20 Times We Questioned Kris Jenner’s Parenting Methods

There’s a reason Kardashian fans have come up with the phrase “The devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder.” The mom of six has become infamous for the great lengths she’s gone to in order to further her children’s success and her family’s brand.

The celebrity was married to Rob Kardashian from 1978 to 1991. Together, they had three children: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Robert. She was later married to Caitlyn Jenner from 1991 to 2015, and they also had two daughters: Kendall and Kylie. Although Kris has done many great things for her kids, like helping them start makeup brands and scoring them reality shows, she’s also done some questionable things. Keep reading to see twenty times fans questioned Kris’ parenting skills!

20 She Supported Kim’s Home Video

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Kris has made comments saying that, from a managerial standpoint, Kim's infamous home video was great for publicity. Soon after it was leaked, Kris began booking her daughter gigs and capitalizing on her newfound fame.

"You know, I can't control what other people say and obviously that was a hard thing to go through," Kris explained last year of the tape, Entertainment Tonight reports.

19 A Former Nanny Says Kris Had A Bad Temper

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In 2013, a former nanny who used to work for Kris came forward to reveal just how bad working for her was. "Kris wants what she wants, when she wants it, which is usually now!'” Pam told NY Daily News. She explained Kris once freaked out because she forgot to buy broccoli at the grocery store. "I had mentally started packing my bags — I was going to quit. And all this, over broccoli!" she told the publication.

18 She Leaks Her Family’s News To The Tabloids

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Many fans wonder where all of these anonymous sources that speak to publications like People and TMZ come from. However, there are many fans who believe Kris Jenner is the one who sells her family’s stories to the tabloids. For instance, this would explain how Kylie’s pregnancy was leaked to the media when she was only months along, despite no photos being snapped of her at all during her pregnancy.

17 She Got Blac Chyna’s Reality Show Cancelled

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Shortly after Blac Chyna left her baby daddy and fiancée Rob Kardashian in December of 2017, it was announced the former couple’s short-lived reality show had been cancelled.

However, it didn’t take Chyna long to allege that Kris was the mastermind behind the decision. The following year, the mom-of-one launched a lawsuit against Kris and the Kardashian family, claiming they had her show axed in order to spite her for leaving Rob. In the end, the lawsuit was dismissed.

16 She Pressured Kim To Do A Risque Shoot

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Even though she’s their mom, Krishas proven just how far she’ll go to increase her family’s fame. Back in 2009, reports said Kris pushed Kim to do a certain type of spread, which Kris ended up being present for. “I was uncomfortable,” Kim told Harper’s Bazaar of the experience in 2010 about the experience. “[My mom said] go for it.”

15 She’ll Sue You (Even If You’re Poor)

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Kris requires that anyone who visits her or her daughters’ mansions to sign a non-disclosure agreement. So, in the event they do spill any beans, then the Kardashians have a right to sue them.

“We obviously will go to and spare no expense to hold somebody accountable if that happens on our team,” Kris told Huffington Post in 2018. “I don’t care how much money somebody might have ― if they have nothing,”

14 She Capitalized On Khloe’s Rushed Marriage

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When Khloe married Lamar Odom after barely three months of dating in 2010, many fans were concerned that the union was rushed. But if Kris shared any of the same concerns, then fans certainly didn’t hear about it.

Rather, it seemed the Momager used the troubled marriage to expand the family’s brand. Shortly after tying the knot, Kris got her daughter and son-in-law their own show, Khloe & Lamar, which only aired from 2011 to 2012, Nicki Swift reports.

13 She Was Okay With Her Girls Partying While Underaged

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Back in 2013, teenaged Kylie and Kendall Jenner made headlines after the paparazzi caught them stumbling out of a 21-and-over event. At the time, the girls were only 16 and 17 years old. Headlines at the time reported the girls had been really enjoying themselves and had gotten in with fake IDs. According to TMZ, Kris insisted that Kylie and Kendall were never checked for their IDs and had mistakenly attended the party without realizing their age would be a problem.

12 She’s Financially Supporting Her Adult Son

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Evidently, Rob Kardashian isn’t doing well fiscally since his breakup from Blac Chyna, the mother of his 2-year-old daughter, as reports confirmed last year that his mom was financially supporting the 31-year-old.

“Kris has been a huge financial support,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “His mother purchased part of his sock company, which has helped tremendously. He wants to do more business and has been talking to companies about partnering with their brands.”

