20 Things We Didn’t Know About Candace And Valeri Bure’s Marriage

D.J. Tanner is a TV character who went through some struggles and then got her happily ever after... or at least that's what fans of the Netflix revival Fuller House assume will happen when the fifth and final season is available to stream.

The actress who plays the famous character that all '90s children loved watching on Full House has had an easier time of it when it comes to finding love. D.J. fell for her boyfriend Steve in high school and then married someone else (who unfortunately passed away and made her a widower)... and then found herself in the middle of a love triangle between Steve and Matt. Candace Cameron Bure, on the other hand, will celebrate 23 years of marriage to Valeri Bure in June 2019, and the two met in the '90s.

It definitely sounds like a fairy tale, which is why we want to hear more about their relationship. Here are 20 things we didn't know about Candace and Valeri Bure's marriage.

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20 They Went On Date #2 Four Months After Their First Lunch Date

via Brides.com

We often think that a relationship should happen very fast if it's something real, and that is what happened for this famous couple... with a little bit of a delay at first.

Candace and Valeri went on their second date four months after their first one. As She Knows quoted Candace, "on that faithful [stet] second date in Fredericton, New Brunswick, my heart was all in." Everything we hear about their relationship just gets cuter and cuter.

19 After Six Months Only, It Was Time To Put A Ring On It

via E! News

Maybe some of us got engaged before the first year of dating so we can relate... or maybe we followed a more traditional trajectory of two years of dating before we wanted a ring.

Something else that we should know about Candace Cameron and Valeri Bure's marriage is that they got engaged after six months only.

18 The Couple Only Quarrels In Private

via Heavy.com

Did we know that Candace and her husband only quarrel in private? According to Woman's Day, Candace is super aware of not letting her children see them having some trouble.

This is a really good idea, even if sometimes we have accidentally quarreled in front of our own kids. But it's all about what we try to do the majority of the time, right?

17 She Prefers To Be 'Submissive' In The Marriage

via People

Candace has said that she is "submissive" in the marriage.

Fame 10 quoted Candace from her book Balancing It All: "I am not a passive person, but I chose to fall into a more submissive role in our relationship because I wanted to do everything in my power to make my marriage and family work."

16 Candace And Valeri Don't Always Agree On Parenting Decisions

via New York Daily News

We should also know that Candace and her husband don't always agree on parenting decisions. As She Knows quoted her, "Val and I are seeing more and more differences in how we handle each situation which often causes tension between us. So, every few weeks, we sit down and talk it through."

It's awesome that they communicate so much.

15 He Won't Tune Into The Scenes Of Candace's Character Kissing Someone Else

via YouTube

According to Fame 10, Candace said that her husband doesn't look at her kissing scenes: "he’s not going to watch it. And I completely understand and am OK with that."

How would we feel if our husband or wife was kissing someone else for a film or TV role? We don't blame Valeri and we totally get it. It does seem like it would feel a bit weird.

14 Valeri Cooks For The Family, Not Candace

via People and Yahoo News

It's easy to assume that the wife and mom is the one who cooks for her family, and maybe that's how our house is set up. We could honestly love making meals for our partner and little ones. That's awesome.

But it's also really cool if the husband is the one who cooks... and that's the case for Candace. Woman's Day quoted her: "my husband does 98% of the cooking and I remind the kids to say thank you or I specify what I appreciate, whether it's a new ingredient or recipe."

13 Candace And Valeri's Beliefs Are Very Important To Them

via Pinterest

Both Candace and Valeri have very strong beliefs, and according to People, these are really crucial for them. These beliefs are a big part of their relationship and this is what works for them. She said of the Bible, "It’s the foundation for us. So it’s not about winning or losing. But doing this journey together."

12 Candace's 'Full House' Co-Star (Uncle Joey) Set Her And Her Husband Up

via IG

Dave Coulier (aka Uncle Joey on Full House) basically set Candace and Valeri up. They were at a hockey game and, according to Woman's Day, Candace said, "We were looking at these two cute men on the ice, and I was like 'I wanna meet that one, the blonde one,' which was Val." Dave made that happen and they went on a date.

