20 Times Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Were The Most Relatable Celeb Couple

We first saw Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake together 11 years ago. Yep, it’s been that long. The pair at first tried to keep things on the low but thanks to some of our favorite paparazzi, the news was soon out. As with any relationship, these two have certainly had their ups and downs but what we love most about them is how they’ve managed to brave any storm that came their way…looking very good in the process.

Oh yes, let’s talk about the fact that these two are definitely some of the most genetically gifted in Hollywood – Jessica is pretty much flawless and Justin’s got the smile to make any woman weak at the knees. If that’s not enough to prove that they’re perfect for one another, let’s also add how they are both very talented. It’s not every day that people meet their matches but luckily for these guys, they seem to have done so.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, before we proceed, this article is certainly not to get everybody jealous. Nope, this article is to prove that true love really does exist and can even be found in Hollywood. Scroll down as we take you through all our favorite moments of the pair that prove they’re a perfect match.

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20 Backstage Piggyback Rides For Jess's Sore Feet

Via People

We get a glimpse of our favorite stars’ personal lives through their social media accounts. This is how we get to know what they are actually passionate about, what ticks them off, and how they live their everyday lives. When our stars are at award ceremonies, however, it seems like that almost switches off.

They put on these beautiful gowns and suits and we’re suddenly reminded about the star power they actually have. Even though these two are certainly some of Hollywood’s and the music world’s finest, we just love this moment that was captured backstage because with perfect makeup, gown, suit and hair on, they still manage to have fun together, and help each other out of literal sore situations.

19 Couples Who Work Out Together, Stay Together

Via Pinterest

We mentioned Jessica’s amazing physique earlier on. It is no surprise that the girl works out. We absolutely love the fact that she and her boo enjoy working out together. They have regularly been spotted sweating up a storm and judging by how good they look, the results are definitely showing. Jessica doesn’t stop at just running though, she regularly trains with celebrity trainer, Jason Walsh.

In Pop Workouts, she highlights that “I have an amazing trainer, Jason Walsh, who I work with two or three times a week. We do lots of circuit and strength training, especially for my legs and back, because it’s quite weak from years of gymnastics. I concentrate on making everything strong, and you can’t do that with just cardio.”

18 They Are All About The PDA

Daily Mail

PDA is not for everyone but it seems to be for this couple so hey, good for them. We first witnessed this at a 2009 Lakers game when Justin passionately kissed his then-girlfriend in front of the crowd when the kiss cam landed on them. When asked about this hilarious moment on Jimmy Kimmel Live that had everybody talking, Justin explained, “the kiss cam had just caught an ‘award-winning’ kiss between Dustin Hoffman and his wife and then it cut to us. I was not to be outdone, okay? So I mounted my girlfriend in front of 18,000 people.”

17 They Went All Out For Halloween

Via ENews

How about a family moment? This one on our list clearly proves that the pair were made for each other. They even stole our hearts here.

As a family, they decided to dress up as characters from the classic film, Toy Story, on Halloween and we especially loved the fact that their little one even joined in on the fun. Fans were simply in love with the perfect outfit choices, the perfect captions on social media, the perfect little boy and…Did we mention they looked perfect?

16 They Keep Both Mothers-In-Law Happy

Via Instagram

Sorry to the Mothers-In-Law out there who may be reading this article but let us be honest for a sec – some of you give your sons or daughters-in-law a tough time. It seems though, that this perfect Hollywood pair has no such drama in their life as both their mothers love the partner their child chose.

This was evident even before the pair got married. Lynn Harless, Justin’s mother, had nothing but praises for Jessica back in 2010. This Insider reports Lynn’s kind words about her future daughter-in-law. “She’s amazing. She’s so down to earth and her family is great.”

15 The Inside Jokes Don't Stop

Via USWeekly

Urban Dictionary explains that “an inside joke is a joke formed between two people or more people that no one other than those few people will ever understand until you explain it to them. And even when you do explain it to them, they may get the joke but may not find it remotely amusing.”

