20 Uncomfortable Things That Really Happen In Women's Prisons

Pretty much everyone is familiar with some of the things that happen to inmates who reside in women’s prisons, thanks to the television show Orange Is The New Black. But there are still some extremely uncomfortable things that happen in them that many people are unaware of unless they have been there themselves.

For example, they tend to feel very isolated from society after a while. According to cosmopolitan.com, ladies who have spent some time behind bars often feel very overwhelmed when they get released, since many of them take part in very little social interaction during their stay.

Another interesting fact is that inmates can get jobs while they are there, which is good since it keeps them busy. But there are lots of strange things that happen inside the walls of women’s prisons.

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20 All Female Inmates Are Tested For Pregnancy


Every woman who goes to prison has to get tested for pregnancy. It has to happen whether they think they are pregnant or not, and that’s because the staff members have to know whether that inmate is expecting or not.

Even if an inmate is pregnant, they usually don’t get treated very different than the rest of the people in there. However, according to babygaga.com, there are lots of places that will provide at least one checkup so that they can find out how far along expecting moms are into their pregnancies.

19 Pregnant Inmates Often Have Their Babies In Prison


When a pregnant woman resides in a prison, sometimes she ends up having the baby before she gets released. That is certainly not an ideal situation, but at least some of them are still able to get to a hospital.

But that is not always the case. According to aclu.org, sometimes women give birth in their cells while they’re waiting for medical assistance.

18 Head Lice Is A Big Issue


In general, prisons do not tolerate lice. According to correctionsone.com, children in elementary school are more likely to get lice than anyone else, but ladies in prison still have a big problem with them. Lice are typically transmitted from one person to another when they share things like combs and brushes. Clothing and bedding are also a great way to spread lice.

17 They Have Poor Reproductive Healthcare


Female prisons need a bit of improvement, especially when it comes to reproductive healthcare. According to correctionalnurse.net, numerous female inmates do not receive adequate healthcare during their time in prison.

A lot of women who enter prison are not in good health before they get there. One might think that living in prison would be a good chance for a woman’s health to improve, but most female inmates receive very poor medical care while they are living there.

16 Inmates Flirt With Staff And Each Other


Prison inmates probably get a bit lonely every now and then since they spend a lot of time away from their friends and family members, as well as their significant others. Sometimes that means that they end up flirting with each other. According to mercurynews.com, there are also cases in which female inmates flirt with corrections officers.

15 The Ladies Fight In Cafeterias


Female prisons are known for a lot of things, one of which is the fact that many of the inmates get into fights with one another. According to babygaga.com, female prisoners get into numerous brawls in the cafeteria. The inmates use lots of things to defend themselves, but one of the most commonly used objects during a fight between inmates in a women’s prison is a food tray.

14 The Inmates Only Receive A Certain Number Of Menstrual Products Every Month


According to huffpost.com, women who are in prison only have access to a certain number of menstrual products every month. That is very unfortunate since some women have longer (and sometimes heavier) periods than others do. They can request to have more products, as well as products that are more absorbent than the original ones they were given, but sometimes it is months before those requests are fulfilled.

13 Ladies Sneak Things In


Apparently, smuggling things into women’s prisons is not as hard as one might think it is. According to cracked.com, some inmates have outsiders throw things over the fence when they are outside. Other times, ladies hide things in very personal areas. Ladies sneak a lot of things into prison, including iPods and jewelry.

12 They Get Sent To Solitary Confinement For Odd Reasons


Anyone who has ever spent time behind bars knows that solitary confinement is not a fun thing to deal with. According to aclu.org, female inmates actually get sent to solitary confinement for things like giving their friends a hug or picking flowers. One of them was even sent there because she sang to her friend.

11 Women In Prisons Sometimes Get Treated Poorly By The Staff


Going to prison is already hard for most people, but many women who find themselves behind bars get treated very poorly by those who work there. According to thedailybeast.com, there are some prisons where female inmates have been regularly harmed by some of the staff members for a very long time.

What makes it worse is that sometimes this behavior just gets swept under the rug. Fortunately, that is not always the case.

10 They Come Up With Some Interesting Plans To Escape


Nobody likes hanging out in prison, so the fact that female inmates come up with very interesting plans to escape is not all that surprising. According to listverse.com, some female prisoners have actually been able to escape because they received help from one or more people who worked at the prison.

Those who escape are usually brought back shortly afterward. Nevertheless, they now have some intriguing stories to tell.

9 Inmates Have Fashion Shows


Just because someone is in prison does not mean they have no creative skills. According to nbcnews.com, female inmates at one prison got to enjoy a fashion show. The most interesting part is that the models wore clothing that was created and designed by each of the inmates themselves. Fashion shows are great, but it would be strange to see one in prison. Apparently, some of the prisoners even put makeup on the models.

8 It’s Very Different From Orange Is The New Black


Orange Is The New Black makes women’s prisons look much more interesting than they really are. According to bustle.com, they are actually boring sometimes.

But that is better than the alternative. If a day in prison is not a bit boring, that usually means there is some kind of trouble happening.

7 Sometimes 20 Women Have To Share A Cell


Some women are placed in their own cells when they enter prison. But that’s not always how things go since some ladies are placed in cells that have many other women in them. In fact, sometimes there can be up to twenty women sharing the same prison cell at the same time, according to oprah.com.

6 Female Inmates Don’t Usually Get As Many Visitors As Male Inmates Do


Prison is a lonely place to be, but at least the inmates can get visitors. However, it appears that women are much less likely to get visits from friends and family members than men are, according to prisonfellowship.com. But another interesting thing to remember is that women also do not usually get as many letters as men do when they are incarcerated.

5 Things Can Get A Bit Crowded


Recently, the number of men in prison has been falling. But the same is not true for women, unfortunately. According to theguardian.com, some parts of the world have even seen an increase in the number of female inmates. Prison might be a bit more advanced than it used to be, but there is still a long way to go.

4 There Is A Lot Of Gossip


Female prisoners like to spread gossip about one another, according to cosmopolitan.com. Some of the inmates believe that the best way to avoid gossip, in general, is just to avoid telling their peers why they ended up going to prison in the first place. Gossip can be a really damaging thing.

3 Sometimes There Is Relationship Drama


Relationships in women’s prisons are not that uncommon. According to cosmopolitan.com, many of the inmates usually date one another at some point. One of the reasons for this is that it provides them with comfort. But these things typically do not end well, since they usually end up feuding with each other in the end.

2 Babies Can Stay In Prison With Their Moms For A Few Years


When an inmate gives birth, the baby is usually taken away within a day or two. But sometimes children get to stay with their mothers for much longer than that.

According to nbcnews.com, some prisons allow female inmates to raise their inmates to keep their babies because they believe that it is best for the baby, as well as the mother. That sounds very nice, but the thought of a child being raised in prison is odd.

1 Pregnant Inmates Don't Get Maternity Clothes


Comfort is a big deal for most pregnant women, and sometimes that is why they invest in maternity clothes. But pregnant women do not get maternity clothing when they are in prison, which means that they are wearing ill-fitting jumpsuits, according to elle.com. They also have to face even more discomfort when they attend prenatal appointments since they are given little to no privacy because of the fact that correction officers are always present.

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