20 TV Costar Duos Who Are Actually BFFs IRL Too

Actors who work together on a television show have to see each other a lot. When you’re shooting anywhere between 12 and 24 episodes to fill a season-long run, that’s a lot of shooting. Television actors often end up spending upwards of 10 hours a day on set with each other; five to six days a week. During filming, actors see each other and the crew more than they see anyone else in their lives.

All this time spent together can be both awesome and really difficult. Long work hours (which is also time away from family for actors) can create a lot of tension. We’ve all heard plenty of stories about actors who couldn’t stand each other and refused to speak once the cameras were off.

For some actors, the opposite is true. As you can imagine, working closely with someone means plenty of time for bonding; which can lead to some pretty incredible relationships. It’s not uncommon for people who have worked on a television series together to become really good friends offscreen as well, especially if the television show has been running for multiple years.

Some of Hollywood's best BFFs started off as costars on a television show. Sometimes their characters were friends, which makes it so satisfying that they’re also friends IRL; and sometimes, even though their onscreen personas disliked each other, the actors grew to love one another.

Check out these costars who became real-life BFFs.

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20 Zach Braff And Donald Faison Love To Show Off Their Friendship

via The Daily Dot

Their characters on the medical comedy Scrubs: JD and Turk, basically coined the term bromance.

Turns out, the two actors were just as close offscreen as their characters were onscreen. Apparently, the vibe was there from the get-go; Faison says that the energy was insane when they met at the read through. Faison also tells some hilarious stories about taking Braff-basically the whitest boy ever-out to hip-hop nights at the club.

Even though the show has been off the air forever, the two continue to hang out and constantly grace the Internet with photographic evidence of their bromance.

19 Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Can't Get Enough Of Each Other

via GQ

Another powerful bromance that started on the silver screen is the bromance between Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. The two met on Saturday Night Live performing a skit together. Their comedic synergy was immediately apparent and thus destined to amount to friendship.

Though they didn’t work together all the time as regular costars do, Justin Timberlake frequently appeared in Fallon’s SNL sketches, even when he wasn’t hosting the show. And once Fallon got his own late-night show, Timberlake was a recurring guest.

The two are so close that when Fallon was named one of Time’s "100 Most Influential People," Timberlake wrote the profile for him, which is basically a bro to bro love letter.

18 Vanessa Hudgens And Ashley Tisdale Are Musical Besties

via Popsugar

These two Disney superstars met on the set of the TV movie High School Musical. Their friendship progressed rapidly while they were filming High School Musical and its many sequels (how many are there now?) and has since been going strong.

In fact, they took best friendship to a whole new level when they launched their 2013 reality show Vanessa & Ashley: Inner Circle, which was literally an entire television show about their adventures together.

A year later, in 2014, Hudgens was a bridesmaid in Tisdale’s wedding to Christopher French.

17 Chace Crawford And Ed Westwick Survived Gossip Girl

via Bustle

Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick’s characters on the wildly popular CW show Gossip Girl were best friends for over six seasons of the show, so obviously these two spent a lot of time with each other onset. Turns out, they also chose to spend their offset time together.

For a few years, the two even had an apartment together in NYC. Similar to the lives they played on GG, Crawford and Westwick were seen at the hottest clubs in the city together. Of course, the media began to speculate as to whether their friendship was just friendship, especially since they lived together, but the two have insisted that they’re nothing but buds.

16 Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola, And Kat Graham Are Family

via Pinterest

Most of us don’t have just one BFF and the same is true for this trio who met on the set of The Vampire Diaries. The cast of the supernatural teen drama worked together for more than eight years, so it’s not surprising that they formed strong bonds onscreen and off.

The actresses have described their costars as "being like family" as they regularly convened offset while the show was airing, and have continued to stay close now that the show has ended.

The trio has documented their friendship on Instagram, as all celeb BFFs do, with pictures of them out to dinner, at sports games, and watching their fave show together – House of Cards.

15 Andrea Barber And Candace Cameron Bure Started Out As Kids

via Popsugar

These two actresses met way back in the day on the set of Full House. Their characters, DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler were best friends on the show. Kimmy was known for sporadically showing up at the Tanner house and often not leaving for days.

Turns out, these TV BFFs became real-life BFFs pretty much instantaneously, and they’ve stayed close ever since. They aren’t shy about flaunting their friendship on Insta either. They’ve posted pics of them doing races, dressing up for Halloween, and hanging with each other’s families.

