20 Uncomfortable Scenes Reality TV Stars Were Forced Into

Over the years, there have been more and more reality TV shows popping up on our screens perhaps because they are cheaper to produce or the fact that people identify more with them. Whichever the case they have managed to make viewers glued to them.

There have also been accusations that some reality TV shows follow a script to keep ratings up. Whether this is true or not, there are times when things get so real that audiences once in a while get to see the actual people behind all the makeup and scripts.

Ideally, this is what makes good TV and producers have a reputation for riding on this for the sake of keeping people entertained. Here are a few uncomfortable scenes that reality TV stars had no choice but to get into.

20 Calling It Quits, Jon And Kate Plus 8

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Part of being on reality TV means that every aspect of one’s life, whether good or bad is likely to appear on the show. This was the case for ex-couple Jon and Kate. The two who have eight children, a set of twins and sextuplets went through their divorce in front of millions of viewers as revealed by nickiswift.com. This must have been hard for them to do in public.

19 Jake And Vienna’s Break Up, The Bachelor

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Jake chose Vienna to be her fiancée in the final episode of season 14 of The Bachelor. Unfortunately, the two called off their relationship a few months later and viewers tuned in to the turmoil that led to their breakup when the two had a squabble on-air as narrated by People. The argument ended up with Vienna walking off set.

18 The Donkey Juice Bar, Fear Factor

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Some people will do anything for money and Fear Factor has no problem with capitalizing on this. On one particular episode, the contestants had to drink body fluids from a donkey as explained by Ranker which was so disgusting that even the show’s network was having second thoughts about airing the episode.

17 Babies Dressed As TV Icons, Toddlers And Tiaras

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Bestlife.com also agrees that some of the moms in Toddlers And Tiaras have gone too far with sexualizing their young girls. This one mom dressed her two-year-old in a gold bodysuit whose bust had pointy cones and encouraged her to dance like the famous singer, Madonna. Despite it being a competition, fans of the show have accused the moms, on several occasions, for spoiling their girls’ innocence.

16 Ex-couple Snuggles Together Even After Divorce, LPBW

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It was sad to hear that little couple Matt and Amy were getting a divorce after nearly 30 years of marriage. Both of them have stakes in the 34-acre farm, which features on the show, and they have to share the farm while dating other people as reported by People. The ex-couple has yet to decide on how they are going to split it.

15 Bidding Captain Phil Harris Farewell, Deadliest Catch

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Friends, family, and crewmembers of Captain Phil Harris had to mourn their beloved Harris live on Camera. According to nickiswift.com, the captain suffered a stroke while offloading a catch from his boat. He was in the hospital for two weeks before passing on. The episode that followed captured the tearful emotions of the people closest to him as they bid him farewell.

14 Angelea Preston’s Disqualification, America’s Next Top Model

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Angelea Preston, a former contestant of the show sued Tyra Banks and the CW Network for breaching her contract. The model's disqualification as the winner was because she had been involved in some business the show disagreed with prior to joining the show. As disclosed by thesource she also claims that the contestants go through emotional distress while working and do not get sufficient breaks during filming.

13 Kenya And Porsha Get Physical With Each Other, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is arguably the most dramatic Housewives show on TV. It has the most intense arguments and confrontations. One of these was between Porsha and Kenya. Talkto explains that the ongoing feud finally reached its peak when Kenya accused Porsha of something she claimed was not true. This led to a physical confrontation and security had to separate the two. Porsha was so embarrassed that she lay on the floor and started crying.

12 Tyra Banks Yells At Tiffany, America’s Next Top Model

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When Tiffany Richardson, a contestant of cycle four was voted off, she made a few remarks that upset Tyra. The former supermodel in an attempt to set her straight, called her back to give her some much-needed piece of advice. When Tiffany tried to defend her behavior, Tyra got even more annoyed. She could not contain her fury and therefore went hard on Tiffany as narrated by wonderslist.com.

