20 Things That Don’t Impress Him On A First Date, Even If She Thinks They Do

First dates can be fun, but they can also be filled with doubt, not to mention all sorts of awkwardness. Girls get ready for these first dates with lots to look forward to, but sometimes they do things that don’t go as they had intended. While they’re trying to impress their new guy, sometimes the strategy goes south. What the girl thought would be great winds up being a major gaffe.

When a guy is looking forward to this first date and the girl keeps doing things that he finds unimpressive, there’s not much of a chance that a second date will be planned. She may have had the best of intentions, but her delivery may have got in the way of what could have been a lot cooler. They say, “You only have one chance to make a first impression,” so when a girl makes all the wrong moves on date one, there’s no do-over to look forward to.

Here are 20 things that will not impress a guy on a first date. Of course, every guy is different, but these topics are at the top of the list. Just something to keep in mind to make the first date as fabulous as it can be. Here’s to that second date!

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20 Self-Tanning

Via: teenvogue.com

While a bit of bronzer is no biggie, going overboard on the orange is a total turnoff. Girls may think their tan is appealing, but most guys would prefer a naturally pale girl to one who likes to “fake and bake.”

If she goes to a tanning salon, that’s just terrible for her skin and she’ll be wrinkly and worn before her time. And if she uses self-tanning lotions and potions, not only is the scent off-putting, but the telltale streaks and splotches look anything but natural. If a guy wanted to date an Oompa Loompa, he wouldn’t be on Tinder.

19 Lots of Makeup

Via: pond5.com

Many ladies like to wear makeup, at least some of the time. When it’s time to get ready for a first date, a gal wants to look as gorgeous as she can, so she’ll dive into her makeup bag to get her face “on fleek.” But there’s a difference between enhancing one’s look and transforming into a clown.

Too much makeup makes a girl seem insecure in her looks. Guys want to know what they’re looking at. When they see layer upon layer of foundation, and eyelashes that extend an inch off a girl’s face, they will only leave the date wondering what she actually looks like when she washes it all off.

18 Sky-High Stilettos

Via: catersnews.com

High heels can look amazing, but super-high stilettos are not necessary for date night. They can hinder the itinerary if the guy had planned on taking a romantic evening stroll or doing something fun that required being on your feet for a few hours.

These shoes may make a girl feel powerful and sultry, but after an hour, her feet are throbbing, putting her in a bad mood that doesn’t make the date go well. While switching to a pair of flats may be too severe a solution, there are high heels that are shorter than six inches.

17 Being Super Flirty

Via: glamour.com

Guys like to know if a girl is interested, but not if it means that she is so flirtatious that it’s almost funny. A few subtle gestures will give a guy a clue that a girl is into him. She does not have to pull every trick out of her hat to get his attention.

A bit of back and forth is fun, but when the girl is so flirty that he’s backing away, she’s going at it all wrong. She might think she’s “all that,” but he thinks she has a lot of work to do in the flirtation department. Perhaps by date two she’ll tone it down.

16 Being Overly Confident

Via: stocksy.com

When a girl is secure and strong, that is something a guy can certainly appreciate. But if she comes across like she is the best thing since sliced bread, her confidence is more like cockiness. There’s no reason for a self-assured woman to have to prove how wonderful she is.

There’s a way to show strength and security without behaving like a (rhymes with “itch”). Confidence is cool. But subtly is even more alluring. When a girl can be herself, open up, and enjoy the date, she proves she’s on point. She doesn’t need to put the guy down or look down on everyone else to be amazing.

15 Showing Too Much Skin

Via: esquire.com

Nowadays, many girls feel the need to wear as little as possible to prove they’re worth looking at. While a hint of skin here and there can be beautiful, putting it all out there - especially on the first date - is too much, too soon. A gal can give off an appealing vibe without baring her belly or showing off too much upper thigh.

There’s a way she can dress to impress without worrying about having an unfortunate “wardrobe malfunction” all night long. A guy might think a barely-there outfit looks good, but a truly decent dude cares more about the woman’s mind than her mini skirt.

14 Putting Down Her Exes

Via: videoblocks.com

If there’s one thing NOT to talk about on the first date, aside from religion and politics, it’s exes. No guy needs to hear a girl bash all her ex-boyfriends; it only shows that she’s not mature enough to move on. If a guy asks his date about her past relationships, then it’s his fault if she reveals more than he’d hoped she would.

But the girl has a responsibility too. She doesn’t have to go all in and give up every detail of her past. She can let the guy know that her last breakup was bad, but she does not have to give him every detail of the dude’s bad behavior or habits. Now that she’s on a fresh first date, it’s time to forget about the past and move on with a new mentality.

13 Paying for Everything

Via: wsj.com

If a guy is broke or a cheapskate, then getting together with a girl who is willing to open her wallet for everything is a home run. But if the guy asked the girl out, it wouldn’t be very charming for him to let her pick up every tab. She may offer, and they may split it, but letting her spend all her cash on a guy she barely knows is just poor form.

If things go well and there are many more dates down the road, the money issue can become a compromise. Not to mention, some guys may find this to be a turn-off. He’s trying to prove he’s a decent guy who’s a giver, not a taker. If she insists on paying, he may be worried about what to do and if he’s going to offend her. It’s always awkward, but it should never become a deal-breaker.

12 Agreeing With Everything He Says

Via: Bustle.com

While no guy wants a battle to brew every time a conversation starts, it can be equally irritating if a girl he’s out with is a “yes” woman. When she agrees with everything he says, he will start to think she doesn’t have a mind of her own. What are the chances that there’s nothing she has her own opinion about?

