20 Times The Kardashians Were Too Extra With Their OTT Outfits

$500,000– on a dress. Kim Kardashian's custom-made, haute couture Givenchy wedding gown made People's headlines in 2014. Walking down the aisle with Kanye West didn't take long, but this Kardashian splashed out on her gown like the fashionista she is.

Right now, Kim, Kourtney, Kendall, Khloe and Kylie are throwing us the biggest #Casual vibes ever. Kylie updates her social media in Adidas sweats and "Astroworld" merch. Her sister Kendall is an #AdidasPartner. Kourtney has worn some pretty revealing stuff of late, but by and large, these sisters seem to be making an effort to tone it down.

There's an exception, though. It's called Monday, Wednesday, Friday and most of the weekend. When Kylie Jenner fronted Forbes magazine in 2018 for her "Youngest Self-Made Billionaire" cover, she wore statement, red-soled Christian Louboutin heels and a Vetements pantsuit. Pretty tame for Kylie.

The #Extra is just unavoidable with this family. Kim's Givenchy furs. Khloe's crocodile-skin Hermès bags. That said, with Kylie's $1 million purse closet, that sister of hers is going to need to up her game.

"I want it, I got it." Ariana Grande made things perfectly clear in "7 Rings." The celebrity status symbol of 2019 is spending it like you earn it. While Ari recently had a custom-made Zac Posen gown on her IG, she was nowhere near the #Extra that the Kardashians are.

Sometimes, it's so extra, it's OTT. If any family is owning that arena, it's the Kardashian-Jenners. Here are 20 times these sisters were way extra with their OTT outfits.

20 All The Times Kim Matched Her Orange To Her Orange (And Got Called A "Cheeto")

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2018 came with a giant #Yeezy for Kim. Appearing to single-handedly manage the promo work for Kanye West's apparel line, Kim spent most of this year stepping out in an increasingly bizarre carousel of Yeezy drops.

Kim "looks like a Cheeto." Ah, all the times Cosmopolitan nailed a description!

Maybe it's the exposure. Maybe it's the fact that Vogue has officially approved the "ugly sneaker trend." Somehow, we're slowly warming to Kim's RoboCop Athleisurewear style. It was another day, another parking lot for Kim in June 2018. This particular day came with an #ElectricOrange– and yes, everything is orange. She's pulling it off, but it's extra.

19 All The Times Kylie Did The Same Thing (But Threw In Cars)

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It's kind of become the norm, right? Kylie is always one step behind, or should we say one step ahead? Forbes lists Kim's net worth at $350 million. While Kim is 38, Kylie is 21. Her net worth sits at $900 million.

“I really spent every last dime that I had starting [Kylie Cosmetics,]" Kylie told Paper in 2019. Now needing to defend her near-billionaire status, Kylie isn't one to shy away from showing it off.

This pic landed on Kylie's IG in 2018. That's one orange outfit, one orange Lamborghini and one orange Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. The Daily Mail reports Kylie had it "wrapped in matching orange." Well, you clicked on this for extra...

18 "Gluten-Free Tortillas And Celery" Lunches, #WalkingZucchini Suddenly Becomes Glam

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Just kidding. Khloe Kardashian's super-healthy lifestyle might see her eat a lot of greens, but she isn't quite an actual zucchini. With all the Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods drama, Khloe has had it rough. Still, those pregnancy outfits weren't holding back.

“For lunch, we usually have carrots and celery with hummus and a gluten-free rice tortilla with sliced turkey meat or turkey dogs — no bun,”

Vogue quotes Kourtney saying about what she feeds her kids. Munching on salads is pretty much the norm for this family, but seriously, that outfit. You are what you eat? Khloe's pregnancy outfit in 2018 made People's headline for the look alone.

17 "There's A Lot Of Baggage That Comes Along With Our Family — But It's, Like, Louis Vuitton Baggage"

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It doesn't get more extra than this. Twitter "loses it to Kim Kardashian's Louis Vuitton trash cans" was High Snobiety's headline in 2018. Doing it as only Kim does, she took to IG to pose with what appeared to be Louis Vuitton-monogrammed trash cans.

"There's a lot of baggage that comes with us," E! News quotes Kim saying. "But it's like Louis Vuitton baggage."

There are two levels of extra here, though. That Fendi bodysuit is hardly invisible. The "in" brand of 2019 that's rocked by everyone from Nicki Minaj to Gigi Hadid didn't just come as a purse for Kim. This girl is all-in.

16 Sometimes, Though, There Just Isn't Enough Fendi For Your Fendi

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Rocking the internet is something Kylie knows well. The February 2018 arrival of Stormi Webster broke IG records– the baby announcement received over 16 million likes. Of course, in 2019, @worldrecordegg broke it, but that's not the point.

$12,500 for the Fendi stroller. Enough Fendi? Never enough Fendi.

