20 Times North Stole The Show From Kim

At just five years old, North West, the oldest of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's three children, has lived a life many ordinary people could only dream of living. From traveling the world to wearing designer clothing and even sitting front row at fashion week with some of the biggest names in entertainment, North is definitely living the life of luxury.

Being the child of two famous individuals, as well as being born into an extremely famous family whose lives are played out for the entire world to see, is no easy task. Sometimes, celebrity children live in the spotlight of their uberly famous parents and family members.

But that's not the case for little North West. While Kim Kardashian West is one of the most recognizable individuals around, North has had her own ways of outshining her mom.

North, affectionately known as Nori by her close family and friends, is without a doubt a young fashionista in the making. North's style often rivals her mom's. Not to mention, North has been able to set her own trends, too, proving age isn't the most important thing: style is.

And while Kim has been famous for quite some time now, her daughter North could easily steal her spotlight. Here are a few photos showcasing just how North West has been able to steal the show from Kim.

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20 When She Posed In Kim's Boots


Growing up, you most likely looked up to your mother and wanted to be like and dress like her, and she wasn't even famous (or a fashion icon). Sometimes your mother might have even allowed you to play dress up by playing in her makeup or wearing some of her favorite clothes.

In this case, North decided to take Kim’s gorgeous thigh-high designer boots and showed mom how to properly rock them.

The boots are far larger than little North’s entire body, but that doesn’t stop her from showcasing her style. Kim and Kanye definitely have a young fashion lover on their hands.

19 This Adorable Family Photo


Kim Kardashian West loves to show off her family photos every chance she gets. Most of the photos Kim shares tend to be loving photos with her three children, North, Saint, and Chicago West. Kim posted this family photo of her crew while on a plane. Everyone in the photo looks great, but North steals the show. North decided to pose for the camera by making a funny face and throwing up the peace sign. She also posed for the camera while smacking on a bag of chips. Of course, regardless of the situation, North is always camera ready.

18 The West Wedding Photo


On the day of the wedding, the attention is usually geared towards the bride and groom that are getting ready for their nuptials. The official wedding photos are also mostly focused on the bride and groom and their respective bride and groom parties. However, when one of the first photos of Kim and Kanye’s wedding was released, some talked about how gorgeous Kim looked in her wedding gown.

But really, all eyes were glued on how adorable North West looked.

North’s wedding outfit and her cute scrunched up face really stole the show, although Kim's dress is breathtaking, too.

17 Sleeping Beauty Selfies


Even when North is peacefully sleeping, she is able to steal Kim’s spotlight! With this sweet snap of the mother and daughter duo, we can see Kim has passed on her photogenic genes. This picture of the two sleeping beauties, Kim and North snuggled up together in a warm fuzzy blanket, was shared on social media. North and Kim were probably tired from their hectic traveling schedules. Kim might think that she’s the queen of taking a lot of candid and off guard selfies, but her daughter totally has Kim playing the role of second fiddle, especially in this photo.

16 When She Took Over Backstage At Ellen


Kim might have stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show to promote one of her many products (and to give Ellen a juicy interview), but it was North who stole the show while waiting backstage.

North had Ellen DeGeneres’ undivided attention in the green room; she even got Ellen to take some time out of her busy schedule to play with her toy unicorns.

North also decided to show Ellen the proper way to groom and care for her unicorn’s hair. Who could possibly say no to that little face, no matter who's waiting onstage? Ellen surely couldn't!

15 When She Was Headed To Ballet Practice


Doesn't North look beyond adorable in her ballerina outfit? Sure, lots of little girls can pull off a tutu, but pink and frilly isn't really North's gig. Most likely, Kim was taking her daughter to ballerina practice when this photo was taken, but that doesn't mean the tot has to blend in with the rest of her peers. While both Kim and North are color coordinating with one another, all eyes are definitely on little North West. Her all-black ensemble with her matching black tutu is just too cute for words. Not to mention, her two little buns in her hair are the perfect way to top off her ballerina outfit.

14 Casually Strolling Through The Airport


Little North decided to show off how independent she truly is by carrying her own luggage while walking through the airport with her mom.

Even though North's luggage was about the same size as her, she was able to stroll through the airport while pulling her cute bag all by herself.

North and Kim are, of course, wearing matching ensembles, dressed in all black. All eyes were most likely on how adorable North looked at the airport while carrying her own travel luggage. Of course, even well-dressed young ladies can also be capable and handle their own baggage!

13 Her Minnie Mouse Face Paint


Most children love the idea of being able to get their face painted with either their favorite characters or just designs with their favorite colors. No matter what the occasion might be, if there’s an opportunity to have a cool design created on their little faces, children will definitely take up the offer. And it looks like North is no exception. Her Minnie Mouse face paint is entirely too cute to describe. She has Minnie Mouse’s signature red bow painted on her forehead, Minnie’s rosy cheeks, and to top it off, a cute little heart-shaped nose.

12 Her Stylish Outfit Made For Snow


North West knows how to vacation in style. In this picture, we see the tot enjoying a little fun in the snow while having a little mommy and daughter time with Kim (and whoever the photog was!).

North was dressed stylishly for the snowy day occasion.

She had on her long-sleeved snow gear paired with cute black snow boots, and her hair was perfectly styled into two long braids. Although Kim looks amazing in this photo, it was North who became the sole focus. Just look at how cute and stylish North stays even when it's chilly.

