20 Times Celeb Moms Let Their Children Wear A Gender Neutral Outfit

It’s the 21st century, and now it seems as though a lot of labels are now being tested, or just plain thrown away. People are no longer interested in being subjected to how society views them. People want to choose who and what they are.

One such example is by the emergence of gender-neutral identity. Merriam-Webster describes this ideal as referring "to people in general” rather than by their anatomy. Being gender-neutral is not a new concept, but it’s certainly making its way into the households of Hollywood’s A-Listers. This totally makes sense because we all know how the rich and famous like to be trend-setters.

We’ve seen our favorite celebrities give their children gender-neutral names, haircuts, and outfits. There’s even the recent trend of having gender-neutral or co-ed baby showers. This pretty much pushes the boundaries about what is and what isn’t “acceptable” anymore.

Raising children is no joke. Parenting comes with a lot of work, a lot of sacrifices, and also hoping that you’re being the best parent you can be to your little one. It is therefore admirable that some of our celebs have decided to introduce the concept of being gender neutral to their kids.

Read below as we take you through the interesting and gender-neutral outfits, haircuts, and styles that some of our celebs are embracing along with their children.

20 Charlize Theron's Son Was Dressed As Princess Elsa


There comes a time when children start wanting to choose what they wear. This is also a time when there will be a whole lot of tantrum throwing as they are adamant that they want to wear what they want to wear.

This was the case for Charlize’s son, who was spotted dressed as Princess Elsa on Halloween.

Now, of course, once the paparazzi pics were released to different platforms on the internet, people were not so thrilled about this. However, on Jimmy Kimmel, Charlize simply explained that her son just loves Elsa from Frozen and wanted to dress like her–simple as that.

19 Angelina Jolie Encourages Shiloh's Individuality

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Angelina Jolie making her way onto our list is certainly not a big surprise–the woman has always been unique. Whatever work she’s involved in, whatever relationship she’s in, Angie certainly seems like one of those people who just live their lives according to the beat of their own drum.

This unmistakable individuality has managed to rub off on her daughter, Shiloh.

We’ve all seen the images of Shiloh embracing what seems to be more of a boyish look. Speaking to Vanity Fair, Angelina explained that “She wants to be a boy. So we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys’ everything.”

18 Pink Has A "Label-less" Household

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There is definitely no surprise to see Pink on this list. The woman is a walking representation of originality. She looks nothing like her female counterparts in the music industry and we honestly think that she likes it that way.

When it comes to being a parent, the same idea seems to apply. We all saw that heartwarming speech she gave about her daughter at the VMAs in 2017. The speech highlighted just how she encourages her daughter to not conform. She explained to People that “we are a very label-less household. We help other people to change, so they can see all kinds of beauty.”

17 The Smith Family Have Always Been Trendsetters

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The Smith family is not only good looking, but they are also a talented bunch with each of them making a name for themselves in their chosen fields. They are truly a trendsetting family. This trendsetting, of course, starts from both the parents, who are household names in their own right and then trickles down to their children, who are clearly brave about exploring whatever they feel like.

This bravery does scare Will Smith a bit though.

Parents revealed Will’s thoughts on his son’s individuality; “Jaden is 100 percent fearless. He will do anything, you know? So as a parent, it’s scary. It’s really [scary]. But he is completely willing to live and die by his own artistic decisions and he just doesn’t concern himself with what people think.”

16 Zoe Saldana Is All About Experimenting

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When kids are growing up, they certainly love to experiment–this is how they learn. As a mother of three boys, Zoe Saldana’s household is definitely filled with lots of exciting experiments. What’s interesting about Zoe’s household is that not only are the parents okay with the boys painting their nails, Zoe and her husband also don’t conform to traditional roles.

As explained in Moms, Zoe is adamant about she and her husband being the leaders of this concept in their home. “We have a very gender-neutral environment where my husband participates in a lot of tasks that were normally given to women and vice versa. I get to do a lot of male things, which is, I don’t know, put the TV together and fix things that break.”

