20 Times Celeb Kids Made A Splash On The Red Carpet

For fans who haven't realized by now that Hollywood is built on dynasties, prepare to be surprised! A great deal of fan-favorite and famous entertainers are in some way connected to other people in the business.

While the Kardashians may be one of the most obvious and transparent examples of how it works, the reality is that most other entertainers have a great deal of family in the industry that fans may not know about. This is the reason celebrity kids are such a relevant part of the entertainment world.

In a few years' time, they will be the stars of the next generation, and it's possible that they'll become more widely known than their famous parents. The kids that are already frequenting red carpets, of course, have a leg up.

Some celebrities choose to keep their kids out of the spotlight. But many happily flaunt them. It's most likely that those kids are going to be among those that follow their famous parents' footsteps, and many of them are already basking in the spotlight.

Take a look at some kiddos who are quite likely going to be part of the upcoming famous generation, including some who basically already are.

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20 Blue Ivy Upstaged Her Moms At The VMAs

Larry Busacca

It seems that Blue Ivy was pretty much born with a larger than life personality, which is no surprise considering who her parents are. The then 4-year-old pretty much outshone her mother on the red carpet as they attended the MTV VMAs.

Since then, Blue Ivy has graduated to having her own stylist and personal shopper. 

NY Post reports that Manual Mendez was responsible for Blue's Mischa Aoki dress and Giuseppe Zannotti high-tops look at the award show. Since then, he's also styled her for a number of other events and already put her on the map as a fashionista.

19 DJ Khaled And His Son Wore Matching Suits

Harper's Bazaar

While some celebrities chose to keep their kids out of the public eye, DJ Khaled has no qualms about letting the world know his son. Asahd is only two years old, but he already has quite the following because his father often brings him along to work commitments. The toddler even has an IG account with almost 2 million followers. Earlier this year, Asahd accompanied his father to the Grammys in a matching suit, and he was one of the biggest stars of the night. Still, in an interview with Hollywood Reporter, DJ Khaled maintained that he was very protective of "what things [Asahd] wants to do at this age."

18 Willow And Jaden Smith Are Big Stars Just Like Their Parents


Just like their parents Will and Jada, Willow and Jaden are pretty much household names at this point. Way back in 2013, they were photographed at the Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere in Los Angeles.

At that point, they were both accomplished actors and musicians, and their stars have only continued to rise since then. 

Just Jared reported that Jaden was accompanied by Kylie Jenner to the premiere, who at the time was rumored to be his girlfriend. Back in those days, the two were very close, and Kylie was just Kim's little sister. Clearly, times have changed, but Jaden and Willow continue to command red carpets.

17 French Montana's Son Kruz Outshone Him In A Gold Vest


Musician French Montana brought his son Kruz Kharbouch as his date to the 2017 Grammys, and we are not sure who in the duo looked more dashing. While the two opted for matching bow ties, Kruz kinda stole the spotlight with his gold vest. Nine-year-old Kruz is French's only child from his previous marriage to ex-wife Deen, Famous Birthdays reports. He is often featured on both his parent's social media accounts. No word yet on whether he is interested in following his father's footsteps, but in the picture above, he definitely looks comfortable in front of the camera.

16 Judd Apatow And Leslie Mann's Kids Look Just Like Their Mom

Daily Mail

Writer and director Judd Apatow and his wife, actress Leslie Mann, are shaping up to build the next great famous family.

Their daughters Maude and Iris have frequented many red carpets with their famous parents, but Judd and Leslie are the sorts of down-to-earth parents that have ensured the Hollywood lifestyle hasn't left them entitled.

On the Today Show Judd mentioned that the girls grew up in a home with no Wifi and only one family computer. We're not quite sure how he managed that, but it seems he and Leslie have given the girls the basis they need to become decent people, even as they've begun to pursue professions in the acting world.

15 David Beckham Clearly Has Strong Genes


David and Victoria Beckham are Hollywood staples, yet already they're ushering in the next generation of stars. Above, the couple is pictured with their boys Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz. The Beckhams also have a daughter, Harper, who is seven years old. While Harper looks like a blend of her famous parents, the boys all appear to be younger versions of their father. The oldest, nineteen-year-old Brooklyn, is already widely known for his good looks and famous girlfriends, including actress Chloe Grace Moretz. Hello mag reports that he recently dropped out of Parsons School of Design in New York, where he was studying photography.

