20 Things That Don't Quite Make Sense About Fuller House

Full House was a show that many of us remembered watching back when it was on the air. It ran for a total of eight seasons, which is majorly impressive, and had plenty of fans. Sure, it was a little bit cheesy, and the wholesome vibe put some people off.

However, there was just something about the Tanner family and the cast of crazy characters who all lived under the same roof in San Francisco that people were drawn to.

Lately, there's been a wave of reboots and shows that tap into our sense of nostalgia. So, the Full House team decided to jump on that bandwagon and create a Netflix original show, Fuller House.

For those who may not have watched it, Fuller House basically follows the same overall structure that the original did, but instead of Danny Tanner and his friends raising his girls, it's his daughter DJ Tanner, her sister, and her BFF Kimmy raising her boys.

Some people loved the characters enough to love the show while others felt it missed the mark, but regardless, it's definitely been getting a lot of attention lately. However, there are a few things about the show that are a little strange.

Here are 20 things that even fans of the show don't quite understand.

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20 Somehow Multiple Characters Ended Up Getting Famous

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It's not totally unheard of for one person from a family to become a celebrity. After all, it's happened for plenty of families—most Hollywood stars come from regular families and weren't raised in show business. However, for it to happen to multiple people in a family is a lot rarer—but that's what apparently happened for the Tanners.

First of all, Rebecca and Danny were apparently given their own national television show, which is pretty crazy. Then, Joey is a comedian who is famous enough to get a regular gig in Las Vegas. Stephanie is apparently traveling the world, hitting up Coachella and the party scene in Ibiza as a DJ. I mean, come on! What's in the water at the Tanner house that these people are slaying this much in their work?

19 They Keep Throwing Shade At The Olsen Twins

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Whenever you have a reboot of a show, you have to understand that not everyone will want to participate. After all, usually it's been a decade or more since the show was on the air—people move on! The Olsen twins basically haven't acted in over a decade, and have been focusing on their fashion brand and other projects instead.

So when rumours started circulating about Fuller House, people pretty much knew they would never participate. And still, the writers for some reason wrote in little jabs about Michelle being 'away at college' and not being able to visit. It was just a little too heavy-handed to be truly funny.

18 Kimmy Gibbler Somehow Became An Adult — While Keeping Her '80s Style

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Kimmy Gibbler is a bit of an enigma. On the original show, she was totally over the top, although she was always a good friend to DJ. On the new reboot, she's a strange mish-mash of characteristics. On the one hand, she's got her classic Gibbler style, which is still super retro. She makes silly jokes and she's a bit too loud and over the top.

However, she also manages a successful business, has a great relationship with her daughter, and has a dreamy husband who absolutely worships her. So, somehow, Kimmy was the one who ended up getting it all—scrunchie included. Who would have guessed?

17 Steve And DJ Got Back Together

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We get why they would want to put a DJ/Steve element back in the show. Fans of the original series loved the romance, and everyone likes the idea of a high school sweetheart situation. The weird thing was that their lives had both moved on, and then they ended up put together again in a way that just didn't feel natural.

Steve got engaged to someone else, DJ had been married and divorced, they had seemingly moved on. And yet, they got put back right to where they were in high school, including having a little date in the Tanner family living room. It's just a little strange and didn't quite feel authentic.

16 Danny Just Gives DJ A House Worth Millions

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Obviously, you couldn't have a reboot of Full House without including the legendary Tanner family abode. I mean, the house was almost another character in the show! So, the way that they get DJ back into her childhood home is by concocting a storyline where Danny just gives her the house.

On the one hand, it's definitely a sweet father to daughter gesture. On the other hand, as Jesse says, "do you know how much this house is worth now?" Sure, Danny's doing well in his television work, but how wealthy is he that he can just afford to give his daughter a gift that's worth somewhere from $2 to $5 million? Property in San Francisco is no joke!

15 They Brought Back The Same Cheesy Catch Phrases

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There's something so quintessentially '80s/'90s about busting out catchphrases in sitcoms. At the time, it was practically mandatory for characters to have a certain phrase that they used at least once an episode. Fans loved it. Full House had its fair share, from Joey's "Cut! It! Out!" to Stephanie's "how rude!" to DJ's "oh, Mylanta!"

