20 Uncomfortable Things That Really Happen In The Delivery Room

There are a lot of feelings that a woman goes through when she finds out that she is pregnant. She immediately may feel some surprise, excitement, and even anxiety; unsure of the journey ahead of her and what it may bring. However, she knows one thing for sure; this baby needs to come out.

It may not hit her right away, but at some point, during the next few months, the realization that this baby needs to come out will become more and more clear. Added to this is the fact that the baby is not getting any smaller, and we have a frightening thought: The thought that this baby has to come out somehow and there's only one exit.

There are no shortages of horror delivery stories out there. All someone has to do is a quick Google search and they can read about all the bad and ugly things about giving birth. This can have our imagination running wild about what can happen during delivery. The problem with anything we read online is that it is hard to separate the facts from fiction. Which of these horror stories are true, and which are embellished stories?

We have found 20 things that really do happen in the delivery room. Things that are incredibly uncomfortable but are really no big deal at all.

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20 It's So Routine, How Can It Be Such A Pain?


There are some things that happen in the delivery room every day, and we would think that they would just be normal practice for the nurses. A lot of women have to get an IV put in when they are in labor. This helps them stay hydrated by applying fluid to the mom-to-be when she doesn’t feel like drinking. Putting an IV in is something we all think happens on day one of nursing school.

However, this can be a really uncomfortable moment during labor because the thing will not go in. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get an IV in and mom will feel it. With my first delivery, the nurse had a hard time and there was a lot of pain and fluid everywhere.

19 Yup, Number Two Happens!


This is the big one, the big fear that a lot of women have when they think about what could happen while they are on the delivery table. That is going number two during birth.

It is a concept that seems immediately embarrassing. It is also something that happens quite often. There is no guarantee that it will happen to you, but it could.

The truth is, it is a good thing. The muscles you use to push out a baby are the same muscles you would use to push out waste. When you go to the bathroom on the table, it tells the nurses and doctors that you are pushing correctly. It's also unlikely that you'll notice you have done it. The nurses will clean it up before anyone knows what is going on.

18 All About The Checks


All sense of embarrassment is gone when you are delivering a baby. It goes pretty quickly, and I am afraid you don’t ever really get it back. There are a lot of people looking at you in positions and states that you would rather they don’t. You learn it is easier to just give in, and you are in so much pain you stop caring anyways.

However, it is still uncomfortable every time the nurse comes in to check your cervix. They come in pretty frequently to check on your dilation and make sure you are progressing. It becomes even more uncomfortable when you were trying to catch a nap and they keep waking you up to do that.

17 Diapers ... For You!


Diapers are something that every new mom stocks up on before the baby is born. Mom wants to have quite the stockpile waiting for the new little baby. This means that she often forgets that she will probably need some for herself. Childbirth recovery is no joke, and there is a lot to expel and get rid of after a baby is born.

Immediately following birth, the nurses are bound to place a large, adult-type diaper on the new mom to help catch everything. These are not comfortable to wear, and they are definitely something that will make your ego take another hit.

16 More Than One Thing To Deliver


We are not talking about twins or triplets with this one. There are three stages of childbirth and the second stage ends with the birth of your baby. That means there is still one stage to get through before you are completely done. After the birth of your baby, you need to ‘give birth’ to your placenta. This happens differently for each woman.

Some women don’t even notice that it is coming out, as they are too wrapped up with their new baby. Some women need to give a little push to help expel it. Others have a harder time and actually need to receive some meds to help remove it. Failure to remove the placenta can lead to some pretty bad infections, so it is very important.

15 You May Vomit Throughout Labour


It is a good thing that all embarrassment is lost in childbirth because the chances of mom throwing up are high. Throwing up is something we would all rather do in private, away from anyone who can see or hear what is going on. You won’t be granted this luxury in the delivery room. You will be on full display for everyone to see and hear.

Some women throw up due to the pain they are in, and others throw up because they can’t get control of their breathing. This rapid breathing can cause them to throw up. This is also the biggest reason why a lot of women get dehydrated during childbirth.

14 Not Too Friendly Nurses


You will learn really quickly that your best friends during labor are the nurses. The doctors may get a lot of the credit, but they really do the least amount of work. They come in when you are about to push, and they deliver the baby and that is pretty much it. It is the nurses that are the ones comforting you and getting you everything you need in the hours leading up to the baby’s big entrance.

Nurses are human too, and there is a chance your nurse may be having a bad day and take it out on you. This one (hopefully) doesn’t happen too often but it can happen. There is a chance you may get a grumpy nurse who doesn’t seem too compassionate and friendly. This is bound to make the atmosphere uncomfortable.

13 Positions Are Not Always Friendly


There are many different ways to give birth. There are a lot of different positions that a woman can get in when she is giving birth. Granted, she can only move around if she hasn’t had any pain meds. Once a woman gets the epidural, she won’t be able to move around. Until that point, she is free to move about and try and relieve some of the pain and pressure.

These position changes are not the most comfortable thing in the world, since mom is still in the throes of labor. While it may help relieve some pain and pressure, it won’t for long and it can be uncomfortable to then try and change into a new position.

12 Stitches Happen A Lot More Than You Think


It is quite common for a woman to have to receive some stitches after she has given birth, and we don’t just mean if she needed a C-section. Natural births can sometimes result in tears, or even an episiotomy. An episiotomy is a small surgical cut that a doctor may perform to give the baby just a little bit more room to come out.

This will result in mom needing some stitches to repair everything after the fact. It can make recovery a little bit more difficult for a mom who has just given birth. This normally happens for a woman when it is her first delivery. The good news is that you probably won’t feel the doctor stitching you up because you are a bit numb and you are holding your beautiful baby.

