20 Things We Didn't Know About Adam Levine And Behati Prinsloo's Marriage

July 19, 2014, was a sad day for many women across the globe. Those who were hoping to catch the eye of Maroon 5 front liner and one of the world’s most sought out bachelors at that time had no choice but to concede defeat to Behati Prinsloo who nabbed Adam Lavine’s heart. It's a good thing they saved women the agony of watching him slip out of their hands by having a super-private destination wedding. To date, there are no photos of the actual wedding but we hear it was a lavish ceremony.

Adam and Behati started their romance in 2012. Adam was looking to take on Behati in one of his music projects but she was unavailable at the time. Despite not being able to work together, the two who had still not met started chatting to one another, which led to what their relationship is today. Finally, after weeks of blind online emails, the two finally met in 2012 and almost instantly connected with each other, given that they had already established a relationship long before their first face-to-face interaction.

Sadly, a year later, the two went their separate ways. Fortunately, it did not take long for the lovebirds to realize that they belong together. They found their way back into each other’s lives and Adam proposed almost immediately. The two were married a year later. A TRUELOVE tattoo, two kids, parenthood, music videos, and the love story continues. Here are some things most people probably don't know about the couple.

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20 It Was Not Love At First Sight For The Two

Via: hawtcelebs.com

Every love story starts somewhere. Pop-rock singer Adam Levine and Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo did not fall for each other the first time they interacted. The duo met through a mutual friend and at a certain time, Adam was looking for a model for one of his music videos and the friend referred Behati.

They first communicated via email and even though she never ended up in the music video, they still kept in touch. After a month of back and forth emails, the two finally met at a studio where Levine was boxing. According to nickiswift.com, the encounter was awkward but they eventually warmed up to each other.

19 Adam’s Grand Proposal Did Not Go As Planned

Via: people.com

Adam’s grand proposal to Behati did not go according to his plan, the singer admitted this while on Live With Kelly & Michael. As also revealed by dailymail.com, the ever-confident singer lost his balance when he was about to get on one knee so he had no choice but to propose on both knees, which confused Behati.

At some point, he even was at a loss of words. His nerves got the best of him but Behati eventually calmed him down when she said yes to the proposal. In a separate interview, Behati disclosed that Adam’s proposal was just what she had imagined it would be, she went further to say that, she was smitten by the fact that Adam had called her dad to ask for her hand in marriage.

18 Adam Called All His Exes Before Getting Married

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Before getting married to Behati, Adam did a rather unusual thing. As a noble gesture, he decided to call all his exes and apologize for how he had treated them in the past. Of course, some were not interested in making amends. Those who still cared probably did not like what he had to say given that he was only doing this so that he could run off and marry another woman.

However, as revealed by nickiswift.com, the singer denied ever doing this claiming that it was a total fabrication. He later admitted that calling his exes would have been a fantastic idea; he wished he had thought of it and done it.

17 Actor Jonah Hill Officiated Their Wedding Ceremony

Via: huffpost.com

Adam and Behati finally decided to tie the knot after a yearlong engagement and who was better to officiate the ceremony other than his childhood friend and actor Jonah Hill. According to theknot.com, Jonah joined the couple during their ceremony.

Apparently, Adam and Jonah have known each other for a long time; they have both stayed at each other's houses. Their dads also met once in the principal's office when they were in junior high school. Jonah got the honor of being the officiator although he admitted the role was quite a task. Trying to balance being sentimental and cracking jokes in front of the couple and other important A-listers was not easy but he did pull it off.

16 The Duo Broke Up For A While

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Just like other couples, Adam and Behati’s relationship had its difficulties. Before tying the knot, the duo broke up for two months but later realized that this was not one of the best decisions they had ever made. After dating for a year, Adam broke up with Behati and even started dating someone else, as stated by popsugar.com.

Nevertheless, that break up was what pushed their relationship to the next level. The time apart was what got them to realize that they truly loved each other. When the two got back together, Adam proposed to Behati and a year later the pair tied the knot.

15 They Both Have Tattoos That Symbolize Their Union

Via: tattoofilter.com

Adam and Behati are not your average couple. After the wedding, the pair decided to mark their union in an unconventional way by getting tattoos. Behati got three dots on her ring finger, which mean Adam and herself are one with the earth. She initially wanted to do a ring tattoo but because many people have done this, she opted for the dots instead.

