20 Things That Didn't Make Sense On Vampire Diaries

nbeluIf you are a fan of vampires, then you were probably one of the many people obsessed with The Vampire Diaries. It was not quite the same as Twilight because VP was a little more like a supernatural soap opera. Of course, it all started from a series of books written by L.J. Smith and the story focused on one high school girl named Elena.

This is not just your average teen drama because Elena finds herself in a love triangle between two brothers who also happen to be vampires. Though in the end, it isn’t just vampires that happen to be in her small town of Mystic Falls, but also wolves and witches.

As it turns out, what seemed to be a quiet, small town is actually filled with all kinds of mystical monsters. Some of them end up being her best friends. Yeah, it’s almost too hard to believe and yet we eat it up every week. As much as we may have loved the show, there were quite a few things that didn’t add up about the series. Check out these 20 things that didn’t make sense on Vampire Diaries.

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20 Why Doesn’t Elena Just Leave Mystic Falls?

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Right? That’s one thing that we’ve never understood about some of these shows where crazy things go on in a small town and all the residents are like, “Well, this is just the way it is.” Why doesn’t anyone just hightail it out of town?

Think about it: why does anyone live in Gotham City when The Joker is trying to unleash terror on the regular people and he’s not even the only villain? In the same vein, why would anyone stay in Mystic Falls? The amount of people who go missing there is so high!

19 Elena Completely Ignores Damon’s Outbursts

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Damon may be a vampire but he has a lot of outbursts and it’s usually the result of his foul temper. Usually, when he loses his cool, it has something to do with Elena and he ends up hurting other people because of it.

Elena completely ignores this side of Damon. As awesome as she appears to be, she is also very weak in many ways. She has a moral character but then she completely turns a blind eye to the fact that Damon is not a nice guy. It doesn't make sense. She’s so determined to see the good side of him that she ignores his outbursts.

18 No One Should Have Graduated High School

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This is no Dawson’s Creek where we see students studying for the SATs. We know it’s a supernatural teen series, but shouldn’t we have seen somebody studying for a test or even going to class a few times?

There is more partying going on than studying. In Season Four, the students graduate from high school but we can’t even imagine how that goal was accomplished. We’re not sure that they would have even been able to concentrate on homework with all the loss and despair around them.

17 The Show Was Different From The Books

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The show definitely went on a different track from the books, which was weird because usually TV shows stay within the same thread as the novels that inspired them. In the show, Elena is sweet and has a strong moral backbone, but in the novels she is very selfish and always gets whatever she wants.

Another example: In the novels, Damon despises his brother to the point that he wants him dead. However, on the show we see them eventually bond and work together.

A similarity between the books and TV series is the fact that Damon lashes out every time Elena rejects him.

16 The Brothers Share Everything

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The main conflict between the brothers occurs in the series because they are both in love with the same woman, Elena. That seems to fix itself when Elena marries Damon by the end of the series, (she chooses Stefan in the books, FYI).

But oddly enough, the two men were also in love with the same woman once before. They fought over the heart of Katherine Pierce who was a vampire in the 1800s. Obviously, their initial attraction to Elena was as a result of her looking exactly like Katherine, but c’mon guys, there are other fish in the sea!

15 Damon And Stefan Have No Clue About Vampires

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Sure, Damon and Stefan are young by vampire standards but they have still been around for 150 years. The two have met various mystics throughout the years and dealt with the highs and lows of being a vampire.

Despite their worldly experiences, these guys don’t seem to have a clue about vampires. If they did, why would they always seem surprised by every single threat that approaches? Considering they have been vampires for over 100 years, they don’t seem to know much about werewolves, witches, the Originals or hunters.

14 Elena And Katherine Are Identical

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We’re not really sure why they decided to make Elena and Katherine look identical, mainly because it’s so unrealistic. With billions of people on earth, the chances of you looking identical to someone else is pretty slim and it becomes so much slimmer when you think of the chances of you meeting that person in the same country where you live!

But Stefan and Damon happen to stumble upon both people who look exactly alike. It’s supposed to be explained away just by saying that Elena is Katherine’s doppelgänger, but we're not buying it.

13 Jeremy Bails On Elena

via TV Club - The AV Club

Jeremy ends up being a pretty pointless character in the series and we’re not sure why he wasn’t killed off right in the beginning. He’s an odd character to begin with, and seems to only be used as leverage against Bonnie and Elena.

Jeremy at some point bails on the whole town to go to “art school” but the guy doesn’t even come back when he hears that his sister is in a coma. We know the writers basically had to get rid of him from the series but they could have sent some emails to make it look like he cared about his sister.

12 Damon Shows His True Feelings

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Blood sharing is a very intimate act and it’s something that should not be done unless it’s with your vampire lover. But in the series, Damon shares his blood with Elena even though she is with Stefan at the time.

As reported by Screen Rant, creator Julie Plec said, “You really shouldn’t be doing it with anybody who’s not your one true vampire love.” So what happened? 

At the time, Elena didn’t know that but Damon did. It was just another way that Damon was being selfish. When Stefan finds out, he is furious about it. But oddly enough, Elena doesn’t seem that bothered by the whole thing.

