20 Things Kaia (And The Rest Of The Gerber Family) Keep On The DL

It is easy to feel that we know a famous individual or group of people simply based on the amount of media exposure they receive. We see this phenomenon within many Hollywood families, like the Kardashians, the Smiths, and the Hadids, for example. We all feel like we know them because of how much of a presence they have on social media and in the entertainment industry. This is no different for the Gerber family.

Comprised of business mogul Rande Gerber, model icon Cindy Crawford, and their children Presley and Kaia, the Gerber family is one of the most famous and well-known families in all of Hollywood.

Of course, being part of a highly famous family results in millions of social media followers and fans flocking outside of restaurant and hotel entrances while paparazzi camp out to snap at least one picture of the Gerber clan in hopes of revealing a little more of the glamorous life they lead.

However, as much information as social media and the internet, in general, is able to provide us with, there are always things that are kept quiet for one reason or another. So for 20 things that Kaia Gerber and the rest of her family have kept on the down-low, just keep on reading.

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20 Kaia’s Knack For Music


Kaia may have some of the most famous singers and musicians in her repertoire of friends, but did you know that Kaia’s dabbled in music herself? While we highly doubt she’ll trade in modeling for music, it’s nice to know that she’s explored different avenues of life.

In September of 2012, Kaia made a one-time appearance with a group of friends when they performed at the famous Malibu Chili Cook-Off’s carnival. But her musical experience doesn’t end there! In a 2018 interview with L’Officiel Singapore, when asked if she had any talents the world didn’t know about, Kaia told the publication that she played the flute growing up.

19 The Gerbers' Honorary Third Child


The Gerber clan may not be big, but what they lack in numbers they make up for in fame. The family, comprised of Rande, Cindy, Presley, and Kaia may have added another member—an honorary one of course.

For some time now, former One Direction member Harry Styles has been fond of spending time with the Gerbers. So much so, that he’s become an unofficial member, often spotted at family outings like dinners and concerts. Styles has also quietly spent time with the family at their vacation home in Ontario, Canada. Clearly, the Gerbers rub elbows with plenty of high-profile names.

18 Kaia’s Firm Focus On School


Though Kaia is not currently enrolled in college, while she was initially pursuing modeling during her younger teenage years, she always made sure to make school her number one priority.

Despite walking the runways and starring in campaigns for Miu Miu, Fendi, and Marc Jacobs, just to name some of the many high-end brands she has modeled for, Gerber made sure that she completed her daily load of schoolwork, regardless of where she was or what her modeling schedule looked like. Gerber even revealed to Harpers Bazaar that while in school, she had an affinity for AP Calculus. Ultimately, she graduated from Malibu High School’s online program.

17 Rande And Cindy’s Generous Act Of Kindness


Countless celebrities make charitable donations to organizations that make positive changes in the lives of others. While this is great, Rande and Cindy went straight to the source: the people.

Inspired by rapper Drake's decision to pay for the groceries of all the shoppers at a local food store in his "God’s Plan" music video and similar acts of generosity displayed by actor Tyler Perry and musician Kid Rock, Rande and Cindy brought immense joy and generosity to a Compton, California Wal-Mart in December of 2018, when the couple paid all the layaway bills of customers. Thanks to the act of the famous pair, Christmas cheer and happiness came to many children and families.

16 Kaia’s Low-Key Relationship


It’s a fact that Kaia Gerber is absolutely gorgeous and can pretty much catch the eye of any boy. But there won’t be much flirting coming from Kaia’s end, considering she is no longer on the market.

Though it may not be greatly publicized with tons of sappy social media posts and posed paparazzi pictures, Kaia has quietly been dating fellow model Wellington Grant. Neither of the two has been overly boastful when it comes to their relationship. Rather, they have been quite tight-lipped and private when it comes to their new love. For now, all we have are sly paparazzi pics to enjoy of the two.