To outsiders, inside jokes suck because we don’t get why they are so amusing. They also suck because we’re not in on them. However, to the two or more people who are sharing an inside joke, it can be one of the most blissful moments together. Jessica and Justin are clearly having a moment here and although we’re curious to find out what’s so funny, we’d rather not be told as we’re unlikely to get it anyway.

14 They Are Both Dog People

Via Pinterest

The couple’s individual social media accounts have a number of pics of them with their dogs. They are clearly both dog people. Now, for all the pet lovers out there, there are a few things that can be as awkward as your dog hating your partner, or your partner not liking your dog. Sometimes this can even affect the relationship.

Well, that clearly didn’t happen for Justin and Jessica as the pair can regularly be seen taking walks together with their dogs. If you’re wondering what breeds they have, Celeb Pets highlights that “Justin has his pet boxer pooches, Buckley and Brennan. Jessica has her mixed pitbull-lab, Tina.”

13 They Both Love Basketball

Via USWeekly

When you’re in a relationship, you have to find things to do together that you both enjoy. Going to the movies or dinner every time it’s date night can be a bit boring after a while. You need to switch things up – go to a concert, go to a comedy festival, travel, whatever it is, just make sure that you both enjoy it. This is very easily said but sometimes hard to do. It's not every day that you find a partner who enjoys doing the stuff you like to do. One thing these two certainly enjoy watching together is basketball. The pair has regularly been seen courtside cheering their team on.

12 They Displayed A United Front - Even After Their Breakup

Via USWeekly

Having a relationship in the public eye means that people will be in your business – that’s unfortunately just part of the package. We were therefore not surprised when rumors about the pair having troubles started to get around a few years into their relationship.

Of course, we know by now that they did actually break up shortly after those rumors started because both their reps released a formal statement to People that they had gone their separate ways, but before they decided to call it quits, we love how they showed up together wherever they went, displaying a united front.

11 True Love Wins - Their 1st Appearance Back Together


When the two broke up in 2011, the statement that was released to People magazine stated that “the two remain friends and continue to hold the highest level of love and respect for each other.” Although there was certainly nothing wrong with this statement, as fans, we have to admit that we were a little heartbroken. They always seemed like they were truly in love and we thought that they would go the distance.

Well, it turns out that they too found it difficult to let go because a few months later in 2012, they got back together. Now, what do you do when you get back together after having a public breakup? Come back looking better than before, of course.

10 They Are Always Fashionable At The Met Gala


Okay, so we’re talking about this one on the list early on because let’s be honest – have you ever seen a couple this good-looking together? Most of the time, one person in the relationship is the “gifted” one but in this case, we can definitely all agree that the two look good together.

Of course, they have no problem showing off their hotness while on the red carpet, and their favorite seems to be at the Met Gala. This may have something to do with the fact that they actually met at the Met Gala, 11 years ago. This Insider reveals that “Biel’s ‘7th Heaven’ co-star and pal, Beverly Mitchell, later talked about the initial encounter, revealing that she got to witness the sparks fly firsthand. "It was very, very sweet. They were definitely flirting. They were really cute.”

9 They Do Classy Really Well Together

Hollywood Life

We’ve spoken a bit about how fashionable the pair is and how hard they workout to make sure that they both look good. We just had to add the fact they look classy together because, well…Just look at them.

Red carpets are where our favorite stars get to dress in the best outfits, makeup and hair, and simply slay. Now, doing that individually can be a bit of a hit or miss, but trying to look good as a couple can sometimes be a challenge – except for Jessica and Justin of course. We have yet to find a pic of them looking bad together on the red carpet.

8 They Also Know How To Rock Their Casual

Via Billboard

Now, you don’t always need to be all prim and proper on the red carpet. Some red carpets like the Golden Globes or the Oscars, call for the best ball gowns and suits that money can buy, and some red carpets like the Grammys or the VMAs allow you to have a little fun with your outfits and not be so formal. We previously mentioned how the pair rocks the classy and formal look so well together and this time around, we just couldn’t help but mention how they also manage to rock the casual look. The two can do no wrong on the red carpet.

