20 Things The Cash Me Outside Girl’s Been Up To Since Her Dr. Phil Appearance

Danielle Bregoli, also known as "Bhad Bhabie" or, more popularly, the "Cash me outside girl," made headlines when she appeared on the Dr. Phil show back in September of 2016. She was only 13 years old when she was brought on the show to discuss her behavioral issues. As the episode progressed, so did Bregoli's responses. The way she replied to Dr. Phil's questions was hilarious, resulting in instant internet fame. There have been several memes, songs and more featuring the moment she told the audience, "Cash me outside how bout dah?"

Like many meme stars, the question of what Bregoli has been up to since that day on Dr. Phil's show has come up again and again. She has been seen at several high-end locations rubbing elbows with celebrities, but why? There have been countless meme stars who have had a chance to bask in the limelight, but they've moved on and have resumed normal lives. What's been going on with Bregoli to result in even more fame?

Since her "Cash me outside" days, Bregoli has grown up and managed to reign in her attitude enough to make room for everything, from a more stable home life to a lucrative career. What else has she been up to? Take a look.

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20 Creating Cash Me Outside Merch

Cash Me Ousside
NY Daily

Following the infamous Dr. Phil episode, Bregoli decided to capitalize on her internet fame by opening a merchandise store featuring a Cash Me Outside How Bou Dat collection. Her collection, which has been sold out for a while now, includes a t-shirt with Bregoli's face and her infamous line on it, a puzzle, blanket, several t-shirts, a tote bag and even a ceramic dish.

Bigger retailers such as Amazon also offer the Champion Cash Me Outside hoodie, as seen in the photo above. If nothing else, Bregoli has the ability to take advantage of quick cash ideas, though the following examples show she's got a lot more than this up her sleeve.

19 Bhad Bhabie Vs. Walmart

Cash Me Ousside
Elite Daily

According to TMZ, Bregoli went after Walmart for using her catchphrase on their own merchandise without permission and without offering her a percentage of sales. Bregoli got a legal team together, who sent Walmart a letter demanding the warehouse store remove all 15 articles of clothing featuring her catchphrase from their shelves within the next five days or there would be an ensuing lawsuit.

According to Miami Herald, Bregoli also went after three mobile phone game companies that used her avatar and catchphrase in their products. In the end, Walmart still has her products online but they are all sold out and Bregoli struck up a deal with the gaming companies to split revenue 50-50. She received $75,000 up front!

18 Mom's Got Her Back And Vice Versa

Cash me ousside
Hollywood Gossip

Barbara Ann Bregoli, Danielle's mom, is responsible for the lawsuits previously mentioned and she has kept a close eye on everyone trying to go against her daughter. Though there have been rumors that the mother-daughter relationship hasn't been the best, but Bregoli takes just as much care of her mother as dear old mom has taken care of her.

Even before her appearance on Dr. Phil, Bregoli was by her mom's side every step of the way through Barbara Ann's battle with cancer. At only seven years old, Bregoli was there to rub aloe vera on her mother's chest after painful radiation treatments and rub her mother's back as she experienced the other side-effects of treatment. This mother-daughter bond is definitely a strong one.

17 Putting Her Bad Deeds Behind Her

Cash Me Ousside

According to TMZ, Bregoli was sentenced to five years probation at the age of only 14 years old. She pleaded guilty to four charges that included two counts of grand theft, possession of an illegal substance and filing a false police report. There were other charges, however they were dropped as part of her deal.

Although she was expected to serve five years, her attorney Doug Duncan, who also served as Tiger Woods's attorney, got her off after serving only five months. Since then, Bregoli has gotten herself into a few troubles but none so severe that she would be sent back to court.

16 "Those Heaux" Are Worth Millions

Cash Me Ousside

Following her appearance on Dr. Phil, Bregoli picked up the stage name Bhad Bhabie. She got her rapping career started with manager Adam Kluger, founder and CEO of Kluger Agency which arranges product placements in music videos and on musical recordings.

According to BBC, Bhad Bhabie's debut single, "These Heaux," which features lines such as "Don't compare me to no one" and "Yeah, my pocket so swollen," was so successful, she received a contract with Atlanta Records for a multimillion-dollar, multi-album deal. Since then, she has performed several more singles and remixes, and has gone on a tour called Bhanned.

15 She's On The Billboard Top 100

Cash Me Ousside
Lennon Cihak

Bhad Bhabie's first single, "These Heaux," was so successful it came in at 77 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making her the youngest female to land a debut single on the coveted chart.