11 Everyone Becomes A Vampire

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By the end of the series, practically everyone is a vampire in town. It’s a little hard to believe. It seems to be the way that the show brought in new storylines or drama. If they needed some new action, they just had one of the main characters become a vampire. One by one, the characters of the show went from humans to vampires, werewolves or witches. There are fewer and fewer humans in the town by the end of the series.

10 Damon’s Skills Up And Disappeared

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The pilot episode is used to draw in an audience so a show can see if it’s possible to create something that viewers are going to tune into every week. In the pilot episode, we see Damon with some pretty extraordinary gifts as a vampire. He has the ability to make crows appear out of thin air and produce fog. These skills are used to confuse his victims and he probably could have used these skills throughout the series. But we never see these cool skills again after the pilot episode, so it’s as if the writers just gave up on the idea.

9 Damon Becomes Involved with Elena’s Birth Mother

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We’re not sure what the writers were thinking when they went with this storyline but it was just weird. At some point, Damon gets together with Isobel, who is Elena’s birth mother. Damon turned Isobel into a vampire and she returned to Mystic Falls with the intention of harming Elena.

No one seems bothered by this situation! Elena eventually marries Damon even though he was once involved with her mother. It’s a little too weird even for a supernatural story.

8 The Doppelgängers Got Totally Out Of Control

via ScreenRant

The Doppelgänger storyline in Vampire Diaries only succeeded in confusing fans season after season. In the beginning, we learn that Elena looks a lot like the woman that made Damon and Stefan a vampire in the first place.

What we think is just a weird coincidence turns out to be a startling truth: Elena is from the same bloodline as Katherine.

Poor Nina Dobrev had to juggle multiple characters throughout the series because of multiple doppelgängers. They even added an evil twin later on as if we needed something more evil than Katherine!

7 Psychics Can Create Different Dimensions... Accidentally

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Most psychics we know have powers that include telepathy and mind control, but Vampire Diaries had to take it up a notch. Sigh…remember when the characters were just regular humans going to school?

When it came to psychics like Bonnie, she could literally open up pocket dimensions by accident, especially if the person was going through an emotional time. Bonnie's lover’s soul literally got dragged into her dimension because of the grief she felt. It was that easy.

6 Damon Thinks Elena Only Loves Him Because Of The Sire Bond

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Damon of all people should know that the sire bond does not affect someone’s emotions since he has been a vampire for 150 years and was sired himself. But instead, he’s completely clueless.

When he sires Elena and she confesses her love for him around the same time, he assumes that it’s just the fact that she is connected to him by the sire. Sires are supposed to show their loyalty to their “master.” We learn that the bond only affects a person’s actions, not their emotions, so her love for Damon was real.

5 The Diaries Connected Stefan And Elena

via The Vampire Diaries

We often saw Elena writing in her diary on the show. Seeing the story through her eyes really impacted the story and it was also what connected her to Stefan, who also wrote in a diary. The diaries were clearly important yet we saw less and less of them throughout the series.

Damon never even started writing in one until Season Seven of the show and we didn’t see much of it after that. Why?

4 Bonnie Came Back Too Many Times

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No one really seems to pass away for real on Vampire Diaries, unless of course it’s a character the show doesn’t need anymore. Bonnie died a lot on the show and she should have been a character that was gone for good a long time ago. But no matter what, Bonnie could always manage to find her way back to the living, which was just bizarre to us.

Death didn’t feel real on the show because you knew it was just a matter of time before someone cast a spell and brought the person back.

Why would anyone really worry about dying if they could just come back?

3 Elena Prefers Hallucinations Of Damon

via The Vampire Diaries Wiki - Fandom

We get it, losing someone is devastating and having a broken heart is not fun for anyone. That said, we’ve never understood Elena’s desire to create a fake relationship with Damon through hallucinations. At some point, you have to accept reality and deal with your grief. When Damon perishes, she decides to take a substance that creates hallucinations of Damon so that she can continue a relationship with him. It’s so unhealthy and none of her friends even bother throwing the poor girl an intervention. Not realistic!

2 Matt Donovan Becoming Sheriff

via The Vampire Diaries Wiki - Fandom

The show apparently couldn’t find anyone more qualified than Matt Donovan to be the new sheriff after Liz Forbes. He was always associated with suspicious things throughout the show because all his friends were vampires, werewolves or witches. So, it was weird that he would be chosen to be the next Sheriff. He didn’t have the best life in town either because it seemed that every girl that he loved either preferred a supernatural character over him or became a supernatural character. We often felt sorry for him because everyone used him as bait.

1 Older Vampires Are Stronger

via SheKnows

We have learned throughout the series that the older you are as a vampire, the stronger you become. It’s really hard to kill the Originals because they have been around from the beginning. But Vampire Diaries would bend those rules whenever it saw fit.

In Season Three we saw Caroline beat Damon while she battled to save her father, which doesn’t make any sense at all. Damon is over 150 years older than her, so there should have been no way that she could defeat him.

Why establish rules if you are just going to break them whenever you want to?

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