15 Mila Kunis Wants Her Kids' Minds To Be Open

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We’ve heard the popular saying you are a product of your environment. Now whether you agree with it or not, one can’t deny that how and where you grew up definitely does affect how you see the world. Take actress, Mila Kunis, for example. The beauty grew up in Hollywood, exposed to people from all walks of life.

Mila largely attributes her upbringing as the reason why she is accepting of different people and why she’s so open-minded.

Because she grew up this way and understands the value of acceptance, she and her husband Ashton Kutcher are also trying to raise their kids to be the same. They started this by giving their daughter a gender-neutral name, Wyatt.

14 Megan Fox And Her Husband Are On The Same Page

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Megan has been regularly seen walking around with her son wearing dresses or tutus. Now, this list is mainly about celeb moms allowing their children to explore different outfits or styles, but we also love it when we see a dad publicly coming to the defense of his son.

When it comes to their son wanting to wear dresses, both Megan and her husband, Brian Austin Green are on the same page. Moms revealed Brian’s response when asked about this. “It’s his life, they’re not my clothes…I feel like at four at five, that’s a time when he should be having fun. He’s not harming anyone wearing a dress. So if he wants to wear a dress, good on him.”

13 Adele Allows Her Son To Dress Like A Princess


Mothers with daughters generally have a lot of pink tutus in their kids’ closets. And mothers with boys? Anything blue, of course. Well, it seems like Adele is not so crazy about this concept of having only certain types of clothing for her son, Angelo. She proved this on a visit to Disneyland where she allowed him to pick out and wear his outfit–a Princess Anna costume.

In an interview with Time, she explains, “I can’t wait to know who his best friends are going to be, who his girlfriend or his boyfriend is going to be or what movies he likes. Whatever my kid wants to do or be I will always support him.”

12 Gwen Stefani Is Okay With The Tutus

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One word that can be used to describe Gwen Stefani’s style is definitely eclectic. Since her No Doubt days, she’s been giving fans loads of interesting outfits and hairstyles on the red carpet. Her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, is not quite as eclectic as Gwen, but he is also a musician and definitely a free spirit.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that these two beautiful people have children that like to explore.

Children learn from their parents, right? With their eldest son, in particular, he has been seen not only wearing a tutu for Halloween but also regularly painting his nails and wearing eye-liner.

11 Tori Spelling Doesn't Mind Her Son Painting His Nails

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Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott have a big family. With a big family, it is normal to have quite varying personalities. What’s great about this pair is that they have decided on embracing whatever their kids are interested in.

For instance, Dean recently posted images of him getting a pedicure with his daughter. Of course, the naysayers on social media went on a frenzy. This pushed Tori to explain on social media that this is not a big deal. “My son Liam asked if he could get his nails done like dad, and I was thrilled. I want him to try things; I want him to think outside the box. I want him to be an individual and a free thinker.”

10 Candice Swanepoel Is All About Gender-Neutral Names

Via Vogue

We’ve already discussed quite extensively about how our favorite celebrities are choosing to let their kids explore different things. We’ve talked about celeb boys wearing tutus and dresses, we’ve also discussed little boys painting their nails and little girls going bald for a while. All this is a visual representation of how free thinking the parents of these kids really are.

Gender-neutral names have been around for many years and Candice definitely chose an unexpected name for her son.

Naming a child can be difficult at times–this is what they’ll be known for, for the rest of their lives! The pressure is definitely on. When it comes to Candice, however, she chose to give her little a boy a name she loved, no matter who thinks what. She named her adorable little boy Ariel.

9 JLo Has Always Been A Leader Of The Pack


Whenever you’re putting together a list of celebrities who are doing something out of the ordinary or who are simply not being conformists, without a doubt, JLo’s name is going to come up. The singer, actress, dancer, and businesswoman has clearly lived her life not being too concerned about what people think. Any woman who lives like that is sure to have this rub off on her kids, right?

The mother of two regularly uses gender-neutral pronouns when referring to either her own children or even her sister’s kids.

What we love most about this is that she is not making a big fuss about it–she is simply raising her kids the way she sees fit, no matter what anyone has to say.

8 Megan Really Doesn't Mind The Critics

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We had to have Megan twice on this list because the woman surely doesn’t mind the haters. After paparazzi images of her son wearing dresses broke the internet, she was, of course, ridiculed by the naysayers on the net.

