20 Times Celebs Dressed As Other Celebs For Halloween

Halloween is the one occasion where everyone seemingly enjoys dressing up as someone else for one night only. Many times, people choose to go as a superhero, a villain, television characters or any other mythical creature we’ve heard stress about form many years ago for Halloween.

Celebrities love to throw and attend a fun-filled party. They also love throwing costume themed parties, especially for Halloween. When Halloween comes around, many people can't wait to see what and who some of their favorite stars would be dressed up as for all of their Halloween festivities. There are times when celebrities tend to fan out over other celebrities and decide to dress up as one of their favorite celebrities for Halloween. It can be quite an interesting sight to see; your favorite celebrity dressing up as one of their favorite celebrities.

There are many times that celebrities have chosen to go as one of their comrades for Halloween. Whether it is a costume just for fun, or to bring awareness to a certain cause, the costumes are all in good fun for the simple sake of Halloween.

It’s time to take a look at when some of your favorite celebrities decided to dress up as other celebrities for Halloween.

20 Beyoncé And Blue Ivy As Michael Jackson And Janet Jackson


When it comes to Halloween costumes, Beyoncé usually has a variety of costumes she enjoys switching out during the duration of the festivities. Beyoncé has always stated that one of her biggest musical inspirations growing up was none other than Michael Jackson. Now that Beyoncé is a mother, she's able to incorporate her children with her Halloween costumes. One year, Beyoncé and her gorgeous daughter, Blue Ivy decided to dress as two of the iconic Jackson siblings. Beyoncé went dressed as Janet Jackson during her Rhythm Nation era, while Blue Ivy went dressed as Michael Jackson during his Thriller era.

19 Ellen DeGeneres As Sia


Ellen DeGeneres loves dressing up for Halloween on her daytime talk show. When Ellen picks a costume for the Halloween edition of her show, she usually picks a popular celebrity to portray for the day. Back in 2016, Ellen decided to dress as singer and songwriter, Sia.  Ellen DeGeneres' Sia costume was complete with the half black, half white with bangs wig that Sia often wears to cover her face.

On the show, Ellen even did her own rendition of Sia's music video for the hit song Chandelier.

Ellen even had Heidi Klum dressed up as Maddie Ziegler, who starred in Sia's music video to complete her Sia look.

18 Katy Perry Looks Stoic


In the midst of the 2016  election, Katy Perry decided to continue to show her support for Hillary by dressing up as  Hillary for Halloween. Hillary is known for wearing a wide variety of pantsuits, so it was only right that Katy Perry donned a pantsuit as well. Katy wore a bright red pantsuit. She wore prosthetics to make herself look exactly like Hilary, and she wore a blonde wig. To complete her look, one of Katy's close pals dressed up as Bill.

17 Kim Kardashian And Jonathan Cheban As Sonny And Cher


Kim Kardashian is another celebrity that absolutely loves the idea of dressing up for Halloween. Kim and her bestie Jonathan Cheban decided to dress up as the iconic couple, Sonny and Cher, for Halloween.

Their costumes really made people do a double take as they were strikingly similar to what Cher and Sonny actually looked like.

Both Jonathan and Kim's costumes were custom made, so they could look exactly like the I Got You Babe singers. Kim's costume even gained some major kudos from Cher, who loved Kim and Jonathan's look.

16 Zendaya As Aaliyah


Singer and actress and former Disney star, Zendaya have always referenced the late singer turned actress, Aaliyah as one her biggest idols. Zendaya decided to honor the fallen star by dressing up as Aaliyah at a Halloween event. Back in the '90s, Aaliyah was a model for the clothing brand, Tommy Hilfiger, and of course, Aaliyah's signature hairstyle was having a swoop bang covering her eye. Zendaya said on her Instagram page that this was her way of paying homage to one of her favorite celebrities.

