20 Times Kylie Jenner Fake Promoted Her Family's Merch (And Fooled Us)

Kylie Jenner basically wrote the book on "how to do promo well." In 2018, Kylie was named IG's "most bankable" star by Celebrity Nine. Stick an #ad on this girl's post, and the figure can be $1 million right into Kylie's bank account.

$900 million is old news. In 2018, Forbes's front-page lady was rocking red-soled, Christian Louboutin heels for her "Youngest Self-Made Billionaire" cover. Not quite having reached the $1 billion mark, Kylie had less than a year to wait for the 2019 news, as per BBC. It's official. This girl is now the youngest billionaire in history.

Promoting has rules. Teen Mom's Maci Bookout has to #ad her TeamiBlends posts if they're paid. Likewise, Kendall Jenner for her Calvin Klein ads. Whether it's a Bachelorette or a Baltierra, anything that's being promoted on social media (with pay) must come with a disclaimer.

There's a way around it, though. It's how the Kardashians make money. Working as a pack, this family operates by continually promoting each other's stuff– seemingly free of charge. It's easy to miss. Khloe Kardashian's Good American line? The promo music is Kanye West. In a chain that continues, Kim promotes Yeezy, Kylie has KKW Beauty collaborations, and there isn't a week she isn't spotted in Travis Scott merch.

Kylie may seem shallow, but she's one of the smartest women on the planet. Seriously, the kinds of business smart that'll probably see her wind up in economics textbooks. There's a limit to what a careful eye won't notice, though. Here are 20 times Kylie Jenner totally "fake" promoted her family's merch.

20 Giggle And 'Dada': So Cute, Nobody Realizes It's #Promo

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Kylie Cosmetics is no laughing matter. Earning Kylie Jenner her $1 billion in 2019, this beauty empire started out with a teen Kylie fooling around on IG, but nothing about this business is amateur. In 2018, Stormi popped up on Kylie's IG.

"Trying to teach her some new words." Stormi couldn't manage "Kylie Cosmetics," but we got a giggle and "Dada."

When the baby's this cute, the merch basically sells itself. Still, Stormi didn't officially earn anything from promoting her mother's cosmetics (at least not that we know of). Using your kid to promote isn't the worst thing on the planet, but not every mom approves. Had us fooled!

19 It's Like She's Surprised To Be Wearing Yeezy (Hi, Kanye)

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Kanye West may have been ambitious enough to say, "Yeezy will hit a billion dollars this year," but his 2018 claim couldn't be dismissed as impossible when GQ's analysts broke it down. The clothing and footwear range basically defines athleisurewear, and it's got some pretty high-profile fans.

Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, and Justin Bieber have all been spotted in Yeezy sneakers. The trick here? Kendall and Kylie were simply wearing them in the street.

You don't need an #ad if you're doing the "walking billboard" for free. Look carefully though, and you'll see the entire KarJenner clan wearing Yeezy sneakers at least 30% of the time.

18 Those GA Jeans (Hi, Khloe)

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Khloe Kardashian might almost be more famous right now for the Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods drama than anything else. A single mother Khloe may be, but she's just as savvy as her sisters when it comes to business. Khloe is worth $40 million, Forbes reports.

Good American made $1 million on its first day.

As Racked reports, Khloe's denim and athleisurewear line (that works because it includes everyone) flew off shelves the minute it launched. Who helped out? Well, by the looks of it, Kylie. Kylie was spotted here in Good American jeans– not in any official promo, but she was definitely helping out.

17 Holiday Wish Lists That 'Casually' Fave KKW Beauty

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It's smart. Very smart. The Kardashian-Jenners work as a pack. They do it so well, you barely even notice it. Back when the sisters' websites were a bigger deal (now it's mostly IG), they'd take to their "wishlists" at every possible opportunity. Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween, Mother's Day.

We took a careful look at what those wishlists would typically include. Sure, there'd be something from Pottery Barn or Prada, but don't think the family merch wasn't there.

Kylie would "wish" for KKW Beauty. Kim would "wish" for Lip Kits. Kendall even found her way in by recommending Estee Lauder products (she's the company's face). Kylie, you almost had us fooled.

16 Bedroom Snaps, Entire Family Has #Adidas Links

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Kylie Jenner is now an #AdidasPartner. Her paid promotions on IG follow regulations, but that doesn't mean she can't "choose" her own outfits. Quite often these days, they include a little Adidas. Come to think of it, the entire family has links.

Kanye West's Yeezy footwear is in direct partnership with Adidas. How the finances of it work are likely too complicated for us, but we gave it a try. It's called brand awareness.

The more we see Adidas overall, the more we buy it. Some of us will buy Kanye's stuff. Others will be swayed by Kylie's influence. KUWTK Season 15 also partnered up with Adidas for a charity event. It all adds up (but they get the money).

