20 Things To Know About Hilary Duff (& Her Modern Growing Family)

From Lizzie McGuire to catchy pop songs, Hilary Duff is a well-known star and has been for some time. But she is not that sweet little girl on Disney Channel any longer! No, since those early days of stardom, she has experienced many more adventures in life.

In fact, she is all grown up, and she is now in a happy relationship and raising two kids—a spirited little boy and brand new baby girl (and both of them are adorable).

Devoted fans may have heard about some of this—and some of her other current happenings, like fashion lines, new films and her pets—if they keep up with her current life. For others, though, all of this could be new information.

Either way, the 20 facts below need to be known! Who is she dating? When did she have her second child? Has she released music recently? What is her parenting style like? Where has she traveled to recently? What did she name her kids? Will she get married again? How is she so cute, and how did she end up with such a cute family?!

Keep reading for all of this and to learn more about Hilary Duff and her growing family!

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20 We All Know Hilary Duff, Right? And Her Two Kids & BF…?

ABC News

Hilary Erhard Duff was born on September 28, 1987. She starred on Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire and went on to be in films like Agent Cody Banks, Cheaper by the Dozen, and A Cinderella Story. She now stars in TV Land’s series Younger.

Besides singing, she has sold an estimated 15 million records since her music debut in 2002.

Hilary Duff has also co-authored a trilogy of novels and has had three fashion lines: Stuff by Duff, Femme for DKNY, and the Muse x Hilary Duff collection through GlassesUSA.com. But there is more to her than just this...

19 Hilary Had Luca In 2012 

Ace Show Biz

When it comes to relationships, Hilary Duff has been linked to Aaron Carter (another teen idol in music), Joel Madden (of Good Charlotte), and, in 2007, Mike Comrie (an NHL player). The two became engaged in February 2010 and they were married on August 14, 2010 in Santa Barbara, California. The following year, the couple announced that a baby was on the way, and their son Luca Cruz Comrie was born in March 2012. In 2014, the couple announced that they had separated, and they divorced the next year. Hilary has kept primary physical custody of Luca since the split.

18 Hilary Met Matt In 2015 


Then, in 2015, Hilary Duff met Matthew (Matt) Koma while working on her album "Breathe In. Breathe Out." In fact, Matt co-wrote and produced the title track!

According to Us Magazine, the two had great chemistry in the studio, and Hilary thought Matt was very talented and cute.

The couple made their red carpet debut in January 2017 at a pre-SAG awards party and since then, there have been some bumps in the road (more on that later), but there have also been lots of big, exciting, awesome things along this pair's path (keep reading for further details)...

17 They Adopted A Puppy

Us Magazine

Hilary Duff adopted a Labrador mix named Momo in May 2017, and she had to say goodbye to her 10-year-old Bernese Mountain dog in February 2018. On social media she wrote about having this dog next to her at all times, viewing the pet as a protector, comfort, shadow, and understanding of all things good and warm and fierce. She said she could not imagine the house without her dog’s noise, love, energy, smile, and wagging tail, so she and Matt adopted an elderly canine from Love Leo Rescue and named her Lucy. And look how adorable Lucy is!

16 Oh, And They Had A Baby

Daily Mail

Okay, here is some more of that big, exciting, awesome news! On Thursday, October 25, 2018, Banks Violet Bair entered the world, and her parents—Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma—shared photos of her via social media that grew from a glimpse of a baby foot to full-on portraits of this adorable new addition.

Hilary welcomed the “beautiful daughter, little sister, and best friend for life” and stated that her little family “could not possibly be more grateful."

Plus, here is a fun fact about Banks' unique name: Bair is Matt's real last name. How cute!

15 They Are Busy, To Say The Least


Earlier, we mentioned Hilary Duff’s acting, writing, designing, and singing. But she also does philanthropy work and is an investor in the viral 2-in-1 children's product Cubcoat. On top of all that, though, she has a boyfriend, pets, two kids, and a jam-packed life! After having Banks, she stated that things were going great but that the whole family was a little tired—which makes sense, since adding a baby into the mix is a big step; there are feedings to give, diapers to change, and cries to comfort, but there is also another family member to care for and to love.

14 But They Are ‘Crushing It’ 


During her second pregnancy, Hilary Duff wrote about being filled with so many emotions; she shared her excitement about adding another member to her family, but she admitted that some days were long and tough.

She was also glad that she was on this adventure with Matt.

She appreciated that this baby picked her and Matt to be the mommy and daddy. And she felt that she and Matt were “gunna crush it for...baby B." So far, from what we have seen, they are totally crushing the parenting things together, and Luca, as seen below, is such a big help!

13 Luca Is A Great Big Brother


At first, Luca was “on the fence” about his mom having another child. She waited quite some time to have another baby, but she thinks it was a smart decision since Luca is at just the right age to help out with Banks. According to Cafe Mom, Luca loves to hold her on his chest, loves to do skin-to-skin, and is really just obsessed with her face, having a narrative for every face she makes and why. We can just imagine these two bonding together and then growing up together, and we are excited to see it all!

12 He Even Wanted To Name His Sister

Cafe Mom

Luca is a pretty unique name, and Banks definitely does too, and Hilary Duff said that she and Matt were open to name suggestions when coming up with one for their little girl.

And, well, Luca had one: Cafont Croissant.

Yes, when Hilary was on The Late Late Show with James Corden in June, she said that she thought Cafont would be so cool, but Luca insisted that it be Cafont Croissant and that there was no separating the two. He did not get his way, but hopefully, he thinks Banks is a pretty great name... even if it is not a food item.