The success of "These Heaux" was so great that it peaked at Number One on Spotify's Viral US and Global Charts, which resulted in over five million streams of the song. Since then, she's released more singles and created a YouTube Channel, which currently has over 6.5 million subscribers.

The channel describes Bhad Bhabie's origins in rap as a twelve-year-old girl, as well as her struggles and confidence when it comes to performing.

14 Drama Follows Her Everywhere, Even On Planes

Cash Me Ousside

New York Daily News reported thirteen-year-old Bregoli's encounter with a woman on Spirit Airlines. Several passengers on the flight recorded Bregoli, her mother and the woman's verbal altercation that quickly escalated.

Bregoli's mother had a cast on her foot and was struggling to put her bag into the overhead compartment when an unidentified woman started to complain about the time it was taking, going as far as calling Bregoli names. Of course, Bhad Bhabie isn't one to stand for this sort of thing, leading to the teen screaming in the woman's face. The result was that all three women were banned for life from the airline.

13 Those Collaborations With Big Names

Cash Me Ousside

Bhad Bhabie has collaborated with Kodak Black and Tory Lanez in the past, but now that she's really gaining momentum, she's dropped them and has her eyes set on Soulja Boy. XXL reported Bhad Bhabie saying:

"I was working with Soulja Boy like a couple of weeks ago, like two weeks ago. We did a little song that was fun. He came in, we did the song and I come back in and then he's just playing all of his music. I was like, oh, my session just turned into a Soulja Boy listening party. We had fun. It was cool."

12 She's Got A Music Award Nomination

Cash Me Ousside
In Touch

In 2018, Bhad Bhabie was nominated for the Billboard Music Award Top Rap Female Artist. Though she lost to Cardi B, it was still huge for the new artist. She went up against established artists Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, placing her in the enviable position of top three female rappers.

The following year, Bhad Bhabie was also nominated for the iHeartRadio Music Social Star Award. Agnez Mo won, however Bhad Bhabie was among stars such as Dylan Minnette, Mason Ramsey, Loren Gray and Queen Naija. While Bhad Bhabie has yet to win a prestigious award, she is still establishing herself in her rapping career and is bound for greatness!

11 A Snapchat Reality Show

Cash Me Ousside
NY Mag

According to Billboard, Bregoli started a 12-episode SnapChat reality series called "Bringing Up Bhabie." When Bregoli started to become more successful, she decided it was time to show she's more than just a troublemaker. Bregoli explained part of the point of "Bringing Up Bhabie" is to highlight the importance of people seeing and understanding what her managers do for her.

Another concept prominently showcased in the series is how much Bregoli has matured since her Dr. Phil days. She doesn't want to be known as a lazy girl who lets her managers handle everything, but she also doesn't want to be seen as someone who hasn't moved past her "Cash Me Outside" days.

10 A Visit To The Turn-About Ranch

Cash Me Ousside

Speaking of her "Cash Me Outside" days, when Bregoli appeared on Dr. Phil, he referred her to the Turn-About Ranch, which Billboard reports as "specializing in modeling and shaping honesty, accountability, responsibility, teamwork and leadership in troubled teens." While at the ranch, Bregoli was responsible for a horse named Chief, whom she described as having an attitude. "I guess it’s 'cause he’s little, and he thinks he runs stuff," she said.

After leaving the ranch, Bregoli explained, "I just feel OK with who I am now. I don’t have to put on a front to impress anyone." Her mother agreed, adding, "Dani went from being this little 'tough girl' to being just a normal kid. A lot of people didn’t think she could do it -- and she proved them all wrong."

9 Recognition From Time Magazine

Cash Me Ousside
The Outline

Bhad Bhabie made TIME Magazine's list of the 25 Most Influential Teens of 2018. She appeared alongside other influential teens, such as "Stranger Things'" Millie Bobby Brown, KPOP group NCT Dream and soccer protégé Kylian Mbappé.

Bhad Bhabie's past on Dr. Phil's episode, "I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime," was mentioned, as was her ability to leverage her temporary internet fame into a rapping career.

The magazine also stated she was one of the most popular Halloween costumes in 2018, to which Bhad Bhabie responded, "Y’all can dress like me...Just don’t act like me."

8 A CopyCat Beauty Deal

Cash Me Ousside

Bregoli landed a $900,000 deal with CopyCat Beauty, a brand known for providing affordable products based on higher-end brands. Bhad Bhabie told Life & Style Magazine that she loved makeup when she was a child, grew up a bit and moved away from it, then grew up even more and now that she can afford higher-end brands, she's become interested in different cosmetics.

