20 Things Ulta Employees Are Not Allowed To Do

Any makeup lover out there knows that when it comes to exciting and affordable beauty products, Ulta Beauty is the place to be. Good luck ever leaving that place without spending at least two hundred dollars at check out. That is pretty much an impossible feat.

The thing with Ulta Beauty is that there is a little something for everyone on their shelves. They make sure to stock the familiar drugstore brands along with the higher end products, and this range has made them the go-to shop for all things pretty.

What started as five Illinois-based stores has exploded into Ulta-mania all over the country. The company is currently at 970 stores in 49 states. People have become hooked on the super chain and it doesn't look like this one stop shop for makeup and beauty products is going anywhere anytime soon.

While the public loves themselves some Ulta, employees seem somewhat divided on their thoughts about the store. While many employees enjoy the free goodies and fun working atmosphere, others swear the cons outweigh the benefits. For many former employees, the rules that Ulta Beauty imposes on all who work there are too much to enjoy the job or even make it worthwhile.

Here are 20 things that Ulta employees are not allowed to do, and if they break the rules, it might end up costing them their job!

20 Sell Used Makeup

Ummm, gross. We hope that this claim isn't valid, but word on the street is that Ulta has their employees resell products that have already been opened and used. The company has recently come under fire for supposedly repackaging and reselling items that had been returned to the store and even previously used.

It's more than bothersome to think about makeup, hair products, and even styling tools being used on a stranger's body and then put back on the shelves for unsuspecting customers to repurchase. We hope that there is no truth to this claim because for many customers, something like this would be an absolute dealbreaker.

19 Revealing Shirts

Ulta doesn't care kinds of shirts are trending these days. All they care about is that their employees follow the uniform assignments that they set out to a tee. When it comes to pairing a shirt with the required Ulta black pants, tops have a whole lot of rules behind them.

According to the Ulta rule book, employees are allowed to rock tank tops, but they need to be pretty high cut and can never be too revealing. Shirts have to cover all of the skin to the waist as well. No midriff is expected to be peeking out. The shirt selections need to be reasonably conservative.

18 Work In The Salon Without A License

Generally speaking, you don't need a cosmetics license to work in Ulta stores. The only place within Ulta's store walls that will require you to show your beauty certificate is the actual salon. The Ulta salon is no different than other salons, and if you aspire to someday work in this sector, then you will have to have some schooling and training to go along with your hopes and dreams.

There is no on-site training offered for employees who hope to get through the salon gates, so looking into outside training and schooling is a good idea for those workers who want to end up here someday.

17 No Leggings!

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Leggings are the perfect pants choice for someone who has to be on their feet all day long. If you are required to run around the store floors for eight hours at a time, then leggings can offer a bit of stretchy relief. Who doesn't love the soft, forgiving fabric that a good pair of leggings provide? Ulta employees don't get the legging luxury, however.

Leggings are only allowed when worn underneath dresses. The store employees aren't even allowed to pair them with oversized shirts or tunics. If your life revolves around leggings, then you will likely not be a great fit for working at Ulta.

16 Forbidden Prints

Wearing wild prints is lots of fun for most people and gives them the means to show off their bright and vibrant personality. If shirts and dresses full of funky prints are something that lines your closets, those clothing items will have to stay tucked away on workdays. Prints and textures are not okay to wear to Ulta. Employees can't even wear patterns in their choice of headbands or socks, although they might get away with a bit of flashiness in their jewelry choices.

When it comes to the Ulta uniform, solid colors are the only possible choices. Working for this company means focusing on the products, not their personal fashion choices.

15 Measure Up Those Dresses

Ulta employees have no say in the color of their work clothes; it's going to be black no matter what they desire. They do have a bit of leeway in the types of black clothing that they wear around the store though. Black pants are preferred, but skirts and dresses are also acceptable, so long as they meet the length requirement.

The shortest a skirt can be is three inches above the knee. Teeny tiny miniskirts are a fashion nope when working for this company. You probably would not want to wear a super short dress at Ulta anyhow considering how much you will be moving about to reach products on very high and very low shelves.

14 Be Creative With Color

Sometimes Ulta will run events that require the employees to wear a specific color other than black. When colored shirts are allowed, employees have to sport the exact hue of the requested color. If bright pink is the chosen color, don't even think of showing up in a pale blush hue. The company is pretty specific in regards to what shades of chosen colors are acceptable.

If wearing bright colors to reflect your mood and personal style is something that you need in your everyday life, working at Ulta might not be up your alley. If you adore wearing as much black as you can get your hands on, then this might be perfect for you.

13 Apply Makeup To The Whole Face

Ulta beauty advisors are encouraged to show customers how fabulous they will look with Ulta products on their faces, but they are only allowed to apply products to half of the face. This odd practice is likely because Ulta has in-store salons that offer beauty application for a hefty price. They don't need their floor employees providing makeup application services for free.

This practice could detract from their salon sales. The company also encourages employees to keep it short and sweet with prospective customers. Any more than five minutes with a customer could result in a managerial reprimand or a telling glare from across the store.

12 Move Up Within The Company

More than one former Ulta employee has commented on how the company does not work to advance their employees through the ranks. While similar beauty-based companies, like Sephora for example, make it a point to move their base level employees up the corporate ladder, Ulta doesn't do this. They tend to hire their managers and higher ranking employees from outside Ulta store walls, which can be pretty disappointing to their current employees with lofty aspirations of growing with the business.