Every media outlet, including Teen Vogue, was out to estimate the cost of this monogrammed stroller. The magazine called this new mother "fashionable." No kidding. Fendi is fast becoming the new Louis Vuitton. Still, a Fendi dress with a Fendi stroller? Kylie basically outdid Kim's LV trash cans here.

15 "Pared-Down, But I See Your Game, Mommy. Does Everything Have To Match?"

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We love it when North West looks right down the camera lens. At five years old, North is now a fashion icon in her own right.

In 2015, North joined her mother for a front-row spot at Kanye's fashion collection presentation. Seated next to her? Oh, just Anna Wintour, the editor in chief of Vogue.

Weirdly, Anna Wintour seems to have tuned into Kim's colour palette here. The vibe was already super #Yeezy in 2015 – as you can see. Pared-down, matte, block beiges were Kim's "vogue," but that level of matching gets an #Extra. Thoughts, North West?

14 Custom-Made Baby Balmain Jackets, "What Was She Thinking?"

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North West and Penelope Disick were still toddlers here, but the photos of these two in tutus haven't gone away. Easily the cutest duo in Hollywood, North and Penelope were thick as thieves during their infant ballet outings. They're still total BFFs.

Welcome to baby ballet – Kardashian style. That baby Balmain jacket retails for $2,000 in adult sizes. Like North West would wear off the rack. Custom-made all the way.

"Baby Balmain!!! Thank you so much @Orousteing & @Balmain for making North these one of a kind jackets!!!" E! News reported that fashion designer Olivier Rousteing had gifted North with three custom-made jackets. We'll take one in every colour, please.

13 "Had To Get A Neon Green Lambo To Match My Hair!!!"

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While July 2018 was packed with Yeezy parking lot looks, August 2018 was Kim's chance to actually enjoy a ride-along. "Had to get a neon green Lambo to match my hair!!!" Kim wrote on IG.

It's a neon green wig, according to E! News, but the whole look is electric. Remember, this was one week after Cardi B dyed her hair blue to match her Lambo. Does Hollywood coordinate everything?

E! News reports that Kim didn't just ride around in one car that night. Kim rolled up to her restaurant in a white Ferrari (no white hair, though).

12 "What Do You Do When Your Best Friend Sells Her Company For A Couple Billion?"

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Rolling in cash takes on a whole new meaning when you actually appear to be doing it. In September 2018, Kim managed to pull off yet another impeccable (and headline-making) outfit. While the dollar bill print wasn't actual cash, the message was cash-centric.

"What do you do when your friend sells her company for a couple billion? You wear a full money outfit and throw her a party,"

Kim posted on IG, as Harper's Bazaar reports. Who What Wear noted the $4,000 purse and Balenciaga boots. Then again, for a woman with $350 million to her name, according to Forbes, that's small potatoes. Beyond extra (and we have no words).

11 You Haven't Owned It 'Til You've Cloned It, #ThoseDetails

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Don't think that the Kardashians weren't fully aware that there was a slightly comical aspect to this pic. These women are smart. They know that a little "woah" factor sells.

In 2018, Kim and Kylie got their Yeezy on for another promotional pic. $400 sock booties we can't afford. Likewise, $300 leggings. We can afford to comment, though. While the look is casual, peer closer at the details. They're meticulous.

Calabasas appeared to be the location for this look. For some, the futuristic athleisurewear is a bit much. For others, it's bang on-trend. Either way, this came with the #Extra we've basically gotten used to with this family.

10 You Haven't Hatched It 'Til You've Matched It, #ThatReflection

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Only a Kardashian would get it so #DiscoBall, her actual face would reflect in the material. In 2016, Kim Kardashian took North to Kanye's Pablo concert in NYC. Despite it being somewhat past North's bedtime, these two hit The Big Apple (and they did it in style).

You're looking at $11,161 worth of glitter on Kim. Elle covered the event, plus the Vetements dress that Kim wore. Of course, you don't need a magazine to tell you that North wore a mini version.

Kim twins her swimwear with her BFFs. Her mini-me seemed up for the challenge here, although the facial expression almost seems to be saying: "Get me out of this!"

9 Blue Contacts To Match Your Blue Jeans

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No words. The Met Gala isn't an event anybody dresses down for. Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Scarlett Johansson have all rocked up to that red carpet looking a million dollars. Kim and Kanye seem to make the event every year (and they make sure they out-do last year's outfits).

"Was it part of the look or just something you wanted to do tonight?” Kanye just replied: "Vibes."

As The Independent reports, KimYe's 2016 Met Gala appearance didn't just see the wardrobe glammed up. Kanye West's blue contact lenses made this couple's appearance one of the most iconic in history. All kinds of extra.

8 Crystal-Studded Babies To Match Your Crystal-Studded Dress

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Kylie might come with her staggering $900 million, but she comes with something else– a baby. Stormi Webster recently turned one, and Kylie went all out with the birthday party. Her IG story clearly showed fries in Louis Vuitton-monogrammed cartons.