11 Her Matching Ballerina Outfit With Penelope


There are times when cousins that are so close in age, their parents often dress them alike. But of course, when it comes to cousins Penelope Disick and North West, they have to go above and beyond the standard pink ensemble. The two cousins were captured in this photo looking beyond adorable in their matching ballerina outfits as Kim was preparing to drop them off at ballerina practice. It looks as though both North and Penelope were having a little conversation of their while en route to practice. Even the two spectators in the back can't get over how cute North and her cousin look in their matching ballerina outfits.

10 Her Adorable Duck Lips


Kim Kardashian West might think she has perfected the famous duck lip pose. However, North has figured out a way to put her own little twist on the famous selfie grimace.

Of course, North has most likely been paying plenty of attention to her mom and aunts when it comes down to how to take the perfect selfie.

So it was no surprise when North easily posed for this pic by emulating Kim and showcasing her own adorable version of the duck lips. Her expression has a bit more attitude than we're used to seeing in selfies, too, a credit to her feisty personality.

9 Having Fun In The Snow With Kim


Even when North is out playing in cold and snowy weather, she’s able to steal the show from her mom. In true North West fashion, she’s having fun while playing in the snow and is looking absolutely adorable while doing so. Of course, Kim may have wanted to catch attention with her high-fashion (and quite chilly) outfit, but North stole the show. Both Kim and North are wearing their fabulous furlike coats to keep them warm, but Kim's also showing a bit of leg that likely was the plan for this seemingly impromptu photo shoot.

8 Twinning With Her Mommy


Parents love to sometime dress up their children just like them in matching outfits. Kim Kardashian West obviously loves to dress up her mini-me just like her when they either have a special event to attend or a high-fashion family outing.

Kim and North are totally twinning with their matching black outfits.

North is looking fierce while giving the camera a side-eye as she holds on to her mom’s hand. And while she might be more concerned with the lollipop in her hand than the photogs waiting for her and her mom, she clearly knows all eyes are on her.

7 When She Walked In Her First Fashion Show


North West had all eyes on her when she recently graced the runway in her very first fashion show. North West, along with many other young models, was able to walk in the fashion show to celebrate L.O.L Surprise’s upcoming product. Kim stated that North loves L.OL. Surprise dolls, so it was exciting for North to dress up as one of her favorite dolls, Thrilla. North’s red leather jacket and skirt set, plus a black crop top, was an outfit inspired by Michael Jackson’s "Thriller" music video. It seems as if Kim's not the only one influencing her girl's interests; obviously, Kanye's musical connections impact her style, too.

6 Not Being Amused By The Park Ride


Taking part in riding rides at amusement parks can be quite a hit or miss for some people. You either love the thrill that amusement rides bring, or you dislike them altogether and try your best to avoid riding them at all costs.

It seems like Kim and Kanye wanted to take North and her cousin Penelope on a fun little outing, but the relatively tame ride wasn't what North would have picked.

Penelope is at least attempting to have fun by throwing her hands in the air. North, however, looks unamused and ready for the entire ride to be over with already.

5 Her Famous Peace Sign


Everyone has that one signature pose they always do when taking photos. Whether it be a slight head tilt, the duck lips, or standing a certain way in photos, every person has a go-to when it comes to having their photograph snapped. It seems like North has discovered a signature pose of her own; the famous peace sign. North has been throwing up the peace sign pose a lot lately in her photos. In this photo with her family, North stands out as she’s the only one smiling and being attentive to the camera. Of course, it sort of seems like that was KimYe's goal; to have everyone looking all Addams-family, but North can't pass up a chance to show her personality.

4 Side-Eying The Paparazzi


Being a child of two famous parents is no easy task at all. Especially when the child is young and hasn't quite grasped the idea of what it’s like to have people watching their every move.

North gives the paparazzi a piece of her mind every chance she gets, and she doesn't always use her words; the glare can say it all.

North is often seen and heard trying to tell the paparazzi that she doesn’t want her picture taken. In many photos we see of North, she’s giving the paparazzi cameras a subtle side-eye and looks complete annoyed by them, which is totally understandable.

3 Being The Life Of The Party

vai instagram

Children are expressive individuals who often have tons of personality that just cannot be contained. And North seems like she’s the life of the party when she’s with her family. In this family photo of North with her parents, Kim and Kanye are posing for the camera as they normally would, with a pout and a simple smirk, while North is showing off her silly side by making a face at the camera and sticking her tongue out. She might be a fraction of their age, but she's already got her reality TV and stage persona established.

2 When She Effortlessly Rocked A Top Knot Bun


Let’s face it, at such a young age, North is one stylish individual. She effortlessly rocked this top knot bun hairstyle while graciously embracing the cold snow falling down on her head and playing with a penguin toy.

Although North looks cute as a button in this photo, she also looks like she’s over the snow and cold weather.

Kim may have been trying to get the press to focus on her outfit (note the fur) or North's, but instead, everyone was looking at the tot's cute hair and unamused grimace. Give that kid some hot cocoa already!

1 When She Decided To Give A Makeup Tutorial


Contouring is practically Kim's trademark (of course, Kylie's made a name for herself, too!), but we should've known North couldn't let her mom best her! Of course, all little girls like to play in mom's makeup, but in this case, North was showing us what she knows about contouring, and she learned from an expert! She's probably seen mom apply the right products hundreds of times, only it turns out, it's harder than it looks to achieve as flawlessly as mom! Keep working on those tutorials, North... But maybe ask Auntie Kylie (or mom!) for some help next time!

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