Some ex-employees claim that Ulta doesn't promote from within the company and chooses to hire from outside the company whenever they can.

11 Earn A Commission

If you only plan on earning a living from working at Ulta, you might find yourself coming up short with the rent each month. Not only do store employees who work for Ulta discover that they don't get enough hours not to work a second job, but there also isn't the opportunity to earn extra income from commission.

Aside from the lack of commission, there are also only small yearly raises given out and virtually no additional bonuses to be collected. The only exception here is if you are fortunate enough to work in the salon. Then you can stand to make extra money from generous tips.

10 Plan Your Life

If you plan on taking a job with this company, then go ahead and accept the fact that your life is now Ulta, plain and simple. Employees who have worked for the company claim that the scheduling is challenging to plan around and many times the week's schedule comes out on Saturday or even on Sunday. Good luck planning a doctor's appointment on your day off. You won't work a set amount of days, and every week your work schedule will look different.

This inconsistent scheduling strategy can be especially challenging for young people who are going to school and trying to hold a job down.

9 Work Cake Shifts

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In the retail world, wonky working hours comes with the territory. Good luck working shifts that are a piece of cake. Some people find that they are working as many hours that there are in the day, while others can barely get part-time work to help cover their cell phone bill.

Some Ulta employees have reported that one month they were working nearly full-time, and suddenly several new hires came in and because of that their hours got slashed down to almost nothing. Ulta expects its employees to be available forty hours a week, but they only schedule them for a fraction of their availability.

8 Skip Out On Working Holidays

In the wonderful world of working retail, having to report to your job on a holiday is pretty much a given. If the store is open, then you are fair game for managers who make the store's schedule. Ulta employees might find themselves having to work on Thanksgiving, Easter, New Years Day or The Fourth of July.

Most companies now close up for Christmas, but other than that one, do not plan on spending significant holidays with friends and family. You'll have to consult the master schedule before you make any big holiday plans. Sure you can request days off, but that doesn't mean that they will get granted.

7 Rack Up The Sick Days

If you plan on working at Ulta, you probably want to make sure that you are in good health because their sick day policy is not the best around. Employees only get three allotted sick days per year, and after that, they start receiving a penalty of one point per sick day taken. If an employee earns eight points total, then that particular employee is released from their position within the company.

Recently Ulta changed their policy to allow part-time employees to take sick days. Before that sick days were something that only full-time employees could take if needed.

6 Double Dip On Brow Work

One former Ulta employee claims that Ulta makes their staff sign non-compete clauses, meaning that if hired employees agree to do brow work at Ulta, they can not go to another salon and do the same thing for extra cash. If they do need a second job, then they need to make sure it is not doing the same thing that they were hired to do at Ulta. This company does their best to make sure their professionals aren't giving out their special services elsewhere so that customers only visit Ulta Beauty for cosmetic assistance.

Sadly, Ulta is known for handing out less-than-reliable hours to retail employees, so second jobs are often a must.

5 Wear Smudgy Makeup

Ulta employees do not have to wear makeup, whereas Sephora employees have a laundry list of makeup boxes that have to get checked off every day. Ulta is far more relaxed in what they expect from their employees in the makeup department.

While makeup is optional, Ulta employees who do choose to wear makeup, have to keep their faces smudge-free. If you are going to rock a face full of beauty, you have to make sure that it's on point. It's nice to know that painting your face or going completely natural is entirely up to the store employee and not dictated by corporate. We will give the company that!

4 Let Their Nails Go

When you work in beauty retail, you have to strive to look your best. People are coming to you for inspiration, so you'll have to put some work into your style. One thing that employees have to pay attention to is their fingernails. Nails do not have to be colorful, but they do have to be well maintained. Nails cannot be chipped or unclean. They have to appear well groomed in the very least.

Nailcare is another way where Sephora differs from Ulta Beauty. At Sephora, nails not only have to be painted, but they must show off a color that is available at the Sephora store.

3 Place Their Name-Tag Anywhere

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Many retail stores require their employees to wear name tags while they are out on the floor or behind a cash register. They need the people who are working in their stores to be readily accessible on a personal level to prospective customers. While Ulta employees have some ability to be individuals in how they wear their hair, their makeup and even rock their piercings, they have no say regarding their nametags.

All Ulta employees must wear their name tags underneath their left clavicle. While the company is not super strict on uniform appearances, nametag placement is one thing that they feel strongly about.

2 Go Wild With The Piercings

At least the Ulta employees can have a little bit of creative freedom of expression when it comes to their piercings. Possible piercings are another way the company differs slightly from their biggest beauty competitors. Ulta employees are allowed to have some visible piercings so long as they don't go overboard with them. They can have up to two piercings in their ears, and they can even have on their face.

Managers might question a large bullring through the nose, but they won't bat an eye at a small stud through the eyebrow. At least the dedicated people of Ulta have some ability to express themselves through facial jewelry.

1 Work Underage

What teenage girl would not want to work at a high-end beauty supply store where they get first dibs at the best and newest products while playing with makeup all day long? Working at Ulta seems like a fairy tale for a sixteen-year-old girl. Unfortunately, teenage ladies who fawn over employment at Ulta will have to wait until they reach adulthood before they make their employment dreams come true.

The only people who get considered for a job at Ulta, are those who have reached adulthood. The company has a strict policy on hiring minors, and they are firmly against doing so.

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