20 Things Victoria's Secret Workers Don't Share With Customers (& Really Should)

Everyone loves shopping at Victoria's Secret. It's generally considered to be the best place to buy lingerie and other accessories, and the pink color that is used everywhere, including for the iconic shopping bags, is too much fun. The store sells bras, underwear, nightgowns,  along with purses, wallets, body lotion, perfume, and even more.

The brand has been around since 1977, and it has an interesting story that makes a lot of sense. According to the Huffington Post, Roy Raymond wanted to get his wife some lingerie, and found that he had an idea: "A lingerie store designed to make men feel comfortable shopping there."

Of course, it's clear that guys do shop at the store for their wives and girlfriends, but ladies also love shopping for themselves and know that other women feel the same way. But while people know the merchandise and products that this famous brand sells, they might not know anything else about it.

There are many things that employees know about or deal with that fans of the store don't hear about, and they definitely want to know more about this fascinating place.

Here are 20 things that Victoria's Secret workers don't share with customers (that they really should).

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20 Working In The Right Zone Of The Store Is Necessary


Have you ever noticed that there are different "zones" in every Victoria's Secret store? You may have noticed that different employees are in different areas of the store.

As it turns out, there's definitely a reason for that.

According to some former employees who were interviewed by Thrillist, employees work in each zone.

As one said, "There was definitely a hierarchy within zones. Employees with the highest sales numbers were put in the front of the store by the signature Body collection because it got the most foot traffic -- one time I was zoned there and got sent home early by my manager because my conversion rate was slacking." It's good for customers to know this for sure.

19 They Aren't Personal Shoppers

Business Insider UK

According to Moneyversed, the employees at Victoria's Secret aren't personal shoppers, so they don't want customers to come in and expect that kind of treatment.

It's definitely easy to see why some people would assume that—after all, you walk into a clothing store and you have some questions about the merchandise, so you would think that the employee would help you. But it's good to know this because employees aren't able to help each customer for a super long time. They have to be available to help everyone, and they can't focus on one person. Personal shopping just isn't part of the job.

18 They Have To Ask You About An Angel Card

Bellissimi costumi da bagno

One thing that everyone who has shopped at Victoria's Secret knows is that when you go to the cash register, the employee will ask you if you have an Angel card.

They will actually ask you this three times in total, so if you've ever wondered why, here's the reason: it's part of their quota, according to Buzzfeed.

Victoria's Secret employees don't exactly enjoy when customers are annoyed at being asked this, so it's best to know that this is part of their job, and just accept that the next time that you're shopping there. Aren't you so glad that you know this now?!

17 The Headsets Play An Important Role


Have you wondered why the employees at Victoria's Secret wear headsets? It's easy to assume that this would be to talk to other employees, and while that's definitely true, there is actually another reason.

According to Moneyversed, "Workers use their headsets to warn other employees of mean and rude customers: Apparently being nice at Victoria’s Secret goes a long way. Associates will often warn their colleagues about rude customers by announcing their location via the company headset—and yes, all employees can hear."

We would never dream of being mean to an employee at this store (or any other), but it's still interesting to find this out.

16 There's A Gift Wrapping Rule

The Tab

Employees aren't allowed to wrap gifts at the cash register.

But it seems like there are a few exceptions: some employees will do it.

As one told Thrillist, "We weren’t allowed to gift wrap at the register -- it holds up the lines -- but if a client was chatty with me, sometimes I'd do it anyway. I remember one mom was shopping for Pink sweats to surprise her daughter because she had just gotten into college -- coincidentally, the school I went to. So I happily wrapped her gift with a big bow. Connect with us and keep our jobs interesting -- putting sensors on bras all day gets mind-numbing!"

15 Trusting Them About This Is Key


According to Reader's Digest, the employees at Victoria's Secret really do know your bra size. It seems like it's a good idea to trust them on this and ask them for advice and listen.

