20 Times Disney Tried To Sneak Dirty Messages Into Their Movies

Having been around for a century and produced some of the most important films ever released, Disney has seen and done it all over time, and they continue to lead the way in the film industry. Whether it is an animated feature or a superhero project, there is a Disney movie for everyone to enjoy, and the studio hauls in billions each year thanks to their work on the big screen. With the recent launch of their streaming service, fans now have access to the amazing Disney library at a moment’s notice.

One reason why Disney has been at the top for so long is because their content is made for families to enjoy. Despite this, there are some secret messages that Disney has included in some of their past works, and today, we are going to shine a light on 20 messages in Disney films that most people definitely missed!

20 Linguini Hints At His "Tiny" Size Problem In Ratatouille

Linguini may have needed the help of Remy to make big things happen in Paris, but his heart was always in the right place and he was genuinely a nice guy. So, when he tries to confide in his love interest, he stumbles over his words, saying, "I have this tiny, uh, little...," which causes her eyes to wander downstairs.

19 Buzz Gets Sprung After Seeing Jessie In Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 is a classic flick that was able to live up to the lofty expectations of the original, and this movie also happened to have a scene with a subliminal message. After a brief interaction with Jessie, Buzz clearly gets excited, because everything springs to life in a second.

18 The "Top Down" Bar Joke In Cars

People with an eagle eye spotted out this subliminal message in the film Cars, and it was a nice reference to a trucker’s favorite hobby while out on the road. The sign is a sly advertisement for a topless bar, though their use of the word “convertible” was genius here.

17 Did Aladdin Tell Teenagers To Take Off Their Clothes?

Playgrounds everywhere in the 90s were buzzing with gossip when this came to light. In the film Aladdin, our favorite street rat appears to say "good teenagers, take off your clothes". Some have disputed this, and the line is apparently "Scat, good tiger, take off and go". But you can find the scene and listen for yourself, then make your own decision.

16 Anna Reassures Kristoff And Tells Him That "Foot Size Doesn't Matter"

Anna is one of the most underrated characters in all of Disney, and she is pretty cool with the people in her life coming up a little bit short in certain areas. Kristoff is having a conversation with Anna, and he asks about foot size, which prompts her to let him know that “foot size doesn’t matter.” Adults got this reference immediately.

15 Hermes Talks About A Friend "Discovering" Himself

Leave it to a film about mythology to bust out some inappropriate jokes. Many popular figures from mythology appear in Hercules, including Hermes who can be heard telling Zeus, “Fabulous party. You know, I haven't seen this much love in a room since Narcissus discovered himself.” Such a sly way of putting things.

14 Groupies "Flash" Lightning McQueen In Cars

Some things are just not as subtle as others, and while kids may not have gotten this one what they first watched Cars, some adults in attendance definitely got the hint. These fans of Lightning McQueen wanted to make a good impression, so they decided to flash him their headlights.

13 The Priest In The Little Mermaid Is A Little Too Excited

Most people love to attend a good wedding, as it is meant to symbolize a lifetime vow between two people that are in love. In The Little Mermaid, the priest in charge of the service must have gotten a little worked up while delivering his message, because he has a noticeable growth.

12 Genie Talks About "Honeymoon" Fun In Aladdin: The King Of Thieves

Genie is not one to mince words, and he has a number of jokes in his appearances that flew over people’s heads. In the film Aladdin: The King of Thieves, Genie can be heard saying, "I thought the earth wasn't supposed to move until the honeymoon." Adults quickly got the reference, but the kids were busy laughing at something else.

11 The Lady Of The Night In Toy Story

People watching Toy Story for the first time will cringe a little bit when they first see Sid’s creations, and they usually won’t put too much stock into what the toys represent. The most notable toy of the bunch is the one of the tall hook with a woman’s legs, which paints a clear picture of what it is supposed to be.

10 The Infamous Naughty Message In The Clouds In The Lion King

There has been a debate about this scene for a long time, but there are plenty of available screenshots to show exactly what we are talking about. As Simba is looking into the sky, the dust rolling by clearly spells out a certain bedroom activity, though people that worked on the film said that it spells “SFX”.

9 A Sly Mention Of Gay "Bears" In Inside Out

Even though the film Inside Out is all about emotions dealing with their emotions, there was still plenty of room for Disney to slide in some secret messages during the film. At one point, the subject of bears in San Francisco comes up, with Anger saying, "I saw a really hairy guy. He looked like a bear," which is a nod to the gay community.

8 Kronk Pitches A Tent In The Emperor's New Groove

Younger views may not have thought too much of this scene, which means that Disney did a good job of being sly here. Kronk is a popular character from the film The Emperor’s New Groove, and while he is hilarious, most people could have done without seeing him pitch a tent.

7 Mushu Gets Caught Looking Through Mulan's Armor In Mulan

Mulan is a classic Disney film that features a strong woman as the lead, but her ancestral dragon apparently never learned a thing about personal space. During the film, Mushu says, "My powers are beyond your mortal imagination. For instance, my eyes can see straight through your armor,” causing Mulan to cover up.

6 Are Simba And Nala About To Get It On?

Seeing Simba and Nala reunite in The Lion King remains one of the best moments of the film, but adults noticed something was a little bit off when the two developed feelings for each other. The look that they give one another during their reunion scene is best left for the bedroom.

5 The Cover Of The Little Mermaid VHS Had A Piece Of The Male Anatomy

The Little Mermaid is one of the most famous Disney movies of all time, and it was able to make its way into living rooms everywhere when it was released on VHS. Unfortunately for Disney, one of the artists for the cover placed a piece of the male anatomy as a spire on the castle, forever tarnishing original copies of the iconic cover.

4 The Trolls Reveal Kristoff And Sven's "Unnatural" Relationship

Kristoff and Sven have a unique relationship in Frozen, and the trolls even let Anna know about it. They sing, “His thing with the reindeer, that’s outside of nature’s law.” Not really sure what they were thinking by keeping this in the movie, but kids everywhere got to hear this on repeat.

3 The Topless Woman In The Rescuers

This is easily one of the weirdest moments in any Disney film, and Disney fans can’t help but remember this whenever they are watching the movie The Rescuers. People with a keen eye were able to notice a topless woman inside the window of a building as the characters are rolling by.

2 The Sly Brothel Scene In Aladdin

So many people missed the joke while watching Aladdin as a kid, and once it was pointed out the first time, it completely changed the scene. While Aladdin is getting away from the guards, he lands in a room with beautiful women that want nothing to do with him. Turns out, he’s in a brothel and has no money.

1 The Adult Dancers In The Great Mouse Detective

The Great Mouse Detective is one of the most underrated films in Disney history, and it is a fun flick, which features an interesting gumshoe. During the film, there is a scene including dancers in a lively tavern, which is a polite way of showing the crowd dealing with adult dancers.

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