They got to reprise their roles as BFFs in the Fuller House reboot that came out on Netflix in February of 2016.

14 Taylor Schilling And Laura Prepon Trust Each Other Completely

via instagram

The entire cast of Orange is the New Black seems to be incredibly close. Whenever they’re filming, the cast members post awesome behind the scenes shots of everyone playing around, pulling pranks, and generally having an awesome time.

The most notable friendship of OITNB however, is that of Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon, who play on again/off again girlfriends Piper and Alex. Laura Prepon has said that she and Taylor Schilling were pretty comfortable with each other when they first started filming. Considering their scenes were romantic by nature, it's a good thing they trusted each other.

That trust and comfort level continued offscreen as well and the two actresses are now genuinely good friends.

13 Sophie Turner And Maisie Williams Are Like Sisters

via totalsororitymove.com

The friendship between Game of Thrones actresses Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams is the stuff of Internet legend. The two play sisters on the show and have allowed that sisterhood to go beyond the screen. According to their Instagram feeds, they spend pretty much all the time that they aren’t with their partners with each other.

They have sleepovers where they watch the Game of Thrones episodes as they air; they’ve taken each other as dates to award shows and they’ve vacationed together.

They even got matching tattoos – each with the date that they found out they’d been cast on GoT.

And when Sophie Turner got engaged to Joe Jonas, she asked Maisie Williams to be a bridesmaid!

12 Emma Roberts And Lea Michele Treat Each Other Like Queens

via Twitter

These Scream Queens didn’t get along too well on the show, but in real life, they’re total BFFs. Emma Roberts shared in an interview with Glamour that she was really nervous for her first leading role in a TV show when she started filming Scream Queens and that she turned to Lea Michele for support because of Michele's experience on Glee.

Roberts said that Michele was super supportive and helped her through a lot of her scenes. The pair became tight throughout the filming of the series and have remained so since.

These days they can be found doing Pilates classes together and having sleepovers with their other Scream Queens costar, Billie Lourde.

11 Michelle Williams And Busy Philipps Say It Was Love At First Sight

via Glamour

If you’re a child of the late '90s/early 2000s then you for sure remember Dawson’s Creek. And you definitely remember Jen, played by Michelle Williams, and Audrey, played by Busy Philipps. The actresses met onset when Busy Phillips joined the cast as Joey’s college roommate. Williams and Philipps bonded onset and quickly became close friends.

Williams thought that Philipps was pretty much the coolest woman she’d ever seen and Phillips calls meeting Williams “love at first sight.”

When the two attended the Oscars together a few years ago, there was talk that they were more than just friends, but they both insist they’re just as close as any two friends can be.

10 B.J. Novak And Mindy Kaling Also Dated

via Ohnotheydidnt - LiveJournal

Anyone who’s ever watched The Office has a strong opinion about whether Kelly (Kaling) and Ryan (Novak) belong together. Viewers who were team Kelly and Ryan were delighted when the pair dated offscreen as well.

Though they’re no longer together romantically, they continue to be best friends.

Kaling says that their friendship is the result of a lot of time and effort. Of course, they have chemistry, but the strength of their bond stems from all the time they’ve spent together and the work they did post-breakup to preserve their relationship.

The couple is so close that when Kaling announced she was pregnant in 2017, media outlets speculated that Novak was the father. Kaling has stayed tight-lipped about the identity of her baby’s father.

9 JWow And Snooki Are Reality TV Pros

via Variety

Reality TV is a crash course in human relationships, especially on shows like Jersey Shore where the cast is living together 24/7. Obviously, this can make for some super tense relationships, but sometimes it creates the best friendships out there.

Snooki and JWow bonded pretty much as soon as they arrived at Jersey Shore house in season one. And despite the constant shift in alliances that existed throughout the rest of the house, Snooki and JWow have always stuck together.

Their friendship persisted both between seasons and after the show went off the air. It even extended to their families; Snooki and JWow have playdates together with their kids, and their husbands are close as well.

8 Courteney Cox And Jennifer Aniston Are "Friends" For Real

via CNN

After starring together for years on the show Friends, it’s no wonder Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston became best friends. Their characters-Monica and Rachel- were roommates and childhood friends on the show. And interestingly enough, the two are such good friends that they have occasionally been roommates in real life as well!

