20 Things To Know About The Women Who Got Jude Law To Commit

Years ago, a person couldn’t walk past a movie poster lining the sidewalk and not see Jude Law’s handsome face smiling back at them. The star of The Talented Mr. Ripley, Alfie, and most recently, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald has had more than a merely impressive professional life–he’s had a BRILLIANT run and he still is relatively young.

Jude’s pedigree is top notch and not only has he graced the big screen for years, but he’s also a regular on the stage as well. He has been nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award and a Tony Award (twice for the latter), too. But what people are most intrigued by is, believe it or not, his personal life.

Since the dawn of Hollywood, audiences have been captivated the personal lives of famous celebrities in the spotlight, and Jude is no different. Everyone wanted to know what sort of life this beautiful man led when it came to being in relationships. And, of course, he didn’t disappoint. Law has a track record of being in and out of relationships faster than fans can blink and has a rather large family as the result of it.

Let’s take a look and learn about what the women in Jude’s life are like and how they got him to commit in the first place.

20 Phillipa Coan Has The Brains (She’s A Psychologist)


Jude’s current girlfriend is actually a 32-year-old woman named Phillipa Coan and, believe it or not, she’s not much for being in the public eye.

While she has the looks of a supermodel on holiday with her blond locks and challenging beauty, she’s actually a psychologist who prefers her privacy over everything else.

While they’ve been spotted out having dinner or leaving the airport, these sightings have been few and far between for the couple. Sure, they’ve attended some events where the handsome actor and the brilliant doctor are caught by dozens of cameras and thousands of onlookers, but they really like to lay low for the most part.

19 The Younger Women Don’t Always Capture His Eye – Rachel Bourlier

Daily Mail

A lot of us believe the Hollywood myth that the only type of woman that attracts a celebrity’s eye is a younger beauty. That’s absolutely not true in the least. Especially when it comes to Jude Law. Law has been known to date women his own age (gasp!) but women that are older than him as well. His former girlfriend, a journalist by the name of Rachel Bourlier, is actually one year older than him. That relationship fizzled when Jude met and fell in love with Phillipa Coan even though he and Rachel had a special bond together. While she was upset at the time (she had to find out via the gossip pages about the relationship) we hope she holds no ill will toward the actor.

18 Ruth Wilson Should Have All The Emmys


For a short time, Jude was actually linked up to actress Ruth Wilson after the two starred in a London production of Anna Christie back in 2012. For a while, they kept their relationship on the down low because her star was about ready to take off while he was at cruising around the top of his own fame.

Thing is, Ruth is actually an extremely talented British actress who made waves with her portrayal of a girl caught in the middle Alison Lockhart in a critically acclaimed Showtime drama.

Her acting chops prove that she’s just not another pretty face. She even won a Golden Globe award for her dark turn in the film and has been nominated countless times for not just that series, but for her other work as well.

17 Sienna Miller Is Still Considered An Actual Rising Star (Thanks To Tippi Hendren)


For a while after she got into a very public long-term relationship with Jude, people assumed that Sienna Miller was only going to be known for being “that one girl who is just dating Jude Law.” However, that’s far from the truth. She stepped into the spotlight when she starred with Jude in the remake of the film Alfie and the two found themselves diving head first into a very public relationship. After circumstances that arose which ended up parting the couple, people almost forgot about her. But her brilliance on the stage and in front of the camera was too overwhelming to deny. She was even nominated for a BAFTA Rising Star Award in 2008. And yes, she played an EXCELLENT Tippi Hendren in the HBO film The Girl.

16 But Sienna’s Relationship Didn’t Work Out With Jude For A Specific Reason

Daily Mail

Sometimes, relationship fizzles out and the couple just drifts apart. That’s what we like to assume happened with Jude and Sienna. For starters, they were such an amazing pair together on and off the screen so their love story was destined to have a happy ending. But that wasn’t the case and of course, people started talking.

When Sienna happened to get close to James Bond himself (Daniel Craig) and a voicemail leaked out into the public, Sienna had to go on the defense in actual court (it was a phone-hacking case).

People were freaking out over the fact that she ended a voicemail to Craig with the words “I love you” which she said under oath is how she ends all her voice messages to close friends.

