20 Things Katie Holmes And Jamie Fox Keep On The DL About Their Relationship

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are one of the most private celebrity couples in Hollywood. They are so private that they kept us guessing for five years as to whether they were actually dating or not. The Hollywood talk that has surrounded these two has been going on for years. For a long time, they have been telling us that they were “just friends” and for a while, we believed them. Foxx was so upset by the romance talk about him and Katie that he once walked out of an interview, and yet the talk persisted.

There has been talk of marriage and baby bumps and yet they still continue to keep their personal lives as private as possible. A lot changed in 2017, though. All of a sudden, we started seeing the couple walking along the beach, playing volleyball and even showing us some PDA. We had to rub our eyes just to make sure we weren’t dreaming. Were they actually flaunting their relationship right in front of our eyes? It was a lot to process.

But now, they will often go to dinner and the pre-Grammy parties but they never arrive together and it has us scratching our heads. What is the big deal? Check out these 20 things Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx keep on the DL about their relationship.

20 They Have Been Together A Lot Longer Than We Think

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been dating for close to six years, which is surprising when you think about how little we really know about the couple. It’s been suggested that they started dating right after she left Tom Cruise and could have even been the catalyst that helped her out the door. It's hard to believe that it's already been six years since TomKat.

Of course, we can't confirm any of that because Jamie and Katie were so secretive about their relationship that it was hard to determine when it all really began. Holmes was filing for divorce in June 2013 and then in August of 2013, she was photographed dancing rather cozily with Jamie Foxx.

19 Jamie Foxx Was Really Good Friends With Tom Cruise

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Katie Holmes actually met Jamie Foxx through her ex-husband, Tom Cruise. If you remember, Foxx and Cruise starred in the movie Collateral together in 2004, so the two go way back. Holmes met Foxx in 2006 at a Monday Night Football game. It’s understandable that Cruise would be furious about finding out that his friend was now dating his ex-wife.

A source told Hollywood Life, “While Katie and Jamie did their best to keep things a secret from the world, Tom is too well-connected and found out about them shortly after their romance began. Tom is [surprised] and upset that Katie is dating a costar he once considered a close friend. He feels [let down] by both of them.”

18 Jamie And Katie Were Friends First

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Sometimes the best relationships come from two people who start off as friends. We’re not entirely sure about the exact time that these two started dating but they were friends first. Foxx likely could have been one of the people in her life telling her that her marriage was bad news.

Their PR teams really went into overtime trying to dispel the talk of them dating. Foxx was the first one to deny dating Katie. "The rumors are one hundred percent not true," he told ET. "In fact, it's quite hilarious because we simply danced at a charity event along with a lot of other people."

Liar liar pants on fire, Jamie.

17 Jamie Would Rather Walk Out Of Interviews Than Talk About Katie

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Foxx has been adamant throughout the years that he is not going to talk about Katie. Even when pictures surfaced of the two of them walking hand in hand at the beach, he wasn’t willing to discuss it. He had an interview with ESPN at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game in Los Angeles and the interviewer thought he was being coy when he asked about Katie.

That was all it took for Foxx to take off his headphones and walk away from the live interview. One Twitter fan wrote, “I don't think Jamie Foxx liked the Katie Holmes question,” to which Michael Smith said, “Ya think.”

16 There Was A Reason Why They Kept Their Relationship A Secret

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Katie Holmes really didn’t have much of a choice in keeping her relationship a secret, at least for five years anyway. Reports came out that stated Holmes’s divorce contract insisted that she couldn’t date in public for five years. That’s a little overboard as far as we are concerned.

According to Radar, Katie signed a clause in her quickie divorce settlement that prevented her from doing a few things that could harm Tom's reputation, such as talking about Scientology or publicly dating another man for five years. Although she could date, she wasn't allowed to do so in a public fashion. She also couldn't let any boyfriend meet her daughter, Suri.

