20 Things Uncle Si Has Done Since Duck Dynasty Ended

Silas Robertson, better known as Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty, was a fan-favorite on the show for years. He was Phil’s brother and everyone’s favorite crazy, tea-drinking, “Hey, Jack!”-yelling uncle. He began entertaining people on the show with his hijinks, his funny way of telling stories, and his ubiquitous tea glass in 2012.

After Duck Dynasty ended in 2017, many of the Robertson clan split off to do their own thing— getting married, different jobs, other shows, etc. Uncle Si managed to stay busy by doing a whole host of things that kept him in the limelight. As he told Looper, “I got to start making me some money somewhere.”

We’ll touch on some of those things here, with 20 things that Uncle Si has been doing since Duck Dynasty ended (and while it was still running).

20 He Became A Chia Pet

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Back in 2017, Uncle Si got the ultimate treatment and show of success: his face was forever cemented in the annals of Chia Pet history. Yes, you can get yourself a Chia Pet from Walmart for just $16, though it’s currently out of stock. With his prominent beard, the Chia Pet version grows greenery where his facial hair would be. It looks like it’s a family set, too: you can get Phil, Willie, and Jase.

19 He Retired From Duck Commander

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After five years and 130 episodes, Duck Dynasty ended its record-breaking run on April 12, 2017 on A&E. There were some extenuating circumstances that caused the show to lose nearly half its viewership from season 4 to 6 (namely Phil Robertson’s anti-gay faith-based speech). In that episode, Si announced his retirement from the company. He wanted to pursue other things, and boy did he ever find a whole lot to do…

18 He Had A Spin-Off Series: Going Si-Ral

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Going Si-Ral was a short-lived spin-off of Duck Dynasty starring Uncle Si and his “Si-kick,” Willie. The show lasted from November 16, 2016 to January 18, 2017 on A&E, and actually ended before Duck Dynasty was even through. In the show, Si and Willie “studied” the Internet for viral videos, which they commented upon, much like a mash-up of Tosh.0 and America’s Funniest Home Videos.

17 He Released The Book “Si-Cology 1” In 2013

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In 2013, Si Robertson released the much-acclaimed book under Simon & Schuster, Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisom from Duck Dynasty’s Favorite Uncle. It became available in hardcover, paperback, Kindle, and even audiobook. It was well-received (over 1,440 reviews on Amazon, with a 4.7/5 rating), and basically gives you some of Si’s infamous quirky one-liners, his tall tales, his “sage” advice, and crazy exploits all in a convenient book.

16 He Released “Uncle Si The Chrismas Elf” In 2014

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Although his first book was named Si-cology 1, leading us to believe there’d be a second addition, his next book was actually a short children’s Christmas book called Uncle Si the Christmas Elf: Work Hard, Nap Hard. In the book, Si is an elf who must help Santa Clause save a little boy’s Christmas. It’s wholesome and heartwarming, and it also has a 4.6/5 rating on Amazon. Stephen Gilpin illustrated it, and Ashley Howard Nelson helped write it.

15 He Was Featured In “Everything’s Better With A Beard” In 2014

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Earlier in 2014, before Uncle Si the Christmas Elf, Si was involved in Everything’s Better with a Beard, a book that included the entire Robertson clan. The “laugh-out-loud photographic picture book” was geared toward their youngest fans. It’s for ages 4-8, is only 48 pages, and has a respectable 4.3/5 on Amazon. Willie, Phil, Jase, Jep, and Al Robertson are all in the book, too.

14 He Released The Book “Si-Renity” In 2016

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Si-Renity: How I Stay Calm and Keep the Faith was the second “serious” Uncle Si book, released in 2016 with Simon & Schuster once more. It has a nearly perfect 4.8/5 rating on Amazon, and talks about Uncle Si’s lifelong commitment to his faith, and, according to Amazon, how he has “remained untainted by the popularity and money, and is the same man he was before stardom— generous, kind, compassionate, and a little bit crazy.”

13 He Founded His Own Country Music Band: Uncle Si And The Sicotics


One of the coolest things Uncle Si has done since Duck Dynasty (and during) was form a full-on country band, along with his daughter-in-law Marsha Robertson and the celebrated singer-songwriter Bridgette Tatum. The band, dubbed Uncle Si & the Sicotics has had quite a bit of success, and though their website doesn’t show any tour dates coming up, they probably have something in the works. He has said his band is old school country how it’s meant to be.

12 His Band Recorded A Single In 2017 And A Self-Titled EP

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On May 13 2014, Uncle Si & the Sicotics released their first full-length EP entitled Me and My Smokin’ Hot Honey. It was published by Elf Entertainment, and led to more success for the band. For a while, it was the band’s main priority, and it was recorded in one take. It has humorous songs like “As Seen on TV” (the single on the album), and Tatum explained, “It was a great way to introduce what he was doing… because everybody doesn’t know that he can sing.”

