20 Things To Know About Mismatched Couple Scarlett Johansson & Colin Jost

It's tough to become super invested in celebrity relationships because, as everyone knows, sometimes things just don't work out. This past spring and summer, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were the celeb couple to watch and everyone was interested in reading as much as they could about the pair. Sadly, Ariana and Pete are no more, and pop culture fans are left wondering who is going to fill the void and be the next star-studded duo who will get people talking.

But wait... there's another celebrity couple that people are buzzing about... and one half is also a Saturday Night Live cast member. Yup, it's Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson. The Weekend Update star and the famous actress have been a thing for quite a while now, and they look absolutely adorable and wonderful together.

But how much do fans know about Colin and Scarlett? Honestly, most people would say not very much. Even though there have been some sweet red carpet photos, fans probably don't know the details about how they met or anything about their relationship. After all, they've kept things successfully under wraps 'til now.

It's time to change that! Read on to find out 20 things to know about this couple.

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20 Meet Cute: On SNL

via Dlisted

How do couples typically meet? A lot of romances start in the workplace or through friends. It makes sense that when people spend a lot of time working, they would bond or at least get a chance to chat a little bit. If sparks fly, then they're glad that they took the job and were able to meet one another.

How did Scarlett Johannsson and Colin Jost meet?

We might not know this, but they met on Saturday Night Live. According to This Is Insider, Scarlett has hosted SNL five times and has also played some characters, so it sounds like she and Colin interacted during those times.

19 11 Years: It took This Long

via ZIG

Timing is everything, right? Isn't that what people always say about relationships? Often, a couple will get along super well and it seems like they will never break up... but they say that it's just the wrong timing. Maybe it's a long-distance romance and one of them is living somewhere for school or work and can't move, and the long-distance thing isn't working out.

Timing is everything even with a celebrity romance... and it seems like it took a long time for this star-studded couple to start officially dating According to the Cheat Sheet, Scarlett and Colin first met in 2006 and started dating in 2017.

18 Party Time: This Is When Things Got Going

via E! Online

While it's common for couples to meet through work or friends (whether they're famous or not), it's also common for them to meet at a party or gathering.

After Colin and Scarlett started going out, it sounds like there was a party when sparks really started flying between the two of them. How sweet and cute is that?!

This Is Insider says, "According to Life & Style magazine, Johanson and Jost were set up on a date sometime between her hosting "SNL" in March and the May 21 cast party by "SNL" co-star Kate McKinnon. The two reportedly showed some PDA at the cast party."

17 This Is Interesting: Scarlett's Story

via Famous Biographies

When two people start a relationship, they each bring their own histories and some would say baggage. We can assume that's true if someone is famous, too.

According to E online, Scarlett had "monogamy doubts." The website quoted her as saying once, "And the fact that it is such work for so many people—for everyone—the fact of that proves that it is not a natural thing. It's something I have a lot of respect for and have participated in, but I think it definitely goes against some instinct to look beyond." It seems like that might not be the case anymore since she's in a relationship with Colin.

16 A Long Road: The Official Red Carpet Announcement

Refinery 29

According to Instyle, it sounds like Colin and Scarlett officially announced their relationship (at least via a red carpet date) in April 2018.

It's always fascinating to see when a celebrity couple will admit that they have been seeing one another.

Often, there will be talk about them dating, along with pictures, but no official announcement will come from the couple themselves for a little bit. Then they say that they're dating and suddenly, everyone is talking about them even more. Funny how that works, right?! We think that Colin and Scarlett are so sweet together and are happy to see every photo of the two of them.

15 Sweet Nothings: Colin Has Romantic Words For Scarlett

via Gossip Cop

Every girl wants their boyfriend to say nice things about them. That's definitely something that celebrities and regular people can relate to. When our best friend or mom tells us that our BF told them something sweet and romantic about us, we're totally going to swoon, so we can imagine that it must feel pretty good to hear that your boyfriend said something about you on the red carpet.