Adam went all out and got “true love” tattooed across his knuckles with a dot on top of each letter. As pointed out by fame10.com, the duo also got matching tattoos that read, "You're so cool, you’re so cool, you’re so cool.”

14 Behati Changed Adam’s View On Marriage

Via: gq-magazine.co.uk

Adam’s engagement news came as a surprise to many because the Maroon 5 star had once publicly revealed in the past that he did not intend to get married. According to sheknows.com, he stated this, “If you don't get married, you can’t get divorced.”

Even after his engagement, Adam still had strong opinions on the subject of marriage. While On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, he advised the audience that a person should get married only if their partner makes them want to get married. The singer has also shared that he is afraid of divorce because his parents went through a bad one when he was just a young boy. Luckily, he changed his mind, thanks to supermodel Behati Prinsloo.

13 The Couple Battled Over Their Baby’s First Word

Via: deskgram.net

When Adam and Behati had their first baby, Dusty Rose, the couple incited fans into battling with each other over whether Dusty’s first words would be dada or mama. Adam shared this at the Jimmy Fallon Show, stating that he would always slip the word dada when talking to his daughter. Behati also kept mentioning the word mama to her daughter, as stated on usmagazine.com.

The duo never revealed who won but it was clear that they both loved Dusty so much and hearing her say her first words, whether dada or mama, was a win-win situation for both of them.

12 Behati Came Under Fire For Pumping And Dumping

Via: hawtcelebs.com

Being a public figure is hard enough even without people making comments about every aspect of your life. Adam and Behati have always attended the Coachella Festival since they started dating and 2018 was no exception. After they welcomed their second daughter, Behati shared a photo of herself smiling at the camera while pumping milk and captioned it "pump and dump."

According to marieclaire.com, mum-trolls on the Internet were not having it, they criticized her for dumping the liquid gold, drinking while breastfeeding and having fan away from her baby. Lucky for her, a number of fans also came to her defense.

11 Behati Has Appeared In A Bunch of Maroon 5 Music Videos

Via: charmboard.com

As mentioned earlier, Behati always supports her husband. Just over a month after being married, she appeared in one of the band’s music videos, "Animals." Behati has also graced a handful of Maroon 5 music videos including "Cold and Wait."

When the couple’s first daughter was 20 months old, she also featured in her dad’s music video "Girls Like You" while being held by her mother. In the video, Adam appeared to be giving his wife and daughter a hug. The video also featured well-known strong females like Cardi B, Gal Gadot, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, and others.

10 Ellen DeGeneres Named Their First Born

Via: people.com

It turns out Adam and Behati have Ellen DeGeneres to thank for their first daughter’s unique name. The couple has two girls, Dusty Rose and Gio Grace. When Adam appeared on one of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he revealed how Ellen had helped get the name.

Apparently, according to etonline.com, Adam thought he had a great name only for him to text Ellen for her opinion and found out she did not like it. The talk show host then went ahead to give other suggestions including Dusty Rose. Adam shared this list with his wife, they eventually settled for Dusty Rose although Behati was initially opposed to it.

9 Behati Says Adam Is A Great Dad

Via: celebs.gallery

Adam and Behati have two adorable girls and Behati cannot help but be impressed with Adam’s parenting skills. According to eonline.com, Adam is always on the move with his band and works with The Voice as well. When he comes home, he tries to do as much parenting as he possibly can.

Adam confessed that when he first became a dad, he did not know anything, but that oddly enough, that was the beauty of everything. He went with the flow and allowed parenting instincts to kick in. Behati has also added that Adam is such an incredible dad who is very hands-on about their kids' upbringing.

8 They Both Work Towards Their Children’s Future

Via: glamour.com

Many couples start saving up for their children's futures when they get married or start having kids, Adam and Behati are no exception to this. Before the duo welcomed their first child, Adam and his bandmates managed to score a billionaire’s wedding and Adam ended up taking home a whopping $2.6 million.

According to inquisitr.com, Adam worked hard those last months in order to build a firm foundation for his baby’s future and trust fund. In addition, when he was not working, the couple would sit and enjoy the summer together. The two even did a baby bump photo shoot, with Adam appearing to be popping out his belly in an effort to imitate his pregnant wife.