11 He Appeared On Last Man Standing

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In 2013, Willie Robertson and Uncle Si guest-starred on Last Man Standing, in an episode called “Back to School.” The duo made their acting debut with their appearance on ABC’s Tim Allen comedy, and were quite a hit. Its 1.6 million viewers wasn’t anything compared to the 10 or so million people that Duck Dynasty had in its fourth season at the time, but it was still a fun thing for the two to do.

10 He Was In The 2015 Christian Film, Faith Of Our Fathers

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Uncle Si was in a Christian film called Faith of Our Fathers, which bombed at the box office, has a horrible 3.6/10 rating on IMDb, and scored only 1.5/4 from Roger Ebert. The film was based around two young fathers reporting for duty during the Vietnam War, and decades later their sons met for the first time after visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

9 He Lent His Voice To VeggieTales: Merry Larry And The True Light Of Christmas

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Uncle Si likes getting involved with kids and kid-oriented things (such as the Christmas Elf book, the Beard book, and the Chia Pet). In the VeggieTales video Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas, he lent his voice and personal appearance, in which he narrates the video and appears as a mall janitor. It’s in the tradition of the mid-60s and early-70s Rankin/Bass Christmas specials which used celebrity narrators.

8 He Was On “In The Woods With Phil” And Podcasts

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Phil Robertson also got his own spin-off show, which ran for 12 episodes in 2017, dubbed In the Woods with Phil. In the show, he had guest stars and Phil laid down “70 years of unfiltered wisdom and uncensored common sense.” It was shown on BlazeTV, and Uncle Si was a guest star on one of the shows (as well as Willie and Jase), in which they all talked about duck hunting on a video podcast.

7 He Has An Active Facebook Following (4.3 Million Followers)

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Although he probably doesn’t run his own Facebook account (he doesn’t seem like the technological type), that doesn’t negate the fact that he has a faithful following of almost 4.3 million people on the social media giant! Yes, @OfficialSiRobertson is his page, and it’s also a shop for Duck Commander hats, T-shirts, and a stepping ground for his band to promote— which gives him a huge built-in audience for anything he releases.

6 He Toured The Country With His Band

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Uncle Si & the Sicotics brought their “back porch pickin’, hip hop rhythm, sweet guitar riffs” to the world when they toured the country after releasing their EP. Earlier in 2019 they had another tour at some pretty big places, so you could say they’re quite popular. Their website currently shows no upcoming tours, but at least the trio have a few under their belt!

5 He Started Selling Ringtones Of His Music

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This is another thing that’s probably out of Uncle Si’s hands, but a good moneymaker nonetheless. Uncle Si & the Sicotics are selling ringtones of their music to people, such as blips of “As Seen on TV.” Looper made a joke that someone had to probably explain to Si that ringtones “are like duck calls that come from inside fancy voice-sending machines,” and they’re probably spot-on in that assessment.

4 He Posts Lengthy Facebook Live Videos Like A Reality TV Show

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One thing that Uncle Si has done since the end of Duck Dynasty and the Going Si-Ral spin-off is staying relevant and “on the air” by posting length Facebook Live vlogs or video posts. They function as a way to keep fans engaged, and they sometimes play out like a de facto reality show. They’re usually about 20 minutes long, or longer, and they do a good job of keeping people in the loop on what’s happening in Uncle Si’s life.

3 He Does Make-A-Wish Visits With The Other Robertsons

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As mentioned earlier, Uncle Si is a big advocate for helping children, and he’s also big on supporting veterans. He has mentioned that he loves going to Make-A-Wish Foundation events for kids who want to see the Robertsons— he thinks it’s a huge honor. He’s also said he’s seen miracles of kids who heal up after meeting the Robertsons such as himself, and he accredits all that glory towards his faith.

2 He Was In Owlegories Vol. 3 In 2016

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The biggest thing in Uncle Si’s life is his faith, without which he would have nothing. Owlegories Vol. 3 is another children’s-oriented book about faith. It’s titled “The Fire, The Duck, The Seasons,” and teaches kids to refine fire by following a group of student owls who learn about nature, faith, and God. “Each lesson focuses on an element of nature that helps teach children about the nature of God and the truths found in His Word” (via shop.owlegories.com).

1 He Was In “Duck The Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas” Album In 2013

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Korie Robertson, Willie’s wife, is the manager of the family band. Their biggest release to date was Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas, which was an album “by Duck Dynasty.” It featured Si Robertson singing on many of the classic Christmas carols, and it was released in 2013 by UMG Nashville, at the height of Duck Dynasty’s popularity. On it, Si sings “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” as well as “The Night Before Christmas,” and he joins the Robertson kids for “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

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