They criticized the decision to not only allow her son to wear dresses but to also paint his nails.

Her response to all the haters? Well, continue to let her son wear the dresses he wants to, of course. This just shows that our girl Megan is not about to let strangers dictate to her how she should or shouldn’t raise her kids–good on you, Megan.

7 Jaime King Has Even Started A Gender-Neutral Clothing Line

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When it comes to raising kids in a gender-neutral household, Jaime King felt like that’s the only way. Why? Well, she was personally bullied as a child for having a name that’s traditionally a boy’s name. This bullying didn’t make her try to conform, though. Oh no!

The actress has even started a gender-neutral clothing line.

As Moms reports, her son was actually the inspiration behind it. “My son loves pink. I look at him and he’s not one way or another. He’s just like David Bowie. He wants to wear sparkles and pink and bright, vibrant colors, and yet he’s in love with beautiful girls.”

6 Celine Dion Has Never Been A Follower

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The 50-year-old singer Celine Dion makes her way onto our list at number 5. What we think is extra special about Celine is the fact that she’s the oldest parent on this list, showing that this gender-neutral trend is not only for the young.

The mother is taking things a bit further than just dressing her kids in non-conformist ways. She’s actually partnered with NUNUNU in launching a gender-neutral collection that caters to children from zero to 14 years.

She told People her thoughts on this new venture. “I’ve always loved NUNUNU and what they represent. Partnering with Iris and Tali to encourage a dialogue of equality and possibility makes so much sense.”

5 Brad And Angelina Both Agree On Kids Wearing What They Want


So, by now we all know that Brad and Angie have agreed to go their separate ways. We’ve also heard about the unfortunate troubles of their divorce troubles. Well, we can't say that we're surprised here as that is to be expected–the “D” word is never pretty.

One thing we love though is how they agree to let their kids wear what they want. As discussed before, their daughter Shiloh seems to be into boyish styles, and from what we’ve seen, Zahara loves dresses. They have a big family and it’s definitely great to see that each kid is taught to embrace who they really are.

4  The Smith Kids Are Taking It To Another Level

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Having parents as cool as Will and Jada, of course, means that you’ll not only be cool yourself but you'll also be open-minded. Will and Jada’s kids being as free-spirited as they are just shows what happens when a child grows up in an environment that allows for self-expression and individuality.

Jaden is often seen modeling dresses or skirts and even rocking them on a regular day. Of course, he’s been a little ridiculed by people online, but he told Nylon Magazine that he really doesn’t care. “The world is going to keep bashing me for whatever I do, and I’m going to keep not caring.”

3 Amber Rose Believes In Being Open Minded

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Amber Rose regularly gets a whole lot of haters on social media about how she chooses to dress. This doesn’t stop her, so why should she be any different when it comes to her parenting, right? The mother of one normally claps back at haters that don’t have nice things to say on the net but it seems like this time, she decided not to take an aggressive approach.

She decided to explain how she feels through her social media accounts. “We encourage our children to paint, draw, and be creative so why block them from their creativity when it comes to self-expression? Standards and gender roles! Let your children be great!”

2 Bryce Dallas Howard Let Her Daughter Be Bald For A Long Time

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Bryce Dallas Howard is all about waiting for her child to get older to communicate what she likes as opposed to imposing parental preferences on her. This was evident when she left her daughter bald for a very long time.

Of course, most mothers like to wrap a ribbon around their daughter's heads just so that it’s clear that their child is a girl.

Most mothers, that is, except for Bryce. With regards to her daughter being bald, she told People that “that was fine, and there was no problem. I really wanted to wait for her to lead me in a certain direction.”

1 Majandra Delfino Wants Her Kids To Just "Be"

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Majandra Delfino and her husband, David Walton, have two kids and their parenting philosophy is to let them explore and be open to anything–to dress in and play with whatever they are drawn to.

This results in their son having ballet lessons, in addition to playing with toy trucks, and their daughter not having a closet of entirely pink clothing as most little girls do. The reason why Majandra felt that this was necessary is that she wanted to make their home the one place where no one will impose any of their expectations on the kids. After all, they have their entire lives for that!

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