20 Things Men Reveal With Their Body Language That They Hope Women Will Never Decode

You might think that in order to figure out whether or not a guy really likes you, you have to hear the words come out of his mouth. This is still true—you don’t want to assume that someone is super into you and fall too hard, only to find out that they’re not interested. However, guys can certainly give you some clues about how they feel—without even saying a word!

Did you know just how much we actually reveal through our body language? We communicate so many emotions, thoughts, and feelings just through the way that we move, sit, and stand, without ever saying a single word. And if you learn how to decode somebody’s body language, you can start to figure out how they feel about you and if you should make a move or not.

How can you read a guy’s mind without hearing him say a word? You’ll need to learn how to pay careful attention to the signals he sends with his body language. And lucky for you, we’ve got your back! Here are 20 things that men reveal with their body language—they wish that women couldn’t tell, but we’re spilling the beans!

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20 Raising His Eyebrows

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You might assume that a guy would only raise his eyebrows at you if he’s doubting something that you just said. Don’t start stressing yet, because while that may be the case, he could also be doing it for another reason! Did you know that we sometimes raise our eyebrows in order to open our eyes wider and get a better look at something that we really want to see? This is something that we do on a completely subconscious level. If you notice that a guy has his eyebrows raised while you two are chatting, and the conversation is going pretty well, this might be a subtle way of him checking you out! It also likely means that he is interested in what you’re saying. Just don’t get caught staring at his eyebrows for too long!

19 Walking In Step With You

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We’ve all seen those guys who seem to lead their girlfriends along as if they have them on a leash. Um, gross! It’s 2018, why act that way? Luckily, there are plenty of guys out there who show through their body language that they see you as an equal, and that they genuinely want to spend time with you. If you’re walking with a guy and he always needs to be two steps ahead of you, it means that he is much more concerned with himself than you! And who would want a guy like that? However, if he walks right beside you, holding your hand, and keeps in step with you, it means that he definitely likes you and wants to be close to you!

18 Touching His Throat

Alright, this might seem weird and random, but there is actually some evidence that a guy is revealing something quite important if he touches his throat while speaking to you. What could that be? Well, let’s break it down. The throat is a very vulnerable area of the body. Some people say that the throat represents both communication and openness. If you two are talking, things seem to be going well, and he reaches up and touches his throat at some point during your interaction, it most likely means that he cares about the conversation and wants to make a good impression. However, some say that this can also signal dishonesty—it could be a sign that he is uncomfortable with what he’s saying. Context matters, so pay close attention!

17 Touching Your Forearm

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When a guy does this to you, you probably already know that it’s a sign things are going in the right direction! If a guy reaches out and touches your forearm while you two are talking, you most likely start getting the idea that he might be into you—and you would be totally right! This is definitely a major sign that he’s interested in you and finds you attractive—it’s funny how such a small gesture can reveal so much, but once you learn more about body language, you will be amazed at everything you can pick up on just by looking at someone. If a guy touches your forearm, it means that he is attracted to you and wants to get closer to you, but he wants to move slowly at the same time.

16 Deep Eye Contact

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Alright, we’ll admit that this one seems pretty obvious, but we wanted to remind you anyway! If a guy is consistently making eye contact with you, it’s definitely a big deal. Now, here’s the thing—lots of men KNOW that making eye contact is seen as a sign of interest. Therefore, a guy who doesn’t care too much about you but does want to get you to go home with him might maintain intense eye contact in hopes that it will help persuade you to hook up with him. But if he’s making eye contact with you and sending off lots of other positive signals, as well as showing that he is clearly passionate about your conversation, it’s probably a very good sign! Bonus points if he has beautiful eyes!

15 Fixing His Hair

You probably mess with your hair all the time—we’re girls, it’s just what we do! But if you notice a guy messing with his hair, he might not just be playing with it because he’s distracted. It actually could be a sign that he is nervous and he’s trying to impress you! Yup, guys do get just as nervous as girls do, and though they may try very hard not to show it, they might give it away with their body language! If you’re talking to a guy and you see that he is fixing his hair pretty frequently, he is probably worried about whether or not he looks good, and he is almost definitely trying to make a good impression on you—he’s hoping that you think he’s cute!

