20 Uncomfortable Things About The Cyrus Family (We All Choose To Ignore)

Being famous can be pretty hard for some men and women, especially when they are thrust into the spotlight at a very young age. That seems to be the case for singer and actress Miley Cyrus, as well as most of her siblings.

These days, fans know Miley as the person who has done some seriously weird things such as dying her arm hair pink, as well as having some strange feuds with other celebrities, according to ranker.com. Nevertheless, she is hardly the only member of the Cyrus family that has ever done something that made the rest of the world uncomfortable.

Her parents and her siblings have also done some things that are pretty hard for fans to forget about. Here are just a few things the Cyrus family has done that made fans cringe just a little.

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20 Miley Has A Half Brother That No One Really Acknowledges


Miley is not the only one who has done some things that make her image seem less clean. According to celebtattler.com, singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus actually has another son, which is rather surprising when one considers that fact that nobody ever mentions him.

Miley’s half-brother is named Christopher Cody Cyrus. His mother was a waitress that Billy had a brief relationship with in the early 1990s. However, he does not have much of a relationship with his father.

19 Billy Paid Miley To Do Some Interesting Things When She Was Younger


When Billy was a bit more popular, his female fans loved to throw some of their clothing up on the stage when he performed his music. Sometimes, after his shows ended, he would pay little Miley to help him clean up the stage, which involved picking up those items, according to femalefirst.co.uk. It’s important to teach kids how to work hard, but this still seems a little bit odd.

18 Billy And Tish Don’t Have A Great Relationship


Billy and his wife, actress and film producer Tish Cyrus, have been together for a very long time, which is a pretty awesome accomplishment. But things have been pretty hard for the talented couple.

According to foxnews.com, the pair has faced some serious problems over the years. They have split up numerous times, but they have always worked things out in the end.

17 Billy Claimed Hannah Montana Destroyed His Family, But Then He Changed His Mind


Miley quickly became a superstar once Hannah Montana started airing, and shortly after that, she found herself living on the wild side. Her father spoke publicly about his concerns for Miley, and how he regretted doing the show because he felt that it ruined his family, according to eonline.com. However, a few years later, he said that he was just mad when he said those things and that he was not being honest at the time.

16 Like Miley, Tish Used To Live On The Wild Side


Apparently, Miley is not the only member of the Cyrus family that likes to live life on the wild side every once in a while. When her mom was younger, she was not much different.

When Tish met Billy, she was already a mother of two children, according to ninjajournalist.com. But she still loved to go to parties, and she enjoyed hanging out with musicians, which is actually how she met Billy in the first place. The pair met in 1991, and the rest is history

15 They Let Miley Date An Adult When She Was Underage, And Billy Even Introduced Them To Each Other


When Miley was only a teenager, she appeared to be pretty close to her father. So close, in fact, that he actually introduced her to a model, and they began dating, according to nbcnewyork.com.

That would not have been a very big issue if the model, whose name is Justin Gaston, was not in his twenties at the time. Not many dads like the thought of their underage daughters dating grown men, but apparently Billy was pretty cool with it.

14 None Of Them Had Any Issues With Letting Miley Pose In Mature Photos When She Was 15


Miley had a pretty clean image until she did a certain photo shoot in 2008. According to billboard.com, the images caused quite a stir, and it was hard for the star to maintain her innocent image after posing for those pictures.

Miley and her parents were heavily criticized for being involved in this photo shoot, and the star later apologized for doing it. However, a decade later, she seemed to regret apologizing for it.

13 Miley Admitted To Lying


Since she starred on a show that lots of little children watched, Miley had to try her best to keep a squeaky clean image for a long time. Sometimes that meant that she had to lie about certain things, such as whether or not she would get a tattoo.

According to nickiswift.com, the superstar once claimed that she had not yet decided whether or not she would ever get one. Miley later admitted that she was lying and that she had always had plans to get a tattoo.

12 Being On Television Gave Young Miley Anxiety Attacks


Living life in the spotlight is hard for anyone, but that is even more true for children. Miley is a perfect example of this.

