20 Things You Miss When Going From BAD Girl To GOOD Girl

"Cause I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it" says Bad Gal Riri. Being bad can be fun. You don't feel guilty over your naughty actions and the adrenaline rush can be quite rewarding. But after a while something happens. You get bored.

The one fact about a bad girl is that you aren't easily amused. After a while people and your antics, may bore you. That's when the time comes to turn your life around and become...a good girl. Leave the boys, the parties, the careless attitude behind and turn over a new leaf. Now there's just one question you have to ask yourself, are you sure you won't miss being a bad girl?

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20 The Risquee Outfits


When you're a bad girl you dress and look how you want without any regrets. Putting those short and curve hugging dresses away will be a tough transition. Even harder will be the memories behind each little piece of fabric. How can you just put away those Vegas nights and the Miami after parties at the hotels with your friends?

Don't worry girl, those classy gowns and beautiful pearls will look just right around your neck. Pant suits always make a gorgeous woman, like yourself, look more intriguing and new memories during cocktail hours will be unforgettable as well.

19 Being the Tough Girl


You are the one who never gets hurt. Friends and men come and go and it never phases you. You can do without the hour long reconciliation talks and all the mushy, "I'm sorries." Life flows better when you have tough skin and you don't allow anything to affect your mood nor your tomorrow.

Looking forward however you finally get to admit to vulnerability at times. Maybe feeling the comfort behind an "I forgive you" will not be so bad. Even becoming the one who your friends go to for advice because although they can open up to you now, you are still strong and fearless.

18 Getting Your Way

Dee Van Storm Flickr.com

Bad girls have no boundaries. It's no wonder why they always get their way. How did she get to skip the line? How come she got such a big discount? Did she just flirt her way into getting in? Yes, it's easy to have the world in your hands when consequences do not exist in your mind.

Although the satisfaction behind earning something and just having it handed to you is different, the fairness behind working for it always feels better. No one said you have to give up on getting your way, but going about it the right way will make you feel much more accomplished and even happier.

17 Dancing on the Edge


Why walk on the edge when you can dance on the edge? When you're a bad girl you always take it to the next level. You can't remember the last time you sat on a motorcycle instead of standing up straight. Barging into the V.I.P section and chugging the champagne as if you even knew the host. Good times.

Continue to dance girl, good girls still get down! Before you were daring, but now you will take the right risks. Now you have a better grip on life and because this version of you is more put together, you will be the proud host of that table in the V.I.P (hehe). Imagine that, having a good time in a responsible way!

16 Entertaining Yourself


Let's face it, bad girls aren't really close to many people. They have plenty of friends but trusting others doesn't come easily. Thank god you have yourself right? Who better to rely on than you? "I was born alone, I will die alone." Plus talking to yourself and making yourself laugh means total self acceptance!

Hey good girl! It's awesome that you are happy and comfortable with yourself. Never ever stop loving you, but now you can let others in. Having meaningful friendships can make life so much more fulfilling. Having a friend to laugh with, talk to and seek advice from serves for an even better time.

15 Man-Eater

is a belle Flickr.com

It feels good to be at the top of the food chain. Being selfish with your feelings means you do not get attached to any man. You don't have to worry about getting your heart broken because you don't fall for anyone. Instead you play them all like toys and don't give them any real attention.

Good news, you will have much more room in your contact list. Having a meaningful partner to share your time and ideas with can feel good. The good thing about coming from a bad girl past, is that you most likely know what you are worth and will not settle for just anyone. So go ahead girl, trust your instincts and live a little.

14 Good Girls Finish Last


It seems like the bad girls always get the good guys. It pretty much seems as if they always get whatever they want. You remember never having a problem attracting anyone you wanted for the evening and landing that promotion by stepping on everyones toes. It felt good being at the top.

Now that you are a new woman you can still finish first. With your firm attitude and the determination you developed as a "bad girl" you are sure to still get what you want. Now that you are able to let people in, you can network your way to the top and demonstrate how good you are at your job.

13  The Free Things


Bad girls always seem to get all the free things. With all the right moves and the flirtatious glares, getting free things isn't that hard. It isn't that bad on the bank account either. The free drinks for you and your friends at the high end rooftops was always a guarantee.

Guess what? As a good girl you can still have your freebies. People like nice people. With a courteous and inviting attitude others won't be able to help being generous. Who would have thought you could have the best of two worlds?

12 Confidence


Confidence seems to walk hand in hand with being a bad girl. You always felt that sense of superiority over others because you had no rules to abide by. A tough girl is always a bad girl isn't she? Now that Demi Lovato is more confident (The title of her album) she is showing more skin and speaking more openly about friskier topics.

However, you don't have to loose the Lovato in you. Confidence is what drives a woman. Even good girls are sure of who they are and what they want out of life. After all, if you don't believe in yourself, who will?

11 The Center of Attention

Voyeur Flickr.com

You are the girl who everybody stops to look at in a room full of people. You're always saying something out of the ordinary or picking on someone. If you aren't seductively dancing with a drink in your hand in the middle of the dance floor, it's because you are at the bar getting another drink.