15 Lily Cole Proves That He Does Have A Soft Spot For Models

Just Jared

We love admiring models for their beauty and grace. Jude Law is no different. Sure, he’s been with a lot of beauties in the past, but they’ve usually been actresses, socialites, or intellectuals. While Lily Cole is certainly intelligent, she also happens to be a model. Lily is actually a model who was named in 2009 as one of the top 30 models of the 2000s by Vogue Paris. Vogue Paris literally handpicked her at the age of 16 to grace the cover of their magazine AND name her “Model of the Year.” She and Jude dated for a short time a while ago and were spotted together while out and about. It didn’t last long, however, and Lily just had her first child a couple years ago with partner Kwame Ferreira.

14 Kimberly Stewart Proved That He’s Not Afraid Of Socialites


When we see the word “socialites,” most of think of the likes of Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian–you know, women who are wealthy and have a rich name to back them and their wealth up. This happens to be the case with Kimberly Stewart, who is the daughter of legendary singer Rod Stewart and model Alana Stewart.

Her relationship with Jude was brief but memorable.

These days, Kimberley is actually busy being a mother. She and actor Benicio del Toro share a daughter together (who was born in 2011) named Delilah Stewart (who happens to be Rod’s first grandchild!)

13 Samantha Burke Knows How To Keep Things Quiet

Just Jared

As we said before, Jude does like him some very strong models. Samantha Burke is one of them. The former Flaunt Management model didn’t exactly get Jude Law to commit, though it really doesn’t seem like she neither had the time to nor wanted to. Samantha happens to the mother of Jude’s fourth child, one Sophia Burke, a daughter who Jude is now only getting to know a little better. Samantha didn’t reveal it to the public until a bit after she found out she was pregnant (Jude did know, though) so we know she’s pretty good at keeping that big news out of the public eye for a while, at least.

12 Where The Rumors About Lindsey Lohan True?


Rumors happen. They especially happen to celebrities as big as Jude Law. There have been tabloid junkie news tidbits that he’s dated almost every A-List woman in Hollywood at least twice (okay, it’s not THAT bad, but the tabloid stories are still very annoying).

One such A-lister at the time he was linked to was none other than Lindsay Lohan.

Back in 2007, it was reported that Lindsay was so taken with Jude that she jet set from Los Angeles to New York just to spend some time with him. They were seen partying together and hanging out. Now did it lead to somewhat of a relationship? Who knows. The duo never really opened their mouths about it and let people speculate what they wanted.

11 … Same With Natalie Portman?


Like we said before, Jude has a thing for amazingly talented, intelligent, and beautiful women. And Natalie Portman fits right into all those categories. At first off, she doesn’t seem like the type of stunning intellect to go after a man with a reputation such as Jude Law, but her tastes have known to change in the past. Both she and Jude starred in the 2004 Award Winning drama Closer and after they shared the screen together (and played a couple in the film), it was rumored that the two were in a relationship for a short period of time. Of course, this could’ve just stemmed from the fact that they had amazing onscreen chemistry.

10 Sadie Is A Massive Homebody


The most significant relationship that Jude Law has ever really had is with a woman named Sadie Frost. Sadie is an actress who met Jude on the set of a movie called Shopping in the mid to late ’90s.

After a whirlwind relationship, the two married and had three children together.

While they were both actors and intensely ambitious, Sadie enjoyed staying in with her children and her husband when she was married to Jude in their younger years. She did write a book after her marriage to him crumbled that talked about going through some serious depression during those early years because of her intense love for him that made her want to stay in the house more.

9 We Know That He Has Dated Co-Stars In The Past, But Was Cameron Diaz One Of Them?


Law really does have a long list of co-stars he’s either been with or rumored to have been with. He stared with the beautiful Cameron Diaz in the holiday film The Holiday. Both he and Diaz played love interests in the romantic comedy and had a bizarre amount of chemistry on the screen so it sort of makes sense that there was possibly something else going on with them. Rumors only intensified when she hopped a plan to go support his performance in Anna Christie at the Donmar Warehouse Theatre in London. Photographers were quick to capture them in the same frame as they went to and from the theater. Was it love? Or just most likely a very strong and sturdy friendship.

8 Regardless Of Their Circumstances, Sadie Frost And Jude Are Still Friends


It takes a lot to make a marriage work, but it takes even a lot more to stay friends AFTER marriage has fallen apart–especially if it’s completely and utterly genuine. This is the case with both Sadie Frost and Jude.

Just recently, the two got together to celebrate their son Rudy’s 16th birthday bash.

