20 Unusual Celeb Baby Names Of 2018 We Still Can't Get Over

This year is already stretching its end, but it has not been a dull year with all the constant celebrity gossip and news. And quite frankly, when it comes to celebrities, nothing excites us more than the hookups, relationships, and pregnancies, because when are these stories ever not interesting?

For some odd reason though, when it comes to babies with famous Hollywood heavyweight parents, the names they are given are never of the norm. It is years now that celebrity parents have graced the world with children with unique yet strangely weird names, but we guess that is what makes celebrities different from us normies. Uber-famous parents also have the capacity to make their unique and trend-setting names for their children somewhat normal; because they are celebs they get the A-okay for giving unusual names to their babies. After all, we would not expect celebrities to bless their children with super common names, either. With another year slowly coming to an end, we've gone through a wave of other celebrities popping babies and giving them uncommon names. It seems like famous people will name their kids just about anything, and we have a big feeling they choose whatever object or thing they first lay their eyes on for a name. And now, those innocent babies are going to have to deal with their unusual names forever.

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20 Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Looked To The Weather

via Instagram

The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner uber-rich family, Kyle Jenner, shockingly hid from the world her pregnancy; being the most watched celebrity, it is beyond us how she accomplished that. Upon giving birth to her daughter early on in the year in February, the world and public eye anticipated what Kylie and her beau's baby girl's name was to be, and, the baby's name Stormi Webster was revealed on an Instagram post. Now, we know the Kardashians are known for giving their kids odd and talk-about names, but Stormi? Really? Who knows, maybe there was a storm going on when Stormi was conceived or given birth to.

19 Cardi B And Offset Made Their Own Culture

via Glamour

Cardi B and her man Offset, that is a rapper in Migos would evidently baptize their child with a bad and boujee name. How cool is it that one day their daughter will grow up, and she'll find out both her parents are rappers, and it is then that she will totally comprehend where her odd and "original" name came from. Naming their daughter Kulture Kiari, we are not so certain where the name came from, but it undoubtedly came from the same boujee dictionary they both use when it comes to the words used in their raps. And why they would take the world culture and change the C to a K is puzzling, too. Migos also had two albums named Culture.

18 Maybe Haylie Duff Just Really Loves To Work Out

via Instagram

Remember Hilary Duff? Remember her sister Haylie? If so, let us inform you that she is another celebrity who decided to bless her child with a particular name. The singer, actress and Real Girl's Kitchen food blogger announced on social media that she had welcomed her second child in June, and lo and behold, a strange name was to bless Hollywood again, and it did. Haylie and Matt Rosenberg decided to name their baby girl Lulu Gray. Okay, the name is pretty cute if we must admit, but Lulu reminds us of either a nickname, or Lulu Lemons.

17 We All Know Where Miranda Kerr’s Heart Is

via Glamour UK

Model Miranda Kerr certainly knows how to strut her stuff on the runway, but she should probably get a name consultant the next time around ― if there is one. We won't judge to quick though, maybe her new hubby had influence on their baby boy's name, too. Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel welcomed their first child together, a beautiful baby boy, whom they named Hart, in May. Evidently, the offspring of a model and handsome man is going to be beautiful, but why the name Hart? It is cute to say your child is your heart, but was the misspelling of the word necessary? Also, we can't help but think of Kevin Hart and giggle.

16 What Was Khloé K Thinking?

via E! News

Leave it to the Kardashians to stand out in all they do; if ever you decide one day that you want an uncommon name for your newborn, try and find a plug that will lead you to the most famous family, so they can share with you a couple odd and bizarre name suggestions. Amidst cheating allegations, Khloé is still with Tristan Thompson, and together they welcome baby girl True to the world in May ― yes, it is true, they named their daughter True, after one of Kris' relatives.