Aniston has said that during some rougher times, she frequently crashed in Cox’s guest room and has said that Cox has supported her through the toughest times in her life.

Of course, Aniston has done the same for Cox, and as a result, the two are like sisters; Aniston is even the godmother of Cox’s baby!

7 Seth Rogen And James Franco Are Like Brothers

via Page Six

Another contender for best bromance is Hollywood is the bromance between Seth Rogen and James Franco. The two met when they starred in Judd Apatow’s show Freaks and Geeks in the late 90’s. While the entire cast of Freaks and Geeks' became tightly knit during their one season of filming, Rogen and Franco have stayed the closest throughout the years.

The two are like family offscreen, and they’ve frequently used their bond professionally as well. The bros have collaborated on multiple projects and are often filmed side by side where their offscreen friendship compliments the chemistry between the characters they play.

6 Ashley Benson And Shay Mitchell Have A Hashtag

via Ashley Benson And Shay Mitchell

These actresses played best friends on the show Pretty Little Liars, but their IRL friendship is even more iconic than Hannah and Emily's.

The two even have a hashtag devoted to their friendship: #ButtahBenzo, which they use on all of their Instas showing how much fun they have together.

The two party together all the time, go to Coachella annually, and regularly take vacations with one another. Basically, their Instagram accounts act as epic odes to their friendship and are the absolute definition of #BFFgoals.

5 Dylan O'Brien And Tyler Posey Also Lived Together

via MTV

These actors started their friendship on the set of Teen Wolf. Costars reported that they hung out all the time onset, which eventually led to them get an apartment together. They lived together for two years while filming the first two seasons of the show.

Working together and living together definitely superglued the two, and they’ve helped each other through some pretty rough stuff. O’Brien helped Posey through the loss of his mother and his fiancée, and Posey was right there for O’Brien when he suffered a major injury on the set of Maze Runner.

These two are proof positive that being a BFF means being there through thick and thin.

4 Miranda Cosgrove And Jennette McCurdy Grew Up Together

via Just Jared Jr.

If you were a Nickelodeon kid growing up, then you definitely watched iCarly at some point, and you know how the best friendship between Miranda Cosgrove and Jeanette McCurdy began. Yet another satisfying example of onscreen BFFs being BFFs in real life!

Even after the show wrapped up, Miranda and Jeanette continued to do awesome BFF things. A few years ago, they vacationed together in the most Disney star possible way – by going to Tokyo Disney!

In a post for McCurdy’s birthday last year, Cosgrove said that her friendship with McCurdy has made her a better person. So sweet!

3 Chris Meloni And Mariska Hargitay Are Besties On And Off Screen

via E! News

These two Law and Order: SVU stars have always had insane chemistry. Their characters, partners in the Manhattan Special Victim’s Unit, were so close, that it was often hinted that they would end up together.

One of the reasons their onscreen chemistry was so memorable was that their offscreen friendship was so strong. While Meloni was still starring on the show, the two were so close that he named Hargitay the godmother of his daughter, who is now 17.

The two haven’t had as much time to hang out since Meloni left the show, but they still get together whenever they can and commemorate their meetings with adorable Instas.

2 Norman Reedus And Jeffrey Dean Morgan Hit It Off From The Start

via Popsugar

On AMC's The Walking Dead, it was difficult to find a character that got along with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character, Negan. In fact, he was the primary villain for a couple of seasons, other than the walkers of course. But in real life, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl on the show might as well be attached at the hip.

The two immediately hit it off when they discovered they live close to each other in Georgia. Their mutual passion for motorcycles brought them together and today you can find them riding their bikes together all over the South.

1 Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Are A Dynamic Duo

via Entertainment Weekly

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are pretty much a comedic power couple, and absolute #BFFgoals. Though you might assume that the two met on Saturday Night Live, since that’s where they were first seen together by most of the world, their friendship actually dates back earlier than their SNL days.

Fey and Poehler first met way back in 1993 while taking an improv class in Chicago. They started performing together regularly and even created an improv troupe. Years, and many performances later, Poehler moved to NYC with an improv group and Fey followed a few years later to write on SNL. The two comedians were finally reunited onscreen when Poehler joined the SNL cast in 2001.

At this point, the two have been friends for 25 years! Most marriages don’t even last that long.

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