20 Things The Kardashian-Jenners Made People Give Up To Be In Their Circle

What does it take to make it into the inner circle of the Kardashians and Jenners? And, how do we sign up? We're sure we're not the only ones asking the question, but it seems like there's more to joining the party than meets the eye.

For most of us, Keeping Up With The Kardashians means looking at their lifestyles from the outside. We can watch the antics on TV and keep up with public appearances and social media posts, but we're not really there sipping champagne beside them at the party, or shopping with the sisters in Manhattan, are we?

Once in a while, we get a glimpse of their inner circle on social media or on TV. It takes a small army, after all, to keep the extended clan and their dizzying social schedule afloat. Along with housekeepers, nannies, personal assistants, stylists, makeup artists, drivers, security staff, and so many more, there are the friends and associates who make up the lucky social circle, and who get to enjoy the glam life by association. In the Kardashian circle, the line between friends, employees, and business partners is often blurred, and many people seem to occupy all three roles. Hanging with the Kardashians becomes a full-time job, it seems.

But, is it all perks and glamour? The Kardashian-Jenners didn't get where they are by accident. Like every other reality TV phenomenon, the truth is carefully scripted. Whether one is a friend, potential spouse, guest, or employee, there are rules that need to be followed.

20 Don't Make Money On The Side

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The Kardashian-Jenner clan don't actually publish the rules they expect anyone in their circle to follow. But, we can figure it out by looking at the results. When it comes to makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, both Bonelli and the Kardashian clan have given other reasons for their professional split. Here are the facts, though: after working with the family for a decade on perfecting their polished public image, all five Kardashian sisters and Kris Jenner unfollowed her from IG at the same time.

Other makeup artists like Patrick Ta moved in to take over her pivotal role in their image-making machine. An unnamed source told People the reason for the split was that Bonelli was trying to set up a business and side-step the Kardashians to keep it all to herself.

19 Don't Go Behind Kim's Back

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If you're with Kim, you stick with Kim, excluding even the rest of the Kardashian clan.Longtime assistant Stephanie Shepherd got frozen out of Kim's inner circle - and her job - after wanting to move out of her assistant role into a larger part of Kim's business interests. It wasn't working out and the situation was already tense when Shepherd apparently talked to Kourtney about the situation. Kim was angry that Shepherd hadn't discussed it with her first, and it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

The tense exchange happened on an episode of KUWTK, with Kim saying, "I do think it’s, like, [not right] for her to talk to you and not to me. I mean, don’t you think that’s just a little bit unprofessional … That’s a convo she should have with me."

18 Caitlyn's Rules

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Jenner/Kardashian spouses have their own set of rules, it's true - and it goes back to the time before KUWTK began, and even before Caitlyn's transition. Caitlyn revealed a few of the details in a video interview with the AOL Makers Series. She said that, in spite of the fact that she had been taking hormones since the late 1980s, Kris demanded that there be no dressing as a woman around the house. It meant that Caitlyn could only be her true self when she was on the road in hotels, where no one else knew her.

Kris had known about Jenner's true self for years, but laid out the rules for what was acceptable at home.

17 Disclosure Forms For Party Guests

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If you are lucky enough to get invited to one of the Kardashian-West-Jenner parties or events, congrats! Now, sign on the dotted line...It's certainly not unusual for celebrities to ask guests at their homes to sign a non-disclosure agreement in which the guests basically agree not to sell their stories to the media. Ever.

If you're a reality TV star, your image is everything, and if the Kardashians have proven one thing, it's the truth of that statement.

16 The Kardashian Name Isn't Available, Even If One Marries Into The Family

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While Blac Chyna was engaged to Rob Kardashian, she got a not-so-friendly message from her future sisters-in-law - a court order from Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney barring her from taking the Kardashian name, as Radar Online reports.

In May 2016, Blac Chyna filed documents with the United States Patent & Trademark office to try and register the name “Angela Kardashian” - which would have been her legal married name - but the Kardashian sisters were having none of it. The court order tried to prohibit her from ever using that name to promote herself. As we know, the relationship flamed out, with the matter still unresolved by the courts.