Instead of simply referencing that once or twice as a little inside joke with the audience, the writers literally brought back the same catchphrases. I mean, who uses the same slang they used back when they were teenagers? And, they even tried to make a new one work with DJ's son Max: "holy chalupas!" It just doesn't work.

14 It's Not Sure If It's A Show For Kids Or For Adults

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The original show was without a question a family show. It was warm and fuzzy and wholesome and all about families. Even though there were romance storylines, that wasn't really the main focus. With the reboot, fans aren't quite sure if it's meant for kids or for adults.

On the one hand, there are some zany storylines and storylines starring the younger members of the cast that seems perfect for a Disney channel tween audience. On the other hand, there are storylines about DJ's love life that seem more suited to an older crowd. You can't really appeal to both audiences simultaneously, so it's a bit of a strange balancing act.

13 The Three Women Decide To Live Together — But It's A Little Weird

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Look, we understand why they decided to have the parallel of three friends living under one roof, raising children. But when Joey and Jesse moved in with Danny, they were both young, struggling in their jobs, and didn't have any other attachments. They didn't have kids of their own, and it made a little more sense.

With the reboot, things are different. Stephanie is supposedly a super successful DJ who could easily buy her own place and just stop by to help DJ on a regular basis. And, Kimmy has a family of her own—again, she could have her own space and just visit her friend daily to help. It seemed a little forced to stick them all under one roof.

12 Nicky And Alex Don't Come To Their Parents' Vow Renewal

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We don't see a lot of Nicky and Alex, Becky and Jesse's twin boys, on the reboot. Part of the reason is that Jesse and Becky themselves are only in a few episodes. However, there was one storyline where Becky and Jesse decided to renew their vows—and their sons didn't even come!

We could almost understand if Nicky and Alex were business titans who had demanding schedules. However, their characters are basically portrayed as slacker college students who are filling their days with surfing and lounging around, so... why can't they spare a few hours to celebrate their parents' marriage? It just seemed a bit strange to not have them in that episode when they popped up in a few other ones.

11 Max Breaks The Family's Dog Naming Rule

via: fuller-house.fandom.com

Adding a dog to a show is always a guaranteed fan favorite because come on, who doesn't love a cute dog? Comet was a bit part of the family on the original show, and the family ended up getting another dog and naming it Comet Jr., then Steve got a dog named Comet Jr. Jr. On the reboot show, Steve ends up continuing the tradition and naming one of the puppies Comet Jr. Jr. Jr.

So, when Max got a puppy, fans figured he'd keep the tradition alive and keep the family name. However, instead of Comet Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr, he decided to name his dog Cosmo. In a show that seems so obsessed with keeping the traditions and phrases of the original intact, it was a bit of a strange move to change just that one thing.

10 DJ Is Somehow Surprised That Her Boss Leaves The Business To His Qualified Son

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On the reboot show, DJ is a successful working woman who works as a veterinarian. She works at a practice run by a more senior veterinarian and figures that when he retires, he'll leave the business to her. After all, she's been working with the original owner for nearly a decade. However, she ends up stunned when he leaves the business to his son instead.

It may seem like nepotism, and it would definitely be weird if his son was in an unrelated industry. However, it turns out that his son is a very qualified, trained veterinarian himself. Uh... of course he's going to leave his practice to his son! It shouldn't have even been a question, so the fact that DJ is so stunned about the decision makes her seem a little bit entitled.

9 Steve Still Eats Like A Teenager

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One of the recurring jokes on the original show was that Steve, DJ's boyfriend, was basically a bottomless pit. He could easily eat the Tanners out of house and home, and he still remained a skinny guy. Teenage boys are notorious for their large appetites, so it just seemed like a pretty natural joke.

However, on the reboot, Steve still seems to eat the same way he did as a teenager—but two decades later, you know his metabolism isn't the same! So, is he actually running for two hours a day when he's not trying to woo DJ? How on earth can the man pack away so much food?

8 There Was A Random Bollywood Number

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On any show, there are bound to be storylines that fall a little bit flat. It's just a bit of a risk that you have to take. However, there was one particular storyline in the reboot that we're still scratching our heads over. Well, it's not even really a storyline—it's more like one very puzzling dance number.