People often say that many women are wearing the incorrect bra size. It's definitely true that we could have been buying bras for years that just don't fit us or don't fit us the way that they should. We wouldn't really know what our right size is, so we could just continue the cycle. It's smart to ask someone who works at this store, and it's good to trust them.

14 The Fitting Rooms Can Be Messy And Gross


Reader's Digest says that the fitting rooms at Victoria's Secret can be both messy and gross. We can definitely imagine.

This is something else that employees don't share with customers.

We can assume why (it's not the most pleasant topic, and they might not want to share stories with us about the fitting rooms) but we're glad that we know this. Maybe the next time we're in a store and see that the fitting room is super messy, we can stop ourselves from getting annoyed and can have some compassion for the employees who have to deal with the mess.

13 Wash Before Wearing Is A MUST


We often hear that we should wash underwear, swimsuits, and the like before wearing them. Hopefully, you do listen to that advice, because it's honestly something that we should do.

According to Your Tango, we need to wash our underwear after we purchase it at Victoria's Secret. As an employee told the publication, "I know most of you probably do this already, but seriously, wash your underwear before you wear it. Yes, it might be new and it might look clean, but it might also have been sitting on the dusty floor of the storeroom for days or worse; who knows what some people do with that underwear in the dressing room."

12 That Compliment Might Not Be Real

Business Insider

Many people have had the experience of walking into a store and being told that they have great hair, a pretty purse, or the best outfit ever. It might seem genuine and sweet, and who doesn't love a compliment?

As Ranker says, though, the compliments that a customer might get at this store might not be for real.

"Victoria’s Secret employees really aren't supposed to be honest with customers. If someone asks for an opinion about how a lingerie set looks, for example, the employee is going to say the shopper looks great. The truth is totally irrelevant, unless it's specifically regarding one's bra size."

11 They Feel The Pressure


Some jobs have more pressure than others. According to an employee who posted on Indeed, working at Victoria's Secret can mean feeling super pressured.

She shared, "High expectations for new employees, they want you to make a sale based off of videos you watch the first day and expect you to have way to [sic] much sold for just starting. I feel it was a lot of pressure when you’re only a seasonal associate."

Customers definitely don't know this, right? We simply go into the store and pick out what we want. We don't really think about any pressure. It's good to know for sure.

10 It Smells Like Chocolate For A Reason


If anyone has walked into a Victoria's Secret store and thought that it seemed like chocolate, they weren't crazy. It really does smell like chocolate sometimes. According to Your Tango, perfume is sprayed in the stores near Valentine's Day.

That's definitely not the worst smell. In fact, it's one of the best.

Maybe we should get some chocolate perfume and wear it all the time and also spray it at home and work?

As one employee told Your Tango, "Our managers sprayed chocolate fragrance all over the store around Valentine's Day, by the way, to try to get customers to buy the Victoria's Secret truffles they were hawking that year, so if you go around Valentine's Day and are astounded by how fragrant these truffles are, now you know."

9 Hair And Makeup Need To Look Good

The Tab

Something else that customers should know is, according to someone who has worked at Victoria's Secret and posted on Reddit, "We had to wear full makeup and hair for every shift."

Sometimes people comment on the fact that employees seem to have perfect hair/hairstyles and are wearing makeup, and it's interesting to note that this is part of the job.

Some people might have different opinions on this. Some might say that employees of any store or company should get to do whatever they want to their hair and makeup and others will say that it makes sense to wear makeup and have a nice hairdo.

8 Now They Get Commission


Did we know that employees didn't always to get a commission?

That's right, it wasn't always part of the job—but it is now.

Writing in 2017, someone who has worked at Victoria's Secret wrote for Twin Cities Moms Blog and said,  "Up until about a year ago, commission wasn’t something that we received as employees at Victoria’s Secret. A lot of people figured we were trying to [sic] hard to help or get a sale to add more money to our paychecks."