15 Taylor Lautner As Ryan Lochte

[caption id="attachment_463268" align="alignnone" width="1593"]

Actor and former teen heartthrob, Taylor Lautner was easily able to morph into the famous Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. Taylor decided to ditch his dark locks to transform into Ryan Lochte by coloring his hair silver, which is something Lochte did to is own hair during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Taylor Lautner completed his Olympian look with swimming goggles, a blue warm-up outfit that resembles the ones Team U.S.A. wore during the Olympics, and of course, a few gold medals to wear on his neck.

14 Will Poulter For A Noble Cause


There has been a long-running joke across social media for quite some time that actor Will Poulter has an eerie resemblance to a famous character from the Disney Pixar film, Toy Story. Sid was, of course, one of the bullies in the original Toy Story film, and had a knack for destroying toys and creepily merging them together.

Will Poulter decided to go as Sid from Toy Story, and he did so with an important cause. Poulter decided to use his Sid Halloween costume as a way to raise awareness for an anti-bullying campaign.

That's pretty clever.

13 Diddy As Prince


Music mogul and businessman, Diddy is known for throwing some pretty extravagant, celebrity-filled Halloween costume parties. Every year, people eagerly wait to see what their favorite celebrities would dress up as for the Halloween festivities at one of Diddy’s parties.

One year, Diddy decided to go as the musical legend Prince. Diddy’s Halloween outfit definitely captured Prince’s signature look.

Diddy wore a curly wig, he wore a purple velvet cape, paired with a white long-sleeved ruffle shirt, purple pants, and of course a white guitar.

12 Nina Dobrev As Victoria Beckham


The Spice Girls are a true staple in pop culture history. So, it’s only right for a group of friends to try their best as dressing up as one of their favorite Spice Girls for Halloween. That’s exactly what actress Nina Dobrev decided to do with a group of her closest friends. Nina Dobrev decided to dress up as Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Posh Spice, and she totally nailed it. Dobrev had the perfect wig to mimic Victoria Beckham’s hair, and she was even able to capture Victoria’s poised glare at the camera.

11 Heidi Klum As Michael Jackson's Thriller


It’s safe to say that Halloween just might be supermodel Heidi Klum’s favorite event, ever. Every year, Heidi Klum throws a larger-than-life Halloween event where she goes all out with her decorative Halloween costumes. Some might even consider Heidi Klum as the queen of Halloween, as her costumes always outshine everyone else's. Here we see Hedi dressed was the werewolf from Michael Jackson's music video, Thriller. Heidi’s costume looks as though it's straight out of a movie set. She has sharp werewolf teeth, whiskers, a full chest of hair, and her claws are razor sharp.

10 Beyoncé, Blue Ivy And Tina Lawson As Salt-N-Pepa


Beyoncé, her daughter Blue Ivy, and her mom, Tina Lawson, decided to make their Halloween costumes a family affair. The trio dressed up as the famous hip-hop girl group, Salt-N-Peppa, which features Salt, Peppa and of course DJ Spinderella. Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, and Tina were giving totally nostalgic vibes with their Halloween outfits. They were color blocking with their outfits, they all wore gold link necklaces, colorful shoes, and matching hats. Not to mention, Beyoncé definitely had the Salt-N-Peppa hairstyle and complimented her costume with gold hooped bamboo earrings.

9 Michael Strahan As Tyler Perry


If you quickly take a glance at this photo, one could easily assume this was Tyler Perry dressed as his famous character, Madea. But that's not the case. This is in fact, former NFL star turned tv personality Michael Strahan dressed as Tyler Perry dressed as Madea. Michael Strahan wore his rendition of the Madea costume while hosting the daytime talk show, Live! With Kelly and Michael. Strahan appeared as Madea who was giving a sit-down interview on a mock set of the Oprah Winfrey talk show. Micheal Strahan made sure he had Madea's mannerisms down when he posed for this photo.

8 Martha Stewart As Marilyn Monroe


Marylin Monroe is a pretty popular costume for Halloween. Every one that has dressed as Marylin Monore for Halloween has always put their own little personal twist on the costume.

