20 Times The Kar-Jenners Were Spotted Stealing Each Other's Clothes

There are many perks of having siblings, but one of them is that gals, especially, get to share each other’s clothes. That might not always work out if one sister is taller or shorter. Ladies may even go into their sister’s closet and go “blah...” cause the girl’s got no fashion taste.

Maybe she's way too extra, so one sis really can't steal that Betsey Johnson sequin sweater with leopard print fringe. But fans can assume that the Kar-Jenner sisters don’t have this problem. They have closets the size of a New York City apartment, and they’re full of stunning designer clothes.

The only thing cooler than that is the fact that they have four other sisters with the exact same perks, so they can pretty much dig into each other’s closets all the time. Kylie’s probably stolen a few items from Kim's closet. Khloe probably borrowed a t-shirt or two from Kim’s closet too, and she most likely never returned it either.

But that’s sisterhood, which is why Kendall and Kylie Jenner have no issues borrowing clothing from Khloe, Kourtney, or Kim, and vice versa. But odds are their momager Kris Jenner took a few things from her daughters too. Who wouldn't? Even Caitlyn probably borrowed a few dresses here and there. That’s what happens when one is born into the lavish style of the rich and famous—closets are free-for-alls!

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20 Kim K Showed Up With This Uber-Girly Skirt, But It Actually Belongs To...

Getty Images

When it comes to fashion, style bows down and kisses Kim Kardashian’s feet. Her outfits never disappoint, even when she wears a sheer tank top and curve-hugging pants that leave very little to the imagination.

But in one instance, she decided to go all uber-girly and wear this cutesy skirt, and it was pure perfection!

The famous reality star sure knows how to keep us guessing, but can you blame her? There are photographers lurking behind every bush, so she needs to make things interesting. But since this skirt looked so good on her, one of her sisters decided to try it on herself, and it worked.

19 Kylie - Who Rocked This Skirt Before Her Looks Turned More Risqué

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These days, Kylie Jenner is experimenting with bolder looks, and she’s not letting motherhood slow her down either. Ask any Kylie fan and they'll tell you she simply enjoys showing off that amazing figure of hers, and you can't really blame her either. So, whether she’s hanging out at Coachella or walking the red carpet, Kylie always dresses to impress, just like Kim. But from time to time, she figures that if an article of clothing works for her big sis, then it has to work for her, too. It’s why she ended up rocking every thread on the exact same skirt that Kim wore.

18 Kim Experimented With A Muted Grey Dress & Statement Belt - Which Sister Stole This Look?


Kim decided to experiment a bit by trying on this muted gray dress paired with a statement belt and she looked simply "wow-mazing." But that’s not exactly surprising, is it? If there’s one thing Kim knows how to do is grab people’s attention.

Since the paparazzi are following her around with their cameras, Kim knows that she has to knock people’s socks off with bold new looks.

Sometimes they don’t pay off, but we sure love to be surprised. And who could have imagined she would make gray look like a sparkling new color? But Kim's a fashion goddess, so we're pretty sure she could even pull off a brown potato sack.

17 Khloe - Adding Her Own Twist With A Golden Louis Vuitton Bag


Gray suited Kim like a glove, so eventually, Khloe decided to steal her look since, you know, they look so much alike. Well, sort of. Still, seeing Khloe in this little number was a bit surprising. She doesn’t get nearly as much credit as Kim for being a fashion guru, but she definitely has a fashion sense. So, when it was time to put on an outfit, she knew she could rely on Kim's closet. But of course, Khloe decided to add her own twist to the look. So, she sported a black belt and a Louis Vuitton golden bag, cause the only thing that looks great with silver, is gold.

16 Clad In Double Denim, Kim Sported This Trendy Combo - And Was Copied By...


Kim Kardashian has made it her mission to practically school everyone in the art of fashion. But it’s obvious that she would never ever dare to venture out into the public eye without looking immaculate, or would she?

There was that one time when she wore a denim shirt and a distressed denim skirt that redefined the word "curve-hugging."

And we're definitely digging these stylish and comfy '90s vibes. But many folks would look like they overdid it with the denim. But Kim can certainly pull it off, and she’s not the only one in her family who can.

