20 Things We Ignore About Kim And Kanye's Relationship

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are one of the most famous couples in the world. The couple, who were friends for many years before things turned romantic, first made headlines in 2012 after Kim had announced her split from her then-husband Kris Humphries. Kim and Kanye wasted no time in heading to the altar, as they married in 2014 during a lavish days-long ceremony in Florence, Italy.

Together, Kim and Kanye have three children - and a fourth one on the way! Their first child, daughter North, was born in 2013 ahead of the couple’s wedding. Their son, Saint, was born in 2015. Kim has revealed she had pre-eclampsia as well as placenta accreta during her pregnancies. After having her son, the celebrity’s doctor told her it would be risky to carry another pregnancy to term. However, Kimye has always been adamant about having a large family, so they didn’t let Kim’s health problems stop them from welcoming another child. Their daughter, Chicago, was born in 2018 via surrogate.

Now, the couple is only a month or two away from welcoming their fourth child via surrogate, which they’ve confirmed to be a boy. Although Kimye seem like they’ve never been better, there’s a lot fans don’t know about the famous couple’s relationship. Keep reading to learn some of the things Kimye wish the public didn’t know about them.

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20 Kim Admits She “Neglected” Kanye After Baby No. 3

Evidently, having so many children has taken a toll on Kim and Kanye’s relationship if her comments are anything to go by. Last September, the reality star said she’d been “neglecting” her marriage since welcoming their third child, daughter Chicago, via surrogate.

“Having three kids, honestly, is crazy,” Kim explained to People. “I remember it was really hard for North when Saint was born, so I kind of put everything into North to make her feel extra special. And now, with Chicago, I’m trying to work even [harder] to make sure North and Saint feel like they have enough time with me and they feel super loved and that no one is going to take their place.”

She added, “I make such a priority for all the kids, and I go above and beyond for them, but in that, I’m fully neglecting my husband.” We wonder what baby no. 4 will do to their relationship!

19 Kim Has Considered Divorce Before

Out of all of the Kardashian marriages, Kim and Kanye have always seemed like the most solid couple. And now with their fourth baby due in a month, they seem to be in one of the best places they’ve ever been.

However, it turns out that the couple has gone through their rocky times. Back in 2016, reports were suggesting that Kim was actually considering divorce following her husband’s mental health problems. “It will take some time before she can do anything. She doesn't want to stay married,” a source told Us Weekly.

They continued, “She’s being a supportive wife. She cares about Kanye and feels relieved he’s getting the help he needs but she’s felt trapped for a while.”

18 Kanye Thought She’d Leave Him After His TMZ Interview

via The Source

No one can forget Kanye’s infamous TMZ interview from a few years ago when he made a slew of controversial comments, including claiming that slavery was a choice. His words were obviously not well received by the public. And evidently, his wife was extremely unimpressed, too. So much so that Kanye was worried Kim would actually leave him.

“There was a moment where I felt like after TMZ, maybe a week after that, I felt like the energy levels were low, and I called different family members and was asking, you know, ‘Was Kim thinking about leaving me after TMZ?’” he later told The New York Times. “So that was a real conversation.”

17 They Started Dating When Kim Was Married To Someone Else

It’s been years now, but there was a time when Kim was infamously married to NBA star Kris Humphries for all of 72 days.

Well, it was technically 72 days until they publicly announced their intention to divorce, but the couple were actually married for several years while they tried to reach a divorce settlement. Kim and Kris remained married from 2011-2013. However, Kim went public with her relationship with Kanye in 2012, despite technically not being a single woman yet.

The celebrity actually became pregnant with North when she and Kris were still married. A KUWTK episode once showed Kim talking about how she was worried she’d give birth while married to someone else (in the end, the divorce was finalized ahead of North’s birth).

16 Kanye Controls What Kim Wears

via W Magazine

After the KUWTK episode in which Kanye purges Kim’s closet, it’s pretty clear that he likes to have a say in what his wife wears.

The reality star has revealed that Kanye styles many of her outfits or at least approves of the designer she’s wearing. In fact, he has such a say in what she wears that he dictates what items she’s banned from rocking and which ones are acceptable.

For instance, Kanye most recently told Kim she can’t wear oversized sunglasses. “[Kanye] sent me a whole email like, ‘You cannot wear big glasses anymore. It’s all about tiny little glasses,’” Kim said on an episode of KUWTK. “He sent me like, millions of ’90s photos with tiny little glasses like this.”

