20 Dream Travel Websites That Won't Break The Bank

Let’s face it. We all want to travel the world, but, sadly, most of us can’t quite afford it. Every time you see a friend’s wonderful, exotic vacation on Instagram, you get a little jealous. You wonder, “how in the world can they afford that?!” When your BFF asks you to go on a spontaneous road trip, you worry about what’s in your bank account. Don’t worry, we have all been there! Yes, traveling is expensive, but it is so important! You want to see as much of the world as you can, so you don’t regret it later. Seeing new places, experiencing new things, and creating new memories are all really worth adding to your budget. Thankfully, there are plenty of methods to make traveling a little (or a lot!) cheaper. Whether it’s searching the Internet every day for the cheapest flights or compulsively checking Airbnb for an awesome place to stay, there are ways! It is truly surprising how many websites exist to help you find the best deal on every aspect of travel. We have brought you 20 awesome sites that all exist to save you money when you travel! Keep our tips in mind when you’re planning your next big trip! You can thank us later.

20 Airfare Watchdog


We all know that actually getting to your location is one of the more expensive parts of a trip. You have often wondered why flights are so expensive and prayed for them to be cheaper. Well, Airfare Watchdog has answered your prayers!

Their motto is “We Make Trips Possible.”

How great is that?! All you do is search your departing and arriving cities and click “Find Fares.” Voila, they will show you the flight dates with the best price! Make sure to check the “Alert Me When Fares Drops” box and enter your email for even more cheap flight options. You’ll be able to spend the money you saved on flights on something way better like amazing food!

19 Airbnb


Who hasn’t heard of Airbnb?! Those of you who haven’t, where have you been the last few years?! Airbnb is a website/app that allows people to open up their homes for other people to stay. It is a great alternative to staying in a hotel! There are reviews of the homes and owners, so you’ll know they are safe, clean, and reliable. Fun fact, Airbnb has “Experiences” now! Simply search for Experiences where you’re traveling to and you can find things from photography lessons to sailing to nightlife tours. Overall, whether its room and board or activities, Airbnb is a fantastic way to knock some dollars off of your trip.

18 Scott's Cheap Flights


You are probably intrigued by the “cheap flights” part of this one! Scott's Cheap Flights is a subscription website that sends you emails when cheap airfare is found.

There is a guy named Scott who searches the Internet all day for crazy reasonable flight prices or mistake fares.

When he finds something, he sends you an email! There are different subscription options. One is free and you only get a certain number of the flights he finds. There are also “premium subscribers” who get three times as many deals sent to their inbox. Check out Scott’s Cheap Flights now to start getting awesome airfare delivered right to you!

17 Hostel World


You’ve probably heard that a great way to save money abroad is to stay at a hostel. You are not wrong! If you’re willing to sleep in a small space and make friends with the other people you’re staying with, a hostel is a great idea for you. Hostel World is the way to go to search for a hostel Simply enter where you’re staying and search! You will see plenty of different hostels, their ratings, and their prices. This site makes it super easy to find a hostel that is safe, clean, and fits your travel plans. Don’t forget to consider a hostel to save money on your next trip abroad!

16 Google Flights

This next one gives you so much information and flexibility when it comes to cheap flying! Google Flights is a blessing to all travelers. Step one, search and go on Google Flights. Step two, enter your information. You can choose one way or round trip, how many passengers, your departing and arriving city, and the day you would like to fly.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the day because they will give you prices for the whole month.

Look through the month and you can find the cheapest fares! It’s that easy! Google Flights should be your first stop when you start researching flights for your next awesome trip!

15 Insure My Trip

No one really knows much about travel insurance. It is a confusing topic, that most people don’t want to spend extra money for. Insure My Trip is here for you! Not only can you get quotes on your next trip, you can learn more about travel insurance. You just enter the details of your next trip and they will show you tons of travel insurance quotes! There is plenty of information about the plans, so you can get exactly what you want. Make sure you check out their FAQ so you can learn everything you need to know about travel insurance. Expand your travel knowledge by becoming fluent in travel insurance lingo!

14 AutoSlash


Renting a car is another cost of travel that often gets overlooked. You already have your flights, hotels, and tours booked, but you forgot about how you’re going to get everywhere! AutoSlash makes renting cars super easy!

All you do is enter your information and your email and they will find you the best coupons and discounts for car rentals.

Their website actually has reviews with plenty of people who have nothing but great things to say about Auto Slash. They also have a “blog and tips” section to offer all sorts of travel information. The next time you need to rent a car, make sure you check out Auto Slash!

13 Bed And Breakfast

Picture this. You are staying at the most adorable B&B, in an awesome city, with the best breakfast you’ve ever had and cutest rooms you’ve ever seen. This dream is possible with Bed and Breakfast. This website is just like your favorite hotel searching site, but it's with B&Bs! Simply enter where you want to stay and they will give you so many great options. This is another site that has plenty of reviews, so you know you will be staying somewhere safe and clean. If you’re looking to stay somewhere a little more unique than a hotel, take a look at Bed and Breakfast!

12 The Flight Deal

This is another site that makes it incredibly easy to find the cheapest airfare. The Flight Deal has so many awesome search options. You can choose your closest biggest city and you will so many reasonably priced flights to some great places! You can also search for cheap car rentals, another important cost.

The coolest function of this site is choosing your destination, so you can learn all about it!

They can provide you with practical travel tips, like the best way to get there and what to do when you’re there. For a totally comprehensive, cheap travel site, check out The Flight Deal!