11 Scott Palmer Dives Without A Chute, Jackass

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Jackass stunts have a reputation for being daring. One such stunt was when skydiving instructor Scott Palmer jumped out of a plane without a parachute. He only had a few minutes for one diver to catch up to him and strap him onto himself. Luckily, nickiswift.com reports that he later came to his senses and admitted that that life-threatening stunt was the dumbest thing he had ever done as much as it was entertaining to watch.

10 Finding Fake Love, Married At First Sight

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The Guardian gave the story of Simone Lee Brennan and her experience as a contestant on Married At First Sight. Simone had to get into a fake relationship, fake wedding, fake reception, and fake home with a man she felt nothing for. She could not wait for the cameras to go off for her to leave her TV husband.

9 Being Dumped On TV, The Bachelor

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In the bachelor universe, nothing is worse for a contestant than the Bachelor or Bachelorette rejecting him or her, especially after receiving the final rose. On the 13th season of the bachelor, Melissa Rycroft received the final rose and a diamond ring from bachelor Jason Mesnick. However, her happy ever after ending was short-lived because Jason was more infatuated with her runner up Molley Malaney as was reported by People.

8 Announcement Of The Wrong Winner, Australia’s Next Top Model

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Sarah Murdoch, host of Australia’s next top model had one of the most embarrassing moments on live TV as revealed by wonderslist.com. Due to some technical hitches with the prompters, she ended up announcing Kelsey Martinovich as the winner of the season instead of Amanda Ware. Kelsey had already given her winning speech before Sarah and her team realized their mistake and declared Amanda the real winner.

7 Snooki Gets Smacked Down, Jersey Shore

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Nicole Snooki Polizzi was a wild party girl in her Jersey Shore days. Her mouth was definitely one of the reasons she made it as a cast member in the show. However, it also landed her in trouble several times. According to the Talkto some guy in a bar once punched her in the face. Although this made for some good TV, the whole ordeal must have spooked Snooki.

6 JT Encounters The IRS, Punk’d

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According to bestlife.com, Justin Timberlake almost cried when he thought the Punk’d team were IRS officials who had come to seize his assets because he had back taxes amounting to $900,000.00. He especially got upset when they went for his dogs. The moment he saw the show’s host, Ashton Kutcher, he figured out what was going on and came to the realization that the IRS people were pranksters.

5 Chrissy Defends Her Friend, Love And Hip Hop

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If you are Chrisy Lampkin’s friend, then she will always have your back no matter the circumstance. In season 2 of Love and Hip Hop, she punched Kimbella for saying that she had a thing with rapper Fabulous when Chrissy’s friend, Emily B was pregnant with his child. Talkto continued to narrate that security had to intervene and separate the two.

4 Rob Kardashian’s Drinks Spiked Coffee, KUWTK

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Kris Jenner wanted to spice things in the bedroom so she thought it wise to spike her husband’s coffee. However, in a twist of events, Rob ended up taking the coffee instead of Bruce. According to Talkto, he had to go to the hospital after somehow managing to inform his mom what was wrong with him. The whole incident was embarrassing for the family and more so Rob.

3 Mackenzie Driven By Fiancée With Questionable Judgement, Teen Mom

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According to nickiswift.com, MTV had a difficult time deciding whether to air footage of Ryan Edwards driving with impaired judgment or not. The couple, Ryan and teen mom Mackenzie were on their way to their wedding when Mackenzie noticed that something was wrong with Ryan. Mackenzie had to switch off the camera to avoid exposing her fiancée. As much as the production team wanted to capture the incident for the show, they should have intervened and helped Ryan who had veered from his lane a number of times.

2 Kim Gets A Wine Bath, Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

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Sometimes the arguments in the Real Housewives franchise can get really heated forcing the cast members to do unorthodox things. In this instance, as reported by bustle, Lisa Rinna threw a full wine glass at Kim Richards when the argument they were having with Kim got out of hand. We wonder who paid the laundry bill.

1 Aviva Drescher Throws Prosthetic Leg, Real Housewives Of New York City

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Speaking of throwing things, Aviva also threw her prosthetic leg when she felt pushed to the wall by her fellow castmates of New York City. To prove her point, she first banged it on the table and then threw it on the floor in front of a room full of people at Sonja Morgan’s party as revealed by BravoTV. Did she take it and put it back in place?

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