Yes, two people may have similar values and interests, but there has got to be a difference, as subtle as it may be. A guy will know things are going to be a challenge when she even orders the same entrée and dessert as he does. Well, he did say the veal was the best thing on the menu…

11 Stroking His Ego

Via: cheatsheet.com

A girl may really think the guy she is out with is super cool. He may be handsome, smart, funny, charming, etc. But she can let him know that she’s into him without putting him up on a pedestal. Insecure guys may find this dynamic to be fantastic, but a self-confident guy will be able to tell that she is just trying to get on his good side.

A few compliments here and there are normal and nice, but when she can’t stop raving about a guy she just met, he is going to be able to tell she’s not being sincere.

10 Going Back To His Place

Via: tv.avclub.com

Lots of guys think they’ve scored when a girl is willing to go back to their place after a first date. Even if the girl is into it, there’s a chance that this fast-moving pace may not really be what the guy is after. He may want this to happen in the moment, but if he stops to pause, he may wish that the night could end more innocently, allowing for another date to come around so they can get to know one another better.

If a guy is looking for a real relationship, it’s not likely that it will be with the girl who comes home with him after only meeting for a few hours.

9 Ordering Just A Salad

Via: Philly mag

If a guy asks a girl out for dinner, he’s expecting that she’s going to eat. She doesn’t have to get a greasy burger or a pile of pasta, but a simple salad just won’t cut it. She may think she’s being dainty or something of the sort, but he’s going to find her bird-like appetite off-putting. She may not be particularly hungry, but didn’t she know she had dinner plans?

If she isn’t interested in ordering anything substantial, perhaps she can suggest sharing some appetizers or just going for drinks. He’s going to feel awkward when he’s wolfing down a T-bone and mashed potatoes while she’s nibbling on a carrot stick.

8 Drinking Too Much

Via: copacms.com

Letting loose and having a cocktail or two is a fun way to spend a first date. The conversation can flow over a glass of wine or a couple of beers. But things will go south if a girl gets blitzed before she even gets to know the guy. He’s going to wonder if she always gets so plastered, and he’ll be responsible for her irresponsible behavior.

Some guys may think it’s fun if their dates get sloshed, but most mature guys will be concerned if their date is stumbling over her words and her feet. Make it a "two-drink max" rule for a first date to be on the safe side.

7 Using Foul Language

There is nothing nice about using bad language, particularly on a first date. Guys may not want to be with a prim and proper lady, but that does not mean she needs to curse and swear to get her point across. If she has decent conversation skills, she can say what she wants to without being offensive to those in her presence.

Naturally, there may come a time when some less-than lovely language is spewed, but let’s hope she can make it through date one without an incident. Same goes for the guy, obviously. He should choose his words wisely.

6 Discussing Her Previous Romances

Via: Eventbrite.com

A guy may not want to be with a prude, but he surely doesn’t want to be with a woman who has been around the block, so to speak, more times than she can count. Perhaps she’s telling all these TMI tales to get her date interested in her, but most guys will get the wrong idea and not get to know her for more than what she’s so openly sharing.

There’s no need for this type of talk on a first date. Heck, there may never be a good time for a girl to let her current guy know about what she did with others in the past. Less is more when it comes to past relationships. The new guy doesn’t need to feel like he’s being compared.

5 Lying About Her Age

Via: truthfinder.com

If a woman looks younger than her biological age says she is, the more power to her. But why lie? Starting a relationship off on a lie means that there are surely more untruths to come. If a woman can’t be straightforward about something as simple as her age, who knows what else she’ll try to hide?

A guy won’t mind if a woman is 25 or 35 or even 45 if he really likes her. But if he learns that she has been lying to him, suddenly age becomes so much more than just a number. Gals, before you ignore what it says on your birth certificate, consider that a fib may cause a first date to be the last. Embrace age - a guy worth your time won’t be worried about it.

4 Doing All The Talking

Via: cbs.com

Some girls think they need to be super bubbly and take over the conversation in order for a fella to think they're interesting. Sure, no guy wants to date a girl who has nothing to say, but he wants to be part of the convo. Sometimes a girl blabs on and on due to nervousness on a first date, but once she realizes that she hasn’t stopped for air, she needs to take a breather and let the dude do some talking.

She may have a lot to say, but she doesn’t have to get it all out before the appetizers arrive. A good date means that both people get to participate.

3 Being Too Forward

Via: harnarius.tumblr.com

A guy may enjoy some romantic attention, but he doesn’t want to be smothered with it, especially when first meeting a new woman. A girl may want to show a guy that she’s a take-charge kinda woman, but when she’s overly forward with her body or language, he’s going to be turned off.

There may be some men who think this kind of behavior is interesting and invite it, but most men will feel anxious and unsure if this is the type of lady they want to be with. When a girl wants to express herself, she can do so without being overly “handsy” or OTT. Guys may not like a timid girl, but there’s always a middle ground she can aim for.

2 Being A Know-It-All

Via: wgnradio.com

Guys love a smart woman who is well-versed and up-to-date on current events and other relevant information. But there’s a difference between an intelligent woman and one who needs to prove just how smart she is. When a girl is confident in her character, intellect, and other skills, she doesn’t need to show off by proving how much she knows about everything.

Guys will not find this “holier than thou” attitude appealing and will start to think she’s arrogant and righteous. Gals who are truly smart know that they don’t have to show off to get that point across. It will be evident that they’re savvy and swift just by talking with them.

1 Being A Party Animal

Via: photos.riverfronttimes.com

Lots of guys love to date a girl who likes to have a good time. But if a first date turns into something like an episode of The Jersey Shore, the guy will certainly question the girl’s morals and values.

Partying like a rock star may be something some people do every so often, but a first date isn’t supposed to be crazy. If the guy planned dinner and a movie and his date would rather go to a rave and stay up until five in the morning, her party animal ways may find her all alone when he realizes she’s too much to handle.

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