15 Don't Bring Any Soda To Kourtney's House (Not Even Diet)

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While the whole family follows a pretty strict diet and exercise regimen, it's known that Kourtney is the family's health guru. She has very stringent rules, especially with her kids, and she has an ultra strict policy on what she will allow into her home. That includes a no soda rule - and that goes for family, friends, and employees alike.

Khloe wrote about Kourtney's house rules on her website, confessing that when she wants a soda, she sneaks it into Kourtney's home by putting it into a coffee cup. No word yet on whether Kourtney read the post and figured out her ruse!

14 No Jewelry For Kardashian-West Staff

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In October 2016, Kim Kardashian lost all her jewelry in Paris due to a robbery. At the time, she was in the habit of flashing her expensive bling on Instagram and other social media sites. The experience changed Kim, and created a new rule - no jewelry in the Kardashian-West home, as TMZ reports.

Now, we can understand removing your diamonds and placing them in a secure facility, but the rule extended to employees, who surely weren't wearing their best bling to clean up the casa to begin with!

13 Whoever Tags Along Must Look Good

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This pretty much goes without saying. You're not likely to ever find yourself in the Kardashian inner circle if you don't look the part. The Kardashians have a lot of rules for themselves - they never go out without makeup, or dressed, styled, and accessorized to the hilt. They expect the same level of attention to detail in appearances from their friends, extended family, staff, and anyone they are seen with.

Don't expect to show up at their house unannounced on a Sunday morning for coffee in your sweats! There could be cameras waiting at any moment. We're sure that, once in a while, the facade drops, but we're equally sure it's in a safe place where no one else can see it.

12 Staff Members Take The Fall

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To be an employee of the Kardashian clan is to occupy a very special role. You are staff with a job description that comes with some unusual requests, and rules that you have to figure out as you go along. Former Kardashian employees have revealed one big secret of how to stay employed by the Kardashians - if anything goes wrong, from missed appointments to late taxis and airport shuttles, the fault is all yours, as Refinery29 reports.

They all have crazy schedules and a zillion details to keep track of, but they expect staff to accept all responsibility for errors.

11 Once They're Out, They're Out

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It may be an undeclared rule, but it's still loud and clear: there are no second chances with the Kardashian-Jenner clan. There are numerous examples where the Kardashians unfollowed and de-friended a string of former employees, friends, and hangers on - like, most recently, Jordyn Woods - both online and in person.

In some cases, there are public statements about the reasons why, but often there aren't, or any statements are confusing. In some cases, there are partial reconciliations -  former assistant Stephanie Shepherd is still friendly with some of the Kardashian sisters, for example, but not so much with Kim. However, no one ever seems to climb back into the inner circle again once they've been turfed out.

10 Staff Is On Call 24/7

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The Kardashians lead a 24/7 lifestyle, and expect the same from their staff and the close friends who end up working with them. Forget about having a personal life once you join the inner circle, because you're basically on call 24/7. That's what former staff have said in media interviews, as Celebuzz reports, and it makes sense from the Kardashian point of view.

How can you jet all over the world if your staff wants to take a break every three hours, and expects to be at home cooking dinner by 6pm every evening? Now, we're not bringing up employment laws or anything, we're just saying the rewards of a Kardashian employment contract must be pretty great.

9 Remember To Walk Behind

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This rule is definitely unwritten, but there are countless pictures that document the protocol. When a Kardashian-Jenner (or group of them) arrives at a destination, the entourage walks behind the celebrity or celebrities in question - and Kim goes first. Whether it's a night at the club, or an appearance at a shopping mall, it seems like they've almost got it rehearsed - Kim leads, other family members follow, then the bodyguard and the rest of the staff, friends, and hangers on.

Even the Kardashian husbands obey this rule. Kris may be the momager, but if we're to go by what we see in all those pics, it looks like Kim rules the clan.