15 Presley’s Initial Pass On Modeling


Considering Presley Gerber is taking over the fashion industry as one of the top male models of the moment, it's not a total surprise that he's remained quiet about the fact that he initially had no intention of pursuing modeling.

In a 2019 edition of T Singapore, Presley revealed that he “had no idea” that he would one day pursue modeling. Instead, he planned on attending college and starting his own business. Then, he tried out modeling during his senior year in high school and it was all uphill from there. Though we’re sure he would have made a great business owner, we can’t help but believe that he would have eventually ended up modeling, one way or another.

14 Kaia’s Right Hand Woman: Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell and Kaia's mother Cindy Crawford are friends through their mutual time spent ruling the '90s modeling scene, so it was only natural that Kaia and the elite supermodel would eventually connect and establish a friendship.

Campbell has displayed, along with a level of friendship, a certain protective and maternal sentiment towards the model on the rise, ensuring that should Kaia ever need anything, she is just a phone call away. Campbell has also acted as a modeling industry fairy godmother to Kaia. As she revealed to Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, she guided Kaia during her first Fashion Weeks, aiding her in selecting which shows to walk in.

13 Cindy Has Beauty And Brains


Cindy Crawford is one of the most iconic and beautiful supermodels to have graced the runways of luxury fashion, but did you know that she was also one of the smartest students to have graced her high school hallways?

That’s right, Cindy was named one of the two valedictorians of her high school’s graduating class, which landed her a scholarship for a chemical engineering program at Northwestern University—a college, she says in an interview with Vogue Australia, that her parents would have never been able to afford otherwise. Had it not been for her impeccable grades, Cindy never would have had a shot at an education.

12 Kaia’s Close Companionship With Karl Lagerfeld


It’s not every day that a teenager and an adult in the later stages of life are such close companions, but it may not seem as unconventional when the friendship is between a model-on-the-rise and a legendary designer.

Cindy Crawford was one of Chanel’s staple models during the ’90s, so it’s no shock that the late Karl Lagerfeld had a soft spot for Kaia, and she soon became one of his closest friends. The unlikely friends collaborated to create the “KarlxKaia” line for Karl Lagerfeld’s namesake brand. Kaia even recalled to the Guardian of a time when Karl called her “Choupette,” the name of his beloved cat.

11 Cindy Takes Tips From Her Kids


Mothers are meant to guide their children and give advice when needed, but have you ever imagined a daughter giving advice to her mother? Well, this is not totally uncommon in the Gerber household.

While Kaia is not a seasoned veteran in the game we call life, she is handy at offering advice to her mother when it comes to all things makeup and social media. Cindy recalled in a Vogue beauty video that she turns to her teenage daughter when it comes to learning new makeup tips and techniques, as well as telling TheThick that Kaia instructs her on how many hashtags to use in a social media post.

10 Kaia’s Teenage Tattoos


Tattoos must not be a big deal once you’ve made it big in the modeling industry, considering Kaia already has a few. And given the fact that she’s not even a legal adult yet, it’s no surprise that she normally keeps them hidden from her fans.

Though her tattoos range in location, sprinkled throughout various spots on her body, they are all rather small and never bigger than the palm of a hand. But even so, Kaia surely had to get parental permission considering she is not of legal age to get a tattoo without either mom or dad's say-so.

9 Cindy Skipped Out On College


Cindy may have been named one of the two valedictorians of her high school’s graduating class and gotten accepted to Northwestern University’s chemical engineering program on a full scholarship, but not even that could stop her from dropping out in order to pursue what would become a very successful modeling run.

However, the decision was not an easy one for her to make. In an interview with Vogue Australia, Cindy spoke about her short college experience, saying that it was the one time she was surprised "about being judged in a negative way” because she didn’t “look like the other engineers,” which encouraged her jump from the classroom to couture-clad runways.

8 Kaia’s Shot Down Chanel Campaign


With the title of the modeling industry’s up-and-coming “it” girl comes hundreds of opportunities to walk and shoot for some of the most famous and elite brands in the fashion industry. But with every hit comes a miss, and that’s exactly what happened to Kaia.