15 Kim K Got It From The Windy City

via People

The queen and king of unusual names, we present to you Mrs. and Mr. West. After KKW and Kanye named their two previous children North and Saint West, we concluded that the two preferred names with one syllable, that pointed to some kind of direction, and were completely unexpected. However, with the birth of the new daughter early this year in January, the A-list duo had to follow up on their bizarreness in name-picking, but they took a different "direction." They decided to name their baby girl Chicago ― yes, after the more than one-syllable city. Maybe if they headed North West they ended up in Chicago, who knows.

14 Kirsten, We Think You Forgot Something

via Celebskart

Maybe, just maybe, actress Kirsten Dunst should have named her baby after Spider-Man and we would have found her child's name less unusual and way hipper. Kirsten Dunst and fiancé Jesse Plemons named their newborn son Ennis Howard, and though we're thrilled for the actress, we just still are not feeling their bundle of joy's name. It seems to us like there is missing a consonant in front of the "E" to complete it. We've never heard of this rare name before, and we would have much preferred Peter or Tobey. Then again, celebs have a knack for giving out weird names like this one.

13 Sometimes One Name Is Better

via Instagram

When we list a baby name as unusual, it does not mean we are not in favour of it, just that it is, as said, unusual. And when it comes to actors, they are usually quite inventive with names, as are Lyndsy Fonseca from How I Met Your Mother and Noah Bean from Damages. The couple welcomed an adorable new baby girl in February, and with love they named her Greta Lilia. Don't get us wrong, the name is adorable, but the floral vibe to it got us thinking it could be the name of a new Marc Jacobs perfume.

12 Run Forrest, Run

via People

Former American footballer and wide receiver Eric Decker, who married Italian country singer Jesse James, welcomed their third child earlier this year in the spring. This NFL star certainly knows how to pick his woman as Jesse James is drop-dead gorgeous, but he surely does not have a knack for name choosing. Naming their son Forrest Bradley does not sit too well with us; what is it with celebrities naming their children after things that pertain to Mother Nature? Maybe the couple is a fan of Forrest Gump, but where does Bradley come from?

11 This Is The Story About…

via Popsugar

Aaron Paul should have stuck to Breaking Bad, he was great at acting out the “story” line of the show. The Breaking Bad alum and the apple of his eye, his wife Lauren Parsekian, welcomed their first child, a baby girl, in February and blessed her with the name Story Annabelle Paul. We're really hoping that Mr. and Mrs. Paul have a story to explain for this unusual name choice. And tagging the name Story along with Annabelle just makes us think of the horror flick and we're not feeling it. Story is surely adorable, but we're sure when she's older, aware and curious she'll ask her parents for the story.

10 The Need To Be Different

via Us Weekly

Carrie Coon, known for her roles in The Leftovers, Fargo, and The Sinner, popped a baby son in March that is sure to be successful and stand out with his peculiar name. Coon gave birth to her son and first child with husband and The Post star Tracy Letts, and they decided on interestingly naming him Haskell. Wait, what? We know, you've never heard the name before either, but it is only celebrities who are brilliant enough to make us ponder on name choices. We're sure it is significant to them, but to us, it reminds us of a name that could have been in a Shakespeare story.

9 Macklemore Is Quite The Creative One

via Instagram

Some celebrities are as quite as mice on the hunt for cheese when they are pregnant, just like musician Macklemore and his beauty Tricia Davis. Actually, it may be the first time you hear that the musician welcomed a second child in March ― we love to be the bearer of good news. Macklemore, who has constantly shown love for his daughter Sloane Ava Simone on social media, is now sharing his love with another baby daughter, a little sister named Colette Koala Haggerty. Firstly, are three names absolutely necessary (we see a pattern here)? Secondly, a koala is an animal and should stay that way.

8 We Got A New Superhero In Town

via E! News

There are many things that are a marvel in life, but not the name Marvel. It seems most of the world is obsessed with Marvel, and we do not blame them, but some take their love for the Marvel universe a little too far, and one of them that is guilty is bassist Pete Wentz. Wentz and long-time partner Meagan Camper extended their family in May and welcomed a daughter with a superhero themed name. Their little superhero is surely the cutest superhero out there, but we wonder if Marvel fans were enthusiastic about the Fall Out Boy's name choice for his baby bear?

