20 Things Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo Keeps Secret

One of the highest-paid TV actresses in the world, Ellen Pompeo is famous for playing Dr. Meredith Grey in ABC's medical drama Grey's Anatomy. Throughout all the seasons of this amazing show, Ellen led the series and contributed to creating a huge fan base. However, while we could all observe Meredith's personal and professional life, little is known about Ellen herself. She's not the kind of celebrity who strives to never leave the limelight. Pompeo is a private person who rarely reveals the details of her personal life. But fans always want to know everything about their favorite celebrity, so we're here to help them find out 20 little-known facts about Ellen Pompeo. From her pets to how she met her hubby, from her hobby to future aspirations, let's see what this mysterious woman is hiding from us!

20 She Once Worked As A Bartender In New York

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Ellen was discovered back in 1996 when she worked as a bartender and dated a famous fashion photographer Andrew Rosenthal. Her workplace was at SoHo Bar & Grill in New York and it was right there, where a casting director met her and asked her to take part in a few commercials. After it, Pompeo went on to play small roles to finally land the role of her life.

19 Her First Role Was "Upset Girl"

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The first movie role she had wasn't too spectacular. In 1999's Coming Soon movie, Ellen's character didn't even have a name and her part was simply called "Upset Girl". We don't know a lot about this role, but we can guess that it was an emotional one. Looks like Ellen had a lot of practice channeling her emotions to the screen before playing Meredith Grey.

18 At School, Her Nickname Was "The Pencil"

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We all had nicknames at high school, and Ellen isn't an exception. Her friends and classmates called her "The Pencil" because of her slim and slightly boyish figure. It's hard to tell whether it was offensive for her or not, but we know for sure that neither her figure nor this nickname could prevent Ellen from becoming famous.

17 She's The Youngest Of 6 Siblings

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Ellen comes from a big family. She has five siblings and she's the youngest one by a significant amount. All of her siblings are at least 8 years older than the actress. She certainly was the baby of the family and received a lot of love from her parents, as well as her brothers and sisters. We wonder what they think about her success these days.

16 She Used To Struggle With Self-Esteem

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Now Ellen Pompeo radiates an enormous amount of self-confidence and looks like a woman who never lets anything stand in her way. It's hard to imagine that it used to be any other way and the actress struggled with self-esteem in the past. She once shared that the more experience she got in her life, the more confident she managed to become.

15 She Meditates To Keep Up With All The Stress

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Ellen Pompeo's fans might be wondering how she copes with all the stress and challenges brought up by her career. Her recipe is meditation. The actress meditates for 20 minutes, twice a day, and she often does it in her trailer in between filming scenes. Being no stranger to meditation, I can guess that it doesn't only let her decrease stress, but also helps her preserve internal peace.

14 She Met Chris Ivery At A Grocery Store

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You never know when you're going to meet someone who will become the most important person in the world for you. For Ellen Pompeo, it happened at a grocery store, where she ran into her significant other Chris Ivery. Interestingly, they didn't start dating until six months later. They were friends at first and then they realized that they wanted a different kind of relationship. Luckily for both of them, the desire was mutual.

13 They Grew Up Only 10 Miles Apart

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It's fun to learn how people, who have been living close for years, finally get to meet and start a relationship. For Ellen and her hubby Chris, it was a huge surprise to find out that they grew up only 10 miles away from each other in Boston. How great is it that years had to go by for them to visit one and the same grocery store in a completely different part of the country, in Los Angeles?

12 NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Officiated Their Wedding

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Ellen and Chris had a very small and private wedding ceremony at City Hall, but they still had one famous guest there. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg himself was to see them tie the knot and he was also a legal witness and officiator of their wedding! We can be sure that he loved the experience because Ellen just had to be lovely.

11 Her Family Is Vegan

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A lot of celebrities (and a lot of people, in general) become vegan these days, and Ellen is one of them. The actress, as well as her entire family, including her hubby, two daughters, and son, are vegan. Like many others, she refused to eat animal products not only to benefit her health but also to contribute to the wellbeing of our planet. Way to go, Ellen!

10 She Can Only Have Toy Poodles As Pets

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Ellen and Chris have two toy puddles. Unlike most of us, they didn't actually get to choose a pet because this breed was the only one Ellen could have. The actress suffers from asthma and a few allergies, so she can't get a pet that would shed much fur. Toy puddles don't shed at all and they don't provoke any attacks, which means they're an ideal pet for Ellen.

9 Her Hobby Is Creating Interiors

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Like everyone else, Ellen has a hobby and hers is an unusual one. It turns out, the actress has a secret passion for building houses and creating interiors. She also likes to give uncommon features to the interiors and she strives to build something different, something that you don't see out there. It's great that Ellen has such a passion for creativity and innovation.

8 She Supports Multiple Charities

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For those who want to fall in love with Ellen Pompeo even more than before, here's an important piece of information – the actress supports multiple charities. Most of these are organizations that protect children's rights and seek to enhance the lives of disadvantaged youth and the homeless. Besides, Ellen seeks to help out our Mother Nature. Amazing, right?

7 Makeup Isn't Something She Likes

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Most actresses always make sure that they look perfect (or, at least, fine) when they go out, but Ellen Pompeo is different. She only gets makeup done at work and even there it's minimal because what doctor wears full makeup anyway? But in daily life, the actress never wears makeup and multiple paparazzi photos are solid proof to this fact.

6 She Didn't Audition for "Grey's Anatomy"

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It's no secret that Ellen Pompeo's most popular role is Meredith Grey, but few people know that she didn't even audition to get it. She actually wanted to get a role at a different show titled Secret Service. Interestingly, the show never was picked by any TV networks, while the people who saw Ellen's performance immediately realized that she was perfect for the role of Meredith.

5 She Used To Hate Medical Shows

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Did you have any idea that the actress who brought Meredith Grey into our lives has always hated medical shows? As Ellen Pompeo once shared, "They make me super anxious. I don't particularly like medical shows at all. I never have." She even admitted that she never saw even one episode of ER, the show that was huge for her generation.

4 She Was Cut From A Jim Carey Movie

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Do you remember the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, one of the greatest dramatic films starring Jim Carey? And can you imagine that it'd probably be even better if Ellen's scenes weren't deleted from it? She played Carey's ex-girlfriend in the movie and, even though neither of her scenes made it to the final cut of the film, she was still thankful to director Michel Gondry for choosing her for the role.

3 Her Small Role In 2003's "Daredevil" Became Even Smaller

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Another time when Pompeo's role was almost entirely cut from the film was when she played Ben Affleck's secretary Karen Page in 2003's Daredevil. Only a few of her scenes remained in the final version of the film, while most were deleted. Hopefully, like in the case with Eternal Sunshine, the actress wasn't offended by this decision.

2 Taylor Swift Is Her Friend

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All celebrities have friends among other celebrities and for Ellen, this friend is singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. The actress was even featured in the music video of her popular song "Bad Blood". Her character's name there was Luna, while one of Ellen's daughter's name is Stella Luna. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift has a cat named Meredith – you guessed it – after Meredith Grey.

1 It's Unclear If She's Going To Continue Acting After "Grey's Anatomy"

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In one of her interviews, Ellen hinted that she might quit acting after Grey's Anatomy is over. "I don't find acting terribly empowering," the actress said. "I don't find acting to be a particularly noble way to make a living. I'm not saving anybody's life, I'm not a teacher, I'm not working for UNICEF. I don't think I'm some big deal."

But we shouldn't expect her to quit the movie industry completely. Since Pompeo has been trying her hand at directing recently, she might just move behind the scenes and tackle the projects that will be more significant for her.

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