20 Things That Really Happened On 'Bad Girls Club'

For those who don’t know what the Bad Girls Club is, it’s a reality show on Oxygen that first aired back in 2006 and just aired their final season, season 17, this year.

The show features seven “bad girls” living in one house and their daily craziness. During their time in the house, there is a lot of fighting, gossiping, backstabbing and smack talk.

Now, for fans of the show, we have all seen what goes on in the house when the cameras are rolling. Now it’s time to see what goes on behind the camera, before all the edits are done, as well as what it takes to be a “bad girl.”

Here are 20 things that really happened on the Bad Girls Club.

20 The Audition Process Can Take Up To Three Months


During the first episode of the show, we are shown snippets of the girl’s tapes they send in.

According to nickiswift.com, on top of sending in tapes, they also must go through an interview process where they must answer questions such as what their pet peeves are and what type of girls’ they dislike the most. The whole process can take up to three months to complete.

19 When They Arrive At Their Destination, They Are Completely Isolated From Other People


When the girls first arrive in the city, we can see them going towards a meet up where they will meet some of the other girls.

According to nickiswift.com though, the girls are actually completely isolated when they first arrive. With no exact move-in date, the girls can spend up to a week in a hotel and are not allowed to associate with anyone or go out.

18 The House Has A Capacity Limit


When it comes the mansions the girls stay in, the owners of the house actually do not allow them all to stay there at once.

According to bgsecrets.tumblr.com, there is a house capacity of ten, and that includes not only the girls but the camera crew too. Because of this, the girls take turns sleeping in hotels so that they don’t go over the capacity limit.

17 The Los Angeles House Is The Best House

The Real World Houses

There have been a few different houses that the girls have stayed in over the past 17 seasons.

According to nickiswift.com though, the one located in Sherman Oaks, California is the best one out of them all. With a wall covered in Bad Girls creed and reviews of the show, and even a Hollywood style sign out back, the girls truly feel like stars.

16 Shannade Clermont Was Arrested And Was Facing 20 Years In Prison


Earlier in 2018, Bad Girls star Shannade Clermont was indicted for three felonies that included wire fraud, access device fraud, and identity theft.

According to theblast.com, a judge sentenced her to one year behind bars after she swiped a credit card from a man who passed away after hiring her for a certain “service,” and then tried to make purchases totaling $20,000.

15 Season 7 Featured Actual Police Officers, As Well As Regular Security


Fans of the show are constantly seeing security step in when things get out of hand during fights.

According to bgsecrets.tumblr.com though, during season seven of the show, not only did the creators hire security, but they also hired real police officers due to how crazy things kept getting between the girls.

14 Producers Don't Encourage The Girls To Fight, But They Also Don't Discourage It Either


Let’s face it. When it comes to having seven girls in one house who all think they are a “bad” girl, there are going to be a lot of fights.

According to nickiswift.com, when it comes to the fights, the producers do not force the girls to fight, but they do want the drama, so they won’t discourage them either.

13 Two Of The Girls From Season 15 Sued The Show


Twins Amanda and Victoria Hepperle were cast to appear as replacements on the third episode of season 15.

According to deadline.com though, as soon as they entered the house, the other girls pulled a prank by covering them with flour. It soon led to a lot of pushing, slapping, and hair pulling. They left the house immediately and later sued the show and the girls.

12 The Show Has A Book Of All The Places They're Allowed To Go To


Being in the Bad Girls Club house means lots of parties. With cameras following them around though, there are bound to be some places that they are restricted from going to.

According to nickiswift.com, turns out that the girls have a book of all the places they can go, and they can only go to those places when they leave the house.

11 Season 7's Cheyenne Evans Was Not Actually Kicked Out By Tiara


During season seven of the show, fans watched as Tiara pushed Cheyenne out of the house.

According to bgsecrets.tumblr.com though, it was actually production who pushed Cheyenne out, they just used Tiara as a scapegoat though.

There was a lot of bad acting that went down during this episode too. Also, Cheyenne already had a ticket home before the whole thing went down.

10 There Are No Secrets In The Bad Girls Club

Gossip and Gab

Not only do the girls have to deal with big cameras following them around, filming their every move, but they also must deal with little cameras and mics all over.

According to nickiswift.com, nothing secret ever goes down in the Bad Girls Club house. No matter what the girls wore, they had mics strapped to them and everyone who came into the house also had mics.

9 During Season 6, Sydney Actually Left Because Of Personal Problems


Sydney was seen in season six of the show exiting the Bad Girls Club house when she got a call that there was a family emergency at home.

According to bgsecrets.tumblr.com though, that was not the reason she left. In fact, supposedly Sydney had a bit of an addiction and had to leave due to withdrawal.

8 Not Everything Is Free

Atlanta Black Star

One question a lot of fans have is do they girls get everything free while filming?

According to nickiswift.com, the girls get a weekly stipend that they can use to buy stuff, along with a house full of stocked items, free weekends away, and their bar tabs are mostly comped. If they want a random meal or anything extra, they must pay.

7 Catya Washington From Season 5 Didn't Actually Leave Because She Was "Too Classy" For The Show

hello philly

Another girl who did not leave the house as stated was Cat from season 5.

According to bgsecrets.tumblr.com, on the show, Cat exists the house with a note saying she is to “classy” to be in the house, but the real reason she leaves is due to a physical altercation with a gentleman. The producers then covered up her leaving with a fake letter.

6 There Are No Housekeepers


When it comes to cleaning up after themselves, the girls are on their own.

According to nickiswift.com, there are no housekeepers to clean up after them. All the messes they make, they must clean up on their own and since these girls think they are above doing domestic chores, the house can get pretty messy.

5 They Have To Share Rooms


Even living in a mansion has its downfalls apparently.

According to nickiswift.com, although the mansions look big enough to house all seven girls in their own bedrooms, it's actually not. With all the different party rooms and living areas, some of the girls end up having to share a room.

4 Some Of The Girls Were Confused By The Edits


Sometimes with reality shows, the editing doesn’t always mesh with the storyline, making what’s going on a little confusing.

According to nickiswift.com, sometimes during a fight, one of the girls would say something mean to another girl and the camera would then pan to a completely different girl in the room that wasn’t even involved with the dispute. It could be quite confusing.

3 The Girls Have To Be Careful About The Products They Bring Into The House

Prime Video

The Bad Girls Club has a huge following and there are a lot of brands that want to be featured on the show for exposure.

According to nickiswift.com, if the girls bring anything into the house that is not branded, they must put tape over the logo, so the cameras don’t pick it up.

2 Some Of The Girls Do Actually Keep In Touch


Although a lot of the girls leave the house enemies, there are a few that during the show form a strong bond with one another and continue that bond outside the house.

According to nickiswift.com, Lauren, who was featured on season six, is still friends with her housemate Nikki to this day and they talk all the time.

1 Some Of The Girls Gain Recognition From The Show And Are Picked For Other Opportunities


After the show, some of the girls are lucky enough to go on to do other television shows.

For example, according to nickiswift.com, Gabi went on to do Marriage Bootcamp, Natalie was chosen for The Mother Daughter Experiment, and Lauren actually works at NBC Universal as a casting assistant now.

Sources: nickiswift.com, theblast.com, bgcsecrets.tumblr.com, deadline.com

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