20 Times Celebs Rocked Bargain Outfits (& Looked Expensive)

In the world of celebrity fashion there are two kinds of stars: those that spend a huge portion of their income on fancy outfits and designer brands, and those that are still shopping from the same stores they went to before they were famous.

There are a few rare shoppers out there that choose to combine the two worlds. Some celebs have taken a practical approach to shopping, where they’ll combine cheaper staples with designer accent pieces, making an otherwise impossible outfit all the more affordable.

When the stars shop for bargains, where do they go? It might surprise fans to learn that they’re browsing a lot of the same racks "normal" folks are. The next time spectators are stuck ogling a star’s gorgeous jacket, dress, or shoes, they just need to remember one simple thing. Stars are not immune to the wants and whims of fast fashion. They’re shopping at the same places everyone else is, and they’re getting just as many 60% off deals as regular people do.

It’s likely that that silky duster jacket doesn’t cost more than ten or twenty bucks, making it easy to copy the celeb styles fans like. And here are 20 examples of the best celebrity bargain styles. Fans may not think they're affordable, but some of these looks were so cheap but still look like a million bucks!

20 Blake Lively’s Red Carpet Trench Coat Was Right On Target


And we mean “Target” literally. As in, Blake Lively bought this jacket from Target before wearing it on the red carpet. Granted, the red carpet was for this designer’s Target collection. But the budget-friendly bargain price still stands.

While The Loop didn’t give us an exact price, they did reveal that this is none other than a Jason Wu for Target collection piece.

Limited edition and looking so lovely, it’s no surprise that Blake Lively had to grab this piece before it disappeared. The color and the floral accents make it classy, but fun. Perfect for a Blake Lively red carpet outfit!

19 Selena Gomez Is Also Upping The Budget Coat Game

qqtdd.com (Photo by GVK/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

It’s not just Blake Lively who’s got the budget jacket game on lock. Selena Gomez is one of the other celebrities who are often seen rocking a cheap coat but making it look absolutely Gucci. This jacket is just one of her many budget coats. Marie Claire reveals that, while the dress and shoes are both designer, her jacket is none other than an H&M standard. Priced at around $70, it’s both a beautiful piece on its own as well as pairing perfectly with her bigger ticket outfit items. Selena Gomez knows how to wear budget pieces, and this outfit is just more proof of that.

18 Jamie Chung’s Dress Would Be $74 Well Spent


With this piece coming in at well under a hundred dollars, Jamie Chung is truly the goddess of deals in this little white dress. Perfectly paired with sandals for a summer pool party or cozied up with a faux fur jacket for winter holiday gatherings, the design on this fabric makes it an all-year-round kind of style.

White is a color that looks good on many people, too, and its neutrality makes it easy to pair with different accessories, jackets, and shoes.

Marie Claire specifies that this dress was available from a place called Storets. While the link to this dress doesn’t work now, we’re sure that there are even more quality designs like this up there.

17 Olivia Palermo’s Budget Dress Was One She Wore To The Fashion Awards


Only Olivia Palermo could get away with wearing a budget-friendly dress to the Fashion Awards and still look like she’s rocking a tailor-made designer dress. Marie Claire tells us that it’s $148, which is slightly out of our budget for everyday outfit options. However, for a fancy gathering outfit, this would definitely hit the spot. The most surprising thing about this outfit is that it was bought from Banana Republic, which is a part of the GAP empire. So, the next time Mom wants to drag us into GAP, we won’t put up a fuss. If it’s good enough for Palermo, it’s good enough for us!

16 Gigi Hadid Knows The Power Of Good Denim, So We’ll Trust These $40 Jeans


Models make a living by essentially wearing and selling clothes. They know when something fits and when something doesn’t, and the high fashion models are well versed in designer gear. For a famous model like Gigi Hadid, she’s no doubt got a closet full of designer pieces from photo shoots or runway shows (or even just bought as presents to herself).

What does a high fashion model wear when it comes to staple pieces, though? According to Harper’s Bazaar, it’s these $40 American Eagle jeans.

With the coolness of vintage but the contemporary fit and style, these are perfect for pairing with higher-priced items, like her jacket.