15 Kim Had Doubts When She Was Pregnant

Kim and Kanye seemed head-over-heels for each other by the time they announced their first pregnancy. But Kim has since admitted that she still had her doubts about their relationship well into her pregnancy with daughter North.

“When I got pregnant with North, I had no idea if Kanye and I were going to end up together,” she said last fall, W Magazine reports. “I was like, ‘We can break up, but let me just at least... have another one, so that [my baby] could have siblings, like, you know, it’ll be all good.’”

14 Kanye Once Freaked Out Over Band-Aids

via Vanity Fair

It’s no secret that Kanye is particular about his fashion. Evidently, it’s so extreme that he flips out if his Band-Aid clashes with his outfit. Last fall, Kim admitted that Kanye recently got angry with her when she brought him a Band-Aid that was too colorful for his taste.

“He was like, ‘I’ve slaved around the world for you making clothes for you to make sure that you find the best outfit and you let me go out wearing a Jesus Band-Aid,’” she told People.” He said I should have a skin-colored Band-Aid. So I’m running around looking for different colored Band-Aids when I’ve got three kids to look after? Just because I didn’t give birth to this baby doesn’t mean that my plate is not totally full.”

13 Kanye Once Left Kim After An Argument

Evidently, when Kim and Kanye argue things can get pretty heated. Last May, tabloid reports said that the couple had gotten into such a big argument that Kanye actually left her - although he came right back.

"She’s just so mad at him for embarrassing her — and her family — over and over and over again," the insider told In Touch. "Kanye was furious that she would even try to silence him. He stormed off, leaving Kim in tears."

The source added that Kanye stayed at a Wyoming Resort temporarily to get away from his wife, though they told people it was a work trip.

12 Kim Defended Kanye’s Comments About R. Kelly

via architectural digest

Many fans likely know that R&B artist R. Kelly has been hit with a slew of eyebrow-raising drama, which shed light on rumors that have been following the artist for decades.

Due to the revelations, many celebrities and fans have been boycotting R. Kelly - but not Kanye. The rapper went on record saying he still supports the fellow musician, which didn’t sit well with many fans.

Due to the backlash against her husband, Kim responded via social media defending his comments. "I’m going to nip this in the bud right now," she wrote. "Kanye was speaking about his own experience of everyone [being] quick to say they are cancelling him because of differences in opinion and not being perfect. The analogies were in context to his own experiences, not defending anyone else."

11 Kanye Made Kim Throw Out Over 200 Pairs Of Shoes

via the cut

When Kim and Kanye first got together, he made it his prerogative to purge his future wife’s closet- which reportedly left Kim in tears. Not only did this include countless clothing and accessories, but also over 200 pairs of shoes.

“I always thought I had really good style—until I met my husband and he told me that I had the worst style,” Kim once explained, W Magazine reports. “He was really nice about it and cleaned out my whole closet.”

She added, “I probably had 250 pairs of shoes and when we were done cleaning it out, I had two pairs left and I cried,”

10 They Fight About Kim’s Ex Reggie Bush

via NY Daily News

Despite Kim being married two previous times, it’s one of her ex-boyfriends that keeps Kanye on his toes. In 2014, media reports said that Kanye felt “jealous” about her past relationship with Reggie Bush, who she dated from 2007 to 2010.

"There have been numerous assurances by Kim that Kanye has nothing to be jealous of, but there is always an argument when his name comes up,” the source explained. "Kanye thinks that Reggie is still in love with Kim because he married a woman that looks exactly like her. And honestly, that isn't lost on Kim either."

9 Kanye’s Mental Health Takes A Toll On Their Marriage

via W Magazine

Kanye has gone through some very public battles with his mental health since revealing that he has bipolar disorder. In 2016, the rapper had to cancel a series of concerts after her had a breakdown. He subsequently checked into a treatment facility for several weeks.

Although Kim remained supportive in public, reports at the time said it was putting a strain on their marriage. “Kanye’s behaviour took a huge toll on their marriage. But Kim feels relieved he is getting the help he needs,” one source told People. “She thinks this is what it will take to save him — and help their marriage.”

8 Kim Once Felt Threatened By Rihanna

via life and style

Given that many men consider Kim to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, it’s hard imagining her feeling threatened by anyone. But it turns out she was once worried about her husband’s relationship with superstar Rihanna.

“Each and every time Rihanna is on the scene Kim gets jealous,” a source told The Inquisitr, explaining the two had been working together. “It’s unbearable for all concerned.” The insider added that Kim has tried banning her husband from working with Rihanna, but it’s unclear if it worked in her favor or not.

