20 Things Steve Irwin's Family's Been Up To Since His Passing

The Irwin family has been entertaining millions of people for decades now, and Steve’s work on the small screen helped set the bar for his wife and his children. Terri accompanied him early on, and she has since made sure that his legacy continues to live on through his children and through her efforts around the world. Few people have impacted the planet in the same way as Steve Irwin, and as things move forward, more people will continue to be inspired by his past works.

Given that this family has spent years in the limelight, it would make sense that the world has been paying attention to what they have been up to over the years. Not unlike Steve was in his prime, this family has remained busy and continues to thrive in the number of endeavors that they have tried their luck at.

Today, we are going to take a look at 20 things the Irwins have been up to over the years!

20 The Family Hosted Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors

Even after Steve was no longer around, his family made sure to keep things rolling on television while preserving his memory, and one way they did this was by being featured on the Australian series Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors. It did not broadcast stateside, and it was a short run over in its native Australia.

19 Robert Penned The Book Series Dinosaur Hunter

One of the cool things about the Irwin family is that they are always willing to pursue their passions, and Robert’s knack for writing led him to write his own series. Not many kids have the opportunity for something fun like this, and he certainly made the most of it.

18 Terri Released An Autobiography

Many people that endure some heartbreak will turn to artistic outlets to help let out their feeling, and Terri Irwin decided to pen an autobiographical account when she was hurting the most. Many people were interested in reading about her history, and they made sure to show their support when it was released.

17 Bindi Competed On Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars is a wildly popular show with mainstream audiences, and fans were excited when it was announced that Bindi Irwin would be competing on the series. Given that she had spent so much time in the wild, fans could not wait to see how she would do on the dance floor.

16 Robert Has Appeared On The Tonight Show

Not unlike his father before him, Robert Irwin is becoming known for his handling of exotic animals, and when the opportunity came to appear on The Tonight Show, he was all over it. He wound up making a huge impression on Jimmy Fallon and the crowd, and he has appeared on the show multiple times.

15 Terri Became An Australian Citizen

Despite marrying an Australian and spending a huge portion of her life in the country, it was not until 2009 that Terri Irwin officially became a citizen of the beautiful country. Her children are dual citizens, and they must have been thrilled seeing their mom officially become an Australian citizen.

14 The Family Hosted Crikey! It's The Irwins

The Irwins and wildlife go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it when it was announced that Crikey! It’s the Irwins was coming to the small screen, people were more than happy to tune in and show their support. There have been two seasons of the series so far, and fans are hopeful that a third is right around the corner.

13 Terri Received The Business Women's Award

Everything that Terri Irwin has done in the way of helping wildlife has caused people to forget that she has some business savvy as well, and back in 2007, she was bestowed the Business Woman of the Year Award for her entrepreneurial efforts. It helped people see a different side of the talented Terri.

12 Bindi Appeared On The Ellen Show

Not unlike her brother Robert on The Tonight Show, Bindi Irwin has also made her rounds on popular shows, and she has made some notable appearances on The Ellen Show. The Irwin children really know how to make an impression, because they are always welcomed back to shows with open arms.

11 Terri Received An Honorary Doctorate From The University Of Queensland

Every once in a while, a famous or notable person will be bestowed an honorary doctorate degree from a prestigious school, and in 2015, the University of Queensland selected Terri Irwin as the recipient for her decade of support. It is just one more amazing thing that she has accomplished.

10 Robert Hosted Wild But True

Blending science with nature wound up being the perfect recipe for the series Wild But True, and back in 2015, Robert Irwin was one of the people selected to host the series. The series was able to give Robert plenty of experience in front of the camera from a very young age.

9 Bindi Became Engaged

Bindi Irwin has practically spent her entire life growing up in front of the world, and when it was announced that she was engaged, the entire planet was paying attention. The engagement happened earlier this year, and people are excited that she was able to find true love at a young age.

8 Robert Lent His Voice To The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water

Being able to land a role in a prominent Hollywood project is no easy feat, and the people behind the film The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water were more than happy to utilize the talents of Robert Irwin as a minor character in the film. It was just one more accomplishment for the young performer.

7 Bindi Hosted Bindi's Bootcamp

Never one to be outdone by other people in the business, Bindi has also made sure to lock down her own series on the small screen, and she did so while she was still just a kid. Bindi’s Bootcamp began its initial run on television back in 2012, and it let the young Irwin take center stage for the world to see.

6 Terri Helped Fund Research At Oregon State University

Trying to do any sort of large research requires a substantial amount of backing from a number of individuals, and having a notable person give their backing is huge. Terri Irwin was more than happy to back Oregon State University when they decided to focus their effort on whale research.

5 Bindi Starred On Bindi, The Jungle Girl

Back in 2007, Bindi Irwin began her time as a featured performer on the series Bindi, the Jungle Girl, and she quickly made a huge impression on the people watching at home. She had a lot of natural charm, and many people could see the influence that her father had on her.

4 Robert Became An Accomplished Wildlife Photographer

Robert Irwin spent his entire life growing up around the most fascinating creatures on the planet, and once he was old enough, he took up photography as a passion project. As time has gone on, he has developed his abilities and has turned into quite a fantastic photographer behind the camera.

3 Bindi Got Her Certificate III In Business

Bindi Irwin is going to take over the business side of things one day, and she made sure to get a jump on things by earning her certificate III of business at the Sunshine Coast TAFE. This continued education will no doubt pay dividends once she steps up into more of a business role behind the scenes.

2 Bindi And Robert Appeared In Free Willy: Escape From Pirate's Cove

This has got to be one of the coolest entries on this list, and Terri must have been incredibly proud of her children. Bindi was the lead performer in the film, and Robert wound up making an appearance in the movie. It wasn’t a blockbuster hit, but it was a huge accomplishment for the family.

1 Terri Stopped Dating

The love between Terri and Steve Irwin could be felt by the people at home, and as time has gone on, many people have wondered if Terri has found someone else and has moved on. Turns out, she has refrained from dating over the years, as she has claimed to have already lived her happily ever after.

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