Especially in this day and age, when cultural appropriation is a huge hot button topic, it's really baffling that they decided to put together a Bollywood dance number. None of the characters have any kind of authentic connection to Bollywood or culture from India, so the whole thing was a little bit awkward.

7 Nothing Is Said Of DJ's Former House

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When DJ was struggling to raise her three boys as a single mom, Danny stepped in and allowed her to move in with him for a while. Then, he ended up giving her the original Tanner house, where she started living with her sister and BFF. However, there was one little plot point that was never addressed—what on earth happened to DJ's original house?

Before she moved in with Danny, she was living somewhere with her boys. Did she decide to sell it? Did she rent it? It just seems like such a major thing to leave out, especially when your show is set in San Francisco.

6 A Lot Of The Old Cast Came Back, But Only For Guest Starring Roles

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This reboot is super nostalgic. It constantly references things that happened on the old show, and definitely tries to tap into that original fan base. That's why it seems a little bit strange that so many of the original cast members decided to come back for guest starring roles only.

You would have thought that if they could only get a few of the original actors to commit to being series regulars, they would have rethought the concept entirely. We would have loved to see a show with just DJ slaying it as a veterinarian, or perhaps Stephanie traveling the world as a famous DJ. Sticking them together in the old house without the whole family there seemed a little strange.

5 Steph Gives Up A Hugely Successful DJ Gig To Help Her Sister

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There are plenty of people who give up their work to pursue a passion or vice versa. However, Stephanie decides to give up her job as an incredibly successful DJ in order to help her sister. It's just not all that believable. Sure, we can see her taking a hiatus, or perhaps spending more time with her sister to help her through a difficult spot. Or, we can see her deciding to perform only local shows in California rather than traveling the world.

However, for Steph to flat out give up a professional life that's thriving and that she's worked so hard to achieve seems a little bit implausible. Plus, it's not as if DJ gives up her job as a vet—why does Stephanie have to put her dream job on hold?

4 They Chose Carly Rae Jepsen, Of All People, To Redo The Theme Song

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We understand that they'd want to update the theme song a little bit for the reboot. However, we could have seen them going one of two ways. Either they could pick a well-known star from back in the '80s and '90s and had them record a fresh new song, or they could have gotten a new artist and created a fresh new version of the theme.

Instead, they went somewhere in the middle, selecting pop star Carly Rae Jepsen, who had a few smash hits several years ago. It seems nostalgic, but not quite nostalgic enough—and it just is a puzzling choice.

3 DJ's Life Ends Up Almost Identical To Her Father's

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We understand the appeal of having DJ raising her family in the same house that Danny and his friends raised the Tanner girls. It's nostalgic, it's cute, and it kind of works as a storyline. However, the thing that doesn't really make sense is just how identical the writers tried to make DJ and Danny's lives.

Seriously. Both end up losing their spouse. Both end up raising three children, all the same gender (Danny has all girls, DJ has all boys). It just seems a little bit too parallel to be plausible, and a little heavy handed. I mean, a little imagination would have been welcome.

2 Stephanie Deals With A Skunk Situation At DJ's Office — Complete With Vats Of Tomato Juice

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We know that zany storylines are kind of a trademark of many sitcoms, but this particular one was just weird. When a skunk ends up spraying Max and a litter of puppies, Stephanie saves the day by soaking them in tomato juice. However, the sheer amount of tomato juice is a little insane—it would have taken a lot of work to get all that from the store in an instant.

And then, the fact that she sets up the vats in DJ's office is a bit strange. Why not get the tomato juice set up at home, instead of in the place where DJ conducts business? Where are they planning to pour out all that tomato juice when it's done, and how?

1 DJ Doesn't End Up Choosing Matt

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Look, we get it—Steve was DJ's high school sweetheart, they had a cute romance on the original show. The writers decided to bring Matt in as a bit of a romantic obstacle that stood in DJ and Steve's path to true love. However, it backfired for a lot of fans because... Matt was kind of amazing.

He was absolutely gorgeous, he was super kind, he had great chemistry with DJ, he had a passion for animals like she did, and he was just overall a huge catch. The fact that she didn't end up picking Matt was just a serious downer and had us questioning the whole plot of the series.

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