14 Mirroring Your Movements

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Okay, this is a super important sign, so ladies, feel free to take notes here. Apparently, if a guy is closely mirroring your movements, it’s a major clue that he is super into you. We subconsciously mirror other peoples’ body language when we are interested in them. We don’t even realize that we’re doing it, but someone observing you would probably notice that something was going on. This basically means that a guy copies your movements in a subtle way. For example, if you’re fidgeting, he may fidget a little. If you lean back, he leans back to. If you slouch, he’ll also slouch. It may take a little practice to notice when this is going on, but if you do see it, you can be sure he likes you.

13 He Leans In

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When a guy wants to be close to you, but he doesn’t want to push your boundaries, he’ll lean in a bit. Plus, he’s probably wondering what it would be like to kiss you! Leaning in is definitely a sign that a guy finds you super attractive, and he most likely wants to hook up. Maybe it sounds like we’re being a little dramatic but think about a guy’s behavior right before he goes in for a kiss. He probably leans in slightly at various moments and slowly gets a little closer to you—he’s testing the waters to see if you want him to kiss you! So the next time you’re getting good vibes from a guy and he leans in, that’s his way of saying that he wants to kiss you!

12 His Pupils Dilate

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Okay, so you’ll definitely have to get kinda close to notice this sign. If you notice that a guy’s pupils dilate when he’s looking at you, he almost certainly likes you. This action is completely out of his control, which means that he can’t hide his true feelings! Everything will be obvious if you just look into his eyes. This is because our pupils naturally dilate when we are looking at something we like! Our eyes are truly the window to the soul. And this is where making eye contact can be a useful trick for figuring out how he really feels. Now, this might be a little tougher to figure out if he wears glasses, but no matter what, a man’s eyes will tell you how he truly feels.

11 Smiling With His Teeth

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This one is super sweet! As you may already know, guys are usually encouraged to hide their emotions from a young age. In fact, it is actually much rarer for men to show their teeth when smiling than it is for women, simply because they are usually taught that they should be more serious and masculine rather than revealing their feelings. However, this means that we get a clear sign if a guy likes us or not. If you notice that a guy is giving you huge smiles, teeth and all, he just might be falling head over heels for you! It means that not only does he like you so much that he’s forgetting what society taught him about showing emotion, he also feels comfortable enough around you to let his guard down.

10 Fidgeting

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If you see a guy fidgeting while he’s talking to you, there could be a couple different things going on. He might be wearing a super itchy sweater, or he might be nervous because he likes you! And if he’s fidgeting AND messing with his hair around the same time, plus he’s smiling with his teeth...well, you can see where we’re going with this. Once the signs all start to add up, you can get a pretty clear picture of whether or not he really likes you! Yes, sometimes, we fidget because we are physically uncomfortable for some reason, so there’s always a chance that this is the cause. But there’s a good chance that he’s doing it because he’s a little anxious about being so close to someone he likes!

9 Shuffling His Feet

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Why would a guy shuffle his feet if he likes you? Well, there a couple reasons. One, he might be hoping to move closer to you, but he’s worried that you’ll back away—so he shuffles around a bit instead while he tries to decide what to do! Two, he’s about to take that first step towards you and make a move—maybe even lean in for a kiss!—and he just needs another moment to work up the courage. But either way, if you notice that he is shuffling his feet, he’s probably into you. It’s so funny how these small signs that might not mean anything to the untrained eye can show you a guy’s true motives with just a glance. Who would’ve thought that shuffling your feet can reveal so much?

8 Pointing His Feet Towards You

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Alright, so we’re going to spend another minute ago talking about feet. Now, you might not want a guy to pick up on the fact that you’re checking out what his feet are doing. But did you know that if a guy is pointing his feet and knees towards you, he’s secretly giving you a sign that he’s into you? Yup, it may sound totally crazy, but it’s true! When a guy points his feet towards you, it’s a clear signal. However, you also need to watch out for the opposite thing happening. Let’s say that you sit down across from a guy and you notice that he shifts his knees and feet away from you so that they’re pointing in a different direction—this means that he’s not attracted to you.