15 The Nike Deal We Forgot Travis Scott Has

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Travis Scott is now an undeniable A-Lister. The "Astroworld" rapper has all the swag in the world, and he's told Rolling Stone that he's gotta "sturdy up" before finding a "fire way" to propose to Kylie. This pic of Stormi showed us a cute baby, but it also showed us some Nike.

Google Travis Scott's Nike Air Force 1 Low Travis Scott (AF100), and you get stock value. #Talent (but #Money isn't far behind)

Travis Scott continues to partner with Nike– the sports giant's website is keeping fans updated on the release of a new Travis shoe. Kylie may not have chosen Nike for a reason here, but if she has any brains (which she does), that's a #TravisScott.

14 The #Astroworld Selfies That Are Basically Kylie In Merch

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It's all about the merch, these days. The minute Nicki Minaj and Cardi B had their Fashion Week brawl, Nicki's team were prepping the "Nicki Stopped My Bag" merch. Capital Xtra reports that Jordyn Woods even has "I don't need your situation" merch as a result of the Khloe and Tristan drama.

Kylie has been very visibly wearing Astroworld merch on her IG (for a while). Clearly, she's supporting her man, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Think it over, though, and you'll see the endorsement power. Anything Kylie wears, says, drives, or owns is wanted. That includes the tee in this selfie.

13 When You Remember That The Kardashians Front Fendi

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The news that Kylie Jenner's custom-made Fendi stroller was worth an estimated $12,500 definitely broke the internet when People reported it back in 2018. Then again, billionaires can afford it.

In 2018, Kim Kardashian, North West, and Kris Jenner appeared in a Fendi campaign that was the first fashion ad to feature three generations from one family.

Don't think for a minute that the Kardashians hadn't already signed their Fendi deal when Kylie posted her "Stormi Strolls" pic. With a Fendi dress and stroller, it was #Fendi all around, although the pic was willingly posted by Kylie. It's called supporting the fam.

12 The Yeezy Getup With Kim That Didn't Come With An #Ad

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In 2018, everyone did a double-take as Paris Hilton stepped out of a car in full Yeezy gear. "They didn’t tell me the concept. I just knew I was wearing the clothes. When they finished and I looked in the mirror I was laughing. I literally looked like Kim’s twin," W Magazine quotes Paris saying.

The same year, we got this pic. Kim and Kylie took to a Calabasas parking lot wearing Kanye West's clothing line, head-to-toe. There was no #ad. In the way that makes this family marketing geniuses though, it was the best #ad ever.

The pic wound up on Kim's IG. It also went viral. Helping out Kim and Kanye here, Kylie once again had us fooled. It looked awesome, though.

11 'You Guys', Before Gushing About Kylie Cosmetics X KKW Beauty

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Actually, Kylie's video intros always start with "all right." Seriously, tap her IG stories and you'll hear it over and over. Which is fine. It's what Kylie is talking about that catches our attention, though.

Kylie knows her power. Those IG stories are watched by millions. Many are impressionable young girls in their teens. If they worship Kylie, they'll likely do as she instructs.

Sure, KKW Beauty is good stuff. It's why it sells. But there's backup, though. It's called a powerhouse of a little sister who doesn't mind gushing over her sister's merch. KKW Beauty x Kylie Cosmetics was a no-brainer for this family, but the promo is well done.

10 Random Social Media Videos, Car Music Is Always Travis Scott

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Kylie and Travis are now rock solid. Travis has told Rolling Stone that he needs Kylie "with me to operate." Power couples know how to support one another. We see it with Beyonce and Jay-Z, Kim and Kanye, plus JLO and A-Rod (congrats, you guys).

In 2019, Kylie posted a fair few IG stories where she was behind the wheel. If you weren't gawking at the interiors of her vehicles, you were probably noticing the music.

#Astroworld. To be fair, this ground-breaking artist's album is beyond awesome. In the way that you don't need Kylie to tell you to listen to it. Still, "Sicko Mode" gets played a lot on Kylie's social media.

9 Fendi Is A Family Deal (Literally)

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And we're back to Fendi. As Stormi turned one, Kylie posted a string of heartfelt, tender, and very cute family snaps. We saw Travis Scott holding his adorable little girl (and we also saw a lot of Fendi).

We didn't even know Fendi makes baby caps. Well, we've already learned from "Stormi Strolls" that Fendi will custom-make anything for Kylie Jenner.

This might well have been a genuine love for the Italian brand. Then again, with the Kardashians fronting Fendi, there's every possibility that this was just one more occasion where the great Kylie Jenner was "fake" promoting her family's stuff.

8 A Dedicated 'GA' Since 2016

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In 2016, Kylie Jenner was still a rising teen. Don't think that the business brains weren't there, though. Yes, way back in 2016, Kylie was already rocking Khloe's denim line. The Daily Mail entitled the article about Kylie's fashion choice with the company's motto.

"We're good squad!" Even the wording for this family is #SpotOn.