In April of 2018, Kaia starred in a Chanel campaign that had the internet buzzing, and not necessarily in a completely positive way. Once the campaign images were released, many were disappointed in the brand’s creative direction, with the common view that the images were slightly too mature for the then-younger Kaia. But of course, any publicity is good publicity, and that didn't seem to hurt Kaia's professional path one bit.

7 Rande’s Minor Modeling Stint


At first glance, it seems that three of the four members of the Gerber family are models, but it’s really a full house of models. Kaia and her brother Presley have been blessed with modeling genes from both Cindy and their dad Rande, who spent some time as a male model when he was younger.

When Rande was in his mid-teens and still living in his native New York, he was scouted by Ford Models in Manhattan. While he was in college at the University of Arizona, he juggled his studies with his modeling gigs, which had him shooting for brands like Sassoon and Benetton.

6 Kaia’s Biology-Blessed Model Genes


Often times, models are blessed with the genetic makeup that allows their bodies to look and remain the way they do. This is no exception for Kaia Gerber, who has been hit with the model gene jackpot, courtesy of both her parents.

In the past, Kaia has received much scrutiny for her lean body type but she has never given much of a response when it comes to addressing those comments, simply because it is just how she is built. This backlash has even extended to Cindy, who commenters blamed for not teaching Kaia better lifestyle choices, all of which is simply just nonsensical talk.

5 Rande’s Bromance With George Clooney


It is not uncommon for Hollywood peers to find friends in one another, and have the whole world know about it too. But one celebrity friendship you don’t hear so much about is Rande Gerber and George Clooney’s.

Not only are the two first and foremost best friends, but they are also business partners and own the successful spirits brand Casamigos. While the pair created their product only to be served among family and close friends, the duo, along with their mutual friend and real estate developer Michael Meldman, decided to take their creation to the market, and have since created a wildly successful empire.

4 Kaia’s Solidified Future As A Super


From the moment Kaia entered the modeling industry, the world has been waiting for her to claim her mother’s legacy and take her place in this generation’s new class of supermodels. However, this title is one that Kaia’s not so eager to earn just yet.

Kaia told L’Officiel Singapore that, “the word supermodel shouldn’t be used lightly” and rather than have the title handed to her, she’d like to earn it in time and by her own merit. But she does not dispute that it is an honor to be associated with the supers of the ’90s, including her own mom.

3 The Family’s Vacation Destination In Canada


While some famous families vacation on the coast of Italy, visit the beaches of Ibiza, or go yachting in the south of France, the Gerber family goes to a much more secluded and private spot for their annual summer getaways: Muskoka, Ontario.

The municipality in Canada is one of the most beautiful locations for cottaging on Lake Joseph, of which the Gerber family has taken full notice. Not only does the family subtly slip away to this hidden paradise, but they often invite family friends to come away with them and experience all the relaxation that summers in Muskoka have to offer!

2 Kaia’s Not-So-Social Social Media


Models of today are fortunate to be able to have and use social media as a tool that can establish a connection between them and their fans, giving onlookers a glimpse at what the life of a model is like. It also allows models to create more of a presence for themselves in the industry.

However, even though Kaia is on various social media platforms and from time to time shares a selfie or snippets of her life, she rarely goes out of her way to truly keep her followers and fans up to date on every detail of either her professional and personal life.

1 Rande And Cindy’s Long Lasting Marriage


When you think of marriages that have stood the test of time in Hollywood, you wouldn’t necessarily think of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. Not because their marriage is going south, but because they keep their relationship quite private.

When asked, from time to time, how they have made their marriage last for so long, they do divulge their primary tip, which is the importance of making time for one another. The couple encourages taking time together to reconnect, whether it be going on dates, relaxing together in their own home, or taking strolls on the beach. Duly noted, modeling and marriage icons!

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