“This is me leaving the party early to go give my baby a bath (while wearing this dress because I couldn’t get it off by myself) and put her to sleep and it was the best xmas eve yet,”

Pop Culture reports Kylie captioning her IG pic. The dress. The matching baby in (possibly) the most uncomfortable outfit ever. Kylie did put Stormi to bed herself, but not much else about the evening was regular.

7 Matching Fur For Your Not-So-Compatible Baby Daddy

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Quite where Khloe Kardashian is at with Tristan Thompson right now is anybody's guess. After Inquisitr (and every other media outlet on the planet) revealed that Jordyn Woods is now involved in the drama, Khloe is fronting every website out there.

It was happier times for Khlo and Tristan as they took this #Twinning IG pic back before True was born. Throwing us more fur than anything else, that's one cozy Kardashian (and one very matching boyfriend).

Khloe seems particularly partial to furs. They're on her slides, they're on her New Year's outfits and yes, this was just one more occasion. OTT on levels that, well, are probably normal for Khloe.

6 "These $10,000 Saint Laurent Boots? It's A Basketball Game! It Just Felt Right!"

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Kendall Jenner has a little something different when it comes to being part of the Kardashians. This girl hangs by In-N-Out burger joints in a vintage Corvette. Her vibe is definitely different. But she's still a KarJenner, as this courtside basketball appearance showed.

You're looking at $10,000 Saint Laurent boots. As People reports, Kendall splashed out $10,000 just for the boots.

Most celebs? They rock up to the NBA in Nike. Maybe Nike Air Jordans. This girl? Well, she is part of the clan. Kendall is now the face of Stuart Weitzman shoes. Big surprise.

5 The Balmain Jacket That The Biebs Wore First

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Talk about embarrassing. Celebs rocking up in the same outfits is something we see very occasionally. When Justin Bieber first wore this super-stylish Balmain jacket, he said, "honored to have this guy [meaning Rousteing] support me," Glamour reports.

As the magazine reports, Kylie then rocked the jacket in a selfie captioned: "Time for sushi??. Days w mom ?? ???? (lol no I didn't steal the jacket from justin)?"

Mom did, indeed, join in. Kris then wore the jacket to a Balmain event. If you're wondering who Olivier Rousteing is, he's the creative director of the luxury French fashion label. He's also super-close to the Kardashians. Extra daughters? Extra mother.

4 The Workout Looks (That Nobody Copied)

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Khloe is definitely a stylish lady, but she isn't above throwing us some questionable looks. A little futuristic, but not quite on Kim's Yeezy level, Khloe has carved out her own 80s workout style. Dad trainers, socks and heavy jackets seem to be her trademark.

"Khlo-C-D" is what Khloe has herself referred to when describing her super-organised, slightly OCD ways. With plenty of info about it on her app, not everyone has taken well to her joking about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Khloe's 2018 and 2019 fitness looks basically went like this: Extra, more extra, too extra. This girl is fitspo like nobody's business, but it doesn't come without the outfits.

3 Although When You're Kim, Your Squad Matches You

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Squad goals might be more than covered by Taylor Swift, but don't think that Kim isn't up there with her. Kim's squad on KUWTK mostly seems to be her family (and those salad bowls), but she's got a social life outside the fam.

Larsa Pippen is one of Kim's closest friends. She joined Kim here for a highly-publicised "beach workout." We'll assume these ultra-casual looks came with the mother of all glam squads as prep– precisely what's so extra about this.

Kim's IG shows us endless workout videos. They mostly come with a 6 a.m. timestamp. When your squad joins you and matches you? Please, you're beyond extra.

2 Including Your Child

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Only a Kardashian could pull off a mismatched look and still get to call extra. Kim is all about her family. North was tagging along to Kim's appearances from day one, and 2018 saw Chicago and Saint join in. 2019 will bring baby #4 for Kim and Kanye.

Furs, plastics, baseball caps, bleached hair. If it were anyone else, this would be topping a "worst-dressed" list. Kim? She gets to call extra (and totally gets away with it).

Fur is definitely a controversial subject. As more vegan celebs embrace animal rights, we're seeing more faux fur and less of the real stuff. Whatever this was, it was enough for us to spot the #Extra.

1 Half A Mill For A Wedding Dress (But So Worth It)


Kim and Kanye's 2014 wedding feels like a million years ago. At any rate, it's been topped by Nick Jonas's 2018 wedding to Priyanka Chopra. Kim's dress won't be forgotten, though.

As The Daily Mail reports, Kim's haute couture Givenchy wedding dress set her back no less than $500,000. The lace was immaculate. The fabrics were beyond gorgeous. Kim looked stunning, but let's face it, that price tag is eye-watering.

In 2018, Kim shared previously unseen pics of her fittings. "Happy three-year anniversary babe! Thank you for being the best husband and father," was the caption. Yo, Kanye West. You married one extra lady.

Sources: Paper, Daily Mail, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Pop Sugar, Glamour

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