GA jeans are pretty pricey. You're looking at upwards of $127 for a pair, as per the GA website. The name is awesome. The styles are awesome. Given Kylie's willingness to help her sister though, so is the family promo. Honestly, we just want a pair.

7 Stopping By The Lip Kit Factories

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There's been some pretty negative press about the Lip Kit factories. The Daily Mail reports a string of anonymous Indeed employee reviews calling the Spatz Laboratories workplace "unsanitary," although we should state that the Californian labs aren't exclusive to Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie definitely gets involved. "You guys, imagine this, but all in Lip Kits," Forbes quotes her saying. Showing up to the labs dressed in appropriate clothing here definitely did a good job promoting Kylie Cosmetics.

Consumers want to see a CEO who gets down and dirty. Kylie didn't miss out on the #Promo opportunity here. The pic wound up on Kylie's IG, but nowhere was there mention of promotion. Nicely done.

6 The 'Storm' Collection, #Coincidence?

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The Kylie Cosmetics range is now huge. Kyshadows, lipsticks, glosses, and Kylie's new setting powders are all available for purchase. This stuff doesn't come cheap.

"Calm before the Storm" and "Eye of the Storm" retail for $40. You need to think twice before making the #Stormi link.

While both phrases are everyday ones, there's no denying that a very famous "Storm" arrived in 2018. Kylie Jenner's little girl is arguably the most famous baby on the planet. Whether or not the shades had Stormi in mind with the promo isn't something we'll ever know, but if it was, #HadUsFooled. Kylie Cosmetics has earned the youngest KarJenner $1 billion, Forbes reports.

5 Family Are #Victoria'sSecret For Halloween, Kendall Has A Contract

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It did the job perfectly. In 2018, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, Kourtney, and Kylie posted beyond-gorgeous pics of themselves to IG. The occasion was Halloween, and the outfits were Victoria's Secret. As Vogue reports, media headlines basically sold the lingerie line without any Kardashian involvement.

"Sent From Heaven!” “The Kardashians Are Angels!” The word "angel" is the real seller. Kendall Jenner has a lucrative VS contract.

Alongside power models like Gigi Hadid, Kendall is a Victoria's Secret Angel. And we're back to the hamster wheel of sister promo. Pics of the sisters with oversized wings and VS lingerie wound up on their IG, but nobody realized it was genius promo.

4 'The Butterfly Effect' Costume (That's A Track From Travis Scott's Album)

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Halloween 2018 didn't just bring five sisters with Victoria's Secret outfits. It brought what might be the cutest mommy-and-daughter Halloween costumes to date. Kylie posed with Stormi in a pink satin getup that showed butterfly wings (plus a very relevant caption).

"The Butterfly Effect" was the caption to Kylie's IG pic as she showed off her matching costume with Stormi. The phrase is also a track from Travis's "Astroworld" album.

A coincidence? Totally possible. A butterfly outfit for a baby isn't unreasonable. Then again, this family is a money machine. If there's a chance this look became a hashtag, it's got a #Promo link to Kylie's man.

3 Always Promoting The Fam

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There's a point where no product is actually needed. The family is the product. The Kardashians might have brands, but they're a brand in itself. Brainwashing us to respond to anything "k," the genius starts with their names.

There's no accusation of promo for a pic like this. What there is, however, is a realization that the more traffic a pic gets, the more popular it becomes. That promotes the family.

Kylie happily poses with her sisters for selfies. They're super-close, and let's face it– we do the same with our own families. Still, a selfie with the fam serves two purposes for the KarJenners. One is love. You figure the other one out.

2 Always 'Liking' Her Sisters' Posts

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IG now does something interesting. The highest-ranking "like" manifests first. Kim Kardashian "likes" Ariana Grande's posts. Paris Hilton "likes" Kim's. There's something that's going to out-rank anyone else, though. It's called the family.

Take a random IG pic from Kylie. Most likely, you'll see the top comment and "like" coming from Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, or Kim. Kylie returns the favor.

Kylie also comments fairly regularly on her sisters' posts. Given what we see on KUWTK, this is likely just a regular family relationship where they actually have something to say. Nevertheless, those names are still appearing in front of our eyes. Exposure sells.

1 If You Still Consider Jordyn Woods 'Part Of The Family'

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The headlines for Jordyn Woods are now changing on a daily basis. When the February 2019 news that Jordyn Woods had gotten involved with Tristan was confirmed on her Red Table Talk interview, The Daily Mail reported that Jordyn had "moved out" of Kylie's guest house.

Jordyn and Kylie go way back. Their first IG post together was in 2013. Business comes hand-in-hand with friendship for this family, though.

Jordyn has a collection with Kylie Cosmetics. Whether or not you consider this girl family anymore is up to you, but don't think that savvy business deals weren't made between Jordyn and Kylie.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Vogue, Forbes, W Magazine, Capital Xtra

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