20 Times The Jonas Bros Gushed About Their Women On Social Media & Made Us All Swoon

It goes without saying, but the Jobros have come along way since their Disney days. While they have grown up and strayed from the picture-perfect image of their younger days, in a lot of ways Nick, Kevin, and Joe (and let's not forget Frankie!) are still the sweet boys that fans knew them as.

Many would argue that they are actually pretty good examples of how plausible it is for child stars to grow up without ruining their reputations. Now that Kevin and Nick are married (and Joe is on his way toward the altar) it's understandable to want to celebrate the moments when the boys show their sweeter side. It so happens that this part of their personalities is most apparent when they're talking about the women in their life. Swoon! 

While everyone is talking about Nick and Priyanka these days, Kevin and Joe are pretty sweet themselves. Below is a list of some of the best examples of all the boys gushing over the women in their lives on social media, and it's pretty much guaranteed to melt every heart. Sophie, Priyanka, and Danielle are pretty lucky ladies, fans must admit. As if girls everywhere needed more reasons to be jealous of them...

20 When Joe Posted This Adorable Picture Of Him And Sophie In The City Of Love


While Kevin and his wife Danielle largely stay out of the spotlight, we'd argue that Joe and Sophie are the most private of the Jonas couples.

Joe doesn't post about his fiancee often, compared to how often his brothers post about their wives.

But every once in a while he surprises his followers with a post like this. His simple caption for the post included a heart and the letters "FR" for France. He made sure to indicate the location was Paris, and what better way to show the world you're in love than post a picture snuggling with your fiance in the city of love?

19 When Nick Couldn't Contain His Excitement About The Wedding


Like his brother Joe, Nick was pretty private about his relationships for a long time. But everything seemed to change when he met Priyanka. The two were more than generous when it came to posting about their nuptials and the events leading up to it. Prior to the wedding, Nick posted this picture and simply captioned it, "Future Mrs. Jonas. My heart. My love." He proved that you don't have to write a long novel to pay tribute to a significant other on IG, and we love him for it. We even love how eager Nick was to share his happiness with the rest of the world when he finally found someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

18 When Kevin Proudly Promoted His Wife's New Business Venture


Kevin is quite the supportive husband. We especially admire how much he shows his appreciation for his wife on social media because they've been married for quite a while. Don't get us wrong, Joe and Sophie and Nick and Priyanka are cute and all, but their relationships are still fairly new.

It takes endurance to keep sharing your love for your significant other once you've been together for a while, and Kevin seems to have figured out the trick.

When Danielle released her jewelry line Moments recently, her hubby was one of the first to take to Twitter to promote it. We love a supportive duo.

17 When Nick Called His Wedding Day The "Happiest Day Of His Life"


By now, we imagine you have seen a billion pictures of Nick and Priyanka's wedding. But if you're like us, you still can't get over how photogenic of a couple they are. That dress, that veil, that hand kiss.  Ok sorry, we're done. After the wedding, Nick took to IG to post this gorgeous pic of him and his new wife. And because he's mastered the art of being unbelievably romantic and yet to the point on social media, he simply titled it; "Happiest day of my life." Let's be real, what more do you need to say after that?

16 When Joe Posted An Adorable IG Video Of Sophie


One of our favorite things about Joe and Sophie is their sense of humor. The couple loves goofing around on unexpected occasions, like in this example when they caught paparazzi taking pictures of them and decided to give them something to look at.

Joe also occasionally takes to IG to post funny videos of Sophie, including one in which she was holding their dog.

While she cradled their adorable pup, in the video Joe holds a look-alike stuffed animal and the two joke about how the stuffed animal stole their dog's look. We love that snapshots like these show us how normal these two are!

15 When Kevin Reminded The World That His Wife Was 8 Months Pregnant


Any woman who's ever been pregnant knows how hard it can be to feel like yourself when your body is going through so many changes. By the time Danielle and Kevin were having their second kid, it seems Kevin had learned how to be attuned to this and know how to make sure his wife still felt appreciated. While Danielle was pregnant with the couple's second daughter, Kevin went on to IG to share the cutest appreciation post. He captioned the picture; "Came home to this girl 8 months pregnant and looking [better] than ever." How adorable is that?! We imagine that Danielle was already pregnant when he left, so we're just chalking that confusion up to awkward wording...

