20 Unconventional Ways Britney Spears Is Raising Her Sons

In 2005, life changed forever for Britney Spears. She gave birth to her first son, Sean Preston Federline in September of that year. She then welcomed her second son, Jayden James Federline, one year later. Becoming a mom transformed Britney’s outlook on life, the way she relates to herself, and choices regarding her professional life and personal style, as it does for most parents.

She went through a few rocky periods following her 2007 divorce from ex Kevin Federline, and many fans questioned whether the pop star really had it in her to be a mom. But over a decade later, it’s obvious that Britney has found herself and now has a better grasp on the whole parenting thing.

Fans all around the world are incredibly inspired by Britney’s transformation and role as a hands-on mother, because, let’s face it, raising kids is no easy feat for anyone!

In some ways, Britney’s parenting methods are a little unconventional, or different from the norm. She has a lot of creative ideas about the best ways to teach her boys lessons and spend time with them when she’s also trying to manage huge work responsibilities.

Check out these 20 ways in which Britney raises her sons.

20 She Studies What Her Sons Study So She Can Help Them With Their Homework

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Helping your kids with homework is simple enough when they’re little. But when they start reaching their teens, it gets a little trickier! To make sure that she is fully able to help her sons understand what they’re studying at school, Britney makes the effort to study those subjects herself!

“They go to a really hard school, and this week we had three hours of homework [a night],” the star said (via Moms). “Some of it is hard for me. Next year, when [Preston’s] in fifth grade, he’s going to be doing pre-algebra, and I’m taking classes so I know how to do it!”

19 She Buys Them One Toy A Month


Some celebrity kids are spoiled by their parents while some grow up in very strict households. It looks like Britney’s kids are privileged in some ways but aren’t given every little thing on a silver platter like they could be!

Rather than giving them endless toys, Britney only buys them things to play with when they do their homework to her satisfaction and end up with good grades because of it. “We have a reward system that helps motivate them: if they get so many As, they get one toy a month,” revealed the singer (via Moms). Sometimes a little bribing is called for!

18 Skateboarding Is A Family Activity


A lot of kids love to skateboard, but in Britney’s family, everyone gets involved. According to BuzzFeed (via Moms), the ‘… Baby One More Time’ singer loves to take her kids to skate parks and encourage their interest in the sport. There’s no evidence to confirm that Brit has ever hopped on a skateboard herself, but we can’t see why she wouldn’t—she’s pretty fearless.

The best thing about encouraging something like skateboarding is that it pushes the kids to get outside and be active rather than sitting in front of the television or the iPad. We like the way Britney thinks!

17 Motherhood Has Inspired Song-Writing For Britney


Artists use the experiences in their life to help them create their masterpieces, and parenthood definitely counts as one of the most life-changing experiences a person can go through. So it makes sense that Britney has used her experience a mom to help her write a few songs!

According to Moms, her 2008 song ‘My Baby’, which includes lyrics like “How did I get through all my days without you?” is about her boys. A lot of other famous moms have also taken to songwriting to express how they feel about their kids because sometimes plain old conversation isn’t enough!

16 She Doesn’t Rely On The Help Of Other Moms


Many moms are grateful to have the support and guidance of other moms around them. After all, there are certain highs and lows that only other parents can relate to, and certain pieces of advice that only other parents can give!

But Britney doesn’t find herself surrounded with a group of mom friends: “To be honest, I wish I had more mom friends,” the star was quoted as saying by the Huffington Post (via Moms). Britney is lucky enough to have her little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, who is also a mom, to daughters Maddie Briann Aldrige and Ivey Joan Watson.

15 She’s Not Scared To Embarrass Her Kids


Embarrassing your kids is like a rite of passage for any parent. And even if you consciously try not to embarrass them, it usually happens anyway by accident! Britney Spears owns this right of hers, and isn’t afraid to be a bit silly from time to time and make her kids wince!

The Huffington Post (via Moms) reports that one of her favorite things to do is sing when she’s driving them places, which makes them blush pretty quickly. Gosh, we can think of a lot more embarrassing things than having Britney Spears perform a few numbers for you while she drives you around!

14 She Teaches Her Kids By Exposing Them To Travel


Several celebrity parents have made headlines for their unconventional parenting styles, and a choice that’s common among many rich and famous moms and dads is to educate their kids via travel rather than education.

Britney is by no means denying her kids the right to traditional schooling, but she does see the value in the lessons learned from being exposed to the world via travel, and so she takes the opportunity to let her kids see the world whenever she can. Not every parent can afford to follow suit, of course, but it’s true that travel can teach kids about other cultures, history, and geography, among other things!

13 Sometimes She Flies In And Out To Be With Them


Even though Britney likes for her sons to travel with her, she can’t bring them everywhere she goes. She simply travels too frequently! For the past few years, she’s performed her residency show in Las Vegas and specifically chose to embrace the opportunity because it’s so close to home.

Rather than having to bring her show around the world, Britney takes short jet rides to Vegas at night and spends most of her days at home with her sons in Los Angeles. BabyGaga reports that she helps her kids with their homework and bonds with them during the day, and then jets off at night so they don’t miss her too much.

12 Yummy Food Is On The Menu


Britney Spears follows a clean-eating regimen most of the time to make sure her body is in perfect condition for her performances. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a splurge every now and then! According to BabyGaga, Britney and her boys love eating McDonald’s together every once in a while.

“Sometimes I’m just like, ‘I want a hamburger!” when I’m in work mode, I want [to eat] very clean,” she said (via BabyGaga). “I want clean chicken and veggies, that’s it. My stomach is so sensitive, if I have a steak, I will be sick for three days. The burger is fine, but I have the small burgers from McDonald’s. The happy meal!”

