20 Times The Kardashians Were Caught Photoshopping Their Pics

The Kardashian clan is filled with stunningly gorgeous women! First of all, we have Kim Kardashian who is definitely the reason behind the level of fame and success that the Kardashians have today. She helped build an empire for her family! Then we have Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner. And let’s not forget about Kris Jenner, their super money-minded and goal-oriented Momager.

The bottom line is that along with having extreme levels of wealth, success, and fame, these women all have beauty to match their brains. They definitely do not need to rely on the use of Photoshop in any circumstances because they all have such amazingly good looks. People all over the world would die to look the way that these women look! Sometimes Photoshop comes into play when it isn’t necessary at all. The Kardashian and Jenner women definitely don’t need to use it but we found some instances when they did!

20 Kourtney's Right Forearm Doesn't Even Look Real

The Photoshop team for the Kardashians Calvin Klein campaign really let Kourtney Kardashian down in this particular picture. Her right arm has been edited down to be so skinny, that it looks completely unnatural. How did the photo shop team for Calvin Klein miss something as obvious as that?

19 Khloe And Kylie Have Matching Feet

For the Kardashian Christmas photo of 2018, a lot of fans were quick to comment on the fact that Khloe Kardashian‘s feet and Kylie Jenner’s feet looked identical and totally edited. They have matching feet that have awkwardly been copied and pasted into position. Who’s feet are who’s? We may never know.

18 Kim's Six Toes

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have come together to advertise for cosmetics and perfumes on a handful of occasions, but in this particular photo, Kim Kardashian appears to have six toes! The close-up view gives us a better look at the fact that there are definitely six toes on Kim‘s left foot.

17 Stassi's Left Leg

Kylie Jenner loves to take pictures with her best friend Stassi! The two of them oftentimes like to dress up in matching dresses, costumes, or outfits. The whole world knows that they have a great aesthetic and “twin“ vibe together. Unfortunately, in this picture, Stassi’s leg has obviously been edited in a very awkward way!

16 Kylie's Extra Long Hand

Kylie Jenner is only about 5’6” and her extremities are proportional to her height. By that, we mean that her hands and her feet are not that big! In this picture, it appears as though Kylie Jenner has an extremely long hand and super long fingers. Her hand should not have been stretched as far as it was by her Photoshop team!

15 Kendall's Missing Kneecap

In this family group shot of the Kardashian and Jenner women, we noticed that Kendall’s bottom leg appears to have a missing kneecap! That’s right… It looks as though her thigh is connected directly to her calf with no kneecap to separate them. How awkward! We wonder why they chose to edit her kneecap out.

14 Khloe's Double Thumb

In this photo, Khloe Kardashian system seems to be doing a double-take! It looks as though there is a dark line going halfway through her thumb and it looks very strange. We wonder why no one from her team noticed this odd-looking mishap before she posted the picture to her social media accounts!

13 Kim's Missing Arm

In this picture of Kim Kardashian and one of her closest friends, Jonathan Cheban, it is obvious that some Photoshop work has taken place. Her arm seems to have disappeared behind her in a very strange way! If her arm was left in place, this picture would’ve still looked just fine!

12 Kourtney's Head Not Floating In The Water

In this photo of Kourtney Kardashian, she is floating in a bubble bath with a beautiful face of flawless makeup! The majority of this picture makes sense and is totally fine… But the fact that the top of her head is not floating in the water with the rest of her is what appears a little bit off.

11 Kris' Wobbly Drawer Behind Her Arm

Kris Jenner is the momager of the family and she usually knows exactly what she’s doing… but when it comes to Photoshop, maybe she doesn’t quite know “everything“ the drawer behind her is very wobbly looking. It is obvious that some form of editing has been done here.

10 Kim's Eye Color

Kim Kardashian posted the picture on the left and her makeup artist posted the picture on the right. In the picture on the left that Kim Kardashian posted, she lightened up her eye color! In the picture on the right, her Makeup Artist left her natural eye color. She looks absolutely gorgeous in both of the pictures so it doesn’t really make a difference.

9 Kim's Door Is Wavy In The Background

Kim Kardashian posed for this picture with Blac Chyna and both of their bodies look totally on point! Unfortunately, fans were quick to notice that the door in the background behind Kim and Blac Chyna appears to be a little bit wobbly! It is clear that some form of editing has taken place with this particular photo.

8 The Car On Kim's Right Is Totally Warped

It is a mystery to us why the car behind Kim Kardashian is warped in the way that it is! It does not even look like a car anymore. It looks like some sort of alien spacecraft! Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, looks absolutely stunning in this picture. She probably did not have to do any Photoshop on this picture for it to look amazing.

7 Kim's Thumb Is The Same Length As Her Other Fingers

This photo is from a collaboration shoot that Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner chose to do together for their perfume line! They are both completely gorgeous and so totally stunning that they do not need to make any changes in terms of Photoshop, but in this particular picture, we were able to notice that Kim Kardashian’s thumb was stretched too far!

6 Kylie's Super Stretched Pockets

Kylie Jenner’s physical assets are already big enough as it is! But in this picture, it is obvious to see that some Photoshop has taken place. The pockets on the back of her jeans and the belt loop at the top of her jeans are stretched extremely far. Her bottom half looks very wide in comparison to her top half.

5 Khloe's Smaller Nose

When Khloe Kardashian posted this picture, fans were quick to jump onto the fact that her nose looked way smaller here than it ever had before. People in her comments asked her if she had gotten a nose job! Her nose definitely looks as though it shrunk in this picture because it is not this small in real life!

4 Wiggly Lines On The Pillows Behind Kylie And Stassi

When this picture was posted on social media, fans were quick to jump into the comments about the fact that the lines on the pillows behind Kylie Jenner and her best friend seemed to be a little bit crooked! Social media fans are always the first to notice Photoshop errors like these.

3 Kylie's Wavy Door Line

When Kylie Jenner posted this picture, the first thing that a lot of fans noticed was how tiny her waist looked! Upon taking a second glance though, fans were able to notice that the door behind her was very obviously warped and wavy! A warped and wavy doorway in the background equals heavy-duty Photoshop

2 Khloe's Overedited Waist

In this picture, Khloe Kardashian's waist appears to be edited in a very awkward way. Her pants line is not matching up with her actual body in a way that looks natural. In that same token, the way that she is leaning might have contributed to the way this picture turned out. We are not quite sure…

1 Chicago West Hilariously Photoshopped In For Halloween

Kim Kardashian mentioned in her Instagram caption that Chicago West was frightened of her dad in the dinosaur costume and could not stand to pose in the family picture! She had to be photoshopped in because she could not stop crying out of fear. The use of Photoshop here was intentional and totally meant to cause a laugh!

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