14 Kelly Ripa's Daughter Lola Is All Grown Up


Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos clearly have a genetically gifted family, but interestingly, none of the children really look like Kelly. Daughter Lola is no exception.

Over the years, Lola has made some appearances on the red carpet with her parents, and she's even been a guest on Live With Kelly and Ryan. 

The seventeen-year-old is the middle child; older brother Michael is 21 and younger brother Joaquin is 15, according to E News. According to Kelly's stories on the show, Lola is often embarrassed by her famous parents. Not sure what that means in terms of her future profession, but we can't wait to find out.

13 Melissa Joan Hart's Son Braydon Did Not Care Much For The Red Carpet

Cafe Mom

Best known for her iconic lead role in Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Melissa Joan Hart continues to act, despite being busy raising a family these days. Melissa and her husband, musician Mark Wilkerson, have three kids; Mason, Braydon, and Tucker. They've occasionally accompanied her on red carpets, and on this particular day, it seems that her middle son Brayden was over it. Melissa told People that her boys can be a bit mischievous at times, stating; "When they can't get my attention [in public] they yell out 'Melissa Joan Hart' because they know I don't like to be recognized at airports or restaurants." Clearly, they're very clever boys!

12 Nick And Mariah Decided To Twin With Their Twins For The Kids' Choice Awards


Nick and Mariah have been divorced for quite a while now, but they have maintained a great example of gracious exes, and clearly, they still know how to coordinate family time for the kids. The couple's twins Moroccan and Monroe are seven years old, and it seems that they don't mind twinning with their parents yet.

We're not sure who came up with the idea of matching outfits for the Kids' Choice Awards, but it's great to see just how close-knit this family is. 

People reports that Nick and Mariah are spending Christmas together with their kids this year.

11 Reese Witherspoon And Her Daughter Ava Have Very Similar Style

Taylor Hill/ WireImage

We imagine that Reese Witherspoon feels like she's looking in a mirror every time she looks at her daughter Ava. These two truly could pass for twins, and it seems that's not where the comparison ends. In addition to their sense of style, it seems they also share their musical talent. Reese told W Magazine that Ava "plays a lot of different instruments and has been to lots of different music training camps." Reese has sung in films like Walk The Line and Sing, so even though she's primarily known as an actress, we won't rule out the possibility of a duet.

10 Ciara's Son, Future, Loves The Spotlight

93.9 WKYS

Ciara is now married to NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, but her first son Future Zahir was born to her and rapper Future in 2o14. Ciara also has a daughter, Sienna with Russell, who has reportedly taken on a hands-on role with Future Jr. as well.

His parents have been wrapped up in a fairly public custody battle, but Future Jr. seems to be stepping away from the drama in this adorable photo.

With two famous parents, it's no surprise that baby Future is happy in the spotlight. We'd be willing to bet that this adorable kid will follow his parents' footsteps in the future!

9 North West Took Her Mom As Her Guest To Her First Fashion Show


The Kardashian-Jenner fam begins working pretty early, so it's no surprise that North West has already had some business ventures of her own. Earlier this year, six-year-old North West made her "runway debut" at an L.O.L. surprise fashion show in Santa Monica, California. As expected, mom Kim Kardashian was there to support her, TMZ reported. North wore a Thriller inspired outfit, establishing herself as a fashion iconic, just like celebrity offspring Blue Ivy. Between her famed model auntie Kendall Jenner and all of the ventures into the fashion and makeup world the rest of the family has made, we'd be surprised if North West didn't have a personal shopper as well.

8 Busy Phillips And Her Daughter Have Matching Costumes


Best known for her roles in Dawson's Creek, White Chicks, and He's Just Not That Into You, actress Busy Phillips is obviously used to playing a role.

It is probably the reason she had no qualms about dressing up as Tinkerbell with her daughter at an LA party in 2010.

The then two-year-old Birdie Leigh is all grown up now, and we can also hope that she and her famous mom will someday recreate this look because we'd love to see the then and now side by side. Birdie also has a younger sister, Cricket, who is five years old.