11 Khloe Might Have A Different Dad

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One of the craziest Kardashian-related rumors is that OJ Simpson is actually Khloe’s father, In Touch reports. Kris and her ex-husband were close friends with the athlete and his wife, Nicole, back in the day. However, Khloe has since taken a DNA test on KUWTK that proved Robert Kardashian is her real father. Unless the Kardashians fabricated the test, then it looks like Koko is a true Kardashian, after all.

10 She Supported Kylie’s Underage Relationship

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To this day, many fans are surprised Kris allowed her underage daughter to date someone so much older (8 years to be exact!). According to Nicki Swift, Tyga and Kylie were definitely an item when she was only 16 years old, while he was 24 and already a father. We guess that explains why they waited until she was 18 and legal to confirm their relationship status!

9 She Was Sued For Stealing A Video Game Idea

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Back in 2015, Kris found herself in dangerous waters when a lawsuit was filed against her for stealing, so it was said, the idea for a Kim Kardashian videogame. According to TMZ, developer Kung Fu Factory launched the lawsuit after they saw striking similarities between the app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and a proposal they’d made to the Kardashians in 2011.

8 Kylie Was On Birth Control At Age 13

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According to Hollywood Life, a 2011 episode of the KUWTK revealed Kylie, who was then only 13 years old, was taking birth control. “She’s on birth control, but…” Khloe told the camera, before Kourtney replied (while pointing at her mom), “You can let her answer it.” To that, Kris replied, “No comment, no comment. You’ll have to wait and see.” But what does that even mean?

7 She Didn’t Want Caitlyn To Transition While They Were Married

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In her memoir I Am Cait, Caitlyn said that Kris knew about her desire to dress as a woman for the majority of their two-decade marriage - and that she prevented her from doing so. "I tell Kris about my gender issues before I [am with] her," she wrote.

However, Kris has denied she knew anything about it until after they divorced. "This will always be a subject of dispute between Kris and me as to how much she could intuit about my gender issues,” Cait continued.

6 She Wanted Khloe To Give Lamar A Second Chance

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Lamar Odom put Khloe through a lot while they were married, including everything from infidelities to substance usage. Fans were thrilled when Khloe eventually divorced the troubled NBA player in 2016. However, it sounds like Kris wanted her daughter to try to save her marriage one last time.

During a 2015 episode of KUWTK, Kim called Kris a “bad mom” when she suggested Khloe give her soon-to-be ex-husband a second chance. “You just have a sentimental thing with Lamar and at some point you have to get over it because what you did created a bigger stream of problems,” Kim said during the scene, Hollywood Life reports.

5 She Let Kylie Change Her Appearance As A Teen

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Not only was Kris okay with Kylie plumping her lips up at a young age, but she also helped her youngest daughter launch it into a billion-dollar brand. According to Nicki Swift, fans began noticing that Kylie’s pout was changing when she was barely 16 years old. Considering most surgeons require parental consent before they can work on teens, it’s pretty obvious that Kris gave Kylie her blessing to enhance her mouth.

4 Her Mother-In-Law Criticized Her Parenting

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Caitlyn Jenner’s mother (aka. Kris’ former mother-in-law) has gone on record criticizing the Momager’s parenting skills.

“She was backstabbing as far as my grandchildren were concerned, and that is something I can’t stand,” Esther Jenner told Daily Mail in 2014, shortly after their divorce. “She’s domineering — it’s do it her way, or there’s no way. I had very little to do with Kris. I stayed away from her as much as I could.”

3 She Charges Her Kids Commission

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It’s no secret that Kris takes 10% of whatever her daughters make. The Momager has helped her daughters score endless deals and paid appearances, which is why many fans credit her for building the Kardashian empire basically on her own. Given how many promotional transactions her five daughters do nowadays, we bet Kris is bringing in some serious money.

2 She Punished Kylie By Taking Her On A Road Trip

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During a 2015 episode of KUWRK, Kris went to extreme lengths to spend more time with her youngest daughter, then-17-year-old Kylie Jenner. The drama started after Kylie had supposedly been ignoring her mom for over two weeks.

When Kris finally addressed it with her, Kylie seemed to be ignoring what her mom was saying. So, to that, Kris then demanded the teen pack her bags so they could go on a road trip to visit her grandma.

1 She Always Forgets To Mention Kendall

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Just this past Mother’s Day, Kris made headlines when she left Kenny out of an online post that acknowledged her other four daughters and only son. Kendall called her out in the comments by sassily writing, “Thanks, mom.” Some fans assume that, since the model is the only one of her siblings to not have children, this is why Kris chose not to recognize her on the holiday.

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