It was once she started experimenting with more expensive products that she realized she preferred drugstore brands. She stated, "The cheaper and more affordable stuff is always better, honestly."

It is this honest opinion from Bhad Bhabie that made her marketable for CopyCat Beauty, which proudly provides more affordable cosmetics.

7 She NEVER Says Her Famous Catchphrase

Cash Me Ousside

The New York Times reported that Bhad Bhabie and her team aren't allowed to utter her famous catchphrase in an effort to push the poor behavior from her past away from Bregoli's new, more mature, image.

Bhad Bhabie's manager, Adam Kluger, explained Bregoli isn't the same person she was when she appeared on the Dr. Phil show. She's grown up and she has a lot more to offer the world than this one moment from her youth. He stated, "She’s not allowed to say 'cash me outside,'" adding, "No one on my team is allowed to use those words ever."

6 She Spoiled Her Mom With A Special Christmas Gift


On the Dr. Phil show, Bregoli's relationship with her mother seemed to be a tenuous one, however the two are surprisingly close. To show just how good their relationship is, Bregoli decided to give her mother a special Christmas present. Bregoli took it upon herself to capture a touching mother-daughter moment on her IG account. In the video, Bregoli hands her mom an envelope. Her mother takes a moment to read the card then turns over the enclosed check to discover Bregoli just gifted her enough money to pay off her home.

Bregoli captioned the video, in part, "Mama don't worry, I juss paid off yo mortgage."

5 She Can Smile 'Cause She's Got The Best Teeth

Cash me ousside
Page Six

According to TMZ, Bhad Bhabie's first big investment was her teeth. She underwent two four-hour sessions and spent $40,000 for a porcelain-veneer makeover. She explained her bottom teeth had a lot of crowding so she went to Beverly Hills dentist Dr. Aamir Wahab, who's known for creating white smiles and happy patients.

Now that she's the face of CopyCat and is starring in a SnapChat reality series, it makes sense that the young star would want to show off only the best of smiles - and she's not alone! Several other celebrities have gone forward with porcelain veneers and are confidently smiling across social media.

4 How Many Tats?

Cash me ousside

Steal Her Style reported that the still-underage Bregoli has 16 very meaningful tattoos. Yes, 16 and she's still so young, she might end up getting even more!

Each tattoo represents something of personal importance to the young star. For example, she's got the word "loyalty" on her foot and on her forearm, she's got mysterious words and dates, like "numb" on her forearm and "1921" on her ankle. She also has other tatts, like flowers on her foot, a heart on her knuckle and a rose on her upper arm. There's definitely lots of meaning and variety in her ink.

3 Don't Ever Call Her A "Young Girl"

Cash me ousside

Bregoli doesn't want to be known as a young girl or even be known as a "girl." There are too many negative stereotypes surrounding both labels, so Bregoli prefers to be known simply as herself. She told Stuff Entertainment, "I have both negatives, I'm young and I'm a girl. If I was a boy and I was young, whatever. If I was a girl and I was old, whatever, but I'm a girl and I'm young. That's just crazy to some people."

While it makes sense for her to shy away from being called a "young girl," the fact of the matter is she is still only 16 years old, just don't point that out to her!

2 She Helped Her Fan Propose To His GF

Cash me ousside
NZ Herald

TMZ reported Bhad Bhabie wasn't afraid to share the stage during a sold-out show in Melbourne, Australia. After performing a song, the young performer brought two fans onto the stage - a cute young couple. The man reportedly made plans with Bhad Bhabie beforehand and had her blessing to propose to his girlfriend on the stage!

Of course, his girlfriend went wild and accepted his proposal and video footage of the moment revealed Bhad Bhabie in the background, smiling and hooting along with the audience for the sake of her fans and their happy future. Apparently, Bhad Bhabie ain't all that bad.

1 Sweet Sixteen Indeed!

Cash me ousside

Bhad Bhabie celebrated her 16th birthday on March 26, 2019. Unlike most 16 year olds, Bregoli didn't throw a huge house party or rent out an entire establishment. Several sources explained the teen wanted to enjoy a quiet night at home but knew her team was planning something bigger. Sure enough, her birthday celebration turned into a huge bash at Ohm Nightclub.

The Sun-Sentinel described her birthday cake as being in the shape of a California driver's license and she received several pricey gifts from Lil Yachty, Cleopatra Bernard, and recently deceased friend XXXTentacion’s mother. As a bonus, her managers Adam Kluger and Dan Roof went in on a very generous gift - a gorgeous rose-gold, diamond encrusted Rolex!

Sources: TMZ, Miami Herald, BBC, New York Daily News, XXL, Billboard

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