7 They Are Fangirls Too

Via Bustle

We love it when we see some of our favorite celebs mingling, especially at awards ceremonies. We wonder what they could be possibly talking about. When they laugh, we wonder what they’re laughing about and when they seem deep in discussion, we obviously wonder what on earth they’re discussing that seems so important. We’re nosy. Yes, we admit it. Guilty as charged.

When we saw this moment at the 2013 Grammy Awards between Jessica, Justin, and Beyonce, we could not help but get excited that our favorite couple is mixing and mingling with arguably one of the best artists of our time.

6 They Always Have Fun Together

Via Hello

Relationships don’t always have to be serious. It’s great to have fun with your partner. There’s nothing like laughing and being silly together. There’s a lot of serious stuff going on in the world and in our lives that when we’re with our significant others, laughter is needed.

Jessica and Justin definitely got that memo. The two can regularly be seen being goofy and having the broadest of smiles when they’re together, like this pic when they were spotted at Wimbledon earlier this year. Not sure what they were laughing about but whatever it was, this moment reminded us all why they are one of our favorite Hollywood couples.

5 There's Nothing Like A Couple Riding Bikes Together

Via USWeekly

Riding bicycles together is romantic, right? How many movies have you seen where the guy and girl ride around their town or city and sometime during their outing, someone realizes that there’s nothing more perfect than that moment? Plenty – it’s the classic Hollywood “we’re young and in love” scene.

If you thought that such a scene only takes place on the big screen, think again. Some of our favorite stars have been spotted enjoying a bike ride together and of course, Jessica and Justin as well. This is definitely not a surprise to us as we’ve already noted that the couple is quite active together.

4 Their Romantic Holidays Are Simply Perfect

Via E!News

When you’ve been together for 11 years, the romance may dwindle a bit. Nothing is new, you know your significant other very well now, and there are a few things that could surprise you about them. Going out and traveling the world together can, therefore, help to add a little spark back into your relationship.

As seen from the previous items on this list, this couple’s romance certainly hasn’t dwindled but we loved it when we spotted them in Paris earlier this year. People reported that “the couple, who have been married since 2012 and share 3-year old son Silas Randall, had a date night in the City of Love, posing in front of the Eiffel Tower.”

3 A Magical Wedding Is A Great Way To Start The Married Life

Via Pinterest

October 19th, 2012, is when the couple said their I Dos in front of close family and friends in Puglia, Italy. Jessica both stunned and stole our hearts when she walked down the aisle in a petal-pink custom-made gown. Justin was handsome (as usual) in his tailored Tom Ford tux.

Their 100 guests witnessed a magical ceremony and reception, the pictures of which still stun us today. What we can’t get over is how the two still are crazy in love. They are regularly professing their love for each other on their social media accounts and this just reminds us all of the truly magical kind of love they share.

2 No Need To Take The Red Carpet So Seriously


So, from his interviews and some of his tweets, we know that Justin can be a bit of a jokester and clearly, from the pics, Jessica doesn’t mind at all. What we especially appreciate about the two is the fact that each of them is an individual – No one trying to change the other and no one is trying to change their personality for the other. They have both accepted their significant other as they are. Isn’t that what love is all about? In this pic, Justin can clearly be seen joking around on the red carpet while Jessica poses for the cameras.

1 Backstage Laughs Are Part Of The Package

Via TheExpressTribune

Having a good time with your significant other is a must and luckily for these two, it seems to come effortlessly. When looking for a partner, many people state that they want someone with a sense of humor but according to studies, what’s actually important is sharing the same sense of humor.

Times Live spoke to Jeffrey Hall, a researcher who spent 30 years studying 15,000 participants and he explains that “what is strongly related to relationship satisfaction is the humor couples create together…If you share a sense of what’s funny, it affirms you and affirms your relationship through laughter.”

Sources: This Insider, Pop Workouts, Celeb Pets, People, Urban Dictionary, Times Live

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