This Is Insider says that Colin once said about Scarlett, "She's pretty cool, it's hard to have a lot of complaints … she's pretty awesome." Awwww. That is exactly what every girl wants to hear.

14 Call Your Girlfriend: This Is When Colin Did

via Cosmopolitan

Everyone knows that the "DTR" (aka define the relationship) moment is stressful. It's hard to know if the other person is thinking the same thing and if you both want it to be a serious relationship. We can assume that being a celebrity is pretty easy since it seems like a great lifestyle to have.

But it also seems like a celebrity couple still has to have that kind of talk and decide if they're in a relationship (you just can't escape the official talk...).

According to Us Weekly, Colin said that he had a girlfriend on SNL in May 2018. We don't know when they had the talk, of course.

13 Set-Up: This Person Got Them Dating

via Wired.com

Have we ever been set up by a friend before? Chances are, we have... and there have been mixed results. Sometimes, it works out so perfectly that the couple wonders why they weren't introduced before. Other times, you're left wondering why you were set up with this person at all, and it can be confusing. Oh, love... Isn't it so complicated?!

It turns out that Colin and Scarlett were set up, and it seems like that is how they started dating. According to Life and Style magazine, Kate McKinnon was the "matchmaker" and set them up. That's such a sweet, adorable story.

12 Dating Life: June 2017

via Lainey Gossip

Fans of a celebrity couple are always interested in hearing about their dating life.

It's not always possible, of course, but we're going to take what we can get in terms of information.

Hey Alma reported that "In June 2017, Page Six said that Colin and Scarlett were on a 'date' and holding hands. They said a week later that she was holding hands with her lawyer, Kevin Yorn, then a few weeks later it seemed like Colin and Scarlett were dating again because they were in the Hamptons together."

It sounds like Colin and Scarlett weren't super serious right away, but far as we can tell, it seems like things are definitely working out.

11 Not Exclusive At First: This Is What Happened

Daily Mail Online

Sometimes, a couple will be serious and exclusive from the very beginning. Other couples will be a bit more casual or will see other people before deciding to commit to one another. There is no right or wrong or rhyme or reason, as long as both people are on the same page and know what they both want.

Metro.co.uk reported that a source said about Scarlett, "She would go dates with Colin and be very excited after. It took a while for them to be exclusive, but they are now. Scarlett is very happy with Colin." It does sound and look like they are really good together.

10 Happy Thanksgiving: People Are Talking About A Ring


Business Times says that people are wondering if Colin and Scarlett got engaged on Thanksgiving. It hasn't been confirmed so for now, it's just something that people are talking about.

We would love for this to be true because they seem like such a sweet couple who are great together and who doesn't love a celebrity wedding?!

Sure, regular weddings are fun, but when stars tie the knot, sometimes the big day is just that much more lavish and sophisticated and exciting. It's always fun to see the pictures and follow along.

We wonder if wedding bells are in the future for Colin and Scarlett?!

9 Moving On Up: They Toured A Hamptons Home

via Nova.com

Observer.com reported that this past summer, Colin and Scarlett were touring a house in Montauk. This is definitely the reason why we love following the lives of celebrities. We can dream of owning or touring a house in Montauk (or an equally fabulous area) but for most of us, that's unfortunately just not in the cards.

According to Observer.com, "The couple looked at a five-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom condo at the Residences at Gurney’s, which the Post claims was recently reduced from an asking price of $8.5 million down to $7.95 million. From what we see in this listing, it’s still listed for the higher amount, but maybe a discount is in the works." Sounds pretty impressive.

8 Funny Guy: This Is A Great Story

E! News

The Huffington Post reported that there's a pretty funny story attached to Colin's most recent birthday.

Colin hosts Weekend Update with Michael Che, and Michael Che hired a party clown to crash Scarlett and Colin's dinner for Colin's birthday.

