20 Things That Happen During A C-Section That Mom Won't Want To See

Most people agree that it doesn’t matter how the baby comes into the world as long as mom and baby are both happy and healthy. Although, a natural birth may be the more pleasant and ‘attractive’ way to give birth.

A C-section, when the baby is surgically removed from the uterus, with that being said it is a major surgery that is tough to recover from.

A lot of people feel a bit un-settled watching any kind of operation happen, if we wanted to see that we would have become a doctor. As much as mom-to-be wants to see her baby be born, she may not want to watch a C-section being done for many reasons.

We have 20 things that actually happen during a C-section, that no mom will ever want to see.

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20 You Want To Be Numb, But You Don’t Want To Watch!


Mom will obviously be frozen from the chest down during a C-section, but she won’t want to see it happening.

It happens much like an epidural, where a large needle is placed in the spine to insert a catheter which will administer the medication, she so desperately needs to not feel a thing.

19 They Have To Hook Up Your Bladder


Since mom is numb, she will need some help emptying her bladder during the operation. The doctors will have to hook your bladder up to a catheter.

The good news is that they will usually do this after you are numb, so you won’t feel it. However, you won’t want to look when it is inserted.

18 The Doctor Will Have His Hands Right Inside Of You


This is a moment that you definitely don’t want to see, and you probably won’t because they put up a dividing screen to block your view. Most surgeries are done when people are asleep, so they don’t experience this.

When the doctor is trying to get your baby out, they will be elbow deep inside of your stomach. Maybe not that far, but you get the picture. They are going to be a little too close for comfort.

17 The Baby Is Squeezed Out (What!?)


The baby does not just magically appear after a C-section. It is not as graceful as some would have you believe.

There is some tugging that goes on to pull your baby out. Sometimes, the baby is squeezed out by placing pressure on the uterus. Almost like popping a pimple, if you needed that visual.

16 How Do They Fix Your Uterus?


We mentioned earlier that it was a myth that your organs are removed during a C-section, and that is true except for one.

Sometimes, the doctor will remove your uterus. They may take it out and stitch it up and then place it back inside of you. You won’t feel a thing, but no one wants to see their uterus outside of their body.

15 If You Hear ‘Scalp Cut’ You Can Cry Now


Very rarely something happens to the baby during a C-section, and if you ever hear someone say there is a ‘scalp cut’ do not look.

Sometimes, the baby is laying too close to the wall of the uterus that when they make the incision in the uterus, they can also catch a bit of the baby. This doesn’t happen often, but it sure is scary.

14 Do You Want To Look At The Baby Coming Out? Time To Decide


Sometimes you will have the option of seeing your baby born, and you will need to decide if you want to see that.

In order to see your baby be born, this means you will also see your own stomach cut open and all the mess that has been going on. Think hard about this one.

13 Do IV’s Make You Queasy?


There are a lot of people out there who do not even like to think about needles. They make them cringe and some even get sick over them.

If this is you, then you definitely don’t want to look when they put the IV in your hand. They will need to place an IV to make sure you are getting enough fluids throughout the operation, but don’t look.

12 A Nightmare For Anyone Who Is Claustrophobic


A C-section may be the worst nightmare for someone who is claustrophobic, and this is not because you are in a small room. The operating room is quite large, but you will be strapped down to the bed.

This is to make sure you don’t jerk or move during the operation which could cause some big problems for the doctors.

11 You Want To Look Away When The Scalpel Comes Out


Chances are you won’t have the ability to see the medical instruments, but if you do then you may want to look away.

The most basic thing that is going to happen is that the doctor is going to make a large incision in your abdomen, and you do not want to watch this. They have to cut through multiple layers to even get close to your baby.

10 They Will Just Suck It All Right Out Of You


There is a lot more than just the baby inside of you and this will also need to be removed. Once they reach the uterus they will also have to deal with the amniotic fluid.

This will all just be sucked right out of you. They will use a small tube to get this all out. You won’t feel any pain, but you could feel some pressure like a vacuum is pulling at you.

9 Manhandling Your Organs


The doctor is working with a lot in there, and there are a lot of organs that are in their way that they will have to move out of the way. This means they will be manhandled a little bit.

It is a myth that all the organs are removed from the body and placed back after. They don’t actually remove your organs, but they will push them out of the way.

8 It Is Going To Be Like The Final Scene From Carrie


If the final scene of Carrie made you uncomfortable, then a C-section may not be a walk in the park or you.

You will lose a lot of blood during a C-section, but hopefully you won’t see a lot of it. They usually do a good job of clearing all the blood away. A woman who has a C-section can lose up to a fifth of the blood in her body.

7 Time For Everything To Get Scraped


Once the baby comes out, the doctor needs to make sure the uterus is clear of anything left over from birth.

This means that they may need to do some slight scraping to the inside of your uterus to make sure the placenta and everything else has been removed properly to prevent any infection from happening.

6 Stitches Are Just Required, But Don’t Look


It is common sense that you will need some kind of stitch or staple to close you up after the surgery. The process of fixing mom back up actually takes longer than it does to take the baby out.

New mom will have a lot of stitches and/or staples to help close the incision, they won’t look the greatest, so it is best if she just leaves them alone for a little while.

5 You May Not Want To Take A Mirror Down There For A While


When the stitches and staple finally come out, it is not the time to take a mirror down there. Mom is going to have a pretty good-sized scar left.

Right away the scar will be red and inflamed and it takes a while to settle down to be the battle scar we all know and love.

4 Don’t Watch When The Nurse Shaves You, It Is Just Awkward


Almost every surgery requires some prep work and a C-section is no different. All the hair from the part of the body is usually removed.

This means a nurse will likely come in and give your abdomen a quick shave to remove any lingering hair. It is best to just look away at this part because if you make eye contact with a nurse shaving you it can get pretty awkward.

3 It Will Feel Like A Horror Movie, Just Close Your Eyes


Sometimes it is better to just keep your eyes closed until the moment your baby arrives. That is because it may feel a bit like a horror movie where you are the main star.

There is going to be blood, and some may come squirting up. It is also best to not see the doctor and all the nurses who are playing around with your insides.

2 You Won’t Even Want To See The Bathroom


This part happens after the C-section is over, and the sight of a bathroom is going to make you have a sudden urge of anxiety.

A lot of women get incredibly constipated after they have a C-section and that is due to the hormones and all the shifting the doctor did while they were in there. It can be painful to use the muscles in your abdomen for some time.

1 Don’t Look When You Sneeze … Or Cough


Another thing that happens mostly after the C-section is that it will be very hard on mom when she has to cough or sneeze.

It may feel like her abdomen is going to split right open. That is why they tell new moms to hold a pillow over their incision when they feel the urge, it helps provide some support.

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