According to galoremag.com, the star claimed that she used to have bad anxiety when the show was being filmed. Hannah Montana may have made Miley rich and famous, but it definitely did not do her emotional and mental health any favors.

11 Noah Has Showed Signs Of Following In Her Big Sister’s Footsteps


Miley and her little sister, Noah, are pretty close, so of course, that means that Miley has had a huge influence on Noah. The younger Cyrus sister has followed in her older sister’s footsteps in more ways than one.

According to perezhilton.com, Noah is involved in the entertainment industry. But she also behaves a lot like Miley as well.

10 Billy Feels He Was Not The Greatest Dad


When Miley began acting out and doing some pretty inappropriate things, parents around the world were wondering why her mother and father were not stepping in. According to tasteofcountry.com, Billy claimed that he should have been more of a father and less of a friend when she was growing up.

9 Trace Has Been Vocal About His Struggles With Anxiety As Well


Miley is actually not the only Cyrus family member who has dealt with some serious anxiety and mental health problems in the past. According to ibtimes.com, Trace also has similar issues.

In fact, this was one of the reasons why he canceled a tour a few tears ago. He later apologized to his fans on social media.

8 Billy Grew Up In A Broken Home


Billy and Tish have split up numerous times, and yet they always seem to get back together. Perhaps that is because he did not want to put his children through the same thing he went through when he was a child. According to familytron.com, the country music star’s parents called off their marriage when he was little, and he had a hard time dealing with it.

7 Thanks To Hannah Montana, Miley Had No Idea Who She Was After The Show Ended


After Miley spent so long wearing a blonde wig and pretending to be someone else, she really did not know much about herself. According to usmagazine.com, the star claimed that she even strongly disliked the show at one point in time. But she does not regret doing the show.

6 Miley Directed Some Shade At Her Dad On Twitter


Miley has definitely been known to post some pretty bizarre things on her social media accounts. Perhaps one of the strangest (and possibly the most revealing, at least for her dad) thing she posted on Twitter was a photo of herself and another woman, whose name is unknown.

According to dailymail.co.uk, Miley mentioned that Billy was failing to communicate with her. Her tweet was vague, but it did imply that Billy was up to something the public did not know about. However, she deleted the tweet later on.

5 Noah Has Been Open About Her Issues With Depression


It seems that quite a few of the Cyrus family members deal with mental health issues. Recently, Noah revealed that her depression and anxiety inspired some of her music.

According to people.com, many of Noah’s songs have revealed the struggles she has had with her mental health. Noah wants her fans to know that it is okay to have those feelings.

4 Miley’s Little Sister And Her Ex-Boyfriend Faced A Big Scandal


Noah and rapper Lil Xan seemed to be pretty happy with one another. However, they called things off shortly after they started seeing each other.

According to people.com, she sent him a meme that he took the wrong way. In addition, the media got involved, with definitely did not help, and they broke up.

3 Billy Faced Criticism After Noah Was Spotted Driving At 13


According to nickiswift.com, Noah Cyrus has had some interesting experiences when it comes to driving. The first of those happened when her father let her drive when she was only 13-years-old. The pair faced a lot of backlash for that. However, they did not get into any legal trouble since there was no cop around to witness it.

2 Trace Was In Hot Water After Posting A Mature Image On Instagram

vegasnews.com and people.com

The Cyrus children are definitely known for posting weird things on social media now and then. In fact, Trace recently got into a bit of trouble after he posted a very mature image on his Instagram account.

According to dailymail.co.uk, the photo was removed. Cyrus then proceeded to deliver a rather insulting rant to his followers on Instagram.

1 Billy Does Not Respect Miley's Privacy


These days, everyone knows that Miley is married to actor Liam Hemsworth. But when they were engaged, the couple was staying quiet about the whole thing.

Yet, their fans knew they were getting serious anyway, and part of the reason is the fact that Miley’s dad loves to talk about her personal life. According to sheknows.com, the country star has spent a lot of time discussing the private details of his daughter’s life.

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