20 Things That Shouldn't Happen On A Second Date (They're Total Red Flags)

Just because we're willing to give a guy a second date does not mean that he already won us over. A second date simply shows that we're still interested and are willing to give him another shot.

However, if we notice any red flags on the second date, we're not about to ignore them. Instead, we're more than ready to run in the opposite direction if we get the vibe that our new lover just isn't for us. We've been hurt in the past and aren't about to end up in another dead-end relationship.

Ignoring red flags is the absolute worst thing that anyone can do when starting up a new romance. We need to be completely aware of everything going on and predict any future issues that might arise.

As aware as we are, we totally need a little refresher on what those red flags are exactly. Get ready to take some notes on what 20 things should absolutely never happen on a second date.

If we're going to let these red flags slide during our second encounter, we might as well be prepared for them to take control of our relationship eventually. Even if he's the most perfect guy in the world, if he gives us any of these red flags, he's totally out the door.

20 He Shows Up Late


If he already thinks that he can show up late because he got a second date, he better think again. We're not about to be waiting for him to show up when we made sure to arrive on time, if not earlier. While us girls might be able to get away with being 'fashionably late,' he totally is not.

Instead, showing up late only proves that his heart isn't fully in it. It's a huge sign of disrespect to not be able to show up on time when promised. He's already letting you down and it's only the second date. While it might not seem like a big deal, it totally is.

19 Endless Talk About His Ex Girlfriend


If he brings up his ex-girlfriend on his own, that's a bit troublesome. While it's a good sign that he didn't bring her up on the first date, he shouldn't be bringing her up on the second date either. If you catch your boo endlessly talking about her, you should probably go to the washroom and never return.

Out of all of the red flags, talking about your ex is probably the biggest one. That's because it proves that he's not over her and instead isn't scared to bring her up in the aim of getting a second opinion. While he might've been able to add it into the conversation smoothly, we're not about to let it slide.

18 He’s Constantly Checking His Phone


While showing up late was bad enough, constantly checking his phone is just the nail in the coffin. There is absolutely no justified reason that he should glance at his phone, even once. If his excuse is he has to check the time, we're so not buying it.

If you catch your lover constantly checking his phone or answering texts, he simply isn't interested. He's much more into checking his Twitter to see what other people are talking about, rather than making conversation with you. If you catch your lover always checking his phone, he's simply not into you.

17 He Seems To Be Checking Out Other People


This might be a pretty difficult one to figure out. That's because you don't know whether he is checking other people out, or simply looking around the room. You don't know what his attention span is like, so figuring this one out is pretty hard.

If you're positive that your man is checking out the people around you, then you better just go. He's on a date with you and not the girl at the other table. This simply shows that he's always ready to find something better, even when the person in front of him is absolutely amazing. We're guessing we don't have to explain how this will unfold in the future.

16 He’s Not Present And In His Own World


If he's not willing to make conversation with you, then he just isn't interested. There is no way that you can try to get him to involve himself in the conversation when he is just in his own world.

While the first date might've gone amazing, his lack of conversational skills hints that he just doesn't care anymore. Don't even bother switching the conversation over to something he might like. If he actually cared, he would have at least tried to participate in whatever you were talking about. Instead, he's totally faking his interest and is on a completely different planet.

15 He’s Rude To The Waiter


If you catch your date being rude to the waiter, this might become a huge issue eventually. This might prove that he has an issue with power and looks down upon those serving him. This will totally break out into a bigger problem if you find yourself in a serious relationship with him.

Safe to say, he's going to desire all of the control in the relationship and demand to do things his way. Also, the last thing you want is to date someone rude to other people. You don't deserve to deal with this, and neither does the waiter. Let him go before you find yourself being subjected to all of his rules and demands.

14 Weird And Uncomfortable Comments


If at any moment you feel uncomfortable in the conversation, you shouldn't try to brush it off. Tell him straight up how you feel in order for him to know where he crossed the line. You don't want to give him the opportunity to keep on making these comments.

This is a major red flag as you realize this is not the person for you. If he's acting a little off, don't simply brush it off. Realize that you feel uncomfortable in the situation and that this person just probably isn't for you. Make note of these weird comments and go your separate ways.

13 He Likes To Have Control


If you notice that your partner is trying to take control during the date, it might be because he enjoys having power. However, it might also be because he is trying to come off as charming or confident.

Yet, if you're getting the vibe that he's always a little power hungry, you should probably take note. You could only imagine the issues that this might arise when in a relationship with him. If you're fine with giving up power, then this might be perfect for you. However, if you want an equal balance of power, then this guy might just not be for you. Don't think that you'll be able to get him to change his ways.

12 He Didn’t Bother Planning Anything New


If he thought that you could do the exact same thing on both your first date and second date, think again. It's not too difficult to pick a different place to eat or do an activity to enjoy together. If your new boo did this, there is something seriously off.

Either he doesn't care about the date whatsoever, or this is his personality type. You don't exactly want to date a guy who is too lazy to take an extra five minutes to figure out somewhere else to go. If he does this, this obviously shows that he's not too interested in making a good impression.