15 Kylie - Who Made It Her Own By Tying Up Her Shirt


Kylie looks up to her big sister, Kim, and it’s not the first time she’s been inspired by her fashion taste. It probably won’t be her last either. In this instance, she took the same denim look complete with a distressed denim skirt, and all and added her own Kylie twist to it. Instead of tucking her shirt into her skirt, she tied it up to show her gorge firm abs. She may be the youngest sister, but she's never afraid to make a real fashion statement. And she's always been a bright little star who adds a touch of innocence to the Kardashian-Jenner family. But if she keeps this up, she’ll overshadow her sisters in no time. Heck, it may already be happening.

14 No One Wore Leopard Print Jumpers Better Than Kim, Except Maybe...

Getty Images

Kim Kardashian knows how to make bold fashion statements. She’s a stylish guru who pushes the envelope every time, and she never ever disappoints. But most people would say that leopard printed jumpers are a total fashion faux pas. Alright, maybe they were all the rage back in the day, but it’s not the thing you’d expect to see on a Kardashian today.

However, Kim managed to turn it into a fashion statement at the time, and we've got to admit, now we're suddenly craving leopard-printed everything!

Keeping up with this Kardashian isn’t easy. But who could've gone into her closet to snoop around her closet and borrow the very same jumper?

13 Kylie - Who Revamped It In Her Own Teenage Way

Getty Images

Kylie once again proved that imitation is the best form of flattery by stealing Kim Kardashian’s look. Now Kylie’s a beauty icon herself. She’s got pizzazz, glamor, and an avant-garde fashion sense. Okay, so she's got a team of stylists and even Kanye West to teach her the ropes. But once in a while, she draws inspiration from someone greater than herself. In this instance, she revamped her sister’s leopard printed jumper and gave it a teen twist on top. But dare we say it? The dress looks a lot better on Kylie, and that’s weird given that leopard print is often considered a more mature style.

12 No One Could Rock This Bejeweled Mini Dress Better Than Kris... Well, Except For...

Getty Images

Everyone knows that Kris Jenner’s closet is a vault of iconic fashion styles. She has approximately 170 items of designer brands like Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton. So, she has a ton of options available for when she needs to dress up for her TV show or when she’s out and about.

Among the many designer pieces she owns is this gold and black bejeweled mini dress that makes her look like a goddess.

But she looks gorge in anything she wears because she’s a pretty elegant chick. But Kris’s daughters look up to her, or rather, look into her closet for fashion inspirations, too.

11 New Mom Khloe - Who Looked Positively Glitterfied At Her New Year’s Party!


Khloe Kardashian is so elegant that she can make gym clothes look gorge. But that’s the last thing anyone would want to wear to a New Year’s party. So, to rub elbows with other rich kids like Paris Hilton, Khloe went into her mom’s closet and stole that same gold and black bejeweled mini dress she once wore, and we’re sure the momager didn’t mind one bit. Besides, everyone knows that gold is symbolic with the New Year, which supposedly attracts money and material possessions, something Khloe definitely doesn't need help with!

10 Khloe Wrapped Herself In This Grey Bodycon Dress - And So Did This Sis...

Getty Images

Khloe always manages to stand out from her sisters. She’s not afraid to try new things either. But like Kim, she decided to sport a gray dress that showed off her curves. She looked very classy in this body-hugging fashion piece she wore nearly a decade ago.

We simply love a gal who is not afraid of a little hip-hugging tight dress and rocking her bod.

It’s just so inspiring. And clearly, we’re not the only ones who were inspired because a few years later, one of her sisters went into her closet and picked out the exact same outfit. But did they make it work the way Khloe did?

9 Kim - Who Rocked Khloe's Dress And Even Styled It Pretty Much The Same


Everyone’s always turning to Kim for advice on how to do makeup or what to wear, (and even what not to wear—sorry Kim!) Her sisters tend to look up to her for fashion inspiration, especially Kylie, who was accused of twinning with Kim on more than one occasion. But who could have imagined that Kim herself liked to steal looks from her sisters? She decided to try on Khloe’s gray ensemble and of course, rocked it! But it’s obvious that she didn’t go all out. She simply slipped on the dress and that’s pretty much it. She even styled it the same way. At least her others sisters added their own twist when they stole a look from her, but Kim didn’t. Perhaps she thought that Khloe had pulled off the perfect look and wanted to recreate it to a T.

8 Mrs. West Looked Like She Stepped Out Of An Old Hollywood Movie, And So Did...

Getty Images

There are times that Kim will choose to go out in a risque outfit and show some extra skin. But sometimes she’ll opt for a more subdued look, like this amazing red lace dress.