11 She Still Has A Dating Life

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Britney is currently in a relationship with personal trainer Sam Asghari and has been known to post the odd photo on IG of Sam and her sons bonding. Even before she was involved with Sam, Britney still maintained a dating life and tried to balance it with work and taking care of her kids. And just like the rest of us, she's gone on a few bad dates in the interest of finding love.

“I’ve been single for ages and had a date with a guy I liked,” she recalled (via BabyGaga). “We went to the movies, but I could tell right away it wasn’t working. It was sort of awkward … He just wasn’t that into me. I liked him. He knew that. But he definitely didn’t feel the same.”

10 There Are Times When She Has No Idea What She’s Doing


It takes a lot of courage to admit that, as a mom, you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing!

But the truth is many moms are figuring it out as they go along, and Britney is no different: “As a mom, you have all these situations you go through, and you’re like, ‘What is going on? Is this normal? Is this a phase?’ Or what is this?’ and then you feel silly for asking questions because you think, I’m a mom, I’m supposed to know these things, but you don’t,” Britney said to InStyle in an interview (via BabyGaga). She definitely doesn’t have all the answers!

9 She Censors Parts Of Her Work For Her Kids


Now that Britney has kids and they’re getting to the age where they’re truly aware of what’s going on, she has made the decision to take the modest route when it comes to her work. As a performer, she’s much more reserved than she was in her ‘Toxic’ days.

According to BabyGaga, Britney decided to cut a lot of footage out of a recent video because she didn’t think it would be appropriate for her kids to see: “Like, I cut out half the video because I am a mother and because, you know, I have children, and it’s just hard to play sassy mom while you’re being a pop star as well.”

8 She Brings The Boys On Tour


Britney sometimes flies in and out to make sure she gets to spends enough time with her sons, but when that’s not an option, she brings them along on tour with her. The boys’ father, Kevin Federline, revealed in an interview that sometimes he doesn’t see his sons for weeks because they are on tour with Britney.

“When you are co-parenting, you have to be willing to give up some of the things you would really like to do,” he said (via Billboard). “My boys will be gone, their mom’s off in Asia on tour. They are with me until the 15th, and then they are gone for the rest of the month.”

7 Every Now And Then She Spoils Them


In some ways, Britney runs a strict household and makes sure that the boys don’t become entitled or bratty. But most parents can’t resist spoiling their children once in a while at least, and Britney is no exception. While she doesn’t hand them everything on a silver platter, they do gain access to opportunities that other kids don’t because of who their mother is.

For example, they often get the chance to meet other celebrities, who are always ready to do a favor for Britney (seeing as she’s a pop legend and everything!). They also shared a pretty awesome joined birthday party when they turned 10 and 11—it was Pokémon themed and looked totally magical!

6 She Sometimes Struggles With Her Work-Life Balance


Following the announcement that her father recently had a health scare, Britney announced that she would be taking an indefinite hiatus from her Las Vegas residency show to focus on her own wellbeing and to focus on her family. Like other working moms, she definitely struggles with finding the balance between her work and her home life.

“I always do my best to plan my schedule around my family whenever possible,” she said (via Kidspot), explaining that even though it’s challenging to balance out work and her personal life ultimately, her family is more important. “My kids come first, always.”

5 She Chooses Her Wardrobe With Her Kids In Mind


Her performance style isn’t the only element of her life that’s been revamped since she’s had kids—Britney has also changed the way she dresses, now that she’s a mom. In an interview with Vogue, the singer explained that her style has become more modest and less experimental than it once was, and that’s because she keeps her kids in mind when making fashion choices.

“I think when I was younger I took so many risks and really went for it,” she said (via Working Moms). “There was no planning what I wore, and it was like, OK, I am just going to put on the most [crazy] thing. I think as a mother you hold back from that … out of respect for them.”

4 Her Kids Are Allowed To Wear What They Want


While Britney is monitoring her own fashion choices so she doesn’t make her sons uncomfortable, she has decided to give them the freedom to wear what they want when they want. This is a little different from some celebrity parents, who choose to control what their kids wear and so control their public image. Often, that means designer fashions.

“As a mother, I used to be very strict about what they wore, but, at this point, they are growing up and becoming their own people,” she explained in the same Vogue interview. “I want them to do their own thing—I respect that.”

3 She Pays Thousands In Child Support To K-Fed


Many fans don’t realize that Britney pays the father of her children, Kevin Federline, child support, rather than it being the other way around. E! News recently reported that the singer has just agreed to pay her ex “thousands more a month in child support.”

An inside source told E! News that Britney and her team “are not happy and think the settlement is ludicrous,” later adding that, “they wanted to make an agreement so that they could move on.” The source explained that Britney only agreed to pay because she “was tired of fighting about it and is ready to get on with her life and put this behind her.”

2 She’ll Dye Her Hair To Match Her Son


If most kids asked their moms if they could dye their hair blue, the answer would probably be no. And taking it a step further, if most kids asked if their moms would dye their hair blue, the answer would definitely be no. But Britney doesn’t like to take herself too seriously and is open to a little blue hair dye.

When she took her sons to meet Skrillex, she and second son Jayden both sported dyed blue tresses. Blue hair isn’t the most unusual style Britney has ever adopted, but it was quite different from her usual blonde hair!

1 She’s A Hands-On Mom (Which May Be Unconventional For Hollywood)


Being a hands-on mom is by no means unconventional for the average person, but it may be as far as Hollywood is concerned. While there are other famous parents who rely on the assistance of nannies to look after their kids, Working Moms reports that Britney is very hands-on.

She organizes play dates, soccer games, gymnastics lessons and makes sure they stay on top of their homework with her reward system. Judging from Britney’s social media, she spends as much time with her boys as she can and is doing a great job of balancing out her work life with her family life.

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