible.

19 She Doesn’t Take Any Calls Before 8 AM


Amal Clooney is all about that work-life balance. It must be tough to juggle being a mom to twins, a wife, a human rights lawyer, and living life in the public eye, but Amal manages to get it all done. To make sure work doesn’t take over her life and ensure that she still has time for her family, she chooses to be a full-time mom in the mornings.

“Between six and eight in the morning we get to have them in our bed—I don’t schedule any calls before eight,” she explained, before adding that nursing two babies at once is a lot more complicated than only nursing one!

18 But She Does Work From Home

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Even though Amal puts a lot of work into maintaining her impressive professional life, she does work from home when she can. This allows her to spend as much time with the twins as she possibly can, as well as with her husband. Vogue revealed that both Amal and George have offices in their house.

“His has the air of a postwar study, with overstuffed leather furniture, and hers, light-filled and nested under a slope in the roof, could be a barrister’s chambers in the city. She mainly works from home these days, so the office is well equipped.” Sounds amazing!

17 The Traditional Mom Responsibilities Don’t All Fall On Her

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Our society tends to have pre-conceived notions of what the individual roles of the mother and father are when it comes to parenting. Traditionally, moms took care of most of the domestic duties, which included childcare, while dads focused on bringing in an income.

Even though things have changed today, many moms still take on the more traditional duties associated with childcare. But the busy powerhouse she is, Amal has put George in charge of a few typical “mom” tasks. “Right now my job is changing diapers and walking them around a little bit,” the actor told the Associated Press (via Harper’s Bazaar).

16 There Won’t Be Any More Clooney Babies


If this world needs anything, it’s more Clooney babies. But Amal herself confirmed that the couple is not planning to have any more children at the current time. That might change in the future, but the pair of stars seems pretty set in stone about it.

“I’m 39, I already had them quite late,” she said (via Harper’s Bazaar). For many families these days, having two children is pretty typical, and it’s not like Ella and Alexander will be short of other children to play with. “My sister Tala has twins, and they’re wonderful,” Amal explained. That explains whose side of the family twins run on—and ensures Ella and Alexander will always have playmates!

15 She Is Adamant About Protecting The Twins’ Privacy


One of the downsides to being such a high-profile family is having people constantly invade your privacy. Very few photos of Ella and Alexander exist, and Amal and George want to keep it that way. Unfortunately, celebrities who crave privacy tend to attract even more paparazzi and media attention, and so Amal and George have to make every effort to protect their twins from the gaze of the paparazzi.

“Make no mistake, the photographers, the agency and the magazine will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” George said in a statement obtained by CNN after photographers from Voici magazine climbed a tree to snap pictures of the twins inside the Clooneys’ home.

14 And Making Their Home A Safe Space


In a rare interview with Vogue, Amal opened up about how important the safety of her children is to her and said that following the Voici incident, she and George are doing everything they can to make their home safe for Ella and Alexander.

While they have no control over the press invading their privacy in a public space, they do have control over what happens at home. “We definitely do more things in our home to ensure privacy in a content where we can’t otherwise get it,” she told Vogue. “But that whole side—invasions of privacy and paparazzi, all of that—has happened because of something so happy and so important in my life.”

13 She Has Some Help With Running The Household

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Amal is a working mom with a busy job and the public trying to watch her every move, so you can’t blame her and George for using some outside help to run the household. The couple has a chef, personal assistant, and a nanny helping them out.

Connie Simpson is a child-care expert who came out of retirement to help out the Clooneys with the twins, and she gave insight into the individual personalities of Ella and Alexander to People. Connie admitted that Alexander has “the look that George has in his movies” while Ella “has that daintiness and that beautiful glow like Amal.”

12 Amal Still Makes Time For Other Interests Besides Work And Family

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It’s a lot to juggle work and family, but despite her busy life, Amal Clooney still makes time for other things that are important to her. Vogue disclosed that for the past few years, Amal has been working on a book with her officemate Philippa Webb.

According to Amal, the book will be called “The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law” and “seeks to synthesize a full canon if international court literature to create a sort of practical manual for lawyers and judges across the world.” Amal and Philippa work on the book in Amal’s pool house, while also eating “unholy amounts of sour candy.”

11 She Still Makes Time For Date Night

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Something else that Amal still makes time for? Date night with George. While George divulged that they don’t go more than a week without seeing each other, neither has opened up about their date nights. But we know they exist because the two have been spotted enjoying time together in Lake Como, where one of their homes is located.

Amal has made headlines on these outings, not for being on a date night with her husband, but for the stunning fashion choices she makes. One Rosie Assoulin look she wore on a date night even captured the attention of fashion critics around the world, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

10 The Role Of Mother Is Revered In The Household


All mothers should be celebrated for the hard work they put in. In the Clooney household, Amal is appreciated and acknowledged for her role as a mom, and this was obvious when the twins started to utter their first words.

In her interview with Vogue, Amal explained that Ella and Alexander have started talking, and her hubby was adamant about what their first word would be, out of respect for Amal and her role. “We’ve has some ‘Mamas’ and ‘Dadas,’” she said (via Simple Most). “George was very careful to ensure that ‘Mama’ was the first word.” Good move, George!