14 When Nick Was Excited About His Future With Priyanka


Wanna know what simple and romantic caption Nick used for this picture? "When the future looks oh so bright..." When you consider that this was posted less than a month before his and Priyanka's wedding, it gives a little more context about what Nick was saying.

Clearly, he was excited about the wedding, and he wanted to world to know it.

Our little IG poet is so clever! Now that Nick and Priyanka are married, we hope that they continue to bless us with adorable posts like this of their lives together. We can't wait to see their future together unfold.

13 When Kevin Randomly Decided To Remind The World That He Loves His Wife


We can all tell that Kevin loves his wife, but after almost a decade of being married, we think it's always nice to give your spouse that reassurance as often as possible. After posting a couple of pictures with his daughters, Kevin made sure to post one with just him and his wife simply captioned "love this girl." Now that they have two daughters, we can only imagine that the kids take up a lot of Kevin and Danielle's time. That's why we think it's so important that Kevin takes the time to appreciate every member of his family. We imagine that Danielle appreciates the effort as well.

12 When Joe Shared He And Sophie's Coordinated Vacation Outfits


Joe was happy to share he and Sophie's vacation pictures on his IG recently, and it looks like they've already started dressing alike!

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the fact that Sophie and Joe are already coordinating their "'80s vibes" costumes says more about how in-sync these two are then any sappy caption ever could.

Joe also included pictures of his brothers Nick and Frankie from the getaway, so it is pretty clear that Sophie is already part of the family. Nothing says commitment like bringing your significant other on family vacations after all.

11 When Nick Celebrated His Brother's Marriage And His Own In The Same Post


Nick is lucky to have a lot of examples of long and successful relationships to look up to. In addition to having credited his parents' marriage as a great example for him, Nick also took to IG to acknowledge his brother Kevin's loving relationship with his wife. Danielle and Kevin celebrated their nine year wedding anniversary shortly after Nick and Priyanka got married, so Nick took the opportunity to thank them for being "a shining example of what a beautiful and healthy marriage should be" for him and his "beautiful bride." He also went on about how they took the time to make 17-year-old Nick feel better about a zit he had on their wedding day. Cause you know, it's the little things...

10 When Nick Gushed About Priyanka's Smile


Nick adorably posted this picture of Priyanka enjoying some I-N-Out with some friends (sadly we weren't invited) and simply captioned it, "That Smile." Nick's simple little posts let the Priyanka and the world know that he's thinking of her and we love that.

After all, it's a pretty big deal to dedicate a whole IG post to someone's smile, we're talking millions of people who are going to get that notification in Nick's case.

You gotta feel something is pretty important to interrupt their day for, and Priyanka's smile was that important to Nick. To be fair, she has a pretty nice smile...

9 When Kevin Posted About He And His Wife Danielle's Nine Year Anniversary


Not to be outdone by his little brother, Kevin also posted about his nine year anniversary... obvs. Kevin's adorable caption for the post goes a little something like this; "A can't believe I have been lucky enough to cal you my wife and best friend for 9 years. It feels like yesterday waiting at the end of an isle on a snow filled day in NY. The excitement and anticipation was taking over knowing I had found the love of my life and getting the opportunity to be the best version of myself for you every single day. I love you to the moon and back. Happy anniversary!"

8 When Nick Took To The Comments To Remind Priyanka That She Is Beautiful

Us Mag

When Nick and Priyanka aren't busy posting about each other, they're busy commenting on each other's pictures, it turns out.

Prior to their wedding, these two spent quite a bit of time flirting over social media, and it seems IG was their medium of choice.

When Priyanka posted a picture in a white mini dress, Nick commented; "I am fully stalking you...you are so beautiful." Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve! Access Online also reports that Nick commented on a picture of Priyanka and her sister Parineeti posted by Parineeti to say this; "Wow, she's so beautiful, any chance you can introduce me?" We're pretty sure he was talking about Priyanka...

