20 Unusual Parenting Habits From Jersey Shore’s Snooki

Who would have thought that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi would ever give up her partying ways and settle down? We all know her as the pint-sized party animal on MTV's Jersey Shore but she's all grown up these days. The reality star is married and the mother of two children. Motherhood has totally mellowed her out and she puts her family first.

She’s still as outspoken as ever and has several opinions about how children should be raised. From spanking to limiting screen time, Snooki has some pretty strict rules for her kids to follow. It’s almost surprising to learn how conservative she is when it comes to her little ones. She practices many attachment style methods such as extended nursing and co-sleeping with her babies.

Nicole has gone from a party girl to a working mom. She’s written three books and even designed a clothing line. She knows the importance of being a positive example for her kids. Despite the fact that she’s totally committed to being a mother, Snooki makes time for herself. She knows how crucial “me time” is.

One thing is for sure, Snooki is confident in her parenting choices and loves being a mom. Please enjoy this list of 20 unusual parenting habits of Jersey Shore’s Snooki.

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20 Be Picture-Ready In The Delivery Room

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Nicole Polizzi knows a thing or two about being camera ready and she even went so far as to primp while she was in labor with her first baby. According to People, her fiancé Jionni LaValle said, "She did her make-up in the delivery room!"

The Jersey Shore alum even admitted that she took a moment to freshen up before giving birth to her son, Lorenzo. Snooki said, "Before I was pushing I put on bronzer and false eyelashes. I wanted to look pretty for him."

Leave it to Snooki to bring a little bit of glam to the delivery room.

19 Nursing Is Best

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Snooki is a huge supporter of nursing moms. She opted to primarily nurse her daughter because her newborn took to it so easily, as reported by E! News. Polizzi opened up about her experience, saying that Giovanna latched on right away and she decided to give it a shot until her milk came in and then started pumping.

They nursed from that point on. Although, Snooki admitted that it wasn’t easy. “I can't feel it! It's so painful, but I gotta do what I gotta do because I feel like my milk is the best milk for my baby,” she said.

18 Ignore Temper Tantrums

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Most parents have to deal with their child’s temper tantrums but Snooki just isn’t having it from her kids. The Jersey Shore alum sat down for a segment of People magazine’s MOM TALK series. Polizzi shared that she doesn’t pay attention to her kids if they throw a tantrum.

“I literally just walk into the kitchen, ignore them … and then they come over and they say, ‘I’m okay now,’ ” she said. “I’m at the stage of parenthood right now where I just need to stop entertaining them.”

“The more you pay attention to that [kind of behavior], the worse it gets,” she added.

17 Body-Positive Approach

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Snooki is all about teaching her children body positivity. She posted a sweet pic on IG of her showing her belly to her kiddos, Lorenzo and Giovanna. She had the best response when they asked her about her stretch marks.

She captioned the photo: “This morning my kids asked why I have lines on my stomach. I had to explain to them that it's my tiger stripes I gained when I became their mommy. They thought it was so cool and can't believe how they fit in my belly.”

We love that she’s celebrating her postpartum body.

16 Co-Sleeping Is A Must

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Polizzi has been very vocal about the fact that she prefers to co-sleep with both of her children. Snooki hilariously discussed one of the downsides of bed-sharing during an interview with Parents.

“I co-sleep with my kids and Lorenzo is still in diapers at night,” she shared, adding that she won't deny her kids if they want to drink before bedtime, even though she admits it has caused accidents in the bed. “If my kid's thirsty, I'm going to give them a drink. So they drink all night,” she said.

15 Healthy Lifestyle Choices

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We all may remember Snooki as the tiny party girl from The Jersey Shore. Fans watched on as she stumbled through wild nights. Well, those days are over and now Polizzi is totally into making good decisions for her health. She’s even become a fitness icon.

So, what could have possibly inspired Nicole to do a complete 180 and turn her life around? According to Fox News, motherhood totally changed her for the better. “I mainly wanted to become healthy for my son,” she explained. “I always pictured myself to be a fit mom and that’s exactly what I accomplished.”

14 Mild Spanking Isn't A Big Deal

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When it comes to spanking, Nicole doesn’t think it’s much of a big deal to give her children a little tap if they need to be disciplined. It may be a hot-button issue and one that many moms debate but Snooki had no problem admitting her views to BuzzFeed.

“I spank Lorenzo a little, but not like, OWWWW!” she admitted. “Just like a 'cut it out' tap. And he likes it, which is weird. He’s like, 'Mom!'” It sounds like she pats him lightly if she does need to spank him. How bizarre is it that he actually likes it?

13 Don't Listen To The Critics

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Snooki is raising her kids in the public eye and often gets called out on social media by the “Mommy Police.” Many celeb moms might be pushed into no longer sharing personal family moments on IG but Polizzi doesn’t let the critics bother her.

She posted an adorable pic with Giovanna and wrote the caption, "Instead of not posting my kids for the people who respect and appreciate their photos, I will turn off the comments section. I don't need [people] telling me how to raise my child... I'm a... good mom and know what I'm doing. Well, most of the time."

12 Reading Is Important

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One might not think that Snooki would do something as traditional as reading books to her children but the reality star has a passion for literacy. She’s even written and published three titles of her own. Polizzi talked about her son’s favorite stories with Parents. 

“His favorite [book] is Simple First Words: Let's Talk, by Roger Priddy. Lorenzo loves to push the buttons and hear all of the different sounds,” she said. “He has a favorite pacifier that has a small stuffed animal attached to it. He also has the Baby Einstein lion that makes music when you squeeze it.”