Celebrity homemaker Marth Stewart has let it known on many occasions that she loves all things regarding Halloween.

So, one year, Martha decided to dress up as Marylin Monore. Martha Stewart’s costume was complete with a blond, curly wig, a shimmery dress, and bedazzled earrings. Of course, Martha had Marylin’s red pouty lips and a mole on her face.

7 Karrueche Tran As Lil' Kim


Back in the '90s, rapper Lil' Kim was notoriously known for her many looks. Lil' Kim would often wear bright-colored clothing and would have the bright-colored hair to match her outfits. Karrueche Tran paid homage to Lil' Kim by wearing this blue head-to-toe outfit. Lil' Kim wore a similar outfit in her music video for her hit single, Crush On You. Karrueche Tran was able to perfectly capture Lil' Kim's essence in that particular video with her choice of costume.

6 Pauly D As Justin Bieber


When Justin Biber first came on to the music scene, he had a signature look that was pretty easy for anyone to try their hands at emulating. Jersey Shore star, Pauly D decided to try his hand at looking like Justin Bieber one Halloween by easily dressing as the, then, teen sensation. Pauly D combed over his hair to wear the popular Bieber bangs. He then added a hoodie jacket with sunglasses, which is something that a teenage Justin Bieber was famously known for wearing on many occasions.

5 Kim Kardashian As Anna Wintour


Kim Kardashian always tries her best to have a variety of costumes for Halloween. Sometimes the reality tv star would change up her costume two to four times during the fall festivities. On one Halloween occasion, one of Kim's many costumes included dressing up as the editor in chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour. Kim wore a blonde wig that was cut into a short bob with bangs, similar to how Anna Wintour always chooses to wear her hair. Kim then wore a woven suit and paired it with huge glasses that covered her face.

4 Kelly Rowland As Stacey Dash


When the '90s film, Clueless was released, it instantly being a cult classic for many people. Everyone wanted to dress like some of the main characters. A few years, Clueless became a television show, and it became even more popular. At Halloween event thrown by Beyoncé and Jay Z, Kelly Rowland decided to dress up as one of the popular characters, Dionne Davenport. Dionne Davenport was portrayed by Stacey Dash. Kelly topped off her Dionne Davenport costume by paid skirt and jacket outfit. She even paired it with thigh-high boots, which were pretty popular on Clueless.

3 Paris Hilton As Madonna


Pop star Madonna is another one of those celebrities whose attire could be a top choice when it comes picking out a Halloween costume. Socialite Paris Hilton dressed liked the 1980s version of Madonna. This particular Madonna look that Paris Hilton is wearing is extremely popular, since it's been deemed as Madonna's Like A Virgin wedding dress. Paris Hilton has called Madonna one her idols, so of course, it wasn't a surprise to anyone when Paris Hilton decided to dress like Madonna for Halloween.

2 Kourtney Kardashian And Younes Bendjima As Bonnie And Clyde


Throughout time, couples have always considered their relationships to be like Bonnie and Clyde. Beyoncé and Jay Z even made a hit song depicting their Bonnie and Clyde, thick-as-thieves-like relationship. When Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima were still dating, they chose to go as the notorious Bonnie and Clyde duo for Halloween. Their costumes were very similar to the ones that Bonnie and Clyde had been depicted to wearing. Kourtney and Younes looked amazing while wearing their bandit-like costumes. They were in sync and matching from head to toe.

1 Victoria Justice Nailed It As Amy Winehouse


Victoria Justice has referred to Amy Winehouse as being one her favorite singers of all time, so she chose to dress like the late singer for Halloween one year. Victoria Justice's Amy Winehouse costume was complete with her wearing a black beehive like hairstyle, which was one of Amy Winehouse's signature look. Victoria also wore a few fake tattoos to mimic Amy’s, white tank top, and bold red lipstick. Victoria even wore dark winged eyeliner to really give the feel of an Amy Winehouse look.

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