20 Tinder Profiles That Are Total Bangtown

Each and every one of us know the feeling of seeing a particularly smokin' profile of a thirst trap on Tinder. We all try to play it cool but inside we're eagerly hoping we get a match. Whether it's a guy or a girl, there are definitely a ton of Tinder profiles that are total bangtown. These profiles usually have a lot of similarities, namely a very fit and downright gorgeous guy or girl that make us want to sell all of our belongings just to bribe them to date us. Sure, beauty is all in the eye of the beholder, but we think we've found some of the most dreamy guys and girls for all of you to feast your thirsty eyes on. Without further ado, here are 20 Tinder profiles that are total bangtown.

20 A Picture With A Puppy Is A Guaranteed Way To Get To Bangtown


Note to self: Always include a picture of a puppy in your profile pic. It's almost guaranteed to get a whack-load of matches. Of course, it doesn't hurt that this guy is totally smokin'. Chad does seem like a bit of a frat-boy who probably has a nickname for his abs, but he definitely would be worth a few fun nights. Hey, maybe he has a personality. But, chances are, with that smile, he never had to build one.

19 Touched Up In Photoshop Or Not, This Girl Is Straight Fire


Abee is so friggin attractive that everyone practically forgot that the spelling of her name is a really pathetic attempt at being pretentious. Seriously... "Abby" wasn't good enough for you? Whatever, who cares, this woman is straight fire. She also appears to have some of the nicest skin every, even if it's been touched up by Photoshop. Although none of that matters since everybody just melts when they see her flirtatious smile.

18 With All The Confidence Of A Lion King

If you've managed to look up from Leo's chiseled chest, you probably noticed just how confident this guy appears. Seriously, his personality seems to definitely match his name. This dude is King of the Jungle as every guy and girl will want to bow down to him. No, that's not a euphemism, although some may want it to be. Whatever, Leo is just so dreamy.

17 She'll Save You From Drowning Then Make You Pay For Coffee

Can you say, "high maintenance"? There's no doubt that Sara would be a handful once you convinced her you were worthy to go on a date with her. Most people wouldn't get lucky enough. Those strangely beautiful eyes seem like they'd be quick to judge. Most people would just see her as the main attraction at whatever pool she works at. Nobody goes there to swim, they just want to be saved by her.

16 Maybe Life With Him Would Just Be Open-Shirts And Long Island Ice-Teas


Okay, so this guy definitely thinks he's something special. Nobody would have a profile pic with the open shirt and the Long Island Ice Tea on a beach without some level of self-stratification. But we also can't deny that this guy is hot. He appears as if he's incredibly successful. Sure, it could be because he has a few brain cells in his head, but it's probably also because of his rich parents, who, by-the-way, probably took this Tinder pic for him.

15 Model Shots Are Always "Bangtown" Material, Especially With That Smoldering Stare


No wonder Stefan is a TV presenter. Who wouldn't hire him with that smoldering look? Model shots are always a great way to spice up your Tinder profile, although they do seem overly posed and therefore unnatural. But it doesn't matter, it's unlikely that any girl will care about his personality with a look like this. Oh, Stefan, you have all of our hearts. Also, let's take that jacket and shirt off you, shall we?

14 Not Only Whales Wanna Munch On This Crille


Whales love eating krill and now so do we, only the names spelled a little differently. Come on, who wouldn't want to wake up with this total hunk laying next to them? Or, better yet, not having a moment to fall asleep at all. Not every guy can be super clean and crisp as some of the other boys on this list. Sometimes we need tome edge. Crille looks like a 90s' rock-star who rides Harleys in his off hours. Just think what else he could ride.

13 Seems like Every Personal Trainer Under 35 Is A Super Model

If you're under 35 and you're a personal trainer, chances are you're worthy of being in a high-end magazine. This is definitely true of Jay. Although he clearly follows the "tarps off" rule, nobodies attention has moved past his deep blue eyes. Seriously, when you have eyes like that it doesn't matter if you have chiseled pecs or not. However, it just so happens that Jay does.

12 Probably An Awful Human Being But He's Just So Dreamy

Ray probably is an awful human being. Let's just be honest with ourselves. Not only does he look like a total tool but his bio line isn't doing him any favors. But does it really matter? C'mon, this guy is straight fire. He makes Zac Efron and Harry Styles look like your chubby little cousin with bad acne. If you managed to date him, he'd probably be off with other girls, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't boost your confidence for a night.

