20 Unconventional Ways Farrah Abraham Parents Her Daughter

Controversy's child and former star of MTV's Teen Moms OG, Farrah Abraham is no stranger to tabloid gossip about her. Whether it's the way she treats her mother or her decision to enter the boldest entertainment business on the side, she gives them more than enough fodder to keep the lights on for an entire year!

But then again, she's a reality star. And if there ain't no drama, there ain't no fans. Especially when it comes to her parenting style, because people have a lot of opinions about that. And most of them aren't of the favorable kind.

Just remember: while some of the points below might make fans raise their eyebrows, at the end of the day, the kid is still healthy and happy. So Abraham isn't exactly as much of a crummy mother as most say she is.

Besides, good parenting is a rare commodity that most parents don't want to admit was not how they raised their own children. Plus, Abraham was a teenager when she had Sophia, and so is bound to make more mistakes than the average mother with more life experience.

So here are 20 unconventional ways Farrah Abraham parents her daughter, Sophia.

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20 She Allows Her Daughter To Wear Full Makeup Like A Grown Up


One of the biggest issues people have had with Abraham's parenting is that she has always allowed Sophia (who turned nine recently) to wear a full face of makeup since she was six years old.

In fact, the child even got in trouble at school for the same, for which Abraham was called down to the principal's office.

But instead of taking the makeup off and chalking it up as no big deal, Abraham told the principal that Sophia shouldn't have to take it off if it made her feel pretty. She then told Sophia to not listen to what anyone tells her to do if it's regarding her looks.

19 She Expects Sophia To Work To Maintain Her Status As An Influencer


It's no surprise that being an influencer these days is a viable job option for many. And neither is age a bar for achieving success these days. Just ask the 7-year-old YouTuber who makes over $11 million every year by reviewing toys!

So of course, Farrah expects her daughter to work to maintain her status as an influencer, be it with product endorsements, photo shoots, or her Sophia Laurent Children's Boutique. It's great for building good work ethics, discipline, and a mind for entrepreneurship.

In fact, Sophia once shared a picture of Warren Buffett's How to Start Your Very First Business on her IG page that Farrah had gifted to her. The book is famous for teaching young children how to become entrepreneurs, whether in the lemonade business or something more substantial.

18 She Plucks Sophia's Eyebrows


Farrah Abraham got into trouble some years back when fans noticed that Sophia's unibrow seemed to have been plucked into shape.

The reality star explained later in an interview on Good Morning America that she had done so because a lot of people were commenting on Sophia's unibrow, and she felt she was maybe "letting it go too far."

The outrage was over two things–the appropriateness of setting beauty standards for a child and inflicting pain upon her (because we all know how painful getting our eyebrows done can be).

Abraham explained that Sophia was taken aback by the wax at first, and so she had tweezed the girl's brows while she was sleeping. They maintain her eyebrows regularly now because Sophia had liked the new look.

17 She Takes Sophia Everywhere With Her


Farrah Abraham believes in letting her daughter experience life to its fullest, whether it's on vacations to exotic places or walking the runway as a child model. But people were outraged when she took Sophia along with her to court on arraignment day for the charges against her for something that happened at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The reality star had to spend one night in jail after charges were pressed against her by the hotel. But decided to refuse a plea deal from the DA's office. She told E! Online that she wasn't going to accept the offer since she was not guilty.

So yes, that happened. And Sophia had to sit through the hearing for it.

16 She Takes Breaks From Parenting Every Now And Then


Farrah Abraham has made it very clear that she believes taking time away from her daughter is a healthy parenting move. And while many people were outraged by this statement, in reality, experts agree that parents and kids both benefit greatly when the parent takes some time-out every day to do their own thing and relax.

It helps the child build their own identity separate from the parent and also start becoming more independent.

But turns out, breaks for Abraham means going away on tours and attending to her other professional commitments. In fact, she had to be away from Sophia for almost six months one time when she had to attend a court-mandated program.

15 She Makes Sophia Interact With Her Fans Even When The Kid Doesn't Want To


Having a large social media following and a constant presence on the celeb scene comes with certain responsibilities. Like interacting with your fans on a regular basis. At least, that's believed to be the humble thing to do.