11 Comfy Clothes For The Kids

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When you’re a total fashionista like Snooki is, people might expect your kids to be dressed to the nines all the time. The truth is, she just lets her children wear whatever makes them feel comfortable. She spoke with You Beauty about her kids' fashion choices.

“They’re kids, so Lorenzo, he dresses like my husband which is basically baseball shorts and a shirt,” she said. “I’m not going to spend money on kids’ clothes because they’re going to get destroyed anyway. So I basically just put them in comfy clothes, because they’re kids, they don’t want to be in jeans all day.

10 Daddy Time Is Important

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Snooki’s husband is totally a “hands-on” dad and spends a ton of quality time with their son. Jionni seems like a totally involved parent and Polizzi opened up about how she and her hubby make time to be together as a family.

She told Parents, “We always take [Lorenzo] for a walk together or push him on his new swing,” she said. “I can tell that Lorenzo loves alone time with his daddy. It's like Lorenzo gets that he and Daddy are both guys and have a special connection. When he's with me, Lorenzo loves to be held and cuddled.”

9 She's Pro-Vaccine

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Snooki is totally pro-vaccine and has no problem speaking her mind when it comes to protecting her children from illnesses. BuzzFeed asked her where she stood on vaccines and the mom of two was very vocal about her opinion on the subject.

“I am all for vaccinations,” she said. “Because if you think about it, mothers who don't do vaccines – and this is a very touchy subject, I don't even want to get into it – but mothers who don't do vaccines, they're nervous about the consequences of the vaccine, but they're not thinking about the disease.”

She added, “You're saving your child.”

8 Limited Screen Time

Via OK Magazine

Many parents think that kids these days are addicted to technology and Snooki isn’t having any of that for her children. She answered The Ultimate Parenting Survey for BuzzFeed and when she was asked how much screen time is okay, her reply was surprising.

Polizzi simply said, "Go play outside." She went on to say that she grew up in Upstate New York and spent much of her childhood playing outdoors. "I rode my bike every day. We'd climb trees,” she added. We love that she limits screen time for her children and that she puts an emphasis on being active. Her kids probably have great imaginations.

7 Letting A Baby Cry It Out Is Okay


One subject on which every mom seems to have an opinion is whether or not a baby should be left to cry it out. Some parents think that allowing an infant to cry teaches them to self-soothe. Then there those moms and dads that believe babies need comfort. So where does Snooki stand on the issue?

She tackled the subject in BuzzFeed’s Ultimate Parenting Survey and admitted that she allows her children to settle themselves down. “A baby has got to cry,” she said. “It builds their lungs, and if they make a noise and you go to them they’re going to own you the rest of their life.”

6 No Candy Bribes

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Snooki admitted to BuzzFeed that her son is totally a picky eater but that she never bribes him with treats to finish his meal. She and her husband give their kids external motivation by offering him a chance to do something he enjoys.

“We have to bribe Lorenzo because all he wants is candy, “ she shared. “So we say — he has a quad, he goes quading (four-wheeling) with his dad, not like crazy but down the road — so we're like, 'Lorenzo, if you don't eat your dinner you're not going to go quading with your dad.' So you kind of have to bribe them a little bit."

5 Don't Stress Out Over Too Much

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Becoming a new mom can be a bit daunting but Snooki learned that it’s important not to get overly stressed out about all the unknowns. She told Parade about the best parenting advice she was given while she was pregnant with her first child.

“Obviously, I was so nervous, like, what type of mom am I going to be?” she said. “What’s labor going to feel like? I’m scared of pain, so I didn’t know what to expect, so the best advice I got when I was pregnant was don’t stress out too much because you’re going to be fine!”

4 "Me Time" Is Important


Snooki may have totally settled down since her partying days on the Jersey Shore, but that doesn’t mean that she has totally given up on her social life. The reality star knows how important it is for her to carve out some time to have fun.

She opened up to People about her outlook on the importance of holding on to her identity after having children. “I always say you need to just get out once in a while and just find yourself and be you,” she admitted. “I feel like that makes you be a better mom.”

3 Date Nights Are Crucial

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Nicole has been married to Jionni since 2014. She knows how to keep her marriage spicy and makes it a point to have a date night with her hubby, especially since they share their bed with their kids! She spoke to People about how she makes time to reconnect.

“Jionni and I are homebodies and we co-sleep with the kids, so we basically get the kids to sleep and meet each other in the spare room with a bottle of wine and we watch movies,” she said. It’s refreshing to know that even reality stars like Snooki enjoy a night in.

2 Sometimes Mommy Needs To Let Loose

Via E! News

Snooki may be a mother of two but she still knows how to have a good time. She has a refreshing perspective on teaching her children that she is so much more than just their mom, as reported by People. 

“I’m basically raising my kids to not be judgmental and to always just have a fun personality and to understand that sometimes Mommy has to let loose,” she said. “Even daddy has to let loose – I let him go out all the time. It’s basically just like, adults like to have fun with their friends sometimes. And you will know that one day … when you are 45."

1 But Motherhood Comes Before Partying

Via E! News

Fans of MTV's Jersey Shore knew Snooki as a total wild child but those days are over. Despite the fact that she admitted to letting loose now and again, she is totally committed to being a mom and has put her partying days behind her.

Nicole spoke with USA Today about how much she’s changed since having children.

"Before I had the baby, I was very selfish, and all I wanted to do was go to Vegas with my boyfriend and party,” she said. “Once you have a kid, everything changes. ... It changes how you look at the world."

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