7 The Pair Wants More Kids

Via: usmagazine.com

Adam and his wife Behati are not yet through with the chapter of having kids. Although according to people, Adam is letting Behati take the reins over their family’s expansion. He also revealed that his wife is the one who will decide on when the couple will have their next child.

While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Adam also jokingly told Ellen that he and his wife want a band of children similar to his music band and hinted on the number five. Behati has grown as an only child and has always dreamed of raising a big family. Therefore, we are likely to hear a baby announcement from the duo in the future.

6 Adam Is The Disciplinarian

Via: msn.com

Adam and Behati are great parents to their daughters. According to usmagazine.com, Adam is a strict dad and very hands-on with the kids. He is also the authoritative figure between the two. He does not encourage bad habits like letting the kids have breakfast while watching TV.

Despite being strict, Adam is still an amazing dad. Behati has always said that their daughters are lucky to call him dad. He always ensures that he has one-on-one time with each of his daughters. However, Gio is still young, so he normally takes Dusty (the firstborn) for morning coffee runs.

5 The Duo Swaps Clothes A lot

Via: nationalpost.com

Many fans do not know this but Adam and Behati often borrow items from each other's closets. In fact, they each think that they have two closets to choose from although we wonder which of Behati’s clothes Adam borrows. Anyway, usmagazine.com also believes that the pair shares clothes.

They are always borrowing each other's sweats and t-shirts. Obviously, Behati gets away with more choices because she is smaller than Adam is. However, her stuff sometimes does not fit the Maroon 5 front liner very well. Behati has also shared that she does not take her style too seriously, repeating outfits is something casual for her.

4 The Couple Supports Each Other

Via: eonline.com

Adam and Behati are truly an admirable couple. The duo supports each other's jobs. Despite both of them having demanding jobs, they still make time to support one another. Back in 2017, the model took time off her work and made sure she was present when her husband was receiving his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. She has also helped him out with his music videos on several occasions.

According to oprahmag.com, Adam showed up at his wife’s first Victoria's Secret show after having her second baby. The model was super excited to have her husband cheer her on as she walked the runway.

3 They Go All Out On Halloween

Via: chatterbusy.blogspot.com

As revealed earlier, Adam and Behati share each other's clothes and Halloween 2017 was definitely the best time for Adam to show he did not mind picking items from his wife’s closet. The Maroon 5 star was not afraid to show his feminine side by dressing as a woman, in a zebra print mini skirt and ripped fishnets.

Behati did not attend that Halloween party because she was pregnant, as confirmed by etonline.com. However, in 2016, Behati was dressed as Julia Roberts in the Pretty Woman film and Adam was dressed as Led Zeppelin frontman, Robert Plant. Adam and Behati are obviously a fun couple.

2 They Are Dedicated Los Angeles Lakers Fans

Via: gq-magazine.co.uk

Aside from work, Adam and Behati also make time for some fun. The duo publicly supports the Los Angeles Lakers and usually sit at the front row during their games. This is their kind of date night. Over the years, we have seen pictures of the pair enthusiastically rooting for their favorite basketball team.

According to etonline.com, Adam—who recently turned 40—celebrated his birthday by playing a basketball game on the LA Lakers Court. He arranged for the game and invited close friends to mark the milestone. He and all his friends wore custom-made Lakers jersey all featuring the number 40. Sadly, his team was defeated but he still had a memorable birthday.

1 The Lovebirds Send Each Other Adorable Messages Online

Via: wetpaint.com

Adam and Behati have now been married for almost five years and the two are still very much in love with each other. They always send one another adorable messages, especially during birthdays. On both their 2018 birthdays, they each shared heartfelt messages dedicated to each other.

According to oprahmag.com, when Adam turned 40, Behati shared a photo of the two captioning it, “40 is just a number, but it looks [...] good on you. I wake up every morning more in love with you...happy birthday to my WHOLE LIFE.”

Similarly, when Behati turned 30, Adam shared her photo and wrote this, “The Queen turns 30 today. She’s a legend. She’s THE baddest. In just a few years, we have laughed and loved harder than most. I wake up every morning thankful that it wasn’t all a dream. Here’s to a thousand more years. I love you @behatiprinsloo with everything I got.”

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