This is interesting, and while some of us might have assumed that the employees did get a commission because many retail workers do, we might not have been sure.

7 They Want A Fast Sale


Have you ever shopped at Victoria's Secret, gotten excited about picking out a whole bunch of clothing items, and then decided at the checkout that you don't want to buy everything?

It seems pretty common, but it's not something that employees want people to do. They want a fast sale.

According to Reader's Digest, a PINK brand merchandising supervisor told them, “At the registers, we want to be as quick as possible so the customer behind you isn’t waiting for so long. If you are indecisive about your purchase, don’t wait until the last minute to decide. That’s what waiting in line is for.”

6 The Semi-Annual Sale Gets Pretty Nuts

Business Insider UK

There is nothing better than a sale. Every woman will agree that no truer words were ever spoken. The excitement of getting something much cheaper will really never go away.

If you've ever shopped at Victoria's Secret during the semi-annual sale, then you know the thrill of getting great deals.

You might not know that it's not so fabulous for the employees.

According to someone who has worked at the store and was interviewed by Cosmopolitan, "It is painful because people just come in and throw bras everywhere. We're there until 1 or 2 in the morning because every bra has to be in the right size bin, and we have to color-coordinate them all."

5 People Used To Do This


It's pretty gross to walk into a store and see clothing all over the floor. It can not only be a frustrating shopping experience because then customers have to wade through to get to the good stuff, but it's easy to see why employees wouldn't enjoy this, either.

According to Cosmopolitan, people used to buy underwear, return it, and then it would actually be put back. As one employee said, "A few years ago, the TODAY show did an investigative report, and they found that Victoria's Secret put used panties back on the floor, which is absolutely disgusting... About a week or two ago we were all made to watch this video because apparently it had happened again."

4 It Can Be A Tough Job


A former employee wrote on Quora and said that this job is "thankless" at times.

This is something else that customers should definitely know about working at the store.

They wrote that some customers make the job tough: "And then you'll meet the other ones, who will treat you like you're stupid, you're worthless, like you're trying to make life more difficult for them (why, oh WHY would I ever do that?), like they're entitled to special treatment, special discounts, or free things. You'll meet ones that treat you like you're some sort of second class citizen. Like you aren't equal to them."

3 They Work Super Late Sometimes


According to Thrillist, sometimes the employees at Victoria's Secret will work super late, even until four in the morning.

This is a really good reminder to always be nice and polite to employees of any store or any business. Even if a customer is tired or doesn't want to wait in a super long line, it's good to remember that the employee could be working really late and is just as exhausted.

As one former employee told Thrillist about those long days and nights, "Floor sets would take 12 hours -- working them were the best of times andthe worst of times. We'd close the store, order pizza, and dance on the hot-pink carpet to music."

2 The Employees Have "Favorites"


Do employees have favorites when it comes to customers?

As it turns out, some employees at Victoria's Secret do have favorites.

One former employee was quoted in Thrillist as saying, "Victoria's Secret is a high-end store, so it does attract some elitist clientele. But the clients who treated me with respect -- that's who I would scour the stock room for in search of that lime-green demi bra in a 34C. If you're rude, I'll tell you everything we have is already out so I don't have to walk back there in heels." This is another reminder to be polite and compassionate toward any employee (and anyone, really).

1 Maybe Don't Ask This


There are certain things that every retail employee at the same store experiences. It could be impatient customers, long hours, or something more positive such as a great employee discount.

It seems like lots of customers ask the employees "Do you know Victoria's Secret?" and that seems like a frustrating question to be asked. As someone wrote in a post for Twin Cities Moms Blog, "If I had a dollar for how many times I’ve been asked this, I wouldn’t be working at Victoria’s Secret (sigh)." Noted. We're not going to ask this, even if we're tempted. And we're glad to know these 20 things about working at Victoria's Secret.

Sources: Thrillist, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post

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