Katie wanted to get out of the marriage so badly that she agreed. She received $4.8 million in child support, and another $5 million for herself. She was seen holding hands with Jamie in 2017.

15 Jamie Kept Denying Being With Katie

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It’s kind of embarrassing how many times Jamie Foxx has denied dating Katie, only to then be seen on a beach holding her hand. We understand that they had to keep things under wraps but you would think they would just say no comment.

In 2015, Foxx went on record saying, “What I've learned about society today is that they're so thirsty. Especially in tabloid world and social media world, they're so thirsty to find any story," as ET reports. "Sometimes when you read the stuff you're like, 'Wow! That's so not true!'”

Whoops! It turned out to be true after all.

14 They Worked Together At One Point

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There was actually an animated project that the two were working on together but it never got developed. There was a photo that surfaced of Katie and Jamie in a recording studio together holding hands. It was Jamie who once again addressed the press and told them that they were working on voiceover work.

"I guess some knucklehead person who was here hit us with the phone cam. I guess they are trying to get money for whatever. It's amazing what people will do to sell you out," Jamie told ET. Whatever they were doing in there, it never materialized.

13 Their Publicity Team Denied There Was Ever A Breakup

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It’s funny how Katie and Jamie have yet to admit that they are in fact officially dating. Even though it’s obvious now to everyone around them, they have yet to say anything about their dating life. So, it was even funnier when breakup talk was denied by their PR team.

In June 2018, there was talk that things had ended between the couple but Holmes’s publicist was quick to squash any talk of a breakup to People magazine. It was a pretty interesting denial at the time considering neither Holmes or Foxx had ever confirmed that they were even in a relationship!

12 They Spend A Lot Of Time Apart

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For two people who have been dating for a number of years, it is odd how much time they spend apart from each other. By now you would think they would have at least moved in together. But it’s as if they live very separate lives when they aren’t spending time together.

"Their relationship works because of the love, compassion, trust, and support they have for each other," but they, "do lead their own separate lives," a source told Us.

It's definitely a situation that has raised a few eyebrows over the years, but as long as they are happy with each other that should really be all that matters.

11 They Couldn’t Be More Different

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Many people had a hard time believing that Foxx and Holmes were even a couple at first because they just seem so different. The women that Foxx has dated in the past have been the type of girls who you would consider to be physically attractive. Katie seems more focused on fashion choices rather than showing off her figure to anyone and friends have wondered what Foxx sees in her. Holmes is sporty and she has been seen playing basketball and volleyball with her beau so they do have that in common.

It’s likely that they built a strong bond as friends and Holmes is known to be very loving and caring so maybe that’s what brought them together.

10 They Vacationed Where Tom Was Filming A Movie

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Jamie Foxx was in France finishing up filming on the movie Robin Hood and Katie wanted to meet him there to hang out. Katie was photographed a few blocks away from where her ex-husband Tom Cruise was filming the popular franchise Mission Impossible 6. It must have been awkward for her wondering if she would run into her ex.

She tried to stay away from cameras as much as possible but she was spotted at a bookstore as well as a sandwich shop. It wasn’t revealed whether Suri was also on the trip or if Katie saw her ex at all. She was last seen boarding a private jet with Jamie to go home.

9 Friends Don’t Think He’s Ever Going To Commit

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They have been together for almost six years now and Katie’s friends are a little concerned as to whether Jamie ever plans on committing to Katie. Katie seems pretty happy doing what they are doing but friends don’t understand why she would stay without any commitment.

“No one understands why Katie loves a man who can’t seem to commit or why he’s publicly [debasing] her like this,” a source told Us Weekly. “Everyone just wants her to take care of herself and to be happy. But she won’t let go of Jamie.”

Maybe she has no interest in getting married again.

8 She Doesn’t Want Expectations Placed On Her

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After the whirlwind marriage that she had with Tom Cruise and how public her life was at that time, you really can’t blame Holmes for not wanting to be told how to live her life. It appears as if the couple are well aware that they aren’t in a typical relationship and that’s fine because it works for them.