7 When Joe Shared This Unofficial Holiday Postcard Featuring Sophie And A Horse


This year, Joe chose to use this photo to wish the world a Merry Christmas. We're not sure who the horse in the picture is, but since the photo is tagged as having been taken in England, we'd bet there was a strong chance he was with Sophie's family for the holidays. While the picture may not have been an official holiday card, it certainly looks like a cute family photo. We also think it says a lot that Joe chose to use a picture of Sophie rather than himself to wish everyone a good holiday. One thing is for sure, we certainly can't wait for these two to send out official Christmas cards.

6 When Nick Gave Us A Sneak Peak Into This Adorable Double Date


Either the Jonas clan is a big fan of tennis, or they just see the US Open as a great place to hang out with their significant others. The brothers have been pictured at the event many times, and this year Joe and Nick decided to make it a double date.

This marked one of the first times that the two couples were pictured together, and Nick proudly shared the photo on his IG.

We can only imagine how cute this bonding event must have been, but we'd be willing to bet that it brought Sophie and Priyanka just a little closer. The only ones missing were Kevin and Danielle!

5 When Kevin Showed Off How Great His Wife Looked At Nick's Wedding


Of course, Priyanka was the center of attention at her wedding. But we must say that her sisters-in-law looked pretty amazing too. This wasn't lost on Kevin, who took to Twitter to brag about how great Danielle looked. Kevin posted this beautiful photo of his wife with a simple caption: "Wow!" It seems like Kevin was speechless at seeing his stunning wife in this sari, and we can understand why. Once again, Kevin and Danielle give us hope that you can keep the spark alive in a marriage. Hopefully, Nick and Priyanka are picking up a couple of cues from these two.

4 When Joe Shared A Sneaky Picture Of Him Casually Being In Love


We get the feeling that Joe has a lot of pictures and videos of Sophie on his phone that she doesn't even know about!

The singer recently went to IG to share a dimly lit photo of Sophie sitting in front of a floor length mirror doing her makeup in what we assume was the couple's bedroom.

In the picture, Sophie is only wearing a bra, and Joe's caption to the photo is a pair of googly eyes. Joe's reflection can be seen in the mirror, as he stands in the background and admires his fiancee while taking the photo. While some criticized the photo, we appreciated its artfulness, and the obvious closeness these two share.

3 When Nick Went On Twitter To Share His Priyanka-Inspired Single

E News

We imagine that Priyanka is going to inspire quite a bit of music on Nick's future albums, and we've already gotten a taste of what's in store. Less than a week after the couple confirmed their engagement, Nick released the single "Right Now," which was pretty obviously inspired by his fiancee. Nick croons, "You are my water, my sun, my moon and stars / Your heart is all I need." All in all, we think this song sealed his title as the most romantic of the Jonas Brothers. We're not sure if Sophie and Danielle have had songs written about them yet, but it'd be pretty hard to top this romantic pop smash.

2 When Joe Posted An Adorable Video Of Sophie And Showed The World Where His Heart Lies

via: Instagram.com

He may not be a man of many words, but Joe frequently shows the world how much he loves Sophie in the most subtle ways. The middle Jobro took to IG to post an adorable video of him recording Sophie doing nothing.

While the actress is obliviously tapping away on her phone, Joe calls her name from across the room, she looks up, then smiles.

Joe uses the cupid filter on the app to put hearts and arrows around her face, and without Sophie even being aware of it, he reminded the whole world that he loves her. Simple gestures are kinda underrated.

1 When Joe Shared This Romantic Post After His Engagement

via: Instagram.com

Despite how private they are, we suppose that Joe and Sophie just couldn't resist telling the world about their big news after they got engaged. Both Joe and Sophie alerted fans of their engagement with posts of Sophie's ring on IG. If you expected Joe to post a long and sappy post, then you'll be disappointed to know that he posted only three words: "She said yes." Evidently, we think that if he loved her enough to propose, then that's proof enough of how special their relationship is. The duo is set to get married in 2019, and we can't wait for the adorable photos and short captions.

Sources: Instagram, Twitter, Bustle

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