11 She's Not Your Grandma, She's Your Naana


Never has an odd name seemed more appealing. Seriously, it wouldn't matter if this girl was actually named "Grandma", this girl is girlfriend goals. Although she's well dressed and her make-up is on fleek, she went for a much more relaxed look than most of the girls on this list. This makes her easily one of the most attractive. Naana knows she's hot, and now we know it too.

10 As If We Could Say "No" To Those Biceps


Okay, Connor is definitely straight flexin' for the gram. But who cares? His biceps may rival those of Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson or any NFL running back. The fact that he's a CEO is also appealing. It means that he's not just the sum of the hours he spends at the gym. He also has the type of hair that you just want to run your hands through over and over again until he gets really annoyed and breaks up with you after only a week.

9 Talk Portuguese To Me... Very Slowly

There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright, Bernardo! Oh, Bernardo, talk in your foreign tongue. Do it slowly. Do it without your top on. And do it so everyone in the world can see how handsome of a man we've bagged. Seriously. It doesn't matter if you can read a word in his bio, nobody cares. It's all about the abs, the quaffed hair, and those pouty lips.

8 There Isn't A Soul On Earth Who Wouldn't Want Cheylene As Their Executive Assistant

And queue the totally inappropriate fantasies of what it would be like to have Cheylene as your executive assistant. Yeah, she's basically every guy's dream. Even if you don't swing that way, you can acknowledge that this girl is one of the most naturally beautiful creatures to walk this earth. First of all, her hair is something out of a Pantene ad. Secondly, she has a look of a girl you'd want to bring home to mom while simultaneously giving off the vibe that she's the total opposite.

7 A Man Who Knows How To Use His Hands

We all love a man who knows how to use his hands... on musical instruments that is. Most musicians are definitely worthy of bangtown status. On top of it, Cory actually seems like a nice guy. He totally is handsome enough to pull off the controversial bald-look, which is definitely not on most people's interest list. By the look of those eyes, he probably knows his way around the bedsheets.

6 Equally As Cultured As She Is Absurdly Stunning

And there she is, the perfect "Girl Next Door". So many guys search their entire life to find her and now she's on Tinder. Alli is the sweet combination of cultured and physically alluring. She seems like she has a heart, but is definitely confident enough to strike a suggestive pose. And then there's that little sundress which makes her the perfect thirst trap.

5 This Woman Will Give You Exactly What Her Name Promises

Nirvana isn't above taking a mirror selfie, that's for sure. Her nails and overall look give off the impression that she has a few inner-demons to work out but she may feel she may not need to. After all, this girl is downright gorgeous and probably has a line of men and women chasing her down, especially on Tinder where she gives off the impression that she'd give you exactly what her name is.

4 Your Very Own Incredible Hulk


He's compensating for something, three guess what... Oh well, some girls and boys certainly would love to have their very own Incredible Hulk. And that's precisely what this big dude is. After all, his muscles can be seen from space. He knows that this is what he has going for him so he's not afraid to flaunt it on Tinder in hopes that he may trap a few thirsty girls.

3 Is She Photoshopped Or Just That Insanely Fit?


Speaking of fit, Vy has a waist and midsection that most girls can only dream of. This is probably why she's leading with that over showing her face or any other part of her body. However, this image could very well be Photoshopped. Still, this has "thirst trap" written all over it. Any guy or girl that got with her would probably feel absolutely disco.

2 We'd All Travel 5000 Miles For This Dude


People who set their distance to as far as 5000 miles away always stink of desperation. But perhaps this user is trying to scope out a few hot dudes in the area they're headed to. Regardless, this profile would probably make them want to pack their bags right away. Everything from the perfectly trimmed scruff to those shoulder muscles is enough to make us all weak in the knees.

1 His Hair Is Straight From The 90s But He's Still Totally Bangtown

Okay, so whoever is lucky enough to land a date with Brad needs to advise him that the 1990s called and they want their hair back. Other than that, this guy is the epitome of bangtown. Seriously, that cut jawline and those smoky and sultry eyes would make swiping right really easy. However, by the time you matched with him, chances are he would have been with six or seven other girls and boys.

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