9 She Is Already Teaching Her Daughter About Equality

Being a human rights attorney, a spokesperson for women’s rights, and a feminist icon, it’s no wonder that Amal is already teaching her daughter Ella about equality. She often speaks out about things that she’s passionate about relating to women, such as the MeToo movement, so there’s no doubt that she is passing along those lessons to her daughter.

“I think because of the brave women who have come forward to tell their stories, the future workplace will be safer for my daughter than it was for people of my generation,” she explained (via Essential Baby). “We're in a situation where a predator feels less safe and a professional woman feels more safe, and that's where we need to be."

8 Both Parents Like To Be Present For The Kids


With such busy schedules and commitments all over the world, George and Amal sometimes have to spend time away from the rest of the family. But in general, they like to spend as much time with the twins as they can. During Amal’s Vogue interview, she received a call from George.

At the time, he was in Los Angeles, shooting a commercial for Nespresso and dressed as a white knight. The publication explained that it was his very first time being away from the twins since their birth, and it was bothering him more than he thought it would. Awww!

7 She Welcomes Guests Into Her Home

Amal is an incredibly private person, but that doesn’t mean she avoids welcoming guests into her home. Vogue disclosed that while the interview with Amal was taking place, she was actually hosting a refugee from Iraq named Nadia Murad in her home.

Nadia’s experiences overseas led to Amal’s highest-profile legal case in the history of her life as a lawyer, and the two have fostered a friendship. Vogue also told of Amal’s hospitality before and after the interview, showing the journalist around her home, hanging up their coat and having her chef cook them a delicious lunch. Clearly, Amal is not only a classy lady but also a very warm one.

6 Amal And George Work Together As Activists


On top of their respective jobs as lawyer and actor, Amal and George are also activists and work together on a number of different ventures to make the world a better place.

In 2016, the pair launched the Clooney Foundation for Justice, which aims to replicate Amal’s work in court at a community level. The foundation recently partnered with UNICEF to provide support for eight schools in Lebanon which are currently servicing 3,000 refugees from nearby Syria. The foundation is also working on a comprehensive global trial-monitoring program, according to Vogue, including election-monitoring for courts.

5 She Fills Her Home With Photographs

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Vogue was able to give readers a lot of insight into the Clooney home, and it’s clear that this couple takes a lot of pride in where they live as they decorate impeccably. There is a sitting room just to the left of the main entrance to the house, which contains stuffed chairs, a couch, a hearth, and a plethora of photographs.

Among the photos are snaps of the extended family, including both George and Amal’s parents, and then other photos that show monumental moments in the Clooneys’ lives. In the sitting room is a photograph of the couple meeting the pope.

4 Amal And George Still Keep A Sense Of Fun In Their Relationship

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There’s certainly a lot of work involved in Amal Clooney’s life, but she balances out all the pressure from the press and the heavy nature of her job by maintaining her sense of humor. This is particularly true when it comes to her relationship with George.

The actor revealed that the two don’t disagree on much, but when they are at odds with one another, they settle things in a very unique, fun way: “The only way we resolve anything is by arm wrestling. That is my only chance of winning anything with her because if it’s an intellectual battle, I would lose.”

3 She Maintains A Good Balance Over All Areas Of Her Life

The one thing to understand about Amal Clooney is that she’s all about balance. She doesn’t focus all of her attention on her job, or her celebrity status, or her kids, or her relationship—she has her cake and eats it too by juggling the different areas of her life and splitting her focus.

George shed some light on just how much Amal has on her plate at any one time: “She’s stunning and had a great sense of style—there’s no stylist or anything, she just comes out like that and she shows up and she looks stunning. And she does it while she’s got 11 cases going—literally. So she’s an amazing woman.”

2 Nothing About Amal Has Changed Since Marrying George

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It’s true that some people change after they commit to a serious relationship, but Amal has managed to maintain her own sense of identity, despite being married to one of the most famous men on the planet. Vogue revealed that the lawyer’s family and friends say that nothing about her has changed since she’s fallen in love with and married George.

“She maintained her in-the-moment balance between immersive work and intimate friendships—stunningly so. She wasn’t, after all, a star who’d climbed toward fame through years of waitressing … She was a woman with a fully realized adult life who, almost overnight, became a celebrity of inordinate privilege.”

1 She’s Grateful For Having Met George, Even Though She Didn’t Always Dream Of Being A Mom

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While many people dream of falling in love, getting married and starting a family, that kind of lifestyle doesn’t even appear on the radar of others. Amal told Vogue that although she couldn’t be happier that she did meet George and have babies with him, it wasn’t a goal or dream that she was working towards.

She was interested in finding the right person to end up with, but she wasn’t interested in marriage and kids if she didn’t find that person. “I was 35 when I met him,” she admitted. “It wasn’t obvious that it was going to happen for me. And I wasn’t willing or excited about the idea of getting married or having a family in the absence of that.”

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