11 He’s Moving Way Too Fast


If he's already ready to propose on the second date, you might want to take a step back. There is no reason why your lover should be pushing you into meeting his family or going on a trip together already on the second date.

This is a major red flag as he might be desperate to find himself in a relationship. He's willing to move incredibly quickly if it means not having to be single anymore. It seems like he might have a stability issue, looking for someone new to rely on. Unless you're ready to move at this pace, just say thank you, next.

10 Trying To Always Be Right In The Conversation


The best part of any date is diving into an intense conversation that both people are passionate about, as there is nothing worse than small talk. However, if you're getting the vibe that your lover has to always be right, you might as well run the other way.

How on earth are you ever going to be able to compromise with your lover on serious relationship issues when he isn't willing to agree with you on anything? Unless you want to constantly be having headaches and be filled with stress trying to make things work, it's better to move on.

9 He’s Exposing Too Much Of His Past


While we all want our lovers to open up about how they truly feel, exposing all your deepest and most honest truths on the second date might be a little bit too much. If you catch your boo trying to tell you everything about himself ASAP, you should question what his intentions are.

The truth is he might need some extra support in his life and isn't scared to tell you that straight up. While we appreciate his honesty, it might be best to keep some things private until the relationship gets a little serious. If you feel like he's moving too fast, he probably is.

8 Making Assumptions About Women


If you catch your date making assumptions about women on your date, you should definitely not ignore it. He might still have a ton of anger towards his ex and seems to be taking it out on the entire female population.

We're guessing you don't want to date someone who takes his anger out on a group of people who did nothing wrong toward him. If he keeps trying to convince you that all women are this or all women are that, it's best to let him convince someone else. We're not about to teach him how the world works when he doesn't deserve our time.

7 He’s Already Trying To Give The Relationship Titles


We're not about to let anyone call us their girlfriend on the second date. Even if we're falling head over heels for someone quickly, we're not exactly ready to give it a label.

There is absolutely no reason why your lover should be trying to give your newfound relationship a title. If you feel him trying to push you into a certain direction, you should let him know that you're simply not comfortable with what's going on. Don't let anyone push you into a relationship that you're just not ready to enter. Instead, express to him how you feel and don't be scared to put him in check.

6 He’s Starting To Act Jealous


While jealously often shows that you care for someone immensely and don't want to lose them, it shouldn't occur during the second date. You're still getting to know each other and your relationship status is—and should be—sort of up in the air.

If he's already starting to act incredibly jealous when you're only in the getting to know each other stage, you should probably part ways. We can only imagine what type of monster he might turn into later on in the relationship. Instead, you should make sure to put him in his place if he starts acting jealous early on.

5 He Bases His Order On Yours


While this one is definitely less serious than all the other ones, it's still a big deal. The last thing we want is to date a follower. Instead, we need a confident man who can make his own decision on what to order, rather than simply copying us for whatever reason.

And, if he even tries to complain that he doesn't like his meal and blames it on you, you should probably leave then and there. There is nothing more fun than analyzing what your boo orders. If it's a copy of your order, you might as well realize that you're dating a sheep.

4 He Doesn't Ask Any Questions


If he thinks he can constantly talk about himself without throwing some questions your way, he's more than off. This is a major red flag as it shows he simply isn't interested in getting to know you. There is absolutely no way around that, and you shouldn't try to convince yourself otherwise.

He would much rather talk about himself and how amazing he is rather than discuss anything else. He doesn't even have the manners to ask you your opinion and instead constantly talks about himself. You definitely don't have to listen to all of that useless information and attention-seeking.

3 His Mood Is Constantly Changing


If your date's mood is constantly changing at any little inconvenience, like his meal coming out incorrectly or you taking a few minutes too long in the restroom, you should probably head the other way. If he isn't able to handle his emotions on the second date, we can only imagine what he'll be like well into the relationship. Hint: it'll be your absolute worst nightmare.

We all need a stable guy who can control himself when around others. We're not about to deal with his mood swings since we totally don't deserve that attitude. The worst thing is to date someone who isn't able to keep themselves in check.

2 He Seems To Have A Hidden Agenda


This is definitely a difficult one to figure out as it's hard to tell whether your date has a hidden agenda. Basically, you have to figure out if you're getting the vibe that he's not being genuine. Rather than seeking out love, your boo might be looking for something completely different.

Whether it's a rebound or a fling, you'll surely be able to figure out what his intentions are. He'll totally be giving off a vibe that you'll either be into or despise. If you get the feeling that his intentions for you aren't genuine, then you should let him go find another girl who might suit his needs better.

1 He Simply Adores Himself


Run the other way ASAP. The last thing anyone needs is to date a guy who is absolutely obsessed with himself. While we love a confident man, we don't like a guy with a huge ego. Instead, we're looking for someone who is willing to take on some humility when it comes to love and life.

This is a total red flag as your boo is probably much more interested in his own wellbeing than he could ever be interested in yours. There is no point in dating someone who always puts himself first. If he's always talking about himself, then you definitely know who he's more into.

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