“They don’t see themselves as a couple in the traditional sense and they don’t want to be labeled as a couple,” a source told People. “They don’t want to have expectations placed on them about how they should be acting in public, how often they should be seen together and what they should or shouldn’t mean to each other.”

7 Two Actors Dating Is Not An Easy Situation

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Over the years we have seen a lot of celebrity couples break up and it has a lot to do with how hard it can be to juggle two different acting schedules. It wouldn’t be the first time that a couple broke up because they just didn’t see their spouse enough.

Some married couples, like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, will travel together when one of them is doing a movie but it seems like Katie and Jamie just spend time apart when that happens. They have managed to stay together for a long time so they have probably found what works for them.

6 They Rely Heavily On Each Other

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Although it has been said that they lead separate lives, it also appears as if they mean a lot more to each other than they are letting on.

“They confide in and rely on each other pretty heavily. They’re definitely very serious. When they’re together, it works. When they’re not, they’re on their own. It’s what works for them,” a source told Us Magazine.

They definitely survived after staying private for five years, which says a lot about their relationship. If it was just a casual thing, it’s unlikely that it would have lasted so long.

5 They Spend Time With The Children

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We have yet to see Jamie Foxx being photographed with Suri but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t spend time with her. We would think it would be virtually impossible to spend six years with someone without ever spending time with their children. It does make us wonder, though: Why all the secrecy?

However, it has been said that Katie spends time with Jamie’s children. “Katie and Suri [Cruise] and Corrine [Foxx] were all at the Honor Bar together having a girl’s day out,” a source told Radar. “Corinne was so cute with Suri, and the three of them looked like they were having a lot of fun together. They were all so relaxed with each other, it seemed like they knew each other really well and spent time together before this day.”

4 They Have Been Seen Wearing Rings

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There have been a few times when we heard talk of an upcoming wedding between the two but nothing ever seemed to come from it. They surely didn’t help matters when they were both photographed wearing wedding-style rings in public and it made people wonder what the status of their relationship was.

Katie wears what looks like a very simple engagement ring. "Katie has even worn her ring in front of friends," an insider told Life&Style, "but she's always denied it was an engagement ring.”

It might be possible that Jamie has proposed and we just don’t know it yet. These two would be great FBI agents!

3 Friends Got In Trouble For Talking About Them

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There was a time when friends thought it was okay to talk about the relationship between Katie and Jamie. One of Foxx’s friends, Claudia Jordan, confirmed their relationship during an interview with the Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss podcast.

"He is very happy with her, so I like that he seems very happy," she said. She must have got in trouble with Foxx for the statement because it wasn’t long before she was backtracking her statement. "I have no knowledge of Jamie with Katie at all. I've never seen them together. He's never told me he's dating her."

2 Katie Bought A Home In California To Be Closer To Him

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Katie Holmes has been spending a lot more time in California where Jamie lives and because of that, she purchased a home of her own there. Katie has lived in New York City for a long time because she loves it there.

The home she purchased has six bedrooms and is in a gated community. The cost of the home was $3,795,000. She cited the reason for the move being that she wanted to refocus her career and give Suri more room to move around. However, we’re sure the fact that her boyfriend lives there factored into her decision.

1 Mystery Keeps Their Relationship Interesting

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Even though we all know they are dating now, these two will still go to dinner separately or go to an event but arrive apart. It’s a bizarre occurrence that we have a hard time understanding. They have been in secret for so long that maybe it’s hard for them to be public. Or maybe the fact that they are sneaking around all the time spices up their relationship.

A book called The Adversity Of Secret Relationships explains this by saying, "Previous research suggests that romantic secrecy creates a cognitive preoccupation that enhances romantic attraction. In contrast, we predicted that romantic secrecy interferes with relationship interdependence and thereby decreases relationship quality."

We'll have to see what happens with Foxx and Holmes, but whatever happens, we'll be watching.

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