11 The Baby Could Be Turned


There is one ideal position that the baby should be in when it comes to having a natural birth. We know that they need to be head down, but the direction they are facing is also important. The baby should be facing mom’s back, or the floor by the time they come out. There are some babies who prefer to be ‘sunny-side up,’ facing towards the sky.

This makes birth difficult and doctors would prefer to not deliver the baby this way. Instead of waiting and hoping the baby turns themselves, some doctors will reach right up there and flip the baby around. This is incredibly uncomfortable, both how it feels and having a doctor right up in your business. The good news is that once they flip them, they usually come right out.

10 Those Machines Are A Lot Louder Than You Think


There are a lot of people out there who just don’t like hospitals. They make them very uncomfortable and they would rather be anywhere else. Having a baby usually means a lot of time spent in a hospital and there are certain things that can make anyone uncomfortable.

The biggest thing would probably be all the strange machines that keep on beeping. Since we don’t know what these things are or what the sounds mean, they can be a bit unsettling to a mom who is delivering her baby. Some sounds may be interpreted as meaning that something is wrong, and it can add anxiety to an already anxious mom.

9 All Things Epidural


Now, it is no surprise that childbirth hurts, and it hurts so much that a lot of women are extremely happy about the thought of a giant needle going right into their spine. The epidural is still one of the most popular methods of pain relief during childbirth and thousands of women get one every day. Getting an epidural may take some of the pain away, but it is extremely uncomfortable to receive.

The woman must sit very still while the epidural is being put it, which is not so easy when you are still having strong contractions. The epidural may also cause an ‘electric’ tingle to go down your legs, and while it does not cause harm, it is incredibly uncomfortable.

8 When Your Water Finally Breaks


Hollywood has portrayed childbirth really poorly, and it has a lot of people surprised when things don’t go the way they saw in the latest movie. One of these things they always get wrong is when a woman’s water breaks. They always seem to show the big moment happening as a pop and a sudden, large gush of water. This is never usually how it happens.

It is much more common for the water to leak out slowly. This means that every time mom moves, her body will expel some more fluid. This can continue up until she pushes out that baby, so there is bound to be some leakage in the delivery room.

7 No Bedside Manner ... From Dad!


A good support partner during childbirth is really important, but what happens if they are not the support you envisioned having? In most cases, the baby’s father is the one in the delivery room with mom trying to help her get through.

The problem is a lot of dads don’t really know what to do when it comes to making mom feel better, and it is not their fault. They are new at this too, and they are quite unsure on what to do to make everything better for mom. This can cause them to make some pretty bad jokes and comments which can be a bit uncomfortable.

6 Contractions Continue After Birth


There is a myth out there that as soon as you push the baby out, everything stops hurting. That the pain is finally over, and you can just start your life as a new parent. This is not true and for a lot of moms, they still have some pretty uncomfortable after-contractions to deal with. These contractions are caused by your uterus shrinking back to its original size which starts right away after birth.

If mom is breastfeeding, this can make them worse, because the hormones involved in breastfeeding help the uterus shrink back. This also tends to be worse the more children you have. With my first child I didn’t feel them at all, but I definitely did with my second.

5 Everything Is Numb


The epidural is great because it makes everything from the waist down pretty much numb. There are still some sensations, like pressure, which happens, and this is good because it is mom’s cue to push. However, the numb feeling can be pretty uncomfortable. When mom cannot feel her legs, it can be hard to move them into a more comfortable position.

This means that dad may need to help mom move her legs every now and then and help relieve some of the discomfort that mom is feeling. You would think that not being able to feel anything, including contractions, would be a good thing. However, being numb for an extended period of time can be uncomfortable.

4 Mouth Of A Sailor


Childbirth can turn you into a completely different person, and sometimes it can be quite surprising the person you turn into. No one knows exactly how they will react when they are in labor. This is even more true for women who are having their first run at this. They don’t know what the pain is exactly, and they are unsure of how they will react.

Some reactions make for a bit of an uncomfortable situation. If mom ends up cursing up a storm, which is out of character for her, then it can be a bit awkward. Especially if she has some family members in the room. It can get even worse if she starts to swear at her birth partner.

3 Shaking Uncontrollably Happens More Than You Think


There is a point in childbirth when a woman has to just let go and release control of her body. She needs to just trust that her body knows what to do and let it do its thing. This means that some uncomfortable things may happen that can not be controlled. Shaking is something that a lot of women get when they are in labor and it is really uncomfortable.

This happens usually due to the epidural and it can happen after the baby is born. Your body has just gone through a lot and it is trying hard to regulate itself. It is never comfortable to feel like you are not in control of your own body.

2 Peeping Toms?


One of the biggest things that is so uncomfortable is when unexpected visitors make their appearance. Some women keep it on the down-low when they are in labor to prevent any family and friends from just showing up. We get it, they are excited and want to be there when the little one comes into the room, but this is a private moment.

It can be an uncomfortable situation when someone has to tell them to leave. If mom is not in the right mind frame, and dad doesn’t want to be the bad guy, then the nurses are your best friend. They can act like your own personal bouncer and won’t have a problem telling unwanted guests to please leave.

1 Issues With The Baby


This is probably the most serious thing that could happen, and it is probably a lot more than just uncomfortable. Childbirth is not something that just affects the woman, it can also affect the baby. The baby will be closely monitored when you are in labor, but if something goes wrong, the whole environment is going to immediately stop being comfortable.

It is going to stop being this beautiful and serene environment, and start being one filled with tension and stress as everyone works to make sure the baby is okay. Luckily, we live in a world of medical advancements and mom is in the best place already to make sure that her little one will be all right.

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