7 Watch Out Disney

via People

We love how when babies are born, their chubby cheeks stand out above anything else ― that is until a celebrity gives birth to a child, and the name stands out more than anything because of its rarity. Jack Osbourne, who we all know as a reality TV star and son of rocker Ozzy, welcomed a third baby girl, that extended the "girls only squad" with wife Lisa. And, lo and behold, a new Minnie Mouse was introduced to the world, Minnie Theodora. Minnie is a cute name because we associate it to Minnie Mouse evidently, but Minnie with Theodora is pushing it on the unusual radar just a little.

6 John Legend Would Run Miles

via Instagram

Practically the entire world is obsessed with power couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, and everything these two do makes us blush. And when the hot duo announced they were having a child this year, fans anticipated the arrival of their newborn. We saw how adorable the two already were with their first child, and so, welcoming their second child, son Miles Theodore Stephens, we were a little confused by the name. Given how creative the couple are, we get they would stray from common names and pick a more unusual one, like Miles. And Theodore? We guess it is the new "it" middle name in the celeb world.

5 Like Cairo, Egypt?

via People Magazine

Do you vividly recall the Mowry twins that were the stars of the sitcom Sister, Sister? If so, you are certainly in love with twin Tia Mowry and remember her infectious personality. Well, back in May, Tia Mowry and hubby Cory Hardrict welcomed a baby girl, Cairo, their second child. We're not sure we have ever heard this name being used before, and it is infrequent, too. However, it seems like a trend among celebrities to name their children after cities and countries. Cairo in itself is a beautiful word, but it would not be our first choice or thought when it comes to baby name picking.

4 Rhys Or Rice?

via Instagram

Michelle Branch is not everywhere to us, but, when she recently gave birth to her first child, she was on the tip of our tongues because of her baby's name. The pop-rock singer and fiancé Patrick Carney from The Black Keys, welcomed their baby, their first boy, together as a to-be-wed couple. With two musicians as parents, their son's name was certainly going to be uncommon, and hence the name Rhys James Carney. Now, depending how you pronounce the name, it could easily sound like rice, and even if the duo are fans of the food, we doubt little Rhys wants to be called that way.

3 Maybe Rachael Harris Was Thinking Of The Number 

via Us Weekly

Actress Rachael Harris welcomed her second child, son Otto, in the scorching month of August. The 50-year-old The Lucifer star and her husband Christian Hebel, brought home a baby brother for their 2-year-old son Henry ― such joy. Congratulations to the star for having a child still at an older age, and evidently the star made our list because she blessed her second baby boy with a rarely heard of name, Otto. Correct us if we're wrong, but it sounds like a name that would be more frequently used in television sitcoms. However, it is still quite the unusual name, but it must be their cup of tea.

2 Polly Is A Throwback

via Instagram

In August, Parenthood star Erika Christensen welcomed her second child, and she did it in the comfort of her won home ― yes, the actress popped right at home. And hey, the stunning star just recently entered round 2 of parenthood (pun intended). They named their baby daughter Polly. Polly wanted a cracker so badly that she was so eager to get out that her father had to deliver her ― get the cracker joke? Nonetheless, though Polly is an adorable name, it is quite unusual and reminds us of the time we were children playing with Polly Pockets.

1 She Will Live Her Vida

via Babyology

Michael Bublé and his wife, Luisana Lopilato now have a baby girl to join their squad, and we gushed over the newborn in July. Welcoming their third child to the world, their two boys Noah and Elias now have a baby sister ― adorable, right? Also, recognize how normal and super common their boy's names are? Well, for their third child and first daughter, they went for something a little off the charts, and that is, Vida Amber Betty. Wait, already Vida is totally uncommon, but why add two other names to the mix? We think Vida is a totally sweet name, but it would've been better without the extras.

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