She gave us major Hollywood movie star vibes and we were 100% on board with this look.

We could certainly see someone like Jessica Lange wearing this, but we never would have imagined Kim would keep it so demure. It’s funny how she can work pretty much anything she wears. But she better put a lock on her closet door because once again, someone in her family was out on the prowl looking for something red to wear.

7 Kris - Who Obviously Loves Having A Shopaholic Daughter Like Kim

Getty Images

Kris Jenner has given her daughters a lot. When they needed advice, they came to her. When they needed to borrow thousands of dollars to hang with their friends, well, Kris was there, too. But there’s no way that a woman like Kris was about to let this relationship with her daughters become a one-way street. So, when the momager needed a red dress, she didn’t hesitate getting a little inspiration from Kim’s closet. This lady in red really proved that age is nothing but a number, cause she totally rocked the look.

6 No One Wears A Plunging Dress Like Kim... Except Maybe For This Next Kar-Jenner


Kim is like a fashion rollercoaster full of twists and turns. Her wardrobe is insane! Then again, she is a Kardashian. But she really blew our minds during a summer holiday where she wore this earth-toned simple dress. The outfit was pretty chill, particularly for her. But the plunging neckline and the way the dress embraces her hips pretty much stole the show.

We can only imagine that this must be a tough fashion piece to wear when you have to run after the kids (or Kanye) when they misbehave.

But it certainly does look positively editorial! But once again, someone out there decided they wanted to give this look a shot.

5 Kris - Who Took A More City-Chic Approach And Styled It With A Few Black Accessories


Kris Jenner might have borrowed the look from her daughter, Kim, but she’s not the kind of momager who’s above adding her own twist. She changed the top part of the plunging draped Earth-toned dress so that it was a bit more city-chic and cover her up a little bit more. This high-end fashion firecracker has proven time and time again that you don’t need millions of dollars to look bomb. You just need a daughter with great fashion sense, like Kim Kardashian. And while she does look quite stunning, we certainly wouldn’t want to see her running in this thing to catch a plane.

4 Kim Went The Whole Nine Yards With This Striped Suit - Which Was Snatched By...

Francois G. Durand/Getty Images

There’s no denying it. Kim Kardashian is a total boss. It’s probably the reason she looks so good in this striped lady-boss suit.

She may be a model, makeup guru, and a reality star, but in this outfit, she looks more like she’s getting ready to go to a corporate meeting to run the show... which she actually does!

She’s dressed for success, but you wouldn’t expect anything less. But can she go one freaking minute without someone in her household copying her breathtaking style?

3 Kris - Who Became A Kim Doppelganger When She Donned The Same Outfit, But Made It Her Own

Getty Images

Kris Jenner looks like she’s getting ready for Vegas in this outfit and she can thank her daughter for that. She stole this striped lady-loss suit from her daughter’s closet. But Kris has a powerful presence and her aura of success somehow helped her make this stolen look her own. Kris has obviously stepped up her game as time went by, and is looking to have a bit of fun. She's not afraid of a little color, bold printed dresses, and even red fur Gucci loafers. Plus, the sunglasses at night? So extra, Kris!

2 Kylie's 100% Rocking Every Thread On This Olive Dress... But Did Her Sister Rock It As Well?


Usually, Kylie turns to her sisters whenever she needs a little fashion inspiration. In fact, Kylie likes to emulate Kim’s style pretty much all the time.

But this olive Nili Lotan short cami dress was Kylie’s own idea, and she has proven that she has what it takes to shine on her own.

The dress is about $545, which is like a Dollar Store sale for a Kardashian. So, you’d think that if one of her sisters wanted her own dress, she could take out her Mastercard and buy it. But it looks like Kylie and someone else might have a fashion faceoff any day now.

1 Kim - Who Felt The Dress Went Perfect With Her Gorgeous Olive Skin


Kim Kardashian rarely steals a look from one of her sisters, but when she does, there’s usually a good reason for it. Kim and Kylie share a somewhat similar skin tone. So that olive satin dress was perfect. Plus, Kim has amazing legs, so it would have been a crime not to show them off in this spectacular one piece. We’re sure this simple ensemble made paparazzis heads turn in a heartbeat. But by now it’s no surprise that the Kardashian-Jenner family enjoys swiping clothes from each other’s closets. And that’s great because at least the sisters know that they’ll never walk out of their mansion in matching outfits.

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