With your new self you will still be the center of attention, but for all of the right reasons. Who is that girl? "So poised, so well mannered, so well put together." That's how you want to be recognized, as the girl who stands out because of her class. You will appreciate this attention much more.

10  I Quit


For most people walking away from a job just because you don't like it, is not an option. For you on the other hand, feeling "over-worked" is impractical. Why sit around at a place where someone else is allowed to tell you what to do? Bills you say? You always found a way out of any situation.

No more of this as a good girl. Though settling for less isn't in your character either way, you will strive to find a position that suits you in every way. Having a career that you're passionate about is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Being loyal to your workplace is also a good way of remaining stable and having possibilities of advancement within and/or beyond the business.

9 The Independence


"All the women who are independent throw your hand up at me." A bad girl depends on no one. You are known for being the girl who never asks for help. You have taught yourself how to do it all and find your way out of any situation.

Good girls are strong independent women as well. No one is ever really "self made," at some point someone out there helped to get you to the next step. Let your independence continue to glow, as a good girl you will continue to break down walls and shine bright.

8 Winning!


It seems as if you've been just cruising through life. Everything has been smooth sailing because it's easy to get your way. Your bad girl ways have always gave you good results. You continue to win. You wonder will it be the same after your transition?

There are fair winners and well...cheaters. Yes you will continue to win because you will have the same spirit and drive inside of you that you've always had. Winning in life takes hard work, positive thinking and just a little bit of luck. With all of your new good karma, winning won't be hard to hold on to.

7 The Girl Everyone Wants to Be

Mikko Flickr.com

You loved the envious looks every time you walked by. The girl who everyone else wish to be. "The up and down eye roll" and the whispers wherever you went, you fed off of it. Again, being a bad girl gives you an edge, that "thing" that they all want.

Inspire, influence and motivate others. Now that you have their attention, what can you do to help someone else? Since they're still looking, use your influence to change someone else's life in a positive way. What can you teach them from your experiences in life? Maybe how the journey from a bad girl to a good girl has open more doors for you?

6 Love Can't Hurt You

The Lipstick Chronicles

Love can be our kryptonite, but it was never something you allowed in your world. You would never get too close, get to know them enough or continue pursuing anyone. You set rules for yourself because opening up to another person just wasn't an option.

Now that you are no longer following the same path, love might be something you are open to. Just because you're a good girl doesn't mean you have to run into someone's arms. It's a beautiful thing to have a companion and someone to support your ventures and ideas. Now that you are open to it, it might be an introduction to a whole new world.

5 Everyone Wants To Be Your Friend

Dan O'Mell Flickr.com

You're the life of the party and everyone wants a piece of you. The girl with the " I don't care" attitude who is guaranteed to always bring the fun. You say what's on your mind and impress others with your opinions on well...everything.

You can continue to be opinionated and free. The best good girls are genuine and honest. Everyone still wants to be the good girl's friend because of her pure good energy. You still possess the same originality and everyone will still be drawn to that.

4 No Guilt, No Worries


The feeling of not feeling. You never worry because it's in your nature to do the wrong thing. You don't ever regret anything or anyone because you never cared about the consequences to begin with. You've never experienced stress and promised yourself you would keep it that way.

But now that you're doing the right thing, you don't have to experience guilt either. When you treat others with respect and complete your tasks in order to live a righteous life, you will have nothing to worry about. Instead of ignoring a situation that you might have caused, now you get to know what is like to live with peace of mind.

3 The Parties

Voyeur Flickr.com

You're always on the Guestlist, VIP list and Facebook Invites. You go to all of the celebrity parties and the hottest blowouts in the Hills. Every night you are all dressed up and ready to go. You're the party girl and that's okay!

Why not party once in a while? Partying every night can get just a little old, a little too fast. Instead, going out for a special occasion or event can be more rewarding. Plus think of the money you will save on club wear, shoes and drinks? That's something to consider also, isn't it?

2 Every Bad Girl Needs a Bad Boy


Oh the bad boys, aren't they so fun? Whether you want to admit it or not, every girl loves a rebel. Since you're a bad girl, his bad boy antics don't affect you. You just have fun together and cause mayhem wherever you go. The adrenaline rush, the feeling, the high!

Now that you're no longer playing around with this one and that one, you won't think of the bad boy either. Bad boys are like a phase, been there done that, now you're done. Consider him a checkmark in your bucket list, "that was fun, glad it's over."

1 Breaking the rules


Girls just want to have fun. Being bad was a blast! You broke the rules, you did what you wanted and you felt as if you were on top of the world. Having fun was the main objective behind your whole persona, now what will you do?

Continue to have fun! Just because you are a good girl doesn't mean you can't live a fun and rewarding life. Now that you have good people around you, you are able to explore new things in life with them. Continue to travel, go out and enjoy life. This new chapter in life is sure to be a great one!

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