8 Public Loyalty From Significant Others

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Anyone who hopes to get involved with any of the Kardashians - especially the income-generating sisters - needs to follow the rules. One thing they have to give up on is any unfiltered commentary about the Kardashian spouses in public. Any dude who hopes to get close to one of the Kardashian women has to be loyal to them where it counts - in the public eye.

Take the Kardashian-West marriage as a case in point. There are many media rumors of Kanye being controlling, but we'll point out that he stays at home with the kids when Kim is busy, he is 100% loyal to her in his comments, and he has often defended her to her detractors. No wonder he is the favorite son-in-law.

7 A 100-Page NDA For Prospective Boyfriends

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Meeting the family is always a dicey situation, but it takes on a special dimension when the last name is Kardashian or Jenner. As told to The Sun Online by a family insider, Kris Jenner protects the family name by making her daughters' significant others read and sign a 100-page rulebook that essentially lays out what they are and aren't allowed to do - most of all, talk about the experience.

Among other stipulations, prospective beaus also sign away the rights to any pictures or videos they take during the relationship. No signature, no dates.

6 Pose For IG

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You can't stay anonymous within the inner circle, and if you work for Kylie Jenner, there is an extra incentive to keeping your own appearance up to Kardashian standards. Kylie Jenner has become a bit notorious for asking her staff to pose in pictures for her IG feed. That includes her housekeeper, who has become the famous arm on which Kylie shows off swatches of new colors for her signature makeup line.

As Kylie told Teen Vogue, "She has the best arm for swatches." We're just wondering if there are any extra perks that go along with the gig - like free makeup for life...?

5 No Pictures...Unless They Say So

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Controlling image has become nearly impossible in the digital era, but the Kardashian-Jenners are about as good at it as you can get. A lot of their rules and regulations have to do with preserving the image and brand that have become their meal ticket, and controlling the pictures and videos that circulate with that image is crucial to their success.

Employee, party guest, BFF - it doesn't matter who you are, your camera is confiscated when you enter the Kardashian inner circle. 

4 Kylie's Mom Rules

Kylie Jenner has grown up in the spotlight, so she knows it well - the good and the bad. It's only natural that she wants to protect her daughter from the worst parts, and let her have a normal childhood outside the media spotlight.

Kylie's emerged as a very protective mom to Stormi, and she has a very short list of people who are even allowed to go near her daughter. If you are invited to see Stormi, you have to come to Kylie's home. She just won't expose Stormi to potential security and other risks.

3 Phones Are Left Behind

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If you're going to a Kardashian event, you'll hand over your phone at the door. No ifs, ands, or buts. It's not just the pictures they're worried about, it's texting and tweeting and Snapchatting your experience with them to the world. It's not just image they're worried about, it's security, random paparazzi showing up, and a host of other issues that arise when you lead such a public lifestyle.

At Casa Kardashian-West, it goes a step further. When it comes to Kim and Kanye, there's a "no phones" rule at their house with the kids - and that includes Kim herself, as BBC reports.

2 Pitch In Everywhere

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There are no strict job descriptions at any Kardashian household, according to reports by Refinery29. Friends, staff, and employees often overlap in the Kardashian circle, with many friends working with them, and staff members who become friends. If you're in that circle, you can be expected to pitch in wherever you're needed - there are always dogs to be walked, kids to be supervised, and so on.

It helps if you're an animal lover. Many of those cute dogs and kittens you may have seen on KUWTK over the years have ended up re-homed with staff because the Kardashians just don't have the time to look after them.

1 Spouses Stay In Their Lane

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This one doesn't need to be said, because there's plenty of evidence of it that's been seen over the years that KUWTK has been on the air. But we'll say it anyway. If you want to marry into the clan, don’t even think of outshining the Kardashian women. Now, it's a given that, as a beau, you should have your own career and money. All of the Kardashian spouses both past and present have had their own hustle going on.

But, make no mistake about it - all of that will take second place (or lower) to the Kardashian women and their pop culture domination. Sisters forever!

Sources: TMZ, Celebuzz, Teen Vogue, BBC, Refinery29

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