The marriage was a special and ultimately doomed, but their friendship flourishes, clearly. Both parents beamed on IG at their son and other children who were present for the party. It takes a lot to have a friendship remain that strong, but both Sadie and Jude are up for the task.

7 Coan Knows How To Keep Things Low Key With The Actor


When you’re not an actress yourself and in the industry, it can be a tough thing to get used to on a nightly basis when you’re dating a well-known A-list actor. The lights, the constant clicks of an invasive camera from someone attempting to follow you, the endless array of questions–it can be overwhelming if you don’t have thick enough skin to handle it. This is why most celebrities tend to date other celebrities. However, some of the most successful pairings are celebs who date NON-celebrities, and Phillipa Coan seems right up to the task at him. She’s used to playing it low key when it comes to going out with Jude and is not one to talk about their relationship.

6 Remember Who Exactly Caught Jude’s Eye When He Was With Sadie?


Some marriages just don’t work. It happens in real life as well as in the real life of celebrities you admire. Like we said before, Jude’s most famous and long-lasting relationship was with actress Sadie Frost, who he still has a stable relationship with. However, what we thought drove them apparently wasn’t exactly what really drew them apart.

Sure, things went down with Jude falling for their nanny, but it was actually their own ambition that drove he and Sadie to part ways.

When she came out with her biography a few years back, she couldn’t stress enough that that’s what the final dagger in their marriage was: he was more in love with his own job over everything else.

5 He Asked Out Rachel Bourlier In A Really Cute Way

Tele Star

We know that Jude was involved with Rachel Bourlier before he jumped into a relationship with Coan, but how long were they together and more importantly, how did he manage to woo her? Turns out, it was straight out of a romantic comedy. She happened to be dropping her son off at school when Jude literally flagged down her car, chatted her up, and then asked for her number. The thing is, her son didn’t really want people at his own school to know that the two were in a relationship because, as he put it, Jude didn’t have a very good reputation when it came to women. “Now I know why,” Rachel said to The Mirror after their year-long relationship ended.

4 Most Of His Girlfriends Adores All His Children


Now, we all know that Jude is a massive family man. And he has to be in his life because of his children. Jude has a total of five kids; three with Sadie, one with Samantha Burke, and one with singer Catherine Harding.

And yes, he sees them all (some more than others because of the distance and his friendships with their mothers) so naturally, the women in his life who he dates must adore children as much as he does.

His children are the main beacons in his life and he’s said that on numerous occasions. You can visibly see the love on his kids’ IG pages when he comes to visit them. So it’s safe to say that Coan must love kids too.

3 Sadie Was 25 When She Met The 19 Year Old Jude Law

Daily Mail

As teenagers, we all know that we can become smitten pretty easily and believe that we’ve “fallen in love” with someone we’re dating. Sometimes we can just be ignorant in the ways of love, other times and with other people, it might be true. This was the case when the 25-year old already married Sadie fell in love with the then 19-year-old Jude. She said that her love with him was so intense that she didn’t really know what to do or how to handle it, especially since she was married and had children. It didn’t take long for her to make up her mind and decide to give up her marriage and marry up with Jude.

2 Kim Hersov Was A Former Editor For Harper’s Bazaar


Did you think being an actor is tough work? Try being a magazine editor. One of the most powerhouse women Jude Law has ever been in a relationship was actually Kim Hersov, a successful American magazine editor.

Kim worked in London as Harper Bazaar’s editor-at-large and already started jet-setting around the world only two weeks into their relationship.

The paparazzi followed them everywhere they went, of course, so they didn’t really get a moment of peace. The 2007 relationship didn’t last very long, unfortunately. Even though it didn’t, it was still impressive that Jude was able to add this super successful and brilliant woman to his list of stunning girlfriends.

1 He Actually Was With A Miss Berlin – Susan Hoecke

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Could it be that his relationship with Kim Hersov didn’t work out because he fell for a different famous beauty? That same year, Jude started dating none other than Miss Germany (or rather, Miss Berlin) Susan Hoecke. The duo was photographed walking through the Tiergarten in the city of Berlin and was even photographed together having dinner. “Just and Susan seemed really happy and were pretty tactile with one another,” one onlooker who caught the couple having dinner gossiped. “Susan is a strikingly beautiful girl and not surprisingly, Jude could barely keep his eyes off her.” It’s really too bad this relationship fizzled too.

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