But Sophia is a kid, at the end of the day. And like all kids, there are times when she doesn't want to interact with strangers even if they happen to be her fans. But Farrah does not allow that.

"I understand that there's a lot of people on us a lot of time and it's a lot of giving, but I also want her to know that these people probably waited hours to meet her," she told Cosmopolitan magazine.

14 She Doesn't Allow Sophia To Befriend Anyone Who Is Not Famous


Sounds a bit control-freakish, we know, but then again, most kids from regular families would not understand why Sophia does half the things she does, or the reason why paparazzi seems to hound her everywhere. It's something that a celeb kid would have in common with her.

Plus, Farrah was afraid that people would take advantage of Sophia because of her fame.

Or worse, she would fall into bad company and ruin her life. That's why Sophia is only allowed to be friends with other famous kids or kids of celebrities.

13 She Documents Sophia's Life On Social Media


And that's not really surprising since a lot of celebrities and influencers of today do the same for their children. After all, they know the power of social media and want their kids to have a headstart in the industry.

So yes, Sophia has social media accounts, including a Twitter handle and an IG page.

But both of them are handled by Farrah, as is appropriate since she's underage.

And while most of the posts are about toys and vacations and other fun stuff, Farrah does tend to get carried away with the captions sometimes and has a habit of promoting her own businesses and shows (which are all 18+) on them.

12 She Takes Sophia With Her To Red Carpet Events


Most celebrities don't bring their children along with them to red carpet events. But not Abraham. She has taken Sophia along with her to almost all the ones she has attended, including the VMAs, the MTV Movie and TV Awards, and the Cannes Film Festival.

And the kid is a charmer whenever she attends, sometimes even posing for photographs alone while her mother is photographed a few feet away.

But Abraham caught a lot of flak when it was revealed that sometimes she even takes Sophia with her to Hollywood parties. After all, it's one thing taking the child to an award function so she grows accustomed to the limelight, and another taking her to a place that's fit for an adult crowd.

11 She Never Allows Sophia To Pick Her Own Clothes


It's true. Sophia is not allowed to pick her own clothes. Instead, Abraham's stylist is the one who picks out outfits and hairstyles for the kid every day.

Most kids would be bummed out by this rule, but then again, Sophia is a celeb kid and an influencer and so needs to be dressed well at all times.

After all, haven't we all looked at our childhood pictures with horror and wondered how could our parents allowed us to dress like that?

Farrah is extremely strict about this rule. But since she dresses Sophia in all the high-end labels, we are sure Sophia doesn't mind not being to pick her own clothes as much.

10 She Encourages Her Daughter To Get Involved In Her Personal Feuds With Other Celebs


A celeb feuding with another celeb is old news, especially when one of them is a reality star. But what isn't is a kid throwing her two cents in on the matter.

Well, Farrah Abraham encouraged her daughter to do just that when she was feuding with Nicki Minaj.

The war between the two ladies erupted in January of 2016 when Minaj tweeted something offensive about Abraham's work and the way she treated her mother. The exchange heated up quickly after that and fans joined in on the battle.

And then Abraham dropped an ace by videotaping Sophia calling Minaj a "loser." Most people were not impressed by that since children should not be made a part of a battle between adults.

9 She Allows Sophia To Read, Watch, And Listen To Whatever She Wants


This is perhaps the most controversial parenting decision Abraham has ever made. After all, there's a reason why movies and videos have ratings and parental guidance warnings, and why certain books are better kept away from children's reach. Not because we want to keep them ignorant, but because we know there's an age for everything.

Well, Farrah doesn't believe in that. She thinks it's wrong to hide information, and that Sophia will find out about them eventually anyway.

The picture above just hints at that where we can see Sophia holding the infamous burn book Farrah uses on MTV's Ex on the Beach.

8 She Believes In Celebrating Tooth Fairy Moments With Insane Amounts Of Cash


When you think Farrah Abraham has dealt you enough outrage for one day, she comes out and bowls you another. Like the time she announced on Twitter that she had given Sophia $600 when her front two teeth fell out.

That's an insane amount of cash from the tooth fairy! And her fans her quick to point it out.

She went on to explain that she celebrated everything in a big way in her household and that Sophia's teeth falling out was a big one too. Plus, those $600 would be a great addition to her college fund.