It's adorable to hear about this since we can tell that they have a close friendship, and it just gives us all the feels. Oh, how we would have loved to be a fly on the wall during this special dinner... but we'll have to settle for reading about it (and seeing this cute picture).

7 Age Is Just A Number: A Small Difference

via E! News

People say that age is just a number, and many people who have been in love with someone who was a bit younger or older can definitely agree with that. It often doesn't change the relationship at all and many couples are successful no matter what the age difference.

Since we want to know as much as we can about our new favorite celebrity couple Scarlett and Colin, it's cool to know that there's a bit of an age difference between the two of them. It's not much at all, though: according to Metro.co.uk, he's 36 and she's 33, so he's only three years older.

6 True Love: People Say They're A Great Couple

via W magazine

It sounds like people say that Colin and Scarlett are experiencing true love, and that is amazing to hear.

Instead of hearing about breakups and divorces, we always want to hear some good news, particularly when it involves two people that we're huge fans of like we are of Colin and Scarlett.

According to Metro.co.uk, a source told People magazine, "They’re very much in love. It’s serious. They’re both very respectful of each other’s [jobs] and very supportive. They’re super cute together." Fans will agree that this celebrity duo looks great together and are pretty much the definition of a cute couple.

5 Just Her Type: She Likes This About Him

via Refinery29

What's your type? It's a question that many people ask themselves when searching for a partner. Sometimes, it can be good to go against your type and open up your mind to dating someone new. You could miss out on the right person if you're too strict about types.

But other times, of course, finding your type is great, and it works out really well.

Also according to Metro.co.uk, a source told People, "Scarlett likes to be in love and has not changed a bit in that area, Colin is good for her because she likes smart men, especially writer types. She is a very bright girl and always searching for that perfect match."

4 So Famous: Walking Some Red Carpets

via W magazine

Sometimes, a celebrity couple will be photographed all the time: walking red carpets, running errands, going on vacation. Other times, there aren't a ton of candid types of shots, and there are mostly pictures of them in more formal settings such as movie premieres or events.

The latter is the case for this celebrity couple.

While we don't see many pictures of them in terms of their private life or how they spend their free time, Scarlett and Colin are photographed quite a bit on different red carpets, including for her movies. This duo always looks super stylish and sophisticated.

3 That's Hilarious: His Costar Has Funny Words

via E! Online

We know that Michael Che and Colin Jost are both funny guys since they host a beloved and important segment on Saturday Night Live.

According to E online, Michael Che has joked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about Colin, "He's changed a lot since, I feel like, you've changed, you don't invite me places. And when you do, you ditch me." He continued, "Well, yeah, because if you're with like Scarlett Johansson I don't want to tell you to come to this dive bar with me and watch a Yankees game. I feel like maybe you have better things to do."

2 So Cute: A Night Out


Did you know that Scarlett Johansson has a daughter? She has an absolutely adorable daughter whose name is Rose, which is such a beautiful name.

The Daily Mail reported that one night, Scarlett, Colin, and her daughter Rose were all photographed together, and it seems like they were spending time together.

Moms know that figuring out when to introduce your kid to your beau is a big deal... so it seems like this would indicate that things have gotten quite serious between these two. All signs seem to point to them staying together (and we're big fans so we definitely hope so).

1 True Love: The 2018 Emmy Awards

via HuffPost

People say that Scarlett and Colin looked so great together when they were at the Emmys together this past September, and we have to agree.

We know that celebrity romances can be fickle and that they don't always last very long. Sometimes it seems like as soon as you get invested in one, you learn that the couple has sadly broken up. There are so many things that can go wrong in Hollywood, from crazy schedules that don't match up to the pressures of fame.

Fans are definitely hoping that won't happen to Colin and Scarlett, and we're so glad to have learned some more things about this wonderful pair.

Sources: This is Insider, InStyle, E Online, Daily Mail, Huffington Post

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