11 CruiseCompete

Raise your hand if you love a good cruise! Keep those hands up! Cruises are amazing. Not only are you surrounded by clear water and beautiful scenery, there are so many things to do! There is something to do for everyone on a cruise! Whether you like to hit the 24-hour buffet, do some terrible karaoke, lounge by the pool, or win at the slots, you will be entertained! CruiseCompete has made it easy to find the best cruise deals. You can search plenty of destinations and plenty of cruise line companies. They even have a list of all the ships from all the different cruise lines! You are guaranteed to find a cruise you’ll love at a price you’ll love with CruiseCompete.

10 Home Exchange

Have you ever heard of those super travel savvy people who set up home exchanges? Believe it or not, you can be one of those people! Home Exchange is a website where you can post your own home for others to stay and you can also search other people’s homes.

You can either stay in each other’s homes at the same time or do it in two parts.

Home exchanges save you the cost of a hotel and allow you a more personal experience wherever you’re staying. Still skeptical of the idea? Go take a look at Home Exchange’s FAQ and learn more! You won’t regret it!

9 Luxury Link

Don’t lie, you’re very intrigued by this one. If you’ve ever dreamed of an amazing all-inclusive getaway or enjoying the perks of a snazzy hotel, this site is for you! Luxury Link is an awesome travel site that is all about getting luxury on the cheap. You can stay at amazing hotels for the same price as a lesser hotel! You can also search for once in a lifetime experiences. Another cool feature is their “auction” option. If you want a better deal, simply put in an offer! If your bid is the chosen, you will be the lucky winner of the cheapest luxury hotel stay ever! If luxury is your middle name, make sure to look into Luxury Link!

8 Momondo


This next one is another travel site that has everything! With Momondo, you can find the perfect flight, hotel, or car rental.

Where this site differs is with their “Trip Finder” option.

Choose your closest big city and you can choose flights (within your budget) to anywhere! Want a beach vacay? Choose the beach option. Want to see some incredible nightlife? Choose that one! The possibilities are endless! You can search destinations for hours. They make it very easy to plan your dream trip. Keep Momondo in mind the next time you and your friends are looking for an affordable trip to literally anywhere!

7 Kayak


If you know anything about frugal traveling, you’ve probably already used Kayak. It is a very comprehensive travel site where you can find anything and everything. When you search for a flight with Kayak, they will show you numerous options from different airlines. They have the same option with hotels and rental cars. It is great to see and compare prices side by side. If you’re traveling with a group, try their “Trip Huddle” option. This allows you and other people vote on destinations, choose dates, and plan with confidence. Always think of Kayak if you want an all-inclusive travel website (or vacation).

6 Groupon


Time to change all your views about Groupon! Most people know it as a way to get random products and services for cheap. It actually is an amazing place to find cheap travel. Have you ever looked at their travel deals?! They are amazing! Just click on their “Getaway” link and be ready to get blown away!

They have hotels and all-inclusive trips everywhere for phenomenal prices.

Believe it or not, they have cheap travel options almost anywhere! They also have options to search for more specific things, like outdoor adventures or city sights. Who knew Groupon could become your new favorite travel sites?!

5 Hotwire


If you’ve ever seen a commercial and wondered what Hotwire is actually about, you’re about to find out. It is a lot like those other travel sites, except for one thing. You can find amazing prices because you don’t know where you’re staying. Don’t freak out! It does sound like a weird way to book a hotel, but there are ways to ensure you know you won’t be disappointed. If you are looking at one of their “Hot Rates” you can look at the area it is located, to make sure you’ll be in the right place. You can also see customer ratings and some examples of what brand of hotel it can be. They even give you little hints like what the last person who booked got. If you aren’t convinced, just go take a look at Hotwire and see for yourself!

4 StudentUniverse


All you students out there, this one is for you! We all know being a student is rough financially. You can barely afford your books, even though you’re eating ramen every night. However, your college years are a great time to see the world. Students deserve to travel too! StudentUniverse makes that totally possible.

They actually negotiate with over 90 airlines to get you exclusive students discounts on flights.

How cool is that?! You can also search hotels, tours, and activities that have student pricing. They make it very easy to plan a trip with a group. StudentUniverse is a miracle for all you college students with wanderlust!

3 Skyscanner


Don’t you wish you could just search a map of the world and choose where to go? Skyscanner lets you do this! Just click on the red dots to choose your departure and arrival cities and they will show you the cheapest options. You’re basically scanning the sky (see what they did there)! Most destinations are in the United States, but there are some international options. Their hotel search includes not only hotels, but also apartments and hostels! The car rental search can also show you airport shuttles. Overall, Skyscanner is the perfect place to plan so many aspects of your trip.

2 Cancelon

Believe it or not, there is actually a pretty big market for canceled hotel reservations. It sucks to cancel your reservations, but Cancelon has two money-saving options for you. If you can’t make your trip and can’t get your money back, you can literally sell your reservation! Just give the details of your stay and see what happens!

You can even boost your chances of it getting booked by sharing on Facebook.

Other people selling their hotel rooms, means you can get rooms for cheap! Don’t worry, they verify the reservations, so there won’t be any issues. Cancelon is a wonderful, alternative option to hotel stays that can save you tons of money!

1 Jetsetter


If you can picture yourself on a beautiful rooftop abroad taking a great Instagram pic, this site is for you. Jetsetter focuses on luxury and we’re here for it! They give you plenty of travel trips and allows you to get some luxury on your trip. They have a ton of trip ideas for every kind of trip. If you’re having a girls trip to Vegas or a romantic trip to Paris, they’ve got you! Make sure you check out their “Food and Drink” section. They provide you with suggestions to the best restaurants and bars, wherever you may be staying. There is even a “Style” section that can give you packing ideas! If you want to travel in style and learn some tips, you have to look at Jetsetter!

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