7 Sitting With His Legs Open

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So, what does it mean if a guy sits with his legs open? Well, it might not mean too much—it’s not as big of a deal as some of the other signs we’ve listed here—but it’s still important to take note of if it does happen. Sometimes a guy will sit with his legs open simply because he feels comfortable that way. However, it could also end up meaning a little more than that! Basically, if a guy is facing you and sitting with his legs open, it could be because he feels very comfortable around you. He is relaxed and not worried about anything, just enjoying some casual time with you. Yes, he might just see you as a friend, but it’s still a good sign!

6 Touching Your Knee

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Okay, this is a pretty obvious one, but we’re including it anyway, because we want to explain exactly why a guy would do this to show that he likes you! Here’s the deal—he could be doing this for one of two reasons. He might just be looking for an excuse to touch you because he likes your body and finds you physically attractive but doesn’t want anything to do with you beyond that. It sounds harsh, but sometimes it’s true. Or he might really like you, and he’s trying to show you that without being TOO bold. It’s a little more intimate that just brushing your forearm, but it’s not like he’s pawing at you and overwhelming you! He’ll definitely be waiting to see how you react before going further.

5 He Puts His Hands On His Hips

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When a guy puts his hands on his hips, he’s not trying to be sassy (unless he’s a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race). Guys do this in order to establish authority. It’s meant to come across as a sign that he is confident, secure, and knows what he’s doing. In fact, if there are other guys in the room that could be competing for your attention, he might be trying to demonstrate to you that he doesn’t need to fight for your attention. Either way, he’s definitely trying to prove something when he adopts this stance! He’s hoping that he’ll catch your attention and that you’ll see him in a positive light. Yes, it can look a little like he’s posing, but feel free to give him a sign that you’re interested, too.

4 Taking Deep Breaths

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Does this sound silly? Well, don’t write it off just yet! The truth is that if you notice a guy taking deep breaths, it might be because he’s a little nervous—OR he’s trying to puff out his chest a bit in order to make himself look bigger and impress you! Of course, this tip might not apply if you’re working out together, climbing a mountain, or watching a horror movie—he might just be exhausted or freaked out! But let’s say that you’re just having a totally normal conversation in a comfortable setting, and you notice that his breathing seems to be a little deeper than usual—well, it could be a sign! He might also be trying to fact that his heart is racing because he’s crushing on you!

3 Licking His Lips

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You’re probably already aware that this is a good sign! Alright, if you two are out to eat and he’s chowing down on a plate of spicy buffalo wings, he might just be trying to get all the sauce off his lips. But in other circumstances, it’s a major sign that he’s thinking about kissing you. And maybe he’s a little worried that his lips are too chapped! But chances are if you notice him licking his lips, he’s at least considering going in for a kiss. Hey, maybe if you’re feeling super confident, you could lean in first, be bold, and make the first move! See what other signs you pick up from him, and then decide if you want to take things a bit further from there.

2 Looking Back When He Leaves

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If a guy really likes you and enjoys talking to you, he does not want to leave the room when the conversation is done! Maybe he’s about to be late for something and he finally has to rush out, or maybe his friend is picking him up and the car is parked outside. But when he does go, you catch him looking back at you one last time, even after you’ve already said your final goodbyes. This means that he totally didn’t want to leave! He’s looking back at you and wishing that he could still be chatting it up and maybe even taking things a little further if you were up for it. Maybe next time, you could try extending your time together and seeing what happens.

1 Dancing Even Though He's Not Good At It

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This is the ultimate confidence move. If you’re out and a guy asks you to dance, and he’s not just doing it to feel you up—he’s actually got moves!—you may have found yourself a keeper. A guy who is confident on the dance floor will usually be pretty confident off the dance floor, too! If a guy isn’t shy about dancing in front of you, it means that not only is he comfortable with himself and doesn’t care about letting loose and looking a little silly every once in a while, but it also means that he wants to be close with you and have fun with you. So go ahead, get out there on the dance floor and do your thing! Don’t be embarrassed—if he likes you, he’ll love your dance moves!

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