11 And Matt Is A Great Dad

Cafe Mom

Before Banks entered the world, there would be paparazzi photos or pics on Hilary Duff’s social media accounts of Matt and Luca. But Banks is his first child by birth, and so far, so great! He excitedly shares photos of his little girl on his IG, and Hilary says her favorite part has been watching him just stare at their baby girl. “Every noise she makes, every face she makes, he thinks is the most brilliant thing he's seen,” she told Cafe Mom. “He's honestly the most helpful, thoughtful and eager to learn papa!” Yay for them!

10 In Fact, Hilary Says He’s ‘The One’

Us Magazine

We mentioned that there have been some bumps in the road when it comes to Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma. The two briefly split in March 2017 after just a couple of months of dating. But they were back together by October 2017, when Hilary shared photos of them on IG. 

Now, they have been together for some time, they have a child together, and “Matt is so helpful and so great with Luca,” Hilary told Parents.

She said that Matt acknowledges that Luca already has a great dad, and he feels lucky that he gets to be in Luca’s life at all and be Luca’s special friend! All of this and more make him “the one” for her.

9 This Is Their Third Time To Date


As mentioned, Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma had an on-again-off-again relationship at first, but Hilary stated that what Selena Gomez has said about relationships has so much merit to it: Timing is such a big deal, and for Hilary and her guy, the third time’s the charm! She went on to say that she and Matt have a history and a past and love, which means that it can always work out again. And it has, which makes many fans very happy! We definitely wish these two good luck and we can’t wait to see what is next for this growing family.

8 ... But That Does Not Mean She’s Ready For Marriage


According to Radar Online, Hilary Duff was burnt by her marriage to Mike Comrie, meaning she is in “no rush” to get married again.

However, she loves being a mom, and apparently, after her sister Haylie found out she was pregnant with her second child, Hilary was ready for another one.

In fact, she was begging Matt to start trying for a baby, and her wanting to have a baby girl was one of the reasons she got back together with Matt in the first place. Baby, marriage... Marriage, baby... The order does not really matter; as long as they are happy, so are we!

7 For Now, They Go On The Cutest Dates


Here, Hilary Duff and Matt Koma were out on a sushi date, but it could be any one of their numerous dates. They are young. They are attractive. They live in a bustling city. They are in love. And they are humans who need interaction and food and life! So, of course, there are times when they want to go out together. From strolls around farmer’s markets to sit-down meals at restaurants and red carpet events, these two are always sharing photos of their date nights, and fans can’t get enough. So keep it up, please, Hilary and Matt!

6 And On Epic Trips


When Hilary Duff and Matt Koma are not eating sushi or talking walks around their own neighborhood, they could be out of the country.

In fact, in February 2017, the two went to Costa Rica together for Valentine’s Day!

They stayed at the Four Seasons, they swam in the ocean, they relaxed on the beach, and they embraced underneath a giant tree, as seen in a cute photo Hilary shared to her IG account. They also made a special trip to Disneyland for her birthday this year. Man, it would be nice to be these two, right?!

5 They Have Similar Interests, Too

Hawt Celebs

Hilary Duff and Matt Koma met in the studio, and since they are both singers, it makes sense that they bonded over this shared interest. Music is a big deal to both of them and it helped bring them together, which is just too perfect. They also have other shared passions, such as eating fresh food (they are often seen together at the farmer’s market), watching TV (their IG stories show this at times!), and family (and it is good that this is a passion for both of them, since they do indeed have a little and a growing family together!). 

4 Throughout Her Journey, Hilary Has Been Really Open About Her Body 

Wire Wag

And speaking of Hilary Duff’s growing family... When she was pregnant with Banks, she wrote on social media about how tough pregnancy can be... but how incredibly special it is, too.

She talked about the fact that there was actually a little life growing inside, and she seemed excited about getting to actually live life with this being!

In fact, she was really sick of getting up “nine times a night to pee," but she knew it was all going to be worth it and knew that going through it made all women super awesome. She is definitely awesome in our book!

3 She Even Had A Natural, At-Home Birth


Luca was born in a hospital after Hilary Duff had an epidural, and while she was pregnant with Banks, she decided that she just wanted a different experience this time around. She loves motherhood, and she never knew she could be so happy and so fulfilled. That being said, she wanted to experience all of that, and even more, when it came to bringing Banks into the world. Therefore, she had her baby girl from the comfort of her own home, and she had her naturally, too, causing her to gush about how incredible our bodies are, which is oh-so-true.

2 And She Is So Over Being Criticized


Hilary Duff shared more inspirational messages when she talked about mom shaming.

Since she does share her life on social media, she has received negative comments about her parenting style.

At times, she has posted photos of her giving Luca a peck on the lips. Other times, she has been seen carrying him or giving him piggyback rides. And then, some people found that to be not so cool. Hilary’s response? Hit unfollow! She thinks it is best to not listen and to laugh it off, since it is her life, after all, and she can live it however she chooses to do so!

1 Who Could Dis This Adorable Family, Though?!

OK Magazine

When Hilary Duff first told Luca about being pregnant again, he burst into tears, but now, he is great. When Matt first came into the picture, he was concerned with whether or not Luca would like him, but now, they have such a special relationship. When it comes to family, Hilary says it is all about doing what feels right. She feels lucky that Luca has the dad that he does, and now, she finds Matt extremely helpful. She says the group is in a really good groove right now and that they are learning as they go. With all they have going on, they seem to be doing beyond well, and we are excited to be watching it all when it comes to this adorable family! 

Sources: Us Magazine, Daily Mail, Cafe Mom, ET Online, People

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