How sweet is that story?!

11 Their Wedding Day Was June 22nd, 1996

via IG

Candace Cameron and Valeri Bure's wedding day was June 22nd, 1996, and we can see from this beautiful photo that it must have been a really wonderful, magical day.

When Candace posted a photo in June 2018 (which was their 22nd wedding anniversary), she wrote, "There really is something special about growing old together. I love you even more today than I did on our wedding day simply because I KNOW you, 24 years in the making.” Awwww.

10 Valeri Was A Successful Hockey Player

via Pinterest and Hockeydb.com

Are we wondering what Valeri Bure does? He was a successful hockey player. According to Heavy.com, he "played 10 seasons in the NHL for he Montreal Canadiens, Calgary Flames, Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues, and Dallas Stars."

As The Hockey News says, "After undergoing back surgery following 2003-04, he decided to retire."

9 Dates Are A Big Deal For The Married Couple

via IG

Do we go on dates with our husband and wife as much as we can? It can be tricky to find time, but let's take a page out of Candace and Valeri's marriage book and agree to go on dates.

The couple treats their dates very seriously. Fame 10 quoted Candace who shared that "It’s easier for my husband and I to have dates now that our children are older." She said it should be "a priority."

8 She Travels So Much That They're Not Together 24/7

via Best Ten News

According to Closer Weekly, Candace travels a lot, so she's not with her husband or her family 24/7.

We know that she makes dates "a priority" as she has said, and it's great that she and her husband are really committed to keeping their marriage strong even when she's traveling for work.

7 They Have Three Kids And Started Their Family In 1998 (Shortly After Their Wedding Day In 1996)

via Zimbio

Good Housekeeping says that Candace and Valeri had their first child, Natasha, in August of 1998. That was just a few years after their beautiful June 1996 wedding.

The couple has three children: their daughter Natasha (who is now 20 years old) and two sons, 19-year-old Lev and 17-year-old Maksim.

6 Valeri Sticks Close To Home These Days To Take Care Of The Kids

via Pinterest

As Good Housekeeping says, "After 12 years of playing professional hockey, Val retired in 2004 to spend more time with his family."

It seems like Valeri sticks close to home these days in order to be near his family, which is really sweet and inspiring.

5 They're Big Fans Of Grown-Up Grape Juice And Have Their Own Label

via Scribol.com

Since Valeri has retired from hockey, he and Candace have started their own grown-up grape juice label, and that is something that he cares a lot about. Their label includes the phrase "Bure Family" which is really nice. It's cool that this is something that they can work on together.

4 Candace Often Says Their Marriage Is Only Improving

via Yahoo

Whether she's wishing her husband a happy birthday or just talking about their marriage in general, Candace Cameron Bure is always saying that their marriage is improving and getting better all the time.

It's nice to see that they share so much love for each other and that even though two decades have gone by, they work together and communicate and take their marriage seriously.

3 They Don't Feel Bad About Going On Vacation Just Them

via Christian Today

According to Fox News, Candace and Valeri went to Switzerland for five days, and she said, "We do like to travel and get away from everything here at home in L.A., and from our kids, as much as we love them."

It doesn't seem like the married couple feels bad about going on vacation just the two of them, which is great. It's totally okay to love your family but still want to just be a couple again.

2 She Knows Some People Criticize Their Marriage And Is Cool With It

via Woman's Day and The Hollywood Gossip

Although Candace and Valeri do have a close bond and seem to have a wonderful relationship, there are some people who make negative comments about it. Not everyone likes that she says that she is "submissive."

As Woman's Day quoted Candace as saying, "Not everyone has to agree with it, and I wouldn't change what works for us to please others."

1 Candace Says A Flawless Relationship Isn't Possible

via Pinterest

As Candace told Us Weekly, “Marriage is a wonderful, beautiful thing but there’s always going to be tough times. There’s no one that has this amazingly perfect marriage.”

We should definitely know that Candace says that a flawless marriage isn't possible. It's inspiring to see how well she and husband are doing, and it's also refreshing that they don't expect it to be great at all times. We can so relate.

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