7 But Kanye Gets Jealous, Too

Kim isn’t the only one in the relationship who feels jealous sometimes! Back in 2016, sources revealed that Kanye feels insecure about the number of men who comment on his wife’s social media posts.

"He gets jealous when men pay what he thinks is too much attention to her," a source explained, NY Daily News reports. "It happens in Paris, L.A., New York and everywhere."

They continued, "He came out of a meeting at some fashion office on Wooster St. and found this really tall, hunky white guy talking to Kim. Kanye walked right up to Kim and said, 'Who's this guy? You like this guy?'"

6 They Fight About Kim’s Social Media Layout

via time magazine

We know that Kanye is picky about what Kim wears, but it turns out he’s also picky about how she curates her social media feeds. Last October, Kim got real about just how controlling her husband can be.

“He wanted to me post six Polaroids from that shoot that I posted — those nude pictures. But I posted one from the beach,” Kim recalled, as W Magazine reports. “He wanted them to all match up and be all from the motel. That’s what the fight was [about]! I’m like, ‘I like the beach one.’ He’s like, ‘No, you don’t understand, I see the vision!’"

She continued, “He’s like, ‘[Forget] your fragrance for one day. You need six motel [pics]. Why’d you post the beach one? You’ve got to delete the beach one.’ I was like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t sit here and organize my [socials] with you. Who cares about this?’ He’s like, ‘I care, trust me.’"

5 Kanye Tried To End Kim’s Engagement

via Entertainment Tonight

Even though Kim and Kanye knew each other for years before they got together, evidently he knew she was the one from the beginning - which might explain why they started dating before her divorce from Kris Humphries was finalized.

However, it’s since been revealed that Kanye tried to break up Kris and Kim when he first found out about their engagement. “I got a phone because somebody decided they wanted to marry Kris Humphries,” he said on Kocktails with Khloe. “I wasn’t up to anything, and I looked on the Internet, and there was Kim with some extremely tall person, and I was like, ‘I need to call her or something.'”

4 They Haven’t Been Spending A Lot Of Time Together

via IOL

Given how many work commitments both Kim and Kanye have, we imagine their schedules are pretty hectic. KUWTK has documented just how much they're away from each other due to business and it might be taking a toll on their marriage.

Last month, a source told The Hollywood Gossip that the couple barely spends any time together, despite having a fourth baby on the way. “Kim and Kanye are barely speaking,” the insider said. “Their fourth baby is coming very soon but they seem much more distant with each other lately and don't spend that much time together at all.”

3 Kim Only Goes Blonde Because Kanye Likes It

via page six

Most women will tell you that you should dress and style your hair according to how you want, not because someone else prefers it. But clearly, Kim K didn’t get the memo!

The celebrity has admitted that she’s dyed her hair platinum blonde on several occasions solely because her husband prefers it. We don’t want to think of all the damage that must have caused to her locks.

“Kanye likes the blonde,” she told People in 2014. “I was talking about this yesterday actually with Kanye. He asked if I would ever go back to blonde.”

2 Kanye Gets Jealous Of The Kids

via harper's bazaar

With three kids in the household, we can only imagine how busy Kim must be. But her husband gets jealous when she starts spending more time with the kids than him - yikes!

"Last night, I was just like not in the best mood and I was just like tired," Kim said during a KUWTK episode. “I got home and I was like, 'Hey,' and then I was like on my computer and then he was like, 'Hey, babe, will you get off your computer, like I wanna talk, let's hang out.' And I was like, 'OK, will you give me 10 minutes? I'm on a deadline,' and I really was like, I have to get this done. And then Saint's saying, 'Mommy, Mommy, let's go take a bath.'”

She continued, "I go, 'OK,' and I shut the computer and [Kanye's] like, 'You're gonna go take a bath with him, but I asked to hang out and talk and you wouldn't?'"

1 Kris Meddles In Their Marriage

via international business times

When you’re a married woman with four children, it might seem weird to get your mom involved in you and your husband’s arguments.

However, sources have confirmed that Kris Jenner has gotten into the middle of the couple’s fights before and isn’t afraid to call up Kanye on behalf of her daughter.

“He’s told her if she keeps trying to [get in the way of] his marriage, he will spend the rest of his days trying to [get back at] her,” a source told Radar Online about Kris and Kanye. “Kanye’s privy to all the family’s dirt and he’s hotheaded enough to ignore any confidentiality agreements.”

Sources: Elle, People, NY Daily News, Us Weekly, The New York Times, W magazine

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