Well, Farrah, it's your money and your kid. So we are going to hold back our opinion.

7 She Homeschools Sophia


Homeschooling is not as unconventional as it once was. After all, it's common knowledge that the education system has not managed to evolve with the changing times as well as other industries.

But Farrah Abraham's reason behind homeschooling Sophia is a tad different.

In an interview with InTouch Weekly, the reality star said that homeschooling would allow Sophia to attend more red carpet events and walk on more runways. "She has a lot going on and this just helps her be the better her."

Plus, Sophia will be able to travel wherever she wants because of this setup.

6 She Lets Sophia Do Professional Photo Shoots And Walk On Runways


To be honest, child models have existed since fashion photography became a thing and children's clothes stopped being tailored out of old, baggy adult clothes.

Sophia Abraham just happens to have a famous mother who can pull some strings and get her bigger gigs than most child models have access to, including walking on runways.

In an interview with US Weekly, Abraham said that Sophia's first gig was at New York Fashion Week and that she is regularly featured on the cover of an Orlando-based child model magazine. But when asked if she is thinking of getting Sophia an agent, she said, "I don't really feel like I need to go grab an agent because somehow we have it set up like, 'Oh, we know these people — it is cordial.' I don't want her being around weirdos and under pressure."

5 She Treats Her Daughter More Like A Friend


Treating your children more like a friend might sound good in theory, but in reality, a parent's primary job is to be the child's first teacher and help them adjust to the world and become capable of standing on their own feet when they are of age.

Well, Farrah Abraham proved to the world that she dances to the beat of her own drum when she famously told Sophia to not treat her like her mother on TMOG.

She prefers it if Sophia treats her like her best friend. And has said in the past that her decision to not restrict Sophia from reading, watching, or listening to whatever she likes stems from this.

4 She Encourages Sophia To Maintain Her Figure


The internet has a collective field day when Farrah Abraham posted this picture on IG, promoting Flat Tummy Tea, a laxative beverage that induces weight loss, that a lot of celebs have endorsed too, including Khloé Kardashian.

The reason: Sophia was in the frame too and appeared to be drinking something out of a black flask, which obviously suggested that she was having the drink too.

People criticized Abraham for imposing negative body-image ideals on her daughter when they saw this picture. And when the flak got too much, Abraham explained on social media that her daughter had been drinking strawberry milk in her favorite flask, while she had the tea. Not that it fooled anyone.

3 She Introduces Her Daughter To Her Boyfriends Too Early

US Weekly

Single moms have a lot of trouble finding good dates who are okay with their children. And then there's that sensitive subject of introducing your boyfriend to the young 'un if they are very little, which in Farrah's case, Sophia is.

Well, if Abraham hadn't already proven herself capable of wrecking a whole china shop of sensitivity, she did so when she introduced her then-boyfriend Simon Saran to Sophia too early in the dating phase, and then went ahead to push her head onto his lap during a car ride. That particular moment was later televised on Teen Moms.

And that was just the start. She has a history of doing the same with all her boyfriends after she broke up with Simon.

2 She Allows Sophia To Fire Employees She Does Not Like


Farrah Abraham might be a lot of things, but no one can deny that she loves her daughter a lot. That's why she has given Sophia full authority to fire anybody she feels is behaving improperly with her in any context.

And while many believe this is a big responsibility and can easily be misused by a moody child, in reality, children are better at identifying good people from bad ones if they spend enough time with someone.

And so this authority would only empower Sophia into knowing that she has the power to protect herself from toxicity of all kinds.

Plus, Farrah is very involved in Sophia's life. So there's no chance the kid would fire someone without her mother coming to know of it.

1 She Expects Sophia To Have Her Own Life


Back when Sophia was four, Abraham told InTouch Weekly this: "She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I'm doing mine." That comment outraged a lot of fans who were quick to point out that the young mother had forgotten one crucial detail: her kid was not a college-going youngster, but a four-year-old child who needed her mother.

And while Sophia and Farrah spend a lot more time together now that she is a bit older, Abraham still has a rule in place where Sophia cannot disturb her mother at certain times unless there is a definite emergency.

Not that the kid minds the rule. She's nine now and does seem to have her own life and do her own thing. Like going live on IGTV without supervision and living the good life.

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