7 Jaimie Foxx's Daughter Looked Stunning At The Academy Awards


Despite being incredibly private about his romantic relationships, Jaimie Foxx clearly enjoys having his daughters accompany him on the red carpet. Jaimie's daughter Corinne has been accompanying him to events for years now. The twenty-four-year-old has been to the Oscars multiple times with her father (the first time she was eleven), as well as the Grammys, the NAACPs, and many more. Jaimie's younger daughter, nine-year-old Annalise, has also been known to accompany her father to events. Corinne is currently working on a film starring Nia Long, so it seems she plans to follow her father's footsteps.

6 Ryan Reynolds' Kids Had A Great Time At His Walk Of Fame Ceremony


With their sense of humor and good looks, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are an obvious power couple. It's certainly a lot of pressure for their daughter James and Ines to live up to!

The couple typically opts to keep their kids out of the limelight, but when Ryan received his Walk of Fame star recently, it was a family event.

As you can see from the picture above, it seems that James wasn't too interested in the ceremony, but that's to be expected from a four-year-old. Blake previously shared with Marie Claire that she wants normalcy for her kids; "Ryan had a nice, normal upbringing, and we want our kids to have the same normal life that we had."

5 Catherine Zeta-Jones' Rarely Seen Kids Made An Entrance At The Ant-Man Premiere


Catherine Zeta-Jones and her husband Michael Douglas have kept their kids out of the spotlight most of their lives, but as they've grown up, the kids appear to be embracing the spotlight more. Earlier in the year, the couple's daughter Carys gave an interview to Town & Country in which she discussed tough experiences in school because of her father's age. According to Hello Magazine, Carys apparently wants to follow in her mother's footsteps to become an actress, and her older brother Dylan may also be interested in exploring that avenue. Dylan has just graduated high school, so he may begin auditioning before we know it!

4 Matthew McConaughey's Stylish Children Attended The Sing Premiere

E Online

Camila Alves and her husband Matthew McConaughey have done a great job of keeping their kids' lives relatively normal.

Levi, Vida, and Livingston are growing up fast, and in these matching suits, they stole the show at the Sing premiere.

In an interview with Today, Matthew elaborated on he and Alves' parenting style; "When kids try to good cop, bad cop ya' we're on the same page. If they try to play us, we give the same answer. We also have a lot of fun." Though some of his roles would make us think otherwise, it seems Matthew is a pretty level-headed parent.

3 Liv Tyler And Her Father Steven Share Star Power On The Red Carpet


Liv Tyler, daughter of Aerosmith member Steven Tyler, had something of an unconventional upbringing. Liv has explained that she didn't know Steven was her father until she was eight years old when she recognized the resemblance between herself, Steven, and her half-sister Mia. Liv's mother is the American singer Bebe Buell, according to Hello Magazine, and Liv's father figure was her partner at the time, musician Todd Rundgren. Liv has maintained that she still considers Todd her father. Nevertheless, she and Steven have made up for lost time, and she's even commended him as a grandfather, which makes their story even more touching.

2 Tia Mowry's Son Was A Little Shy At This Disney Premiere

Parents Mag

Tia Mowry had her second child, a girl named Cairo, earlier this year with her husband Cory Hardrict. For a long time before that, it was just the two of them and their son, seven-year-old Cree. Although Tia previously had a reality show with her sister Tamera, overall, she and her husband seem to have no interest in putting their kids in the limelight.

Instead, they seem to have a balanced approach where they're not putting them in the public eye, but they're also not going out of their way to hide them.

Tia has discussed parenting a great deal since she became a mom, however, talking about everything from her son's peanut allergy to balancing her kid's schedules.

1 Anna's Wintour's Daughter Looked Stunning At The Met Gala

Avenue Mag

The Met Gala is a star-studded event, yet the chair of the event (and Editor-in-Chief of Vogue) Anna Wintour still made quite a splash this year along with her daughter. Thirty-one-year-old Bee Shaffer looked classic in a red gown and had also made a splash the previous year when she debuted her engagement ring. Bee is a producer on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and her now husband Francesco Carrozzini is a film director and photographer whose mother was the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia. She didn't exactly follow her mother's footsteps, but she is one half of a fashionable power couple.

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