20 Uncomfortable Things About The Hogan Family (We All Choose To Ignore)

Athlete Hulk Hogan, whose real name is Terry Gene Bollea, is famous for much more than his wrestling career. According to screenrant.com, his family also starred in the short-lived reality television show Hulk Knows Best.

Despite the fact that the show did not last as long as some other shows that had a similar format, it actually brought in lots of views before it was canceled. On the air, the Hogan family seemed a lot like many other families.

The only things that really seemed to set them apart from everyone else were that they were rich and famous. But what some fans did not know is that there was more drama behind the scenes than there was on television. Here are some really uncomfortable facts about the Hogan family.

20 Family Issues Caused The Show To Get Cancelled


The family filmed four seasons of Hogan Knows Best. A fifth season was already being filmed, but the show was canceled before the fifth season was finished. According to thethings.com, the reason why the plug was pulled on this show was because all of the Hogan family members seemed to be involved in some controversy at the time.

19 Hulk And His Ex-Wife Like Their Partners To Be Younger


After Hulk and Linda called it quits, they both chose to be with people who are much younger than they are. According to thefamouspeople.com, Hulk was 57 years old when he married Jennifer McDaniel, who was 35 at the time.

A few years ago, Linda was engaged to a man who was in his twenties. But things did not work out for them, and they eventually broke up.

18 Hogan Knows Best Was Scripted


Hulk Hogan admitted that his reality show was not very real. According to radaronline.com, the star actually said this in court. He claimed that the program was manipulated by some of the producers. But that is not particularly surprising, considering the fact that there are lots of reality shows that seem a bit fake these days.

17 Hulk Said Some Insulting Things About Brooke’s Boyfriends


Hulk Hogan found himself in a lot of hot water when he was fired from WWE after he said some very insulting things about a man Brooke, his daughter, was seeing at the time. According to radaronline.com, the athlete went on a rather lengthy and vulgar rant, and it was all caught on tape.

16 Linda’s Marriage To Hulk Had Lots Of Drama


The marriage that Hulk and Linda shared with one another was quite dramatic. In fact, even their divorce was a very dramatic thing. According to metro.co.uk, Hulk did not even know that Linda was planning to divorce him until he found out about it from someone who was interviewing him.

15 Hulk Gave His Daughter A Weird Compliment


Hulk Hogan and his daughter seem to have a very close (and uncomfortable) relationship with each other. He once tweeted a photo of her and bragged about how nice her legs are. But Linda did not think that was weird at all. According to hollywood.com, Hulk’s ex-wife even claimed that he was just being a proud father.

14 Linda Suggested That Hulk Is Not Always Fun To Be Around


Hulk and Linda Hogan were married for twenty-four years, but things were not always easy for them. After their marriage ended, she opened up about what went on behind closed doors. According to nydailynews.com, she claimed that he was very violent, to say the least. However, Hulk denied these claims.

13 One Of Them Lied To The Public


Hulk accused Linda of lying, but that doesn’t mean he has been entirely truthful. According to sickchirpse.com, he has actually told lies about numerous things.

For example, he once claimed that he nearly got involved with the UFC. That would be easier to believe if Campbell McLaren, who co-founded the UFC, did not deny it.

12 Hulk Was In A Very Dark Mental Place For Awhile


After Hogan Knows Best came to an end, things really started to crumble for the Hogan family. This caused Hulk to become depressed, according to huffpost.com. But the athlete’s outlook on life suddenly changed when he encountered some fans that told him how much they loved him. He decided that he wanted to start enjoying his life again.

11 Brooke’s Dreams Were Shattered When Her Wedding Was Called Off


A few years ago, Brooke Hogan got engaged to former football player and author Phil Costa. The actress and musician even posted about it on her Instagram page.

But the couple never made it to their wedding day since they ended up calling it off. According to liverampup.com, Brooke must have deleted her engagement post since it can no longer be found.

10 Nick Was The Cause Of His Friend’s Injury


Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick, was in the middle of a lot of controversy years ago. He and a friend of his, John Graziano, were driving when they got into an accident. According to patch.com, his friend ended up being severely injured after Nick hit a palm tree when he lost control of the car.

9 Hulk Had Their Gardener Spy On Linda


After Hulk and Linda got a divorce, they battled over who was going to pay the gardener. But things got much more interesting when Linda claimed that her ex-husband hired their gardener to spy on her. According to notebley.com, Hulk never admitted to doing that, but he did end up paying the gardener.

8 Brooke’s Stepmother Looks A Lot Like Her


There is a huge age difference between Hulk and his current wife, Jennifer McDaniel. However, that is not even the weirdest thing about their relationship. According to starcasm.net, McDaniel looks extremely similar to Hulk’s daughter, Brooke. The pair look as though they could be sisters since they both have long blonde hair, and they appear to be very tall. They even have very similar facial features.

7 Brooke Knows Best Only Lasted Two Seasons


Brooke Hogan has quite a large fanbase, but apparently, that was not enough to make her reality show a success. According to insider.com, the star used to have her own show, and it was called Brooke Knows Best. The show featured Brooke, as well as two people who were her roommates at the time, and it only lasted two seasons.

6 Nick And His Sister Don’t Always Get Along


According to screenrant.com, Nick’s legal woes brought his family a lot of stress. That is especially true when it comes to his sister, who was often seen arguing with him on Hogan Knows Best.

Despite their arguments, the two still care deeply about each other. Brooke even defended her brother after his car accident since she did not like how the public viewed him.

5 Linda Wrote A Scathing Letter To Hulk


The divorce between Linda and Hulk had a huge impact on the Hogan family, but things got even worse for them when Linda penned a very revealing letter to Hulk. According to insideedition.com, Linda blamed their divorce on him, and she said that she wanted the world to know how she felt about her ex-husband.

4 Hulk Blamed His Show For His Family Issues


Lots of celebrities have been known to blame reality television shows when their families fall apart, and Hulk Hogan is not any different. After Hogan Knows Best came to an end, Hogan blamed all of his family’s issues on it, according to neoseeker.com. But, it seems as though the problems he had with his ex-wife started long before then.

3 Hulk’s Success Was The Reason Brooke Was Able To Get Into The Music Industry


Hulk Hogan initially did not like the idea of being involved in a reality television show. However, the former wrestler claimed that he changed his mind after Brooke decided to enter the music industry. According to screenrant.com, the star agreed to film Hogan Knows Best because he thought it would help Brooke get the exposure she needed. If it weren’t for her father’s success, Brooke might not have ever had a chance to make music.

2 Linda Wrote A Tell-All Book


According to foxnews.com, Hulk’s ex-wife was serious about wanting the world to know how she felt about him. After the pair called it quits, Linda wrote a book called Wrestling The Hulk: My Life Against The Ropes.

In the book, she discussed some very personal details of their marriage. Linda hoped the book would make her a role model for other women who find themselves in a similar situation.

1 There Are Some Inappropriate Photos Of Hulk And Brooke


Hulk and his daughter seem to be very close to one another. On a number of occasions, they have appeared in some images that made fans very uncomfortable. For example, there are some weird photos that show him rubbing sunscreen on her, according to thesportster.com. There is also an image that appears to show Hulk admiring Brooke while they are in a pool.

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