15 Hailey Baldwin Is A Big Aritzia Fan


We’ll admit, this outfit isn’t quite as dressed up as the others on our list. To be fair, Hailey Baldwin’s cool-girl style is a little bit different from many of the other celebrity styles we’ve seen. She’s a fan of relaxed looks, oversized jackets, and crop top-with-jeans styles. While we’ve definitely seen her rock some fierce designer styles, Baldwin seems to be the biggest fan of Aritzia. Harper’s Bazaar points out that both her shirt and her joggers are from Aritzia. While we wouldn’t wear them on the red carpet, it does make us feel a little more high fashion when we stop in that store.

14 Logan Browning Has Been Known To Bring ASOS On The Red Carpets


The incredible Logan Browning has an enviable style that’s quickly becoming one of our favorites to watch. It’s not necessarily because of her designer choices either!

Logan Browning seems to have an amazing closet full of cheaper styles, like this ASOS blazer dress.

Harper’s Bazaar prices it as being $83, which is definitely affordable for many of us looking at formal wear options. While we might be inclined to wear it open with some dress pants and a black bandeau, the blazer itself is quality enough that it doesn’t look out of place on a red carpet (or around a charity luncheon table).

13 Cardi B Is Fashion Nova Forever


Cardi B is quickly taking over the rap world, and for good reason. Her music is powerful, and she’s a definite powerhouse. With the recent birth of her daughter, this new mom is working hard in more ways than one, balancing her profession with her family and everything else. She’s not slacking on her style as well, which is an even more impressive feat. One of the ways that Cardi B stays so fashion forward is by appreciating the power of a great fit. Cardi B’s Fashion Nova line is a curvy girl’s dream, and we often see Cardi B rocking Fashion Nova and flaunting her post-baby figure. The best part is that most of it is that it's totally budget-friendly.

12 Hailey Baldwin’s $70 Gold Mini Dress Has Us Totally Gaga


Hailey Baldwin might not be afraid to hit the town wearing Aritzia sweats and a Justin Bieber jacket, but she’s also not afraid to glam up. As a high fashion model, she’s no stranger to fancy clothes and full hair and makeup.

While this dress looks like it costs a couple thousand dollars, trust us when we say that that’s just not true.

Hailey Baldwin is no stranger to dressing up a deal, which is what she’s done with this dress. Harper’s Bazaar reports that this Oh Polly dress costs a cool $70, making it affordable for any of us. The next step is figuring out how to wear it!

11 Kendall Jenner Will Only Rock A Bargain If It Actually Looks Like A Million Bucks


Models are great style icons, just like the Kardashian-Jenner family. Kendall bridges the gap between the two, pulling off Kardashian-Jenner sleek with model chic effortlessly well. While some of her outfits are more eye-catching than others, they all look to be well put together and more or less designer quality. That’s why it comes as a bit of a shock to see this dark green jacket on the bargain list. Believe it or not, this jacket was bought from Forever 21. Marie Claire prices it as being under $50, making this a budget topper that elevates both bargain clothes and designer pieces.

10 But We All Know Kylie Is A Fan Of Cheap And Cheerful


It’s a bit of a surprise to see Kendall listed on the budget beauty list, but it’s certainly no shock to find Kylie’s name written here. This almost-billionaire certainly has the budget to purchase designer clothes, but she doesn’t necessarily have the desire.

She’s got a few pieces that are expensive, sure, but on the whole, she tends to keep herself outfitted in cheap and cheerful options.

Marie Claire revealed that many of her staples (like dresses, bodysuits, and two-piece sets) are bought from fast fashion stores like H&M and Fashion Nova. Case in point: this fiery bodysuit here. Her shoes might cost a pretty penny, but that bodysuit isn’t more than $25.

9 Which Might Be Why Their Kendall + Kylie Collection Is Super Stylish And Budget Friendly


Put the two Jenner sisters’ style ideologies together and what do we get? A Kendall + Kylie collection that’s equal parts affordable and trendy. We’ve seen it advertised through Ardene’s, which is a store that many of us glance past after we get above the age of 20. Trust us when we say that it’s worth going in there from time to time, though. The clothes are quality staples that we can get for a lower price, which can then be paired with other, more expensive options. Marie Claire lists the dress in this picture as a Kendall + Kylie special. With trendiness like that, it’s a shock to learn it’s part of an affordable brand.

8 Ashley Graham Gives Us Casual Power Suit Vibes In This $80 Set


We’re not talking about $80 a piece, either. That’s $80 for the whole outfit, which Ashley Graham flawlessly rocks inside of this crystalline mirror backdrop. Paired with shoes that truly make the outfit, Harper’s Bazaar is quite vocal about the fact that this look is an awesome deal. And it’s true!

They list each part of the two-piece as costing under $40, from a popular brand called Meshki, which has been mentioned a few times as a new favorite celeb brand.

The quality is high and the trendiness is palpable. The part that makes this outfit look really glam? The way that Graham wears it with confidence!

7 Beyonce Wore These $20 Jeans, And Now We Have To Have Them Too


Beyonce is divine, and we’ll follow any style trend that she backed, regardless of how it looks on us. This outfit might not look like anything too special upon first glance, but when we peek a little closer we see that there are a few really outstanding things. First, the shirt. Marie Claire mentions that both the shirt and the shoes are Alice + Olivia, making them a little out of budget for most of us. The jeans, though. These babies are $20 from H&M, and we can’t get over how fierce they look. Maybe it’s the fact they’re paired with a higher quality shirt, or maybe it’s just Beyonce’s aura giving them that golden halo of greatness.

6 Diane Kruger Also Embraces This Matching Set, A Forever 21 Bargain


Another Forever 21 style, this two-piece set must have leaped off the rack and into Diane Kruger’s arms. It looks like it was made for her, which is a feat that few of us are able to pull off.

While we’re not sure of the individual prices of each of these items, we do know that Marie Claire listed the whole set as costing $45.

Without the shoes, of course, though we wish we could rock a pair of purple heels like that. While we’re not sure if we’d ever wear this look, it certainly looks like a typical high fashion outfit.

5 Even J-Lo Is Getting In On The Bargains


It’s not just Kendall and Kylie that get to have all the fun rocking bargain budget millennial pink outfits. J-Lo is also changing the outfit game with these delightful pink culottes. Marie Claire lists them as being a Forever 21 find, which makes us want to go hit the mall ASAP to hunt for our own pair of these. While we might not opt for the sheer bodysuit, the top certainly serves to dress up these $25 pants. This is truly the pinnacle of dressed-up bargain fashion. We’re also incredibly excited about the idea of running into J-Lo at Forever 21!

4 Miranda Kerr Looked Amazing In This Literal Red Carpet Look


Harper’s Bazaar has a whole list of affordable red carpet fashion, but one of our favorite looks was this red lace dress. Worn by Miranda Kerr, Harper’s Bazaar lists the item as being about $80. It’s not just the fact that the price tag is low, though. The other part of this dress that we love is the quality.

Listed as being from H&M, it’s no surprise that their quality is high.

Formal wear especially is a good bet from them, as they tend to keep things classy, quality, as well as on budget. The bright red is a statement, but it’s softened by the lace pattern. Perfect for a red carpet or a family dinner.

3 Natalie Portman Wore This $60 Dress To The Oscars Luncheon


Only Natalie Portman could get away with wearing a $60 dress to something as prestigious as the Oscars Luncheon. When someone is dealing with a pregnancy, trendy fashion options might seem to feel more narrow. Luckily for us, Natalie Portman is proving that maternity fashion can still happen on a budget, which we’re big fans of. Harper’s Bazaar revealed that we can embrace this stylish dress too, as it’s a TopShop maternity style readily available in any store. The best part? It’s only $60, which definitely sounds like a dream come true as far as our wallets happen to be concerned.

2 Zendaya Keeps Proving Her Clothing Line Is Affordable And Superstar Status Worthy


Zendaya doesn’t just wear designer; she is a designer and loves to share her clothing creations with followers of her fashion line. While Seventeen reports that Zendaya has stepped away from the clothing line business for now, we’ve got our eyes on where it might reappear later. This velvet jumpsuit is part of the reason why we should all be hoping it comes back.

Harper’s Bazaar lists it as $70, which seems impossibly low for such a quality looking product.

While Daya x Zendaya is a dormant brand right now, we’re eagerly hoping to pick up more Zendaya designed outfits soon.

1 Even The MET GALA Has Room For Budget-Conscious TopShop, As Kendall Jenner Proved


Daily Mail pointed out that this was not a dress Kendall was proud of. They reported that Kendall’s Met Gala had a behind the scenes tape of her sounding “embarrassed” to be wearing TopShop. Honestly? We don’t necessarily think it was embarrassment in her voice. Even if it was, it’s a fantastic dress. Formal wear on a budget can be tricky, but Kendall seems to have passed the red carpet test. And at the Met Gala, no less! If that’s not proof that budget-friendly bargains can look like quality designer wear, we don’t know what is. Thank you, Kendall, for making